Owning A gaming website Would You own one or already do ?

Owning A gaming website Would You own one or already do ?
I myself have 2 gaming website's which I own . There great for entertaining visitors to your website and also placing your adsense you can also earn from these type of websites. So do you own a gaming website where members can play flash games on your sites or do you want to or thought about this... Is this a good idea or a waste of ones time when you could be blogging instead or perhaps both. You could own a games site also blog.... Do you add more games on to your website or just use the games which are on it , if using the wordpress myarcadeplugin there is options to fetch games do you do this as well as add your own games .... Where do you get the games from. I often use the fetch option on a daily basis to build my games up for a mass collection on my website. I also google daily and look for SWF games which I can add to my site I do try find games which will benefit others like RETRO mario games , sonic and old skool games. What do you do ???


I have always thought about owning my own gaming website but never really had the time to be able to put one together and focus on it enough to make it work. I do like the idea of owning a gaming website and I remember once owning an arcade on a forum I once ran which went really well, I simply used to add new games daily or weekly to the arcade and create new tournaments each week to keep people interested and to make it more fun, I guess that is kind of similar only it was ran from a forum rather than just a blog type website.
Posted by Shortie on 04-21-2017
I've thought about it, as part of my million ideas, however there's too much competition out there that offer a better platform of expression than I could ever gain.
Posted by Atropia on 05-05-2017
I've considered it - mainly because phpBB has this cool black and green theme that I think would look splendid for it. Also, gaming traffic is dirt-cheap from I heard. You're talking about the lowest or one of the lowest pay-per-click prices on AdWords and BingAds. However, though, I have so many money-making projects, that I think it would only be a hobby.
Posted by jyy on 10-24-2017