Pagan Easter

Pagan Easter
It's almost Easter! Now, don't think about anything else, just that phrase I just wrote and you read... what comes in mind to you? Of course it depends from person to person, and while there are some people who actually thinks about Jesus and all the religious stuff about it (but I'll focus about this specific and more delicate topic in the other side of the versus) other people might think about some more trivial stuff like eggs and bunnies.

Like other festivities, expecially Christmas, for many people Easter have lost its original religious significance and even atheist people (or people from different religion) celebrate it in their own way, without any of the original intent of it. The main part of Pagan Easter (to distinguish it from the classical christian one) is mainly focused around two topics I already mentioned: eggs and bunnies. Speaking about bunnies... in many places they are basically the symbol of pagan Easter - you can find them on decorations, as chocolate sweets, and as mascotte for any Easter-related special. But of course the most famous one is the Easter Bunny, basically the Easter version of Santa Claus, that allow me to introduce once again to the other Pagan Easter main focus, eggs. Not regular eggs, of course: mainly chocolate ones, decorated with various beautiful colors and sometime, in some places of the world, with some surprises inside them. Other times they are just hidden and have to be found by kids in various games.

Yes, naturally this have nothing to do with the Christian Easter, but it's the way it's celebrated by many people that don't care at all about the origins of the festivity. They just enjoy it, and there is absolutely nothing wrong in that! Sure, bunnies and eggs are weird to put together and the reason is not totally clear, but you have the chance to eat a lot of chocolate! And finding hidden eggs is always fun whatever your age is. And after all, festivities should be about fun, shouldn't they?

  • Bunnies are cute
  • Very fun
  • Lots of chocolate and eggs

  • Eggs and bunnies? Where is the relation?
  • Literally nothing to do with the Christian Easter
  • Too much chocolate might hurt you



Better Tradition

Pagan started the Easter. And they have more older values for the tradition than Christians. Lot of other religions predate the Christianity and they have lot better traditions. So we have to respect them. And we have to keep their religious significance at proper level.
Posted by overcast on 03-03-2018

Easter IS Pagan

I have studied this holiday over the years, and, to me, this question was tough to answer because I ALREADY consider Easter to be pagan. It was actually named after the goddess "Ishtar", from what I understand, and her cult was one of fertility and rebirth in the time of Spring. It became associated wit the resurrection of Christ later in history when the Roman Empire began trying to push the combining of ancient cultures and Christian ideas. Also, this just happened organically as the belief systems of religious and pagan people collided through wars, travel, commerce, trade, etc.
Posted by JoeMilford on 03-03-2018


The Easter tradition is traditionally pagan and has just been adopted by Christians by tying in Jesus' resurrection. In fact, some priests even refuse to call it "Easter" because of the pagan connection. Hence, if we are talking about Easter itself, along with everything related to it (bunnies and eggs), the pagan celebration is better.
Posted by treecko142 on 03-03-2018

Time to move on

I think it should be enjoyable and not to be strict on foods and other activity because we are not talking about our stomach but our purpose is celebration and remembrance of our God. I am really confused about this spiritual groups who expanded their rules even in the way people eat. Spiritual things has no connections to material things. We need to enrich our spirit and fasting has nothing to do with it.
Posted by albino on 05-20-2018


Christian Easter

Christian Easter
Unlike Christmas, that is always the 25th of December, Easter falls on the first sunday after the first full moon in March or around that. Sometime is pretty soon in March, other times can be pretty late in April... it always changes, but it's also always the same.

Easter in Christianity is composed by various days all related to various events in the last part of the Bible, from Jesus' crucifixion to his final resurrection - this is what specifically Easter, as a single day, is about. Non religious person of course don't care at all about this, and probably won't believe nothing of this happened, but the Church and a lot of Christian people care a lot about this days and there is a lot of feelings in them. They are somehow sad day, without any celebration and of course no bunnies or chocolate eggs, just memories of the sacrificies that Jesus made for people's sins - and again, let me say that even if it seems like that I'm not speaking as a absolute truth, anyone is free to believe or not, up to you.

Easter is not about the single day, the whole forty days before that already prepare people for it, during what is known as Lent (or in Latin, more classic, Quadragesima). People pray, repent from their sins, and all the typical stuff related to that... Some of the most religious people even completely avoid meat during it.

It's probably the most important moment for Christians, even more than Christmas... sure, that day is the birth of Jesus, but Easter is "longer" and have a lot of stuff related to it. It's also completely different and unrelated to the "pagan" ones I already described in the other version, and this is what gave birth to this versus. To see how many people actually celebrate Easter in the religious people, and how many people prefer chocolate, eggs and bunnies.

  • The original concept of Easter started from there
  • The most important day in Christianity
  • A lots of feeling for religious people

  • Pretty sad
  • During the Lent many people have to avoid meat or other things
  • Have nothing to do about chocolate or eggs



Christian Easter

I am a christian so I celebrate christian Easter. We remember Christ's resurrection on Easter. He is alive!
Posted by Anonymous on 09-08-2018

Christian Easter is the only Easter I recognize

Christian Easter is all about the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his supreme sacrifice. Although there are Christian groups who disavow Easter and claim that it has pagan origins, it is nevertheless recognized by traditional Christians as a religious feast. This important event in Christianity is worth celebrating that's why the Holy Week is an official holiday in many countries.

In this modern times, the pagan easter celebration has only managed to survive because it has been intertwined with the Easter being celebrated by Christians. A lot of Christians don't even know that Easter bunnies and egg hunts are of pagan origin. Christian Easter is a solemn religious tradition while pagan Easter is a commercial/business tradition.

Posted by chatbox on 03-03-2018

The better choice.

With due respect to the pagans, I feel that celebrating as Easter in a Christian way is the better way to do it and one can see the reasons which make me say such as a result of the fact that the Bible took time to explain everything right from when Christ was born which we celebrate on December to the agony of Christ and then the moment we all know about which is the death of Christ as well as his resurrection.

Easter is the bedrock of Christianity and one that we should respect always. All over the world, this day is one that a true Christian should take time and reflect upon.

Posted by Barida on 03-03-2018

No Such Thing as a Christian Easter

The 1st century Christians never celebrated Easter. In fact, they never celebrated Christmas or any of the so-called Christian holidays. But they did and still do follow a command authorized by Jesus Christ Himself. He instituted it during the Passover feast, the night when he was betrayed by Judas and handed over to the authorities to be crucified. It is a memorial and a celebration. It's the Lord's Supper. It celebrates His death, burial and resurrection. He said “This Do, in Remembrance of Me”. It is a command and faithful saints observe it every first day of the week. It is not optional for faithful disciples to participate in the breaking of the bread and drinking of the cup of the fruit of the vine. As for these other so-called holidays or holy days? One man esteems one day above another. Another man esteems every day as the same. Some believers may choose to respect certain days as “holy days”. But they are not required to, as Jesus never commanded it. Neither can one disciple require or insist that all believers honor or celebrate the day, as it is not a matter of doctrine.
Posted by foxchannel on 03-29-2018

Christian Easter

I was raised celebrating the Christian version of Easter so that's normally what I indulge in. I usually spend it having a good Easter dinner with family or friends really, not as huge of a deal as other holidays.
Posted by NickJ on 03-03-2018

Christian Easter

Christians like me celebrate a Christian Easter, it's the most important festival for Christians. It commemorates and honor Jesus Christ's ressurection from the dead, three days after he was crucified, died and was buried. While pagan Easter to me has no bearing.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-04-2018

Christian here :)

Well, I do respect all the beliefs but I choose the Christian Easter. I am a Christian so I grow up with this tradition, and I find it cool celebrating it. In our tradition we commemorates and honor how Jesus, from being dead, raise and conquered death. It is a very important symbolic of power and victory for us. :)
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 03-06-2018

Christian Easter

I'm a Catholic Christian so I'm for Christian Easter. I actually have no idea that eggs and bunnies were originated from Pagan I thought it was just tradition from western countries, good thing that I've learned something today. We've been celebrating Christian Easter way for many years. We attended a mass on Palm Sunday then we don't eat meat, some will do fasting and on Easter Sunday we will be celebrating.
Posted by aecel on 04-29-2018
Tell me about it. I thought bunnies, eggs, and chocolates were just related to Spring and how joyful it is, but I never knew about being a pagan custom. In my country we don't celebrate that kind of Easter, we know it from TV and movies, but the only one we know is the Christian one. We call those days Holy days, and we have many religious customs related to them.

It’s what I grew up with

I grew up celebrating a Christian Easter so it’s what I still do to this day. We still enjoy Easter eggs, but we understand Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins.
Posted by amelia88 on 10-02-2018

Grew up with Easter

I was also grew up as a Christian who celebrates Christian Easter. It is a celebration for the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. It is also a way for us to remember and honor His name. Although there is a tradition called "fasting" or absence of eating meat for a period of time, I can still consider it as our tradition.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 09-26-2018
Exactly, that's the Easter I knew so far. We also have the "fasting" tradition, use violet or dark clothes to go to church as some kind of mourning, avoid eating meat on Holy days, visit churches with your family on Holy Friday, and so many more religious customs.

Christian Easter

Christ is the reason of the season. Was not the birth and death of Jesus a means to what makes one a Christian? If so then the pagan Easter celebration is irrelevant. You called them bunnies and eggs? That is what they really are.
Posted by stbrians on 09-23-2018

Christian Easter

I am a Christian and so I vote for Christian Easter. We Commemorate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ during Easter. He is alive and well living in my heart.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 09-08-2018

I am a christian

Being a Christian, I only celebrate Christian Easter. Actually, I have never heard of pagans celebrating their easter.
Posted by Focusedwriter10 on 11-06-2018


As a Christian of course I will go with the Christian Easter,it a period set aside to reflect on the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus Christ our lord and personal saviour.He loved mankind and he went to calvary to reconcile us back to God and of course as humans we must always remember and reflect on those times to show appreciation for redeeming us,dying for us and making us share in the redemption.
Posted by lovely on 03-02-2018
I celebrate Easter with my whole family. After the morning prayers, we meet at my grandmother's place and we have lunch together. I love this festival as it provides an opportunity for the whole family to meet and catch up on many things. We usually go to the beach in the afternoon and at times we stay till late to watch the beautiful sunset. We also distribute chocolate to our friends and relatives. We usually give gift hampers to the kids.
Posted by Pixie on 03-02-2018
The christian easter is much better because you celebrate it the way it was in the real sense to remember the suffering of Jesus and how he died for all sinners like me and you.
Posted by babyright on 03-02-2018
I grew up with the Christiqn Easter so that is what I prefer. It is just one of the choices that I need. IT is just one of the options that we still celebrate today. I think that the tradition is largely based in fact and has been celebrated for centuries so I am a fan.
Posted by kgord on 03-02-2018
Since I don't belong to Christain tradition, I know nothing about Easter except that Christain associate Easter with the resurrection of Jesus and the festival actually was borrowed from pagan tradition. Since I have never celebrated Easter I don't know how Pagan Easter is celebrated and how Christain Easter is celebrated. The Easter symbols that we see are actually from pagan Easter.
Posted by vinaya on 03-02-2018
Do you have something similar to Easter in your religion, or you don't have it at all? Like, is there anything similar to what we call Easter in your religion, and what custom do you do during those days? I don't know much about Pagan Easter, because I was raised in a Christian family, and that's the only one that I know, and my country doesn't see Easter the same way pagans do.
Posted by ballyhara on 12-13-2018
I have noticed that most of the christians don't like the other religions tradition being popular. And so the pagan one don't get the much popularity in that. You can see that some of the time it can be surely one good change to observe. And we have to understand that each to their own. And each have their own value and need in the nature.
Posted by overcast on 03-03-2018
I wonder why there are still Pagan Easter observance. Or is there anymore? Of course, for us it is the Christian Easter although I have to admit that the religious observance is not much taken seriously because the children are looking forward to the Easter egg hunt and other games like pinning the tail on the Easter bunny. But whatever the activity is, what’s most important is the bonding of the family especially with other relatives.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-03-2018
To be blunt, there is no Christian version of Easter, it is entirely Pagan. It's also a celebration not authorised by Jesus, who is pretty clear about what days to celebrate in the Bible (only the prescribed Holy Days from the old testament)
Posted by muaaz.93 on 03-05-2018
I think because majority of the world is Christian the whole world tends to recognize Easter.I don't think everyone celebrates it. I think only Christians go to church and participate in activities like lent. However the pagan Easter is just four free days for everyone because generally during Easter everything around the world comes to a standstill . So the pagan Easter is going on holiday or resting and relaxing at home.
Posted by jaymish on 03-08-2018
I didn't realize that it would be called Pagan Easter, but hey you learn something new every day. That being said, I suppose I'm definitely more of a "Pagan Easter" person then. I'm not a Christian, but rather a Buddhist, which in turn makes me open to celebrating many holidays besides just Buddhist ones. None the less I don't really care to observe Easter in a religious sense. I just kind of regard it as a holiday welcoming the Spring and the rebirth of all the flowers, trees, and reemergence of animals.
Posted by Denis_P on 03-13-2018
The Christian Easter is one of the most important festivities for Christianity, because it represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the son of God.

The date is celebrated annually on the first Sunday after the first full moon that occurs in early spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) and autumn (in the Southern Hemisphere). The date is always between the days of March 22 and April 25.

Within Christianity, different religions and denominations celebrate Easter differently. For example, Protestants celebrate differently than Catholics. While Catholics are encouraged not to eat meat in Lent, for Protestants there is no such restriction. In addition, Protestants do not usually celebrate every day of Holy Week like Catholics, giving more importance to Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
Posted by hermessantos on 04-17-2018
Due to the fact I grew up in a mostly catholic country, the only Easter I knew for years was the Christian one. I came to know Easter bunny and chocolate eggs, while I was at school, and by watching cartoons on TV. For my family, Easter Sunday is Resurrection Sunday, is the day our Lord Jesus came back as the only one resurrected, and that's the whole meaning of that day. We go to church, we spend the day together as a family, and share a nice meal, snacks, or soft drinks, in a very quiet and inner celebration.
Posted by ballyhara on 07-01-2018