Paper Grocery Bag

Paper Grocery Bag
Do you ever ask for paper grocery bags when you shop? At most stores in the US, plastic bags are the default type of bag they will put your groceries in unless you ask for paper specifically. When I forget my cloth reusable bags, I try and remember to ask for paper. Paper is made from a renewable resource and is recyclable and biodegradable.

  • Made from a renewable resource
  • Biodegradable
  • Can repurpose them for craft projects

  • Hard to fill, not sturdy
  • Often don't have handles
  • Awkward to carry your groceries in



Nature Friendly

I personally prefer this than a plastic even though in my country they provide a plastic bag when putting up the groceries. Though some places have this but it's very rare. This is easy to dispose , when it gets wet you can just throw it . Plastics are very hard to throw , though we have them recycled like for future use for trash can but we end up loads of them and we have no choice but to throw some of it. Everyone knows plastic takes time to be completely disposed , it would always end up in the streets then cause pollution . Specially when we care for our environment it's best to use paper bag.
Posted by Anonymous on 09-08-2017


All the stores here try and give you the plastic bag by default but they always also have the paper bags available. I don't know why they don't offer those first but I ask for them every single time.

I prefer the paper bags because they are far more friendly to the environment and the planet. Plastic is really toxic for Earth and most of it can't be degradable.

I urge everybody to start using this kind of bags because they are just as fine as the plastic and nature-friendly. Do something good for everybody!

Posted by Mehano on 09-08-2017

Prefer Paper bag

If Malaysia provide paper bag for grocery shopping, I would definitely vote for this. However a book shop did provide paper bag instead of plastic bag on Saturdays which is a compulsory NO Plastic Bag day. I find that paper bag is more useful because I can recycle it or reuse it for other purposes. Furthermore, paper bags can be sold to recycle centre for a few cents but plastic bags are thrown into garbage bins.

Try to reduce using plastic bags. Paper bags helps to reduce trash and my son could draw cartoons on them.

Posted by peachpurple on 09-07-2017

Roaches or Polluted Water?

I don't ask for a paper bag. In the city where I live it's BYOB. Bring your own bag to the grocery store, so we bring reuseable plastic bags. It's a move to protect the environment.
I just heard a horrible news report that our tap water is polluted with plastic particles. So now I'm all for paper bags. AGAIN!! Unbelievable! It's like that Paula Abdul song. You take “3 steps forward and 2 steps back”. I grew up in the generation that used paper bags. Know how they got us to stop using them? They said the brown bags had roach eggs on them and that's why your house had roaches! The roaches laid eggs that stuck the paper and you brought them into your house with the grocery!! Now they want us to go back to paper bags. Uuuhhh … what about the roaches?? (O.o)

Anyway, now I am willing to use the paper bags because of the news reports about our tap water being polluted. Figure I can just step on the roaches. :)

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 09-07-2017

Environment Friendly

You can see that paper bag is easy to recycle. And it can last longer too. And in such case I'd say paper bag is lot better in many ways. On that point I'd say it should be used compared to any other product in the market. I would not use plastic bag in such case because it offers nothing to be honest. So that's something have to be taken into consideration.
Posted by overcast on 09-08-2017

Paper bag

I am against the plastic bags since I saw some marine animals that died because of these plastic bags. I know how harmful these bags are for our environment, and I think is best for everybody to use only the paper bag, because a paper bag is not doing so much harm to our environment.
Posted by wallet on 09-08-2017

Paper Bags Are Good

I grew up with paper bags at the grocery store, and they have multiple uses if you ask me. They are recyclable, for one thing, and they will decompose, unlike the scourge of plastic bags which seem to last forever. When I was growing up, we would re-use our paper bags around the house until they fell apart. I find that the plastic bags are not biodegradable, and they can accumulate so fast. We also used paper bags for arts and crafts projects and other ideas, so I do prefer those over the plastic ones.
Posted by JoeMilford on 09-07-2017

The paper ones.

I never liked plastic bags (and I never understood how they got to be so popular). Having said that, I prefer the paper bags because I think they are most useful and are environmentally the most correct option to help the world be a better place.
Posted by wiseagent on 09-07-2017

Against the plastic items

I have been against the use of plastic bags for a long time. I would prefer to have a cloth bag instead of paper bag as well. Although paper bag is biodegradable but the recycled paper bag just don't seem fit enough to me as it might have already been recycled a couple of times.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 09-07-2017


If you want to help preserve our world just a little bit, you can start using paper bags. They are a less comfortable than a plastic bag and can be a pain, however they are biodegradable and they won't pollute nature too much, of course if you've bought way too many stuff then you can use a plastic bag that's huge, however you should preserver it afterwards and not just carelessly throw it away.
Posted by manmad on 09-07-2017

Go Green!

Grocery Bag is definitely environmentally friendly than using plastic bags. It's just sad that the community I belong with don't actually prefer using paper bags but always prefered plastic bags.
Posted by DanoCath on 09-15-2017

Clean Enviroment

The grocery bag is good for the environment since the paper is biodegradable, unlike plastic bags. Already in my country plastic bags are banned and it is a crime to be found with it. I personally support the initiative since it was starting to become an environmental crisis, especially when the rains come and the drainages get clogged with the plastic wastes. It has always caused an environmental disaster.
Posted by williamk on 09-11-2017

Paper bags.

I prefer to use paper bag while having a grocery in a store. We remember that we use plastics not so long ago. But for some reasons, the law prohibited in using plastic bags. So they implement a law to replace plastic bags. Now it is implemented in the form of paper bags. And I am agree with that.
Posted by blank629 on 09-08-2017

eco friendly

bringing eco friendly bag is much preferable though there are some situation that we have to use paper bag to carry our groceries and stuff.I like paper bag more than plastic as It can save thousands of animals and lessen more plastic garbages in the ocean.Paper bag can be recycled and we can also use it for our DIY projects.
Posted by jeiyyy on 09-07-2017

This is better

I think using paper bag is better than using plastic bag, Though plastic is convenient for carrying but in terms of disposing them , you can't actually just simply throw them away unless you don't care about the environment. It's better to reuse them . Paper bags are easily disposed and you cannot expect them to see in the streets. Since we are on environmental crisis, it's better to prevent things from happening . Plastics bags are convenient but they aren't that great in helping.
Posted by PLScloni on 09-08-2017

Paper Bag

It's more friendly to the environment to use paper grocery bag since it's easy to dispose or recycle and won't harm the environment even if somehow you misplace it or throw it to trash. We do always use this whenever we grocery and I salute all the malls out there that they replace plastic bag into a paper bag for putting all of the things that you bought. There's always an eco-bag that you can use or purchase just in case that you buy lots of groceries and having a hard time carrying it.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-03-2017

Environmentally friendly

I'd prefer paper bags for the recyclability aspect, but I think ideally I'd still go for my reusable tote bags. That way I am not worrying about the trees that have to be cut down for the paper bags.
Posted by amelia88 on 11-20-2018

Nature saver

It has been 2 years eversince our country switched from plastic bags to paper bags. I supported it as I realized how toxic it is to use plastic bags. It is a simple yet effective way to help on saving our mother nature.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 12-08-2018


I choose paper grocery bag. It is biodegradable. It can also be recycled.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 12-06-2018


Plastic Grocery Bag

Plastic Grocery Bag
Plastic grocery bags are the most common type of grocery bag used in the US. Some places don't offer them (like Earth Fare) and other stores encourage you to use your own bags (like Aldi's and CoOp's). However, for the vast majority of stores, your groceries will be loaded into plastic bags automatically. While these bags are technically recyclable, many people do not recycle them but throw them away. They are made from a non-renewable resource and are generally really bad for the environment.

  • Cheap
  • Easy to carry your groceries in
  • Recyclable

  • Made from a non-renewable resource
  • Are typically not recycled but thrown in landfills
  • Some are very thin and rip when you carry them



Plastic is fantastic

Oh they don't give you paper bags over here in England lol they just give you plastic bags. They never used to charge for them but they charge 5p for them. Most places do anyway some just give them away. There's been a big dispute over it actually ongoing for a while over here lol. But generally I would much prefer to carry my shopping in plastic bags with handles on them rather than all stuffed in paper bags. But then I guess that's only because I'm used to it? Like if they started giving out paper bags then I'd get used to it I guess. Some places give out paper bags like Boots but they also give you plastic bags too. Or you can get home delivery! :D
Posted by idealmikey on 09-07-2017
Hmm that is probably a reasonable argument. But if you were given the chance to change that would you still stick to something that you got used to or willing to change for the better? :)

I wanna ask too. How come they are still not switching to paper bags? I mean, what do you do with plastics after using it? Do you have recycle centers or anything that could make those plastic be useful or not lead to the oceans or rivers or something?

Plastic over Paper

I know that paper grocery bags are much easier to recycle but plastic grocery bags are just a lot more convenient and the much better option to use to carry your shopping around in. The problem with paper bags is that you can't put much in them because if you do then they may break. You don't really have that problem with plastic bags. We don't really use plastic bags that much though, UK supermarkets charge for these bags and try to encourage people to use reusable bags.
Posted by kingcool52 on 09-09-2017

Plastic Grocery Bag

Although these bags are a plague to the environment or cut into your hands if what you're carrying is heavy, they are still very reliable and prove much more effective than paper bags especially if something you are carrying is frozen or wet. Right now I am living in a place where the stores do not use paper bags or garbage bags or anything and let me tell you this, it is absolute hell trying to carry stuff back home from the store in a lot of paper bags. Only in a hypothetical situation would I choose paper bag over a plastic bag I would never actually make the choice to do so.
Posted by AlexHarris on 09-08-2017

I prefer Plastic Grocery Bag

Here in my country, supermarkets use only plastic bags. In fact I understand that the plastic can be harmful to nature, but I can not imagine loading my purchases in paper bags. They do not seem to be very sturdy and I do not think you can carry meats and other cold meats. So I still prefer the talk bags.
Posted by hermessantos on 09-07-2017


Plastic is better for me, because it doesn't get cut easily while my experience with the Paper Grocery bag, was really awful.
Posted by Moaz on 09-07-2017

Plastic is better

Plastic fits all your groceries and it is nearly impossible to tear so you run little risk of losing your stuff. Also, you can use biodegradable plastic to avoid polluting. Just perfect.
Posted by Marvadaum on 09-07-2017


I always prefer plastic bag whenever i go in groceries. I know it's not good for our environment but putting all the things you bought in a paper bag is really a mess. Plastic bags are easy to carry and it can't easily be destroyed. While paper bags is so hard to carry specially the perishable goods. There's this one time that i came from supermarket and they don't use plastic bags so they place it in a paper bag. My fault is i didn't bring an ecobag thay time and did not think to buy one cause i thought i did not bought that much. But that day i encounter a traffic jam so the paper bag started to get wet by the frozen goods. And it put a hole and destroy the paper bag. So i have to carry the other things by hand and put the others on my sling bag. So starting that day i always bring ecobag to be ready when i shop on the groceries that use paper bag.
Posted by zheh on 09-08-2017


I prefer the plastic bags, because they are easy to carry unlike the paper bag, in which you can hardly get a grip to carry the bag well for a long time. The paper bag is stressful to carry. And the plastic bag does not expose my stuffs, when am coming out from the Grocery stores, I don't like people seeing my stuffs. Plastic bags are better for me.
Posted by Authord on 09-07-2017

easier to carry

I'm okay with both but if I had the choice I'd prefer just getting a plastic bag just because I think they are more durable and are easier to carry since they have a handle. If plastic wasn't an issue for the environment then it would be my primary choice but since it is kind of bad for the environment then having paper bags isn't all that bad but I do still prefer plastic.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-08-2018

Familiar with this.

I have been using the plastic grocery bag for long and that is what many of the shopping mall I visit to buy goods use for attending to their customers, so I do not see a reason to go for the paper bag and that is the idea of many of us n Nigeria. I mean that there is no need to use a paper bag when the plastic bag can be used and you can still keep the plastic bag for further use in the future, so for that reason, I am taking the plastic grocery bag instead of the paper type.

This is because it is the type we are familiar with in Nigeria. Paper bag is used by just a few companies in Nigeria in filing some documents.

Posted by Barida on 09-07-2017


Where I live, they rarely give you a choice as to what you want. They will put some items in a paper bag, such as any glass bottles. But usually they have plastic bags. I do reuse the plastic bags though for our garbage, such as our kitty litter. If I was not going to re-use them, I would recycle them.
Posted by angie828 on 09-07-2017
That is the beauty of the plastic bag that it can be re-used many times. The plastic bag is also durable unlike the paper bag which can be torn and the goods inside may fall on the ground. Think if you have bought eggs that will fall? Perhaps the law here against the use of plastic bags needs to be evaluated because it is not practical and more costly for the public. How many times can use the paper bag? Just once maybe and you are lucky if you can re-use it once.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-20-2018
Try to reduce using plastic bags people! I am not usually an environmental freak but I do care about animals and it hurts to see them suffering because of our own neglect. They don't deserve plastic bags in their water and in their throats. I understand and agree it is cheap to produce but let's not be that selfish for a second :) P.S. I think paper bags look waaaay cooler :D
Posted by Anonymous on 09-07-2017
It's really hard these days to even make the choice of paper or plastic in many stores. It's 80% plastic only in many cases. Some stores like Aldi grocery will have the option but they're increasingly rare. Can't get paper at Walmart so you're forced to use plastic. That being said I do recycle them to a degree by using them as small trash liners and have used them for litter clean up.
Posted by Rhodolite on 09-07-2017
I like plastic bags because they are easier to carry when you have to walk with your groceries. The handles make it easy to carry a number of bags. I reuse thr plastic bags in my small garbage cans around the house. You also can use the plastic bags for a number of different things. I also donate them to the food banks to put there food in for the people who go there.
Posted by Sue on 09-07-2017
gata montes
As plastic bags were banned quite some years ago where I live and there isn't even the option of either paper or plastic bags anymore - it would be neither for me - as always bringing my own shopping bag or bags with me whenever I go shopping - is now something that actually seems quite normal - and should I ever forget - which would be rare - I usually have spares either in my car or bag - as most fold up real small.

In fact come to think of it - I do kind of much prefer the eco bags - as not only are they washable and extremely sturdy in comparison to the flimsy plastic bags we used to have to pay 5 cents for - but considering they're less than a dollar to buy and last for years - are good value for money - especially as they're also very useful for all kinds of things other than just shopping.
Posted by gata montes on 09-07-2017
Well in my country they don't actually offer the choice of a paper bag, except when it comes to selling bread. But I guess it is more enviromental to go for it. It's less resistent for what I've seen... Recently with the crisis - financial crisis in Venezuela- since the supermarkets charge for the bag apart from the actual purchase you are doing, a lot of people are opting to carry their own fabric bag so they don't have to pay extra for a plastic bag...
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 09-07-2017
No plastic bag, no paper bag! Both are.. kind of bad. Fragile, probably. They can easily break and they aren't very environemnt-friendly. I don't know what they are made of, but some stores use to sell some big resistent bags that you can use over and over and over again, and I think you can even wash them if they are too dirty. Just buy one and use it, or more if you have a large family. They are way better than those.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 09-07-2017
Our city now is promoting no using of plastic to lessen the problem of high waste disposal. Instead we strictly follow the regulation of using paper bags for small commodities and eco-bag for large scale which is very helpful to our nature. Improper disposing of plastic causing trouble to people which we want to avoid as possible. Paper bags can be easily dispose because it is biodegradable compare to plastic that will take years before get soiled. Some people also burn that plastic which is not good to environment the CFC level that causes our ozone layer to become thinner.
Posted by rogel on 09-07-2017
rose thornes
There are malls here that used paper bags instead of plastic bags and if you want plastic bags you have to pay for it. They also offer reusable bags where you can carry every time you go shopping. As much as I want to use plastic bags because its more convenient to use but I can still prefer to use paper bags or reusable bags because its more eco friendly.
Posted by rose thornes on 09-07-2017
Here in my country, we use plastic bags. Actually, since I remember I have never seen a supermarket with paper bags for your groceries. I Always watch the movies that in the USA people use paper bags and I always wanted to know if it is true. Besides, plastic bags are not bad the only thing is that rarely times some of them are very thin and rip when you carry them.
Posted by pizzalover on 09-07-2017
I find paper bags a little less convenient than plastic bags because they break a little easier and it's a bit more difficult to transport since they don't have any handles, and it's a little more difficult to reuse as well since even just a little bit of moisture can put holes in a paper bag. However, it's still a little bit better for the environment than plastic bags and I don't mind the minor inconveniences that much so I would just go with that instead whenever I can. I think it looks and feels nicer anyway.
Posted by Wubwub on 09-07-2017
Most cities in Metro Manila have banned the use of plastic grocery bags that's why if you don't have the cloth bag then you have to be content with the brown paper bag which doesn't really hold well the groceries. I prefer the traditional plastic grocery bag which is the best to carry groceries. Aside from the durability, it also protects the car from accidental spilled items. And plastic grocery bags can be reused.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-08-2017
Paper bags is easier to throw than plastic bags. Plastic bags can stock up inside the canal drainage but paper bags just evaporate itself. So I prefer paper bags for buying groceries it can help minimize flood but the cons is that you are cutting trees for it I hope they plant trees before they cut.
Posted by tophew on 09-08-2017
Here where I live I've only had seen plastic grocery bags. In every super market they only have this type. Some of them sell them to the costumers and if the costumer doesn't want to pay something aditional they take their own bags or little carts to carry the shopping. At least the plastic ones are more durable.
Posted by felabruno on 09-08-2017
Our city promotes the preservation of environment and so there is an ordinance that businesses may not use plastic bags and they must use paper bags for less waste problems since plastic can be really hard to recycle. The idea is simple and I appreciate it, but there are problems arising from using a paper bag while doing groceries as paper bags get worn out easily when there is a cold drink inside because of the moisture. I would say that plastic is convenient as it is durable than the paper bag.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 09-09-2017
I don't look particularly for paper bags if couldn't find any, but I prefer them over plastic bags, cause this last one could live in nature up to a hundred years, the question is that, do we have to take down millions of trees to make paper bags, we're doomed either ways.
Posted by joey98 on 09-09-2017
I prefer paper. But in our country it seems that plastics are the common ones because they are probably what everyone is using ever since. But when I go to the grocery store and would buy a couple of groceries, I would always ask for a paper grocery bag because it is more eco friendly and can be disposed of easily rather than the plastic one. Papers will just dissolved to the ground if left unlike the plastics that would sometimes end up somewhere else specially on the rivers and oceans.
Posted by galegatling on 09-09-2017
I have to admit I still prefer plastic because if it's raining your shopping won't get wet. I've had paper bags and when it rains, basically if you have ever endured the horror of a bag collapsing and breaking due to rain, then you will choose plastic. I think paper is fine if you carry from the store to a car, but not if you are walking around or getting public transport.
Posted by Alexa on 09-10-2017
Jonathan Solomon
I've used both over the years. In the beginning, I'd say we were more of a plastic bag type family. Though we wouldn't just throw them away. Most of the time, they would get folded and reused. Nowadays, however, we've gone straight paper grocery bags. Not only is it more ecologically friendly for the environment, recycling them isn't as challenging compared to plastic. This wasn't a hard switch for us especially because our local grocery stores supported the same campaign as well.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 09-10-2017
Well I always bring my own bags or borrow from some one or bought eco-friendly bags at the groceries whenever I forgot to bring one. Most groceries today in our country doesn't have plastic bags anymore as I think a there are existing laws that has been made to reduce the use of non-biodegradable materials particularly plastics and Styrofoam here in our country. So you either buy your own Eco bag or just stick with the paper pag for your groceries.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 09-11-2017
We were used to getting free plastic grocery bags in our supermarkets up until a plastic ban was enforced across the country and it became illegal to use them. There was no option but to switch t the paper grocery bags and other forms of reusable bags. One is called the kiondo which is woven by old women and you guess it the senior generation gets a new way of earning from their skills.
Posted by williamk on 09-11-2017
My country doesn't offer paper bags except in a few select stores. I am very used to using plastic bags and they are quite sturdy and easy to carry. I also use them as garbage bags. However, I would like it if more stores in my country offered paper bags because they are biodegradable and a lot better for the environment. I think if I had a choice, I would use both because I still prefer having plastic bags around to use as garbage bags, especially for things like food waste which I can't really put into a paper bag if it's wet, but I would also use paper bags sometimes to reduce my use of plastic.
Posted by lilac123 on 09-11-2017
Either one is fine with me. Both are still given out here, depending on the store. It's usually plastic though. Since both can be reused or recycled, I don't really mind either one.

Make plastic bags into "plarn" and make new items. Paper bags are great for wrapping things to put in the freezer as an extra layer of protection. Brown paper is also good for art or as gift wrap.
Posted by Zyni on 09-12-2017
I always use plastic bag whenever I go to groceries or market. Plastic bag is more durable than paper bag. Using plastic bag is much better than paper bag because it will not get wet, not messy when you hold because it has handle but know in our country all supermarkets started to use paper bag because it is eco friendly and it is directive to use it. Now when I go to any groceries I see to it that I bring my eco bag with me. I have no choice but to follow orders from local municipalities.
Posted by honeybabe on 09-13-2017
I will always choose a paper grocery bad, even if I have to pay the extra price. I will never choose a plastic bag even if I may get it for free. Paper is bio degrade able material, therefore, paper bags are safe to use. However, plastic does not decompose and it will pose an environmental risk. I will accept plastic bags only when I don't get a paper bag or I don't have anything to carry my groceries.
Posted by vinaya on 09-14-2017
Wow, an actual ban, like it's illegal? It's seriously against the law to use plastic bags? I find that to be over the top. That just makes me want to use even more of them, ha ha.

I reuse mine as trash bags too, like someone else noted. There are plenty of ways to reuse them. Here, we even have places where you can turn them in for recycling. Walmart recycles the plastic bags as well. You toss them in a bin on your way in.
Posted by Zyni on 09-18-2017
I normally prefer the plastic bag to me it much more comfortable to carry groceries in because it contain everything purchased and you wouldn't worry about spilled can recycled for further use.
Posted by lovely on 09-21-2017
I think paper needs to be used more times these days. Because most of the time paper is going to be easily recycled. Also the amount of the usage of the plastic recovery is harder. And so that is going to create more waste in the land. And that being said, it can be really hard in many ways. You just have to understand that part. You can't make things any different on that part this way.
Posted by overcast on 12-15-2017
If you're living in a tropical country where I'm from, where it's raining half of the time then you would see the impracticality of a paper bag. I hate paper bags because it get wet and ruined all the time. Also plastic bags are reusable unlike most paper bags.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 10-03-2018
Plastic bags are much more convenient and reusable than paper bags. However, my country has banned plastic bags because we are the 3rd most contributor to plastic waste on Earth. I would gladly help if using paper bags would help the environment. Besides, it is much cheaper than plastics and plastics is long to decompose.
Posted by vivalavanda on 10-30-2018
Our city is implementing a no plastic policy so we don't really have much choice but to use the paper bags provided by the store. We have gotten used to bringing our own reusable bags when shopping so we won't have to buy one each time we go to the supermarket. I'm not sure if this is actually helping the environment. In the past, we have always reused plastic bags for our household trash. Nowadays, we have to buy large black plastic bags for our weekly garbage. They do allow a specific type of plastic. Paper bags are actually more costly than plastic bags. I think one of these days, stores will also do away with paper bags and their customers will be pressured to just BYOB.
Posted by chatbox on 11-20-2018
I choose paper grocery bag. It is environmentally friendly. Plastic bags are banned in our place to be used.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 12-06-2018