PayPal is one of the most popular “online payment gateways”. It is an electronic way to transfer money for goods, or services. Its physical equivalents are the checks, money orders or point of sale counters. It can also be used to donate money and receive money from family and friends. One of the reasons this online payment method is popular is because it is not mandatory that the user, whether a receiver or person paying the money, has an account to use the facility. PayPal actually qualifies as an external gateway, which enables a person to revoke any order to pay before PayPal transfers the money. To that extent, it is better than conventional checks or money orders, which offer no similar control. Payments are made through PayPal’s site, which is also available on mobile devices.

It can be used even without an account, for receiving as well as paying; PayPal has introduced some instant transfer services, which are quite useful; It is possible to dispute an amount and block money in seller’s PayPal account if the buyer has some claims; One can also withdraw money ot his bank account against a fee; It is also possible for sellers to safeguard their interests thanks to the “Sellers Protection Policy”

The fees are not that low. Though paypal does not charge the buyers paying for any purchases, it collects 2.9 percent of that transaction and also collects .30 dollars from the sellers. The services are not available in some countries. There are “per transaction limits” which differ from country to country.



PayPal of course!

Would have to say PayPal as well of course. Simply because it's been the main staple for dealing with money online. Whether it's for taking payments or for sending them to pay for something or something else. Then PayPal is the "go to" site of choice for most people. In fact a lot of people are PayPal preferred as they like to say. I guess that I am as well since it's just so convenient. The only downside to PayPal are the fees you pay. But that's like anywhere for any service. And at the end of the day, you have to pay them for the convenience of being able to use it! :)
Posted by idealmikey on 08-01-2017

paypal always

Paypal is well long established website and is secure. I have been using PayPal for instant PayPal for past few years now and works great with my websites.

There is always Payza are use but number one payment processor is PayPal always.

Posted by moneybags82 on 07-31-2017

Hello Have a wonderful day.

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After a wait of 18 years on Bangladesh -we hope Pay Pal will give the all facilities on Bangladesh including the Pay Pal MasterCard. Bangladesh is the third position now in this world freelancing professionals of 50 crore.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 08-01-2017


I've heard of several other processors but not the one mentioned. I'll stick to Paypal anyway. I've had it for years, and it's always worked very well for me. I trust it.

I also don't want to pass along my private info to too many other sites. So, I'll stick with the tried and true payment processor.

Posted by Zyni on 07-31-2017

No other service can beat PayPal

I have been using PayPal for quite a long time already and I can attest to its security, dependability, accessibility and efficiency. The service makes it very easy to transfer funds online too anybody around the world. It is safe and secure. I never had any issues about my account being hacked. The transactions that happen visa PayPal are processed in a very short period of time. Transferring your online funds to your bank account and vice versa is very fast and easy.

I'm glad that the developers of PayPal has continued improving it throughout the years. Without it, I don't know what method I would have used in order to receive and transfer my funds online. There's no other online payment processor like PayPal. Nothing else can compete.

Posted by limberg on 07-31-2017

Never Had Issues

I've been using PayPal for as long as I can remember, and I've never had any problems with them. Everything is really streamlined when I send or receive money and it's really easy to use. Given that I've never used Venmo before, this is where my vote has to go!
Posted by TheArticulate on 07-31-2017


I have always used paypal and have never tried anything else, paypal is legit and it works for me so I have no reason to change from it to something else. PayPal has never let me down and has always come good for purchases I made and never received. PayPal is dependable and reliable.
Posted by Sue on 08-01-2017

The best!

Perhaps I live under the rock but I haven't really heard about Venmo before. I know other paying online options such as Payza and Payoneer though.

Due to not even knowing Venmo prior to this, I can quite easily vote for PayPal. I have been their user for many years now. I don't even know how many and I couldn't be happier with the service they provide. I once had some small issue and their staff resolved it within a few hours. It was really pleasant to see how responsive they are and willing to help their customers.

Also, the withdraws that I do every month from my PayPal to my credit card is done within a few days and really quick. I just love everything about them and I'd never switch to any other paying options.

Posted by Mehano on 07-31-2017
Jonathan Solomon


I've heard of Venmo and am aware of their "wallet" money system that's connected to a debit/credit card. I hear good things about it. Despite this, I've yet to actually try their services. PayPal just has everything I need for when it comes to money transactions. What I also know is that Venmo has certain restrictions that PayPal doesn't have. So this has also slightly steered me away too.

Maybe I'll consider trying out their services in the future, but for now, I don't see a reason to.

Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 07-31-2017


Paypal all the way! I don't even know what Venmo is, I just have a general idea of it and honestly... I'm not interested. Paypal is just perfect for me! I often buy stuff online (both physical stuff and thing like Steam games or Humble Bundle games, stuff like that) and Paypal just save me time storing all the info I need in one place. It might not sound safe like this, but I never had a single issue with it, even when my account went red.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 07-31-2017

Never heard of Venmo

I have to go with Paypal because I've never heard of Venmo. I have been using Paypal for years and have never had an issue with them. I'll probably stick with them since I trust them.
Posted by BigDreamer on 07-31-2017

Paypal is the best!

I work online and Paypal is the most common used way of payment. It's convenient and I never had any problems with it. I've been using it for a year. I've tried Venmo and Payoneer, but Paypal is still the best option for me.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 08-01-2017

I prefer PayPal

For me, Paypal is the best method of payment and online receipt that exists today. I have tested other methods, but at the moment I do not change Paypal by any other option.
Posted by hermessantos on 08-02-2017

Secure Payment

I had been using Paypal ever since I first started blogging online. That would be 9 years ago. Paypal is very safe, keeps my details secure, my payments and transactions are in details. If I had any problem, I can use the Contact to inform them. The admin will reply the next day or even took the initiative to call me up. Very satisfied with the service.
Posted by peachpurple on 08-17-2017

I choose PayPal

I've been using PayPal for years already and ever since I became a member on this payment processor, I haven't encountered any problems yet and all transactions goes smoothly. I'm not familiar or aware about Venmo payment processor. This is my first time to know such.
Posted by rage35 on 08-01-2017

Elon Musk had it right.

As someone who has been working as an online freelancer for quite a while now, there isn't any other service I'd rather get paid with than PayPal. It's quick, easy, secure, and I have literally zero complaints with regards to their services. Never had any issues, knock on wood. Not to mention that PayPal is a well established, reputable company that you can put your trust in. Call me paranoid but I'm always a bit sketchy with regards to companies I use for money transferring services.
Posted by Denis_P on 08-01-2017


I don't like change so I haven't tried VENMO. I prefer PayPal - its reliable and been around a long time. I have never had any problems with PayPal either so why change something that doesn't need to be.
Posted by simplym on 07-31-2017

Paypal is Legit

I am hearing a lot of illegal activities about Venmo. So the paypal seems to be getting the edge. I'd go for the paypal in many reasons. Also the amount of trust being built by the paypal is something I'd be going for. I don't think venmo is any bad or so. But considering the way paypal works, I'd say they are better in that case.
Posted by overcast on 08-01-2017

PayPal for me

I have heard of Venmo before but never tried to use it. So far, I have been having a very good experience with PayPal. I use it for most of my online transactions. I am pleased with the services and also the customer service. I once had an issue concerning my account and the staffs resolved the problem in a timely manner. PayPal is also very secure and I know that no one will be able to steal funds or information from my account.
Posted by Pixie on 08-01-2017

100 % paypal

It is the first time I hear about Venmo and all I know it is from your post. I use PayPal since 2007 and I think it is the best virtual bank, they are fair and the most honest bank ever made online!
Posted by wallet on 08-01-2017


First of all, I didn't know about the other site. I rather Paypal because it's well known, very trustful, easy to use and it's a great place to save money. It is really useful when you want to make any online transaction. I created my account years ago but I started using it 2 months ago and I'm really happy with it.
Posted by luispas on 07-31-2017


I have never heard of Venmo and PP is a well-known brand. I am using it and haven't encountered any big problems yet, it seems to be safe and I don't connect anything to it, I can simply transfer my money through the bank and not connect any cards to it. It's very useful.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-31-2017

PayPal it is.

PayPal has been around the block for quite some time now and they really deserve to be in the number one spot. They offer lightning fast transactions and other than that, they also make sure that your money is in good and secured hands. The best thing about PayPal is how their refund works. If you know how to contact them, they will surely assist you in any way they can.
Posted by galegatling on 07-31-2017

Paypal for me

To be honest, I have never actually heard of VENMO until today. Paypal is known worldwide and accepted as the safest payment gateway. Especially if you provide a service online.
Posted by joegirl on 07-31-2017


This is one of those things where standardization really matters. People still don't fully trust online money management tools the same way they do brick and mortar banks. Pay Pal has managed to move past that issue and it has made them the one and only true leviathan in this industry. They are trustworthy, user friendly, and accepted anywhere online payments are needed.
Posted by JaiGuru on 08-01-2017

Vote For Paypal

I have to cast my vote for PayPal. I have not used this other service, to be honest, but I have been using PayPal for quite a long time now, and I have never had any troubles with it. The one time I was having some password issues, I contacted PayPal and was given very excellent customer service.
Posted by JoeMilford on 07-31-2017


There is no arguing that PayPal is the superior system. It offers coverage to many different countries and banks, Their system is well established and reliable.
Posted by Marvadaum on 07-31-2017


I had many online transactions using Paypal. I do not mind about paying percentages when it comes to withdrawing money since I see it as my own contribution to them for providing such remarkable service.

I have heard people were able to get refunds from Paypal because they were scammed. I do not know specific details as to how and why Paypal provided for the loss. I respect Paypal so much for it.

Posted by giovanniiiii on 07-31-2017

The best!

This is a very easy choice to make: PayPal all the way. PayPal for life!

I've been using this service for many years and I don't have a single complaint to make. So far, it has been an amazing and effective experience!

Whenever possible I comment on PayPal with people who don't know it yet.

Posted by wiseagent on 08-18-2017

I'm for Paypal

Haven't heard of the other one. I always use paypal. It's been in business for long so it's the most trusted and paypal is always the one used in all of online transaction.
Posted by zheh on 08-15-2017


Definitely, it's PayPal for I own an account with PayPal. At the same time, I'm not familiar with Venmo and it's my first time hearing it. Paypal also offers convenience to me in receiving the payment from my employer.
Posted by DanoCath on 10-03-2017


Paypal it is.It is globally recognized and very secure.Every serious website especially based in the US will definetely choose Paypal for usage.It is most secured and very easy to use.Globally,Everyone wants to have a Paypal account which counts for It's acceptability.
Posted by yemzy on 09-04-2017


The most reliable system for sending and receiving payments online. I have never used any other online payment service since I was introduced to it, that's how loyal I am to it. I have paid all online transactions using Paypal. Venmo I have no idea about it.
Posted by williamk on 08-25-2017

Paypal all the way!

I have a hard enough time using paypal little alone using Venmo a company that I have never heard before. And today's day and age you just can't be too careful because you never know if/when your going to be hacked. And giving your information out to too many people is just asking for trouble in the worst way!
Posted by Soulwatcher on 09-01-2017

PayPal already got customers' confidence.

one thing I have come to realize about online transactions is that online users always feel confident using those payment systems that offer confidence to them while they transact and PayPal got that with their years of being in the business on online financial transactions and with the changes they always adopt to serve their customers better.

I always prefer paypal to any other online transaction platform for now till i try the other.

Posted by Barida on 08-26-2017

Best in my opinion

The first time that I heard about PayPal, I was quite skeptical about how effective it would be and also if it's trustworthy. Then one-day, I decided to open an account and carryout a business transaction with it and it never disappointed me. Ever since that day, my confidence in PayPal have never wanned and I have made ir
Posted by Heatman on 09-20-2017
Post continuation... I have made it a point of my duty to convince other friends of mine to take the advantages of using PayPal in doing some of their business dealing. Although, there some times it may take up to 3-5 days before PayPal processes some transaction but it's really not a big deal because they definitely always deliver.

Proven and tested

I use pay-pal because users before me proved it to be convenient and trusted. After several transaction, i couldn't be more happier. I have never encountered any problem with pay-pal. This kept me with pay-pal until now. Although they have issues that they have to improve, they still have a loyal costumer within me.
Posted by fishbate on 04-15-2018

Paypal, My friend.

I've been using Paypal eversince I started working online and this is one of the e-wallets that I trusted the most. Although fees are a bit high, the security it provides are still incomparable. I usually receive my salary through Paypal and I never experienced any problems with it, not even once. The support team also is very reliable since they got to answer all my queries fast.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 10-10-2018


I vote for PayPal. I have a PayPal account. I don't have Ven mo account.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 10-04-2018


I choose payPal. I have a Paypal account. I don't have Venmo.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 12-13-2018

Venmo is often referred to as PayPal’s electronic wallet. Just like people keep their wallets filled at all times, this wallet also can be filled and used for making small and big payments, which are more personal in nature. The wallet can be linked to credit or debit cards, and even bank accounts. Effectively, if the funds in the Venmo wallet are exhausted, and more money is needed, money from such linked cards and bank accounts gets withdrawn for making the relevant payment. For using this wallet, people would need to download an app. The app can be used on smartphones as well as other devices that can be linked. Unlike PayPal, people can split their bills over dinner and movies on this platform. There is an overall limit for transactions in this wallet. The total amount of all transactions in a week cannot exceed $2999 and the amount is lower during the first week of joining this wallet.

It facilitates payments of smaller and personal amounts; It can withdraw money from other linked bank sources.

There is a restriction on how much money can be used every week; Though there are no charges for payments through Venmo, it does collect 3 percent on any payment made using the credit card. Cash transfers can take quite a while at times.



Would like to experience something new

I haven't used Venmo for any of my online payment processor transactions, it's been mostly PayPal all the way but I would like to have an experience with using another new payment system. So, if Venmo can offers something as good as PayPal, then I don't see any reason why I wouldn't be open to have it tried out.
Posted by Martinsx on 10-04-2018


I have never even heard of Venmo, based on my personal experience I would have to go with Paypal. I haven't had any problems yet with PayPal so it is defintely the process for me. I think many people use Paypal and I don't know about Venmo. I get my Paypal money in the form of a debit card so that works for me.
Posted by kgord on 07-31-2017
I have used PayPal for many years and have never had a problem with them. I have heard of Venmo, but know nothing of it from personal experience. I would definitely choose PayPal as it is more well known and has been around for so long. I find it hard to trust too many different online payment processors so I don't think I would switch. I have everything I want with PayPal.
Posted by morgoodie on 07-31-2017
I have used PayPal since I started earning online and I can say that even if it charges some amount, I find it so convenient and very reliable to use. It is what I have trusted ever since.
I actually have just heard about Venmo just today, when I have read this.
Posted by SimplyD on 07-31-2017
PayPal is the universally known option. I hear about Venmo being a service that young people use, but none of my friends and I have ever used it so I'm not sure why I keep hearing about this company. I'd choose PayPal because I have no experience with Venmo.
Posted by fireball916 on 08-01-2017
rose thornes
I'm using PayPal so I will go with PayPal. I never heard Venmo before, this is the first time I heard it. I trust PayPal and its more reliable.
Posted by rose thornes on 08-01-2017
PayPal had turned out the most convenient payment option for me. It has been over an year that I have been receiving payments without any issues. This includes both domestic as well as overseas payments.

The best part of PayPal is that it is widely accepted all over the world. Secondly it directly transfers the money to the linked bank account. The process is completely hassle free so I don't need any PayPal wallet to transfer funds.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 08-01-2017
PayPal is the popular choice for me. It is what many of the merchants I patronise use. And I use it in accepting payments as an affiliate too.
Posted by maria_c on 08-01-2017
Yesterday I came across one of the facebook live video. Here the guy was explaining about how the Venmo is not good for the buy and sell stuff online. Think of it as personal payment stuff. So it's definitely not a good option there. And people should avoid making use of the venmo. You can see that people who use the paypal are more on the safe side. And they don't end up losing the money.
Posted by overcast on 08-02-2017
If I'm honest, I had no clue that Venmo even existed. I know of other better payment methods such as Payoneer but even that doesn't beat PayPal. I just hope that people know to use their own head and will not get tricked by potentially bad methods and go with the high-quality one which in this case is clearly PayPal.
Posted by Mehano on 11-05-2017
It's major in the US. So that's their market. And paypal on the other hand is going international. And they will continue to dominate until other parties are going to work around. I am sure you can find out how that can be really helpful. it's kind of pain if you ask me.
Posted by overcast on 02-01-2018
I never heard of Venmo, I have been using PayPal for the last 5 years with no problem, I always get my money on time, minus the PayPal cut they take off the top, I don't have any issues with PayPal, I got one of those business debit cards and I like the service of PayPal.
Posted by kamar19 on 08-03-2017
I have never heard about Venmo. I have been using paypal since many years and I absolutely love this payment processor. Even though my paypal account is limited (paypal works with limitation in my home country), I use paypal all the time. I am waiting for the day when paypal will be launched with all features in my home country. paypal has the lowest processing fees and is the most secured payment gateway.
Posted by vinaya on 08-06-2017
It's not available for asians. That's why you have not heard of it. It's not that big service. And they don;t seem to have much market as of now. And so lot of legal cases makes it a bit harder to trust too.
Posted by overcast on 02-01-2018
I have been using PayPal for my online transactions be it buying or selling services and products. I find PayPal to be absolutely reliable. I have a verified account and find it easy to monitor my balance with PayPal. They also have excellent customer service. I have not heard about Venmo before so I will stick with what I have used and trusted so far.
Posted by fishmonk on 08-13-2017
Paypal because I have been using it. it's easy to transfer money and receive money. They have a good customer service when you complain to them. They promptly accept your complaint and do research regarding your concern.
Posted by Scarlet on 08-18-2017
Paypal is easy to use online payment. From money transfer to online transactions without worrying about your bank. It has always made my payments easy when paying with different forms of currencies.
Posted by williamk on 08-25-2017
I like using paypal when ever I wanted to buy something in amazon. I am lazy enough to go shopping malls, and sometimes I find it wasting time to go around such places. Such online banking are common and popular use today, in our place this much be required, if someone want to pay in online transaction. I like the reputation of paypal widely use and everyday, the online banking has upgraded many features for the past year of its existence.

I once used paylution, but the fees of the online banking is too much expensive to me and to my partner of my business. Although, I didn't take too much attention with the paylution, I would prefer paypal for efficiency. In venmo, I didn't use the stuff once, they said it take quite time to transfer cash into account.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 08-26-2017
The idea behind Venmo is similar to that of Bitcoin, for that, it can be overthrown anytime soon, in another hand, PayPal plays in its own category, and have proven its usability. I'd rather trust my hard earned money with a company that has become a part of pop culture than a new company that I have just heard of.
Posted by joey98 on 08-31-2017
Never heard about that venmo I guess it can only be used with a modern smart phone. I prefer using paypal as payment processor although I don't usually have lots of transactions online at the moment. I do have verified account since I think 2011 linked with my Eon Visa card and been using it to pay and receive payments from different online earning sites. Probably its the most known, most used, and most reliable online payment processor service you can find on the net so I stick using it for future transactions rather than looking for a new and cheaper one.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 09-04-2017
Even though paypal has limitation in my home coutry, I have been using paypal since a long time. I have never heard o Venmo and the description does not mention how we fund out Venmo wallet. I don't have to fund my paypal because I receive funds from my clients on paypal. I also receive payment from earnig sites, I use that fund to purchase online or withdraw cash.
Posted by vinaya on 01-31-2018
Paypal can never be compared to any other payment processor online. They can't just beat the reach. Paypal is internationally accepted and has been in operation for over one decade. Paypal has won the market when it comes to processing payments online. PayPal has all the features you would need to shop online and get paid by companies abroad without having any issue. Payments are perfectly processed and sent out in minutes. It's just the father of all online payment processors.
Posted by potentialwriter on 11-05-2017
I'm using Paypal so I can say that Paypal is the giant of all the payment gateway online.The company is so protective of its users.It really a great means of receiving and sending money online,it helps users filed for cashback, chargeback in case a buyer mistakenly deals with a fraudulent seller.One's funds is safe with PayPal because ,it a safe and secured payment processor.
Posted by lovely on 01-07-2018
I've never used Venmo! On the other hand, I use Paypal very often to make payments and receipts from customers. For me, the great advantage of Paypal lies in the fact that it is accepted around the world practically. This helps a lot when it comes to making transactions from anywhere.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-31-2018
When it comes to internet remittance system, it is only Paypal that I know. When I joined the internet to earn, one requirement was to have a Paypal account so I was forced to open and use my credit card for validation. My credit card is the proof of my identity and if anything happens, Paypal can charge my credit card so scamming is discouraged. With my experience of more than 3 years, I have no issue with Paypal and I am contented with the service that it gives me.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-15-2018
Paypal is more widely used than Venmo outside of the US. I use Paypal primarily to withdraw my earnings from different sites which also use Paypal as their sole or main payment processor. Paypal is the owner of Venmo but I don't think there are plans for it to compete with Paypal on the international scale. Venmo is designed for the millennials who prefer the convenience of transacting through their smartphones. It is not available to us at all and even if it's offered to us, I doubt if it will be as popular as Paypal. We have local e-wallets that do a better job at money transfer, bills payment, prepaid card reloading, and metro train payments.
Posted by chatbox on 03-05-2018
PayPal is arguably the most popular "intermediary service" for online shopping around the world. Today, more than 218 million Internet accounts prefer to use PayPal in order to send money to each other via email or to make purchases online. PayPal has become a convenient and reliable way for online money transfers, on a 95% scale of e-Bay acquisitions
Posted by hermessantos on 03-19-2018
I've never heard about the other company and would argue that PayPal is the most reliable. I've never had a problem with PayPal, but I know many people have. You need to read their terms and conditions very carefully.If you violate a term and condition this can get you banned. I wish other online merchants would come up. When one person is a monopoly it's really bad for consumers. PayPal runs the online payment platform at the moment and there is very little we can do.
Posted by jaymish on 04-15-2018
No one can beat Paypal when it comes to transferring money online. It has more a lot of good reviews and I think it is more convenient and easy to use. Paypal is more popular when it comes to money transactions although some countries don't have Paypal yet but hopefully soon.
Posted by nekonieden on 06-27-2018
I've never heard about Venmo that's why I'm going for PayPal. I also like the convenience that PayPal provides because you can easily do transactions with other people online. If you are a freelancer, you can easily receive payment and encash them through local banks.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 06-29-2018
Well, I been using this paypal so many years, and there's no reason for me to transfer to other online payment. Paypal doing good and the security is excellent. I feel secure in every transaction because of their email and text. I know nothing about Venmo, and I think don't have time to know them.
Posted by ion on 09-12-2018
I prefer PayPal. This is very easy to have. I don't know anything about Venmo.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 10-04-2018
I have not use Venmo but I’ve used Paypal. So far Paypal has been good. It is easy to use and I feel secured.
Posted by thejoyrevolution on 11-18-2018
I choose PayPal than Venmo. it is just today that I learned to know about Venmo. I am familiar with PayPal only.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 12-13-2018