People are not be "entitled" to maternity or paternity leave.

People are not be "entitled" to maternity or paternity leave.
People seem to forget that it takes money to run a business, and businesses need employees to make money. When people agree to work for a company, it is a mutual contract between that employe and the company. IF the company offers leave, then that is for the company to honor. If the company DOES NOT offer leave, then the employee must negotiate that before the acceptance of employment. It is not the government's business to mandate the terms for private, voluntary contracts; they exist only to enforce contracts.


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They should be given the right

They should be entitled. It is not easy to leave your newborns to your relatives or to your mother. Though tqy have the capacity of taking care of the babies, it's more important to do it by the parents of the babies.
Posted by theresajane on 12-14-2018

Actually it is the other way

Family comes first and the business MUST acknowledge the undeniable right of every parent to care for their CHILD first and to the business second. Of course it's not something that has to be a habit , but we live in non-medieval times and actually have realized that kids are the future. That is non-negotiable.
Posted by GeorgeDr on 12-14-2018


This is absolutely correct. I can relate this to my older sister and the situation she is in.
Posted by YoloBoy on 12-13-2018


I'm pretty sure it is EVERY employee's right to take a leave. Do you have any idea how hard it is to push a baby out of your body? Do you know what giving a birth does to a woman's body? Do you know how painful it is? Do you know what it feels like to be so exhausted from all that pain and pushing that as soon as it's done you just pass out? Are you aware that the first few month's of a child's life it is IMPORTANT that a parent is there with the infant? Yes an employee is bound to the company they work for but that doesn't mean that work is above family matters. Tch.
Posted by knnon on 12-14-2018


It is also not easy for a mother to raise a child while working. Rather, It is not easy to raise a child. The child's development must also be nourished to become an individual that will also contribute to the society or community in the future. So this would definitely be the mother's role.
Posted by Yumyan on 12-10-2018
Raising a child is the most defiant act ever. A baby depends on his parents for years, and those first months are crucial for the right development, so it's a right for a mother and child to be together, at least until the baby have a proper breastfeeding. My country defends and support maternity/paternity leave, and that should be a law everywhere.


I’m not a parent myself and don’t really intend to be, but I personally feel that maternity/paternity leave should absolutely be mandated by the government. This may seem like a bit of a harsh opinion, but corporations are the last people that should be in charge of ethics and moral opinions. They’re all about generating money and squeezing as much out of their workers as they can. Sure, this doesn’t go for all companies, but it does for many of them. If it were up to many corporations, they'd have mothers working the next day after giving birth.

People should most definitely be entitled to maternity/paternity leave without having to worry about losing their job.
Posted by Denis_P on 12-10-2018
We have paternity/maternity leave as mandatory in our country. For the mother, is 2 months before the baby arrives and 4 after delivery, which is 6 months total so she can stay with the baby. For the father, he gets a week after the baby is born, and for both it is legal to join vacations and paternity/maternity leave, so in case you as a parent want to add some weeks extras, you can take your leave and your vacations together. Also, here you can enroll your baby
Posted by ballyhara on 12-13-2018
For me, Maternity or Paternity leave is necessary because we are still humans you know. We are not robots. Yes, we work for our companies to earn money but the point is, why do we work? It is for our families, right? So for me family should still be given the priority. Family comes first in my priority. We still need rest most especially during times of pregnancy.
Posted by jessie271 on 12-14-2018
Maternity and Paternity leaves should be implemented by private establishments too. Babies cannot survive in their own especially if the parent has no one to leave their babies at.
Posted by theresajane on 12-14-2018
"It is not the government's business to mandate the terms for private, voluntary contracts; they exist only to enforce contracts."

I disagree. The government has all the reason to interfere in such instances because they should be the one protecting the welfare of its people. Imagine a world without maternity or paternity leave. It is not only the children that would be at risk but also their parents. The maternity leave has its obvious reason why it should be and being implemented. How would you expect a woman near from giving birth into working at any company. Can the employer help the mother give birth during office hours?
Posted by gutzman on 12-18-2018