People who take extreme selfies should be banned from using mobile phones

People who take extreme selfies should be banned from using mobile phones
So I'm currently watching a documentary on the tele about people who are willing to risk their lives to take extreme selfies. Will Best meets the people who take more and more extreme selfies each time such as climbing to the tops of cranes and hanging on with one arm while taking a selfie with the other. Some of people Will meets have been arrested many times and are banned from certain areas or tall buildings or structures in England and Wales for taking these extreme selfies. Putting their lives and the lives of other people at risk by taking them.

Just search Extreme Selfie or hash tag #extremeselfie in Google and you'll find many stories of people who have died taking extreme selfies. What's so sad is that there are many actual selfies of people they have taken of their self moments before they actually died. From falling, being mauled, electrocuted and even shooting themself posing with guns.

Why do people take selfies? Why do some people take extreme selfies?

Some people are addicted to taking selfies so much that they spend all their time taking them and it has an effect on their life and family and relationships. Some people don't get any sleep just taking thousands of selfies everyday only to post just one on social media after they have highly edited it beyond recognition! It's an obsession for them. It's cool to take the occasional safe selfie I guess at the right moment but some people can't see where to draw the line!

This is Daniel Lau taking a selfie on top of The Centre building in Hong Kong's 5th tallest building. Hong Kong Skyscraper Rooftopping Selfie

These people feel like they have something to prove by putting their lives at risk to take these extreme selfies. Some of them are even doing other crazy death defying things like taking selfies with crocodiles, wild bears and even sharks. Just to get an amazing selfie of them doing it. I mean man, is your life that valueless to you? Don't these people value their life? Don't they have respect for life itself? Not wearing a safety harness is akin to not wearing your seatbelt in a car. It's better to have it on and not need it on than it is to need it on and not have it on. Same when scaling anything. Even mountaineers and rock climbers bolt safety bolts to the cliff! It only takes one false move and theirs no second chances. If you're hanging on to something by one hand while taking a selfie with the other all that shows is that haven't really thought that picture through properly. All it really shows is that you're a crazy sob and probably should have your head tested and checked if you're actually insane or not? Seriously, what is the appeal that is so much more worth having than your own life?

These kinds of people are like extreme sky divers who do the same thing but jump off intentionally with a parachute and that's their safety belt! They have training, they have experience. These extreme selfie takers aren't people that have parachutes followed by backup parachutes. They are just people that are searching for an extreme thrill in their lives in the form of an extreme selfie they can post to their social media followers! Something that makes them fulfils some masochistic egotestical kind of thing.

But also social media is one of the biggest drivers and catalysts that inspires them to go on and take ever more dangerous extreme selfies. To post that to their followers which want to see these ever more extreme selfies they take. And it's creating a kind of lets-watch-you-almost-kill-yourself-while-taking-selfie kind of mentality and trend that is going on to get people killed. I don't like to say this but it's only a matter of time before another guy is in the media for getting killed while taking a selfie.

And there's no coming back from that. Me personally. I don't want to go out like that! "He died taking a selfie" is not what I want written on my tombstone!

But basically as a way to prevent it from happening again. And to act as a punishment to anyone that gets charged with taking extreme selfies by scaling some tall building or structure, should be punished by being banned from using any type of camera device again. Special phones could be made for them that don't have cameras on them or perhaps they should even be banned from using a mobile device that has a camera on it. That way they can't take a selfie again and wont be tempted to as much because they aren't allowed to keep a mobile device with a camera or even just a camera itself. Basically just ban them from using anything with a camera or from engaging in taking any form of extreme selfie.

Because when they do this, they don't just put their own lives at risk unnecessarily. They also put other peoples lives at risk of death too such as the emergency services who may need to come help you if you get stuck or even to extract your mangled body from some tower bridge platform or something way up high or even just to come and scrape your twisted and broken body from the floor after. I'm not even trying to make it sound that grim but it's a grim job and it's a highly dangerous job and it's not fair that some other guy who is a paramedic or rescuer gets killed or injured just because some twonk with a camera wanted to take an extreme selfie.

So anyone that gets caught taking an extreme selfie should be banned from using cameras again or any device with a camera on it. If they're caught again with one and doing it still they should be fined heavily or imprisoned even.

What do you think about extreme selfie takers?

Or do you think it's not cool enough to risk your life taking one?

What is the cure for this crazy trend and where will it end?



I totally agree

I believe that we should that to all the rights we currently have that one should not force them-self or overwhelm another with their photos, videos...e,t,c you get the picture. We all love ourselves but your pictures should remain as that your pictures.
Posted by Mambombaya on 09-15-2016



Why ban them?

Well, it's a bit silly to ban a person from mobile phones because they took extreme selfies. I mean don't you think it'll be funny if they tried to pass that bill into legislation? It's a bit ridiculous to even suggest that.

Most of the people who do the extreme selfies are actually professionals and want to capture certain aspects of their professional. For those that are not professionals, those are the ones who make mistakes, and have to get rescued. They are the idiots who took it upon themselves to follow in the professionals footsteps without any kind of experience.

Monkey see, monkey do. That is basically what it all is. Someone would see a photo and try to replicate it or capture their own. There have been cases where it went extremely wrong and the person died because they fell to their death, don't be that guy! Also, in terms of death related to extreme selfies, think of "survival of the fittest". That's the way I see it.

Posted by Everett on 10-03-2016

Don't think it makes sense

Unfortunately there are many people who are reckless and take selfies in extreme positions, places and moments. I know that such people are putting their lives at risk but how can you go about banning them from using a mobile phone? You cannot keep an eye on their phone use, or monitor them. At the end of the day it is their life.
Posted by sspi on 09-15-2016
Simple. If they get caught doing it. Ban them from using devices that have cameras in them as a strategic preventative measure. Yes it is their life. But it's basically saying that they don't value life by doing it. They are basically mocking life and death just to take a selfie.

They can do what they like, its a free country

They can do what they like and feel is best. I of course don't agree with what they are doing but a ban on what they feel they have or should do is just simply wrong for the simple reason that is freedom of expression and the pursuit of happiness. If they want to put their life on the link in order to make themselves happy or to fill their ego we should let them and not restrict them from doing so as at the end of the day they are only endangering themselves and those that agree to do these ridiculous acts with them.
Posted by neilbhabuta on 09-17-2016
No they aren't just endangering their self. They are endangering the lives of the emergency and rescue teams that have to climb up and recover their cold, stiff, lifeless body from the platform it landed on. It's irresponsible and just nothing but stupidity.


Why should you say so, each and every one has the right to use his cellphone the way he likes and no one has any right to ban anything cos he bought the phone with his/her money, even if the things they are doing is quite dangerous like dangerous selfie, I think that is their own problem and not the society's problem. They wanna have fun and risk, please don't stop anyone
Posted by Selfrevealing on 09-15-2016
Try telling that to the people who have to put their lives at risk to rescue these idiots. Try telling to the naive people that "copy" them and climb to the top of some tall building, structure or crane only to "bottle" it and need rescuing after getting stuck. Try telling that to the parents of the people who have died taking an extreme selfie. What should we say then? What message should we put across? That it's okay and acceptable to do this? It's not!!

Everybody can do what they want to do with their l

Selfies... Yes, I agree that it is totally over rated and I personally would not put myself in any risk to take a photo of myself. But I would not go so far to say that it should be banned! As people are all different, some people love to life risky lives and it gives them an adrenalin boost which they clearly need. I do not think they just want to impress people but it is also their fulfillment in live. Well, that is my opinion...
Posted by jseyfferdt on 09-15-2016
There are many ways to get an adrenaline boost. Actual safe ways like sky diving, abseiling, bungee jumping etc. But these ways have a fail safe. A backup plan in case things go awry. Example, skydivers have an emergency chute. Abseiling has a fixed rope. Even bungee jumping is safer as you're attached to a long elasticated rope. Hanging on to something by one hand has no safety backup. Have an IMS (Involuntary Muscle Spasm). Sneeze or get a strong gust of wind and you're dead in less than 5 seconds. I just think that kind of thing is irresponsible, mocks the preciousness of life and serves no purpose other than to fulfil some masochismict ego. It's not clever, it's not wise. It's not hard. It's just dumb, stupid and foolish.


I have got to agree with the majority so far and say that a ban is going too far. If some people want to put themselves at risk then it is up to them, however I would say that it should invalidate health cover if they get injured and the National Health Service in the UK should start charging. I think there should be charges for self inflicted drinking & smoking illnesses too.
Posted by monab on 09-15-2016
It's not up to them. It's illegal to do it. And it's not just their lives they put at risk. If they get stuck or trapped then a rescue team will need to put their own lives at risk to rescue them. I heard that the NHS was denying some patients operating time that smoke and are overweight by eating too much. But that's not always the fault of the person as they may have some underlying condition that causes them to have an eating disorder. As for smoking, the government has been advertising smoking and drinking for years so they can't turn round and say they've done enough to try and put people off from doing it!
Posted by idealmikey on 09-17-2016
To each his own. If a person wants to put themselves in danger, let them. As long as they are not hurting anyone else, then let them do something stupid. Maybe when something happens, like they get their arm bitten off by a shark or gator they will think twice.
Posted by angie828 on 09-16-2016
Unfortunately there are no second chances in some of the things they do. Like hanging on by one hand. All it takes is one strong gust of wind, loose your grip and you're a gonner! That will have an rebound effect on that persons friends and family. As for alligators, they don't let go, they go into a death roll and drag you down with them. It's not just their own lives they are putting at risk. But also the lives of the people that have to fetch and recover and scrape up their splattered body from the floor. Not a nice job and one most paramedics and mortuaries frown on. Such as waste. Just for a picture!
Posted by idealmikey on 09-17-2016
Only a dictatorial society can force people what should be done and what shouldn't be done. In a free society, people can do what they like, unlesss they are breaking the law. In my home country, suicide is also treated as a crime. People who commit suicide attempt can be jailed. However, this law is not strictly enforced. If we have this kind of law, we can also create a law that prohibit people from taking extreme selfies. However, I am against such kind of laws.
Posted by vinaya on 09-10-2017
This sounds absurb,one takes selfie to the detriment of ones life for real? I don't get it at all.Wouldn't this be seen as invasion of one's privacy. I don't even understand this but I don't think this sounds right
Posted by lovely on 11-14-2017
Extreme selfies are done of extreme people who don't fear anything. The only consequence is it's dangerous and some cases cause of losing their lives while taking selfies. It would be fun to take extreme selfies but it's not fun to die just for taking extreme selfies.
Posted by Scarlet on 12-18-2017
I don't think that it's possible to ban people from using mobile phones just because they're talking extreme selfies. Instead, laws should be made or enforced against them for performing and publishing acts that can potentially have ill effects on their followers as well as themselves and the selfie venue's owner/s. I don't think that taking extreme selfies is cool. I won't risk my life for a second or two of fame.
Posted by chatbox on 12-21-2017
The evening news is rife with reports of extreme selfies on top of a building, aboard a speeding motorcycle and some other dangerous stunts for taking a selfie. For me, a selfie is a self expression although for some people they go to the extreme because they want to be noticed. In other words, they are attention-seekers so they take dangerous selfies. This is a free country so let them do their thing even if they die in taking a selfie.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-14-2018
Well, I would agree that some of these people might be glamorizing some pretty intense and dangerous activities, and this may not be good for everyone to see; however, I also think that they have every right to post these kinds of images. We can always choose just not to support them or not to look at what they are doing. I would never risk my life for a shocking selfie, and I am not sure why others would, other than to get an adrenaline rush, check off the bucket list, and then somehow make a profit from the images they end up pandering on the web. These people have every right to take these pics, but that does not mean that what they are doing is at all "sane".
Posted by JoeMilford on 02-03-2018
I don't support your notion about the ban

These people are under what I call the society mirror which socially media have impacted and also made worse to some extent, the coverage and footage is all for the likes and for us to see and be of approval to, moreover it's their time and their lives so it shouldn't be of concern to anyone except their families and friends because am pretty sure they were warned about it. If the person is not an adult you can easily help by putting them in juvenile detention so they get to know their crime and what they stand to loose, but if it's an adult chances are that it will all end in failed attempts, no amount of petition or law placed on them by the court can stop their attitude except they choose to. Banning them makes no sense for there is freedom and rights to do whatsoever, except you are under the authority of dictatorship, I don't like what they do to acquire the whole fame and views on YouTube, there's was a YouTuber who died because he was chasing after a train and he was recording it; he was fame crazed and that caused him his life and the sad path is that he had a two months old baby, that child will forever be insulted by that memory of such risk the father took.

Another way to counter these kind of things is when you have a family member /friend who is all about the selfie you can be of help to them, by discouraging such fantasies they harbor and being there for them.
Posted by Adesuwa08 on 02-04-2018
That's funny, I don't think it's necessary to do that, and it's gonna be a long conversation. It's really hard to understand what's extremist is, or what they are thinking, but one think is for sure, they are happy what ever they're doing, That's the problem of the people right now, or the youth. even you watching cartoons they need to mention the "don't try this at home".
Posted by ion on 02-20-2018
Don't ban them from using technology, come on now. People like this are normally taken out by natural selection. Their risk-taker ways will be their undoing eventually.
Posted by NickJ on 11-11-2018
If it is your life that you are risking then it is your call and maybe no one can force you not to do that. Take note that I am saying about risk and not injury. But if there is a highly probably injury to be inflicted with the act of having a selfie then I guess it is only right to intervene. But banning the use of mobile phone from such people is plain silly because such a law cannot be implemented.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-21-2018