Pets should be allowed to visit their owners in hospital.

Pets should be allowed to visit their owners in hospital.
Many hospitals and clinics do not allow pets due to hygiene reasons, and also for fear that there could be disruptions due to the actions of certain animals unless they are not taken care of by visitors. Yet, if you were to consider the benefits for the patients, you would probably agree that pets should be given permission to visit their owners. There are in fact a few hospitals which are granting this permission because the positive effect that this visit leaves on the patient is really indescribable. Pets help to make patients feel better mentally and emotionally. They help patients put on a smile on their face as they meet their treasured friends which used to spend so many hours every day with them at home, and due to the hospital stay they missed their companionship for several days. Pets, in their innocence and with their indescribable love, make patients forget at least for a bit their pain and discomfort, as they focus on their loved furry friends and take on their enthusiasm and joy for life. Do you think that pets should be allowed to visit in hospitals? And if not, please explain why.


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Well No.

I would not risk the life of countless other patients by bringing my pet to the Hospital.

And I'm not talking only about dogs. People have very diverse pets and the laws against them should stay in place since they can carry a lot of dangerous germs and some people might fight for their lives.

Posted by Cristian on 01-05-2017


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