Pets should not be allowed in close proximity to babies and toddlers

Pets should not be allowed in close proximity to babies and toddlers
I find it unacceptable to have a little baby or toddler stand too close by to a dog or cat or worse, be allowed to touch it without supervision. However I see this often, sometimes even promoted on videos which are supposed to be cute. I get really frightened to see this because at the end of the day this is an animal which might act in a way that could harm the child, even if it does not mean to. I am sure that every owner loves his or her pet, and it is also a part of the family. But this does not mean that it should be allowed very near to a newborn or toddler. Child safety first and foremost!



It depends

I think it depends on the animals in question, but yes, it is taking a chance and babies don't know any better they could upset the dog or cat and not know it. My pets were never agressive with my son when he was little, but some could be.
Posted by kgord on 01-11-2018

Strongly agree

Toddlers should not be allowed near animals. Especially dogs. They are dangerous and can bite the child. Parents will find it cute to see the baby and the pet together. But do you think the dog thinks your child is cute? Does the dog know how to handle babies? Don't you know your child is seeing the dog as a talking doll and not a real animal?

I think it is the parents who enjoy the scene and the child gains nothing. It is wrong to put toddlers near animals.

Posted by mildredtabitha on 01-18-2018



Why would your baby be unsupervised?

It does depend on the animal, but I assume we're talking about cats and dogs here, not anacondas and lions lol. I have no problem leaving my child with our dog, he was there before my son was born and my dogs sees my kid as part of the pack. My son will go up to my 12 year old dog and pet him if he can, if my dog doesn't want to be pet he just stands up and goes on the couch where he knows my son can't reach him... yet.

My dog would never intentionally hurt my child, and I would never leave my child unattended, because he's a child lol. Now, if my son was older and smacking my dog in the face as hard as he could, then I'd yell at my kid even after he got bit.

If you can't have your baby in the same room as your dog or cat, then maybe you shouldn't have had one of them in the first place.

Posted by Razzy on 01-13-2018


I think it depends on the animal. Some animals are extremely sweet and love children, since other animals can not have that freedom. I think this closeness between the child and the animal can be very important for the child's growth. But it's always good to have an adult around.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-11-2018
According to some studies, pets when introduced to toddlers can actually strengthen the child’s immune systems, keep them healthier, and lower their chances of developing allergies in the future. But it doesn’t mean that we will let our babies and toddlers play or cuddle the pets alone. We still have to be watchful and alert.
Posted by eavalderama on 01-12-2018
I have 3 kids and I never let any pets of ours go near them. They might have allergies or skin asthma to fur, and worse is if they might be bitten. Who knows? It's better to be safe and careful for your kids' welfare. Kids are playful too like animals especially dogs. They might act in a way animals would take it differently and might hurt them out of defense. Rabies is also something to consider.
Posted by tiffiecute on 01-12-2018
You are damn right. These pets carry infections and bacteria. Even if one keeps his or her pets quite clean but still they are animals. Secondly, kids especially the toddlers below 5 years of age are quite sensitive and fragile in terms of getting diseases. Moreover, the animals are animals after all. You never know when an animal might behave extraordinarily.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 01-12-2018
I am a dog lover but I wouldn’t tolerate my dogs being near babies or toddlers. We have to understand that animals are not appropriate for little children much more for infants because they are not as clean as humans. Even a person who is sweaty and looking dirty is not allowed to carry a baby so that should also apply to animals. Think of the potential disease that the pet could give the little child. Just to be sure of your child’s health, don’t let any of your pets be near him.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-12-2018
Parents should be watching their child with their pet. Not just because the pet may be dangerous for the child, but children don't understand what they are doing and can pull the dog's ears or tail. That may hurt the dog and the dog turns on the child. Most dogs are okay with children and would never hurt them at least not on purpose. So it depends on the dog really. If the dog is strong then both child and dog needs supervision, but if the dog is gentle and placid then it would probably be okay to leave them alone for a short time.
Posted by JMS on 01-13-2018
I would definitely never allow any dog near a toddler/baby. I've never seen or heard of cats harming a toddler, but I would still try to keep them away. I love animals but I can't say I trust them very much. I've heard too many horror stories of various pet animals harming/killing their owners.
Posted by alexd on 01-13-2018
If you have a moody, sometimes aggressive pet? Then I'd say keep it away from the children. But if your pet is normally friendly and isn't a huge dog or something, then I don't see any harm in allowing a baby or toddler near it from time to time.
Posted by NickJ on 01-13-2018
Pets are like our families, however, they are animals after all and they do not use their brain much. They might have unpredictable behavior. When pet acts strange, they might be dangerous. Therefore, I will never let my baby hand with pets while not being attended by his parents or babysitter. Furthermore, there is also a gander associated with swalloing pets' hairs.
Posted by vinaya on 01-15-2018
It is important for every parent that has a pet dog not to allow their babies to go near this dog because no matter how nice these dog are it can decide to bite the baby if it finds the play of the baby with him irritating to him.
Posted by babyright on 01-15-2018
Certainly, I can't leave my baby with my pet,it doesn't make sense to me.Animals would still be animals no matter how well trained they're.we can't just certified them okay for our babies,no way.will keep my pet far away from my babies unless I'm around.
Posted by lovely on 01-18-2018