It's been a long time since you last heard from grandma, isn't it? Do you remember your best friend, the one you haven't heard from since some week, months or even years? Maybe your family at home would like to hear something from you to see how you are doing. Whatever it's the case, one option of communication is phonecalls! It's a very simple task that anyone can do, they just need to know the number of the person they are calling and - of course - a phone, or at least something that actually allows phonecalls. Digit the number, and wait for the other person to asnwer the phone... "Hello? Who's there?" will be just the start! Phonecalls can be actually pretty amazing: I experienced very long phonecalls with very close friends that were pretty far away on geographical terms. Just imagine the times when you are with your best friends in real life and you talk about everything and nothing: you could go up for hours and hours, and the same applies to phonecalls. If you call a very close friend to whom you have a decent relationship, you can speak for hours about a thousand of different topics, about your day, about your general life and how you are doing. Of course you can also call your family: tell them how you are doing, ask them how things are going at home... Basically, you can have a whole different conversation from the one you can have with your friends, but you it can be of the same lenght, or maybe even longer. Sure, if in general you don't like to speak and talk at all a phonecall might not the right choice for you. You all know this weird embarassing phonecalls where you just say hi and how are you before not having anything to say and you start talking about the number one excuse, the weather. Nothing wrong with that, there are people more talkative than others! Of course you can't always phonecalls: if you are at home, no problem. Do what you want. But there are times where you can't simply phonecalls, and while there might be some minor examples about this the major one is while driving: if you look at the statitics, you will see how many accidents each year are cause by phone distraction while driving. Of course there are headset and similar stuff that can be useful in this cases - and you can use them even at home if you don't want to hold the phone in your hand for minutes or hours. Or you could even use the speakerphone and just talk without holding anything, just sit on the couch or walk around the house doing whatever you want... But the other person might have some problems hearing you. Your phone is ringing, will you pick it up?

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  • You can easily talk to distant friends and family
  • Hearing the voice of people you don't see since a long time can make you happier
  • With headsets or similar stuff you don't even need to hold the phone
  • Just like a conversation in person, you'll receive immediate answers to whatever you say

  • It's still not proven if using too often the phone can cause cancer or something else
  • It can be a distraction in some situation
  • If you don't know what to say, there is nothing much to do like a real conversation
  • Phonecalls can be disturbed by interferences, making hard to hear each other



Phone Call

It really depends on who I am talking to. Text is quicker and less stressful, but if I am talking to a relative or friend, I guess I would rather hee their voice. Texting is impersonal.
Posted by kgord on 12-06-2017

Phone Call For Me

I know I am a bit old-fashioned, but I prefer the phone call still. I must say though, however, that it depends upon the task at hand. If I just need to leave a quick message, of course the text is fine; however, if the content of the communication is more personal or emotional or drawn-out, then I definitely prefer the phone call in order to really be specific with my tone and to really converse with another person. Imogis and emoticons simply do not rise to the occasion when it comes to real in depth conversation with someone.
Posted by JoeMilford on 12-06-2017


I really like to talk on the phone (but it's hard to find who thinks the same way these days). However, sending a message is - most of the time - a more practical and less invasive option (let's put it this way). But as a matter of fact, I'd rather to talk. ;)
Posted by wiseagent on 12-05-2017

Both have their pluses.

Can't really compare these two, because they are suited for different situations. If you wanna lead a serious conversation then you might as well speak with the other person or even meet them in real life, which is the best option. However, if you just wanna chit chat with a friend then the obvious answer is texting, which doesn't take too much effort and you don't have to rush.
Posted by manmad on 12-05-2017

In case of emergency.

In terms of communication, phonecall is better than text message. Even though text messages are more common than phone call, phonecalls is what best for me. In case of emergency, a phonecall is a must. Because if you use text message, maybe the receiver cannot reply because he/she don't have load.
Posted by blank629 on 12-06-2017

Are we back in the 1800's?

I love talking on the phone and what kills me is texting. Because in the late 1800's we had morse code. And then the telephone was invented and people were happy. Fast forward to today and to me texting is like doing morse code in the 1800's. And the sad part is most people would rather text than talk on the phone. I just don't get it!
Posted by Soulwatcher on 12-07-2017

Quick response.

The truth of the matter is that we can't compare both and get a valid result of one being better than the other. However, I use phone calls when I'm serious about getting quick response from the person at the other end.
Posted by Barida on 12-05-2017

Easy to get the message

It is easy to get the message when someone calls. Hearing the voice is satisfying and I can judge someone's feelings based on the tone of their voice. There is always an immediate response with phone calls and you all can understand each other and reach an agreement.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 12-06-2017

Simplicity at its best.

Phone calls have always had a place in our lives.

It's only now we don't see it as much due to the distraction that is social media. Especially, the internet.

And while I think online communication has indeed made things better, it has also limited our scope of unique experiences by making it less likely for us to use telephones.

Phone calls have a distinct feel to them. A sense of vulnerability. A light urgency. And most importantly, a time for thoughtful communication.

Have you ever felt lonely and wanted to talk to a friend? Well, in the early years before our latest technology, you could simply call your friends and loved ones. Have a chat. Maybe even surprising and heartwarming conversations.

But now, it's less likely to happen. Do you feel bored or somewhat out of it? Well, there's a new app! Something like that. And you wonder why these instant gratifications make you miserable in the long run.

As for its comparison with SMS, it's obvious that we'd all like to hear the person's voice compared to short messages. They have their place when it comes to simple thoughts. But the wholesome clarity of phone calls will always be a step above it.

Posted by Steve5 on 12-06-2017

Based on the question...

I text much more frequently then I call, but upon reading your question carefully I see that you are asking which is the better form of communication and NOT which I prefer. For that reason, I am going to say that phone calls are the better form of communication due to the fact that it is faster and you can convey more information. Phone calls have a few things that text messages don't, most importantly tone and inflection in the speaker's voice.

My favorite example of this is the sentence, “I didn't say you stole my money.” You can emphasize any word in the sentence and it changes the meaning. Therefore, you would have no idea which meaning the writer meant by text.

Posted by hardward on 01-08-2018


Phone calls can tell what the speaker really conveys because there are times that text messages can be too hard and/or confusing to be understood. Also, phonecalls can make the emotions and feelings be felt by the communicators. As long as, there aren't any disturbances and noise phonecalls can be very smooth, effective and efficient.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 12-13-2018


Text message

Text message
A quiet evening, sitting on the couch, minding about your own business, without nothing much to do. Suddenly that old friend of you come to your mind, and you smile remembering the good old times you spent with him or her. You look at your phone, and you realize you still have their number. So you start typing... And you simply write "What's up buddy". Just a quick example to introduce text messages, but you could write literally anything else to anyone else. Write to your friends, family, coworkers... anyone. You can ask them how they are doing, or tell them a joke, or you could even send a chain message - if you don't hate them like most people does. In any case, text messages are a quick and easy way to communicate with someone else. People from the 90's will remember the good classic SMS, aka Short Message Service, that today isn't that used anymore. To help with the text message business, a lot of different apps have been created, for example WhatsApp. Apps like this allow of course to send text message, but you also can add some emoticons to it - will you add a smiley, a angry face or even a poop? - and you can attach images and videos, if you want to show something to the other person. You stumble across something that remind you of a joke you used to make? Take a picture with your phone and send a message to your friend, you'll both have a laugh. And of course there are even audio messages: you can record your voice and send it to the other person. This is something between a phonecall and a textmessage: you don't speak to each other in real time, but rather you send each other a short message (or long, there are people who can record 10 minutes long audio messages) that could be almost considered the equivalent of a audiobook. It's like a message, but not written. Text messages, or messages in general, have come a long way since the early day of SMS. Who knows what awaits in the future.

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  • Text message can be very advanced, with pictures, videos or even being just audio
  • Quick and easy to send
  • You can also write a short message if you don't know what to say
  • You can have a very short conversation, or a conversation that goes on for multiple days

  • You could make a lot of mistake
  • If you write long messages, there is a lot of typing involved
  • You can't send text messages without holding the phone
  • You might have to wait a bit before receiving a answer



Hate talking on the phone

I hate talking on the phone. I would much rather text then talk. I have never liked to talk on the phone, even when I was in elementary or junior high or high school. That was one of a lot of my friends favorite things to do at night. Not me. I would rather have a friend over and talk face to face then be on the phone. So texting is just fine by me.
Posted by angie828 on 12-05-2017


It has to be text message for me because its just easier and quicker. I'm sure that most people now don't even call people that much (as in phonecalls) because of how text messages make communicating with others so easy. Plus the increased use of apps like WhatsApp or Messenger to video call people has basically made phonecalls useless.
Posted by kingcool52 on 12-06-2017

Quicker and easier

I prefer texts hands down because I can send a message and get it over with. With a phone call you have to wait and see if they are available, and if they are they may not be paying attention either.

Texts are better for giving information like a meeting place or time as that is a record. When people do this verbally, I ask them to text it to me as a record, so texts are much more effective than calls for me.

Posted by Alexa on 12-05-2017

Respond when Free

I don't mind talking on the phone, and if I absolutely need an answer on something, I'll make a phone call before I send a text. But on any given day, I prefer text messaging over talking on the phone. You can have multiple conversations going on with texts, and there's not always a need to respond immediately, which is really nice. You can continue the conversation whenever is convenient for you.
Posted by TheArticulate on 12-06-2017

Love it

If I am completely honest, I am one of those people that hate talking over the phone. I am not sure why but if I can avoid it I will.

On the other hand, I love to text. I don't even count how many I sent every single day since it is all free. Texting is just easier and faster for me. I can type really fast so that is a big plus.

Posted by Mehano on 12-06-2017
Jonathan Solomon

I text more...

I like phone calls, but I've always found myself texting more. Texting is usually the cheaper option, no matter what cell phone carrier you're with. Plus all my friends prefer texting as well. What's funny is that despite a smartphone's primary use being calling, it's probably one of the least things I do on my phone. I also enjoy texting because I can't get into long conversations with people, replying back and forth. Without a single detail being missed or forgotten. So texting has a lot of positive benefits, in this comparison.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 12-05-2017

save time and money

I prefer to send text messages through WHatsapp. Firstly: cheap, I don't have to have any money in my phone to send text messages. Just use WIFI, connect to whatsapp and send text messages to my friends, family members. The only problem is my father doesn't have a smartphone.

secondly: I don't like to talk to long on the phone. People keep repeating the same questions over and over again. Keep it short and simple with text messages. Straight forward.

Posted by peachpurple on 12-05-2017

Text Messages

I think it can be really short and to the point. You can make use of the information for the connection. I can tell you that phone calls are often not so good in many ways. I have seen people making use of the phone calls for many ways and getting business done. But not always that is going to work. So one has to be careful with the content.
Posted by overcast on 12-06-2017


I'll be honest here, I hate making phone calls.

I get mildly anxious when I talk with someone without seeing their faces, so whenever I can I stick to text messages instead, because to me it's faster, better and avoids the awkwardness I feel before, during and after a phone call.

Posted by VintageRose on 02-22-2018

This is an easier method.

As a person working in a capacity where I have to communicate with many people, I prefer texting. The reason is that I can actually deal and make replies quickly and efficiently. I believe that phone calls are only necessary if the person or scenario is urgent. Certain explanations can only be done through phone calls. At the end of the day, my main approach would to communicate via text messages and only use phone calls when I deem it necessary.
Posted by fishmonk on 12-06-2017
I noticed that many businessmen also use text messages through whatsapp to communicate with others too. That is black and white proof, verbal conversation can be misleading too

Text all the way

I hate making phone calls and I don't answer phone calls unless I know they are important. I communicate through text most of the time. I wish more companies would make texting or email or chatting online more standard for their customer service.
Posted by anna on 12-06-2017

Text first before calling

I dislike when people call without asking through text first if I would be up for it. This might have been more acceptable in the past when no one had the chance to ask first before calling but nowadays there really is no excuse. Not that I mind that much though because I could easily just reject or silence my phone and ignore the caller if I really didn't feel like talking.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-06-2017


Calling sometimes is just a hassle for me. I'm always in a room with people so I have to walk away from what I'm doing just to answer the call. I would much rather prefer to use texts instead. It's like an email in a way that they can respond to it anytime. Calls you have to answer right away.
Posted by rlpzbeermoney on 10-11-2018


I prefer the text message since it has the advantage of helping someone to send short messages and communicate to your friends and loved ones easily and you can add images or video or picture to make your text more exciting.
Posted by babyright on 12-05-2017
Text messaging is good, but it can't be compared to having that quick response from those you really need an urgent message from. So, that's the reason I believe that the call is better.
Posted by Barida on 12-05-2017
Both text and phone call is useful in communication but If it is really important I usually use phone call to make sure that what I want to say is clearly understood. Text could have different tone and meaning depending on how the recipient read and understand the message which sometimes could lead to misunderstanding.
Posted by vhinz on 12-05-2017
There was an instance when we celebrated my birthday in a restaurant. I texted the invitation to people a week ahead. On the day of the occasion, we were already in the restaurant when my niece texted me, asking where we are. It happened that she was in a different restaurant. Oh, oh, I texted back for her to read the text invite. It’s fortunate that it was near the appointed place so she was able to catch up with us. What if I called her for the invitation? There would be no proof that I gave her the right place.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-05-2017
I find it quick and easy to communicate through a phone call. I usually get the information I need ASAP while I'd still have to wait for a response if I use text messaging. With a phone call, I know off the bat if the cellphone is off or if the person I'm calling is in a place without a signal. A text message that has not been received within the maximum duration provided by the phone provider will no longer be valid if it exceeds that period. A text message can be used as an evidence two ways so in some cases, it's not the best way to say something to someone. I'm quite slow at texting specially if I have to say a lot of things. A text message may also be easily misunderstood.
Posted by chatbox on 12-06-2017
I think phone call be very costly these days. And for this reason alone it's reasonable to make use of the text messages. And people can easily see the value out of the text messages and say whatsapp like support services. I have seen that text message based bots are also much valuable these days. I think it'd be reasonable to make use of the SMS and text messages.
Posted by overcast on 12-06-2017
It really depends on who I am talking to. Generally I prefer text messages as I find them less intrusive. The person you are communicating to can answer the message at their leisure, when they have the time.I generally don't carry my phone everywhere, so this is also a good medium if you want to communicate with me. I don't like it when my time is interrupted. I generally talk on the phone, when I'm talking to someone i haven't seen in a long time and we have a lot to talk catch up on.
Posted by jaymish on 12-06-2017
Well, what is being discussed and with whom matters. A quick little statement or something is fine by text. Something with lots of details, I'd rather just have a quick phone call. I hate typing a novel on that little screen or when people send me huge texts and tons of them. Just call and get it done.
Posted by Zyni on 12-06-2017
gata montes
I can't really say one or the other - as I generally use a mixture of the two - text messages for quick inconsequential matters - as they're way less expensive and phone calls for important issues and especially those relating to business - as apart from it being easier and more rapid - speaking in person avoids the possibility of having to deal with any misunderstandings that might occur at a later date - had a text been sent to rely what you had to say.
Posted by gata montes on 12-06-2017
I generally go for the text message as well. It is quick, I find that leaving a voice message I tend to sound uncomposed and rambling. In a text, I can edit it before sending it away. It also is cheaper to send texts than it is to purchase more minutes for talking. You can also send images rather than trying to describe something in words. The person receiving the text can quickly check the message without having to excuse themselves to check a voice message, and then get back to the sender when appropriate. Obviously calls made to set up appointments or to discuss business or other important matters should be done through a voice call if a face to face meeting is not needed.
Posted by Rmarsh1984 on 12-06-2017
I prefer phone call when I needed an immediate response to my query especially it if is job related concerns or if I want to hear the voice of the person that I misses when it comes to my personal life. While, I prefer text messages if I knew the person I'm contacting won't answer the phone because he or she is busy at work.
Posted by Scarlet on 12-06-2017
It depends on the importance or severity of the news. If it's very important I prefer a phone call. If it's remotely important or not important at all - I'd prefer a text. Oddly enough though, we live in a society now where people text people to break up or proclaim they want a divorce. I imagine that's due to purposeful avoidance.
Posted by NickJ on 12-06-2017
I prefer to make a call then send a text message, I love my communication to be instant and quick.Text message may lose in transit or the person mayt not has seen it and if it something that needed a quick reply it might take ages because the recipient might not have seen it but with calls, you can discuss anything and get to an agreement in no time.
Posted by lovely on 12-07-2017
Phone calls are certainly faster and more practical. But here in my country, for example, they are very expensive. So most of the time I prefer to opt for text messages. I use WhatsApp, so I practically do not have to spend phone calls most of the time and this is very good for me.
Posted by hermessantos on 12-07-2017
I find easier to deliver messages through phone calls rather than text messages. I use text messages only when I have to believe the same messages to many people or have to send information that could be easily forgotten (email id, address, bank details etc.). Sometimes text messages are caught in traffic and cannot reach the person at the right time. The phone calls are instant.
Posted by vinaya on 12-07-2017
To most people in business and at home, calling is the best form or mode of communication whereas to other people, they believe it's better communicating through text messages than making phone calls. It is the belief of those people that you make lots of noises and raise lots of alarm calling with a phone whereas there might be confidential discussions that shouldn't get to other people's awareness or leak out to third parties. Only text messages can help out in such circumstances, though phone calls have some other benefits.
Posted by potentialwriter on 12-11-2017
Text messages can be preferable to phone calls as it makes it possible for anyone to pass a message to another person without making any noise at all. There are circumstances that warrant making a silent conversation with some people on certain occasions, and making phone calls will never work out. Text messages will help in such circumstances.
Posted by potentialwriter on 12-12-2017
Phone call and text message are two different ways of communicating, there are people who don't like phone calls but prefer texting due to busy schedules, but come on now is not every time we will keep texting and not hearing from people who are important to us. We ladies are highly sensitive and emotional, we feel bad when the guy we are dating don't call us and prefer texting, on like guys who text and can go a day without calling the ladies they are in a relationship with, that's the disadvantages of texting because not every one go too well with texting.

I have been too busy with picking my calls and I prefer when some one send a text, that's the way I relate to people easily now as I consider texting much more easier and cheaper. But my grandma don't know how to text so because of her I load airtime on my phone to call, texting and calling depends on the relevance and importance of that person to me. Once in a while I still get to call.
Posted by Adesuwa08 on 12-17-2017
If the situation calls (no pun intended) for it, a call is needed. When there is no urgency I prefer to send a text, it is more polite to send a message because the person can answer it when they have the time. There are many situations where you can't pick up a call but you can write an answer for a message. Calling is sometimes important in business where you have to have a clear situation and explain everything better than in e-mails.
Posted by felabruno on 12-19-2017
You use text messages if you want to say something quickly and doesn't want to be bothered with a conversation so you just simply send a text to answer or ask a question. A phone call is what you do if you want a continuous response with someone else to make a conversation short so you don't need to wait for their response anymore like what you do on text messages. Since the internet is so easy to have anywhere, most people prefer to talk to someone on a video call which it will give them an access to see them face to face which is much better especially if you haven't seen that person for quite a while now. Technology will simply bring us together closer wherever you are.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-26-2017
Text messaging works for me on a daily basis. I seldom communicate through a phone call. But in general, it really depends if there's an urgent situation that needs to be addressed asap, I'll spend some bucks to do a regular phone call.
Posted by cess_08 on 02-13-2018
Actually both for me. It's hard to choose, if it's really important, we should call the person, we should call them and tell all the details. It's also the proper way to attach to the people, and I know that the person who answer you phone call would be glad to hear your voice, But if it's not really important, or something that you should just want to say hi, or some forwarded messages, we should use the text messages, because maybe the receiver might doing something important during that time like, in a meeting or interview.
Posted by ion on 03-02-2018
Actually both for me. It's hard to choose, if it's really important, we should call the person, we should call them and tell all the details. It's also the proper way to attach to the people, and I know that the person who answer you phone call would be glad to hear your voice, But if it's not really important, or something that you should just want to say hi, or some forwarded messages, we should use the text messages, because maybe the receiver might doing something important during that time like, in a meeting or interview.
Posted by ion on 03-02-2018
It really depends whom I am calling, whether I need the response immediately or I need a discussion. If I need a discussion or response immediately, perhaps making a phone call is easier and faster. My parents don't really use text messaging, so calling them is easier. Other than these, I might just use text messages, as others can reply whenever they are free, and they can take time to respond as well.
Posted by kaka135 on 12-11-2018
I'm lazy typing so I would prefer phone call and besides it is easier to understand what your caller are talking about. It is also more convenient and less time to dwell on your phone since you talking with each other.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 12-13-2018
For me, text messages are unreliable. You can't know what the person truly feels when texting. I think calls are better. You can gauge the person's real intention just by listening to their voice. The tone of voice is definitely better in measuring a person's truthfulness than reading a text.
Posted by Alymae on 12-13-2018
Phonecalls makes everything easier since there wouldn't be a need to type your messages. It can still be done even if you're busy and ones hands are full. Phone calls and text messages have pros and cons on their own but phone calls are more useful if you'd want a clear conversation with all the feelings, tone and emotions.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 12-13-2018
I agree that phone calls are clearer in terms of communication that it is convenient to talk and say what you need to say especially if the topic is a long one. However when the message is about something very important then I guess the text is more like it. That text will bear witness to the figures that you will send like the amount of money or the address of a place. When spoken the numbers can always go wrong.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-16-2018