Phones with Pattern lock

Phones with Pattern lock
Pattern lock is becoming popular among many smartphone users, the ease of operation associated with pattern locks, could be one of the driving force behind it's wide acceptance. Most people have phones, which are capable of locking the screen with patterns, and access can be granted, by drawing the correct pattern. The number of patterns available is countless, you can practically form a pattern that will be difficult to replicate.

This has a way of protecting our data from unauthorized users, the ease of operation has fueled pattern locks. People can easily unlock their phones at a snap, you don't have to store any word in your brain, all you have to do is, remember your pattern. Research shows that, a particular algorithm could guess the pattern of a smartphone over five attempts, this discovery made the rating of pattern locks low, but most people don't have access to such algorithms, so the lock can be termed safe.

Some patterns are complex, while the rest are extremely easy to crack, most people use similar patterns, they prefer to leave it simple. The simple nature of some patterns, makes smartphone vulnerable to attacks.

You can take few minutes in setting up a good pattern, the pattern lock would help you, prevent unauthorized viewing of your images, some smartphone allow you to set specific pattern lock for several apps, so you can comfortably lock any section of your phone and ensure privacy.

• Countless patterns are available. • Setting it up is not stressful. • Easy to remember. • Require less time than inputting some passwords. • Most modern phones have pattern lock.

• Failed number of attempts can lock some phones permanently. • Easy to crack by hackers.



There is no excuse for leaving your phone unlocked

I don't live my home unlocked. I don't leave my car unlocked. I can't imagine why anyone would leave their phone unlocked. We store sensitive information on our phones all the time and there's no excuse for making that information easy to access. In theory, a hacker could get through the lock on the phone but someone could break a window or smash down the door to get into my home. That doesn't mean that I'm going to make it easy for them by leaving the door unlocked.
Posted by anna on 08-31-2017

protect your information!

It's important to have your phone locked. We basically carry around with us mini-computers which contain all kinds of personal and sensitive information. It's irresponsible to leave your phone unlocked. Should you ever lose your phone or have it stolen, then the thief would have full access to all your information. Pattern locks are a simple, effective, and easy-to-use password system to protect valuable information.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 09-01-2017

Silly not to have one

It's just silly not to have a pattern lock or some sort of screen lock. I don't have a pattern lock, I use a combination of my fingerprint and a pin. I can use either but I don't have to use both. I don't see why you wouldn't have one. The fingerprint thing takes a millisecond on my phone and it makes it useless if someone steals it.
Posted by kingcool52 on 09-01-2017

For security

I want my gadgets to be safe and secure. That's why I have a fingerprint lock on my smartphone. Given the choices here though, I'd have to go with the pattern lock rather than no lock at all.

It's very important to have a security lock on your device. I don't want others snooping and browsing through my device. I've got lots of confidential stuff that I don't want others to see. Like the conversations in my messenger. Or my PayPal account or even my phone calls.

Security is very important. We should take it very seriously. Especially on smartphones.

Posted by limberg on 09-27-2017


I don't have a pattern lock since I have an iOS phone, but I do have a digit code and my finger print is associated with my devices. I don't have anything to hid necessarily, but I wouldn't want someone accessing my phone or computer that has all of my photography and video work on it.

I take really good care of my electronics, but you never know when you might misplace, lose, or have your device stolen. If I don't have a passcode on my electronics and somebody steals it, it'll be a breeze for them to just reset all of my information and sell my stolen devices.

Posted by TheArticulate on 09-01-2017
Jonathan Solomon


To be honest, as a person, I genuinely have nothing to hide. However, I respect and have the right to privacy just like anyone else. Because of that, I always keep a pattern lock on my phone. Personally, I'm pretty good at creating technical patterns too. I do the first because I love that pattern feature within smartphones. Secondly, if someone does get a hold of my phone, I don't want to "leave the front door open" basically. So it's for a couple reasons. But the moral of the story is, I just want people to respect my privacy. That's all.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 09-01-2017
We are very similar in our reasoning. I also don't have anything to hide on my phone, but I have a lot of my portraiture and photography work on my phone because I manage all of my social media accounts from it. I wouldn't want someone having access to my work or easy access to my social media accounts, either.


Leaving my phone without the screen locked in my pocket caused some problems in the past... Keys were pressed (yes it wasn't a touchscreen at that time), and I think that some random messages and phone calls was sent. Nothing bad, but I would prefer avoid something similar. Leaving it locked with a pattern is just more safe. It doesn't have to be complicated if you don't want to: mine is pretty simple! You can customize it, so you can choose a pattern you can easily remember. I don't see any reason to avoid patterns.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 09-01-2017

Screen lock

I don't use a pattern lock but rather a number lock and I feel more secure having one. It's not really a hassle or a time-consuming thing to unlock your phone once you're used to it and it helps keep the things on my phone private, especially in the event that my phone gets stolen or lost so that a stranger won't have access to my personal information such as my photos or access to my accounts.
Posted by lilac123 on 09-01-2017

Protect my data

I prefer to use different patter lock for my smartphone which I often change in a month.

This is to ensure that strangers, family members or friends would not be able to access into my smartphone easily . Furthermore there are 3 attempts only. After that, he had to wait for a period of time before he access again. Some people are good at guessing the pattern lock but if you constantly change it, I don't think so he could guess it. Protection of my phone data s crucial

Posted by peachpurple on 09-01-2017


I always use my phone with pattern. I just can't think of my phone without patterns. it works out just fine for most of the use cases. Also the pattern lock can be used in case if there are any issues with the thumbprint. So I personally prefer to make use of the pattern over thumbnails.
Posted by overcast on 09-01-2017


It is safer to lock one's phone. I totally hate it when people take my phone without my permission and look at my pictures or play games on my phone. My nephew and niece used to do it and it was very irritating. They even used to download games without informing me. I started having problem with my previous phone's battery and I then bought another phone. I now lock my phone with a pattern and I no longer have to worry about my nephew and niece taking my phone while I am not around.
Posted by Pixie on 09-01-2017

Contingency and assurance

Having a password mechanism for a phone prevents other people from being able to access the data of your phone which can be helpful if you have confidential files stored. Personally, I feel anxious that someone else might check my phone and even though I really do have nothing to hide, I do not feel secure leaving my phone around the house as my family members have access to my room too. Using a pattern lock or password makes me feel at ease whenever I leave without my phone.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 09-04-2017

100% blocked.

Why would anyone use an unlocked phone? I see no reason for this, especially considering the world in which we are currently living.

A phone - most of the time - represents the extension of people, so, there is information / documents and other important things in it (whether personal or professional).

Using the phone in a locked way is a matter of security and privacy.

Posted by wiseagent on 09-01-2017

I always lock my phone

I like to have privacy so i always use lock in my phone. I don't want it just lying on tables and because it has no lock code my family or friends can be tempted on taking it and checking it's content. Either my niece and nephew might touch it and easily play games or anyone can freely read my messages or look at my pictures. I really don't like people just touching my phone and checking it's content without my permission.
Posted by zheh on 09-01-2017


I don't have my phone with a pattern lock but I do have it with a code. I once got my phone stolen on the street and luckily I had it locked it with a pattern at that time. I think this is something very necessary to do, you never know when somebody will try to sneak in and check the things you have there. Phones are a very private thing and people should respect that.
Posted by felabruno on 09-01-2017

Privacy first!

My phone has a very difficult pattern code because, When I need to go out, I usually leave my phone at home and I have a lot of curious relatives so they love to look at other people's phones and check what people save like photos, videos or chats. Also, my favorites apps have a personal number code in case other people figure out my pattern code.
Posted by cubo on 09-01-2017


What i can't stand in my life, is someone intruding my privacy, like it irritates me to the high heavens, that's why i always lock my phones, because most of friends, *not really close friends, can't keep their hands in their pockets, without looking for someones phone to press in his absence. But when am alone in my comfort zone, i don't lock my phones, am also the lazy type, unlocking my phone sometimes makes me feel stressed.
Posted by Authord on 09-01-2017

Protection and privacy

Leaving a phone really unlock is no excused for people who likes to check your private information, data, pictures, videos and other stuff in your mobile devices.

I highly suggest to keep a phone unlocked all the time. Many data and information can a user access on your mobile device. Maybe some people don't like having a phone with pattern lock because its really very inconvenient to use any phone, especially in a hurry. The phone user could also forgot the lock pattern.

Yet I agree that a phone should always be lock because of the all the information stored in the phone.

Posted by Gidsmonts101 on 09-01-2017

Protection first!

Having a password in your phone is better than having nothing. But first, if you plan to have a password in your phone, make sure you remember it well. For me, the best password for phones is pattern lock. With this password type, you can protect your phone. Also, it is better you changed you password regularly than having one pattern lock only. In my case, I changed my password once in every two weeks to prevent in knowing my password by anyone who wants to bypass my phone.
Posted by blank629 on 09-02-2017


Now in 2017 all phones should have a minimum protection. I would rather use password over pattern but it's down to personal preference. Also, never leave your phone unlocked because it can get stolen and your personal stuff can be stolen as well.
Posted by AlexJPro on 09-02-2017

I like privacy.

I am that type of person that prefers privacy to any other thing when it comes to my mobile device or laptops that I used for my personal daily activities. I understand that it can be tiresome for others to make use of your phone while it continues to lock itself once in awhile.

However, when you consider the risk of a random person, maybe a little child, picking up your phone and pressing some buttons that may distort the way your phone works, then you will end up valuing the reason phone manufacturers made a screen lock as one of the features that came with a phone.

My boss once shared an experience of how his child at home once upon a time had to waste his call credit because he dropped his phone and was taking his bath. His son while pressing the phone mistakenly dialled the number of a firm that the dad does part time job at and those guys picked hoping it was his dad they were talking to.

One, it ended up painting the dad as a careless person and secondly made him lose some call credits.So, I am of the opinion that we have to secure our phones well to avoid others accessing private information on it.

Posted by Barida on 08-31-2017

For Protection

I'd rather have my phone have a pattern lock. I don' like it when some people just open and scan my phone . Hate when they invade my privacy. Usually when you don't have that security they will use the phone without even asking for my permission. If i have my screen locked they will ask me for password , with that i know who uses my phone. Lastly, when i happen to lost it , those who found it won't be able to use unless they're IT.
Posted by PLScloni on 09-01-2017

This is more effective

I have to use the pattern lock so my kids won't easily open my phone. I never bought them their own phones yet that is why they love stealing a moment with my phone to play mobile games.
Posted by geloi on 09-01-2017

I used pattern lock.

It's much better to put even a simple security on your smartphone like pattern lock so no one can access your phone even when you're unattended or your far away from it. I don't think that you want anyone to have an access to your privacy. There will be a time that you will forget your phone so don't risk it by not having a lock screen.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 10-20-2017

Better for me

Phones with Pattern lock or even password lock is my favorite. I can't leave all the sensitive information on my phone to the view of anyone who have access to my phone. I always lock my phone 24/7/365 days for security reasons.
Posted by Martinsx on 11-04-2018

More secure

I always lock my phone because I can secure my files encase it is lost "Not permanently secure but it can at least give me time to locate it before it will access by an authorized individual or at least wipe its content ".
Posted by blackmist on 09-22-2018

For Privacy

I always put lockscreen on my phone. I hate it when other people try to get around my things as if I allowed them. There are some things in my phone which I only want to keep it for myself. I value privacy and I want to have some space for myself too. Also, conversations should stay private and just between me and my friend. I am not comfortable with leaving my phone around without a pattern lock.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 10-15-2018


using your phone without screen lock

using your phone without screen lock
Using a phone without screen lock, will save you the stress of having to unlock your phone each time you pick it up. When you hardly store confidential information's on your phone, and the usage is highly restricted, then screen lock may not be ideal. People find unlocking their phones burdensome, especially when they fail to set reasonable time limit for the screen lock, the result is constant unlocking of your phone, and this may not be funny at all.

We usually give our smartphone to friends, a lot of people are highly attracted to their friends phone, screen locks might make their experience unpleasant, because they will have to meet you from time to time, to help them unlock the screen, this can really disturb your peace.

An alternative is to give them your password, and both ways is unfavorable, so you can avoid such stress, by leaving your phone unlocked. People who leave their phones without screen lock, makes it accessible during crisis.

A lot of distress calls are made during emergencies, and people can run out of credit, leaving your phone without screen lock, will make it useful during such conditions, helpers can easily make calls to your loved ones without your consent, this can help in saving a soul, because people are usually unconscious after accidents. Smaller phones contain less data, locking such phones might be a complete waste of time, and you will have open it each time the service is required.

• No need for password or patterns. • Easy Access. • Your friends can operate your phone with ease. • Beneficial during emergency, they can easily contact your loved ones.

• People can manipulate your files. • Private images can easily be exposed.




I do not have a screen lock on my phone. I don't like having the hassle of alwys having to unlock it every time I need it. I don't have anything on my phone that needs to be locked up. I don't worry about losing it because for one thing it has never happened and for another even if it is locked there are alwys ways around it.
Posted by Sue on 09-10-2017

No hassle

When I first bought my newest phone I did try and used the weird swipe pattern for a bit but it was so, so time-consuming doing it every single time I wanted to use my phone. It's fine if you don't unlock your phone often but I do it almost every few minutes and having to enter extra passwords or doing patterns is just useless.

There isn't any added security unless you'd actually lose your phone and even then I am sure that there are ways to figure out the patterns.

Therefore I just don't see any actual point and that's why I use my phone without any extra screen locks. Easier and faster!

Posted by Mehano on 09-01-2017

Couldn't care less.

In all my years of owning a smart phone, I have never felt the need to put a password lock on my phone. For one thing, I am not one to keep sensitive information on my phone, be it through text messages or whatever, so even if someone were to go snooping through it, they wouldn't find anything of value. The other thing is, if my phone ends up being stolen, the password protection isn't going to help you much anyway given that there are ways to circumvent it that I'm sure any decent criminal is aware of. I'm okay with just leaving my phone as is.
Posted by Denis_P on 09-01-2017

Keep it open, keep it close

I don't understand the other argument. Who would ever have access to your phone? Phones are like wallets; you keep them close at hand at all times. If you don't, that's on you. If it's a corporate cell phone I understand. You don't want to be responsible for your company's proprietary secrets getting out. BUt personal cell phones are no big deal at all.
Posted by JaiGuru on 09-01-2017


I prefer leaving my phone unlocked because of the stress I have to undergo unlocking it over and over when I want to use it, I hardly go an hour without operating my phone. The fact that leaving my phone unlocked has thought me many lessons yet still I prefer leaving it unlocked.
Posted by yunken on 09-08-2017

People who touch your phone.

I personally don't really use a pattern, because I don't trust my phone to anyone and my friends wouldn't really do anything too serious with it, except look at my pictures or whatever. It's not really bad to have a pattern lock, because it makes your phone safer, however it's kinda annoying and if someone wants to steal your phone he can also break through the pattern too, so it's not like it matters too much.
Posted by manmad on 09-01-2017

Easy breezy

This is the most convenient thing to do if you are using your phone 24/7, if you need to open messages or emails, you don't have to input any lock patterns just to unlock your phone, a single swipe on the screen will do the trick.
Posted by Vastor122 on 09-01-2017

time consuming

I don't use screen password/pattern because its so time consuming and i find it ver burdensome and somewhat stressful especially unlocking it whenever I want to message someone,reading a text or picking up my phone.What makes it even more irritating is when you constantly fail to set your password or pattern in a limited times.Not having password are much easier especially in emergency as we can easily dial/ access our phone without complicated passwords and patterns.
Posted by jeiyyy on 08-31-2017


I don't use password nor any pattern for my mobile's screen lock. I don't put any confidential matter on my phone anyway. Besides, I always log out on whatever site I am opening. Besides, i want an immediate access to my phone when I am to use t. I also have it in my bag whenever its not in use.
Anyway, phones's passwords can be hacked anyway. So, I don't have those .
Posted by SimplyD on 08-31-2017
I used to be the same way when I had an Android phone, I didn't want to have to put in a password every time I opened my phone. When I made the switch it iOS and had the fingerprint feature, it makes getting into my phone with a password even easier.

I've seen several people in here say that passwords can be bypassed, so there's no point in having them. I don't understand this reasoning at all? Security systems on your house can be bypassed, but people still have those. Locks can be picked, but people still lock their cars and doors, right? Even if it can be circumvented, surely still having that precaution is still somewhat better than having no precautions whatsoever?
Posted by TheArticulate on 09-01-2017
I don't use a password on my phone it is kind of annoying that you have to put every 5 minutes a password just to see a text for example. The only thing I think it is a con is that you need to be very careful with people around you because they can see through your phone and watch all your private stuff, especially the photos and videos. There are many people out there who love to gossip so, you shouldn't let your phone to anyone. In my case, I don't trust anyone.
Posted by pizzalover on 08-31-2017
I also used to avoid passwords on my Android because I didn't want to have to key it in every single time I got a text or wanted to check something. It can be a hassle, but I've found the fingerprint system on Apple devices eliminated my annoyance with passwords. It's kind scary to think that Apple now has access to my fingerprint, but the home button on my phone double as a fingerprint scanner, so getting past my lockscreen on my Apple is just as quick as getting my into old Android when it didn't have a passcode.
Posted by TheArticulate on 09-01-2017
i think for me ill use lock screen pattern to safeguard my personal text messages if sudden lost and then someone reads your text or friends that read your text messages on phone annoys me. but it depends if they want to put pattern lock screen or not some would not put lock in their phone because there both partners wants transparency.
Posted by tophew on 09-01-2017
Newer phone models now have the pattern lock as default. Although it is not much of a security when the phone is stolen, at least the pattern lock is a security against accidental pressing of the buttons. The only problem with pattern lock is when you forget the pattern. Don't raise an eyebrow because I know of several people who have forgotten the pattern lock of their smart phone such that they needed someone to unlock it. My suggestion, especially for seniors, is to list down or make a note of the pattern so they can have something when they forget it.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-01-2017
I'll never feel secured without locking and security features for my phone turned on and I've never removed the lock on my phone which requires scanning my finger print to be unlocked so there's no average guy can see what my private things I had on my phone. Although I've registered my girlfriend's finger print so she's the only one who can unlock my phone. I've never use those patterns as its easy to remember and also a putting a password as sometime I can forget a really complex password that I always put for better security.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 09-01-2017
I do used my phone without any pattern some years back but I learned my lesson the hard way.Someone picked my phone before I could say jack Robbins my credit were all gone.Since then I started using pattern lock to lock my phone and since then still now,I have not had such problem again.Since I prefer locking my phone than leaving it bare.
Posted by lovely on 09-01-2017
Putting pattern lock to my phone is important just to avoid people with bad intention to access my important details and information. It is not because you are hiding something it serves as your protection that someone might steal your confidential data. I also believe that prevention is the best way to avoid unnecessary scenarios.
Posted by rogel on 09-01-2017
pattern lock is the best bet to secure ones phone from unwanted stealing .it better one even off the phone than leaving it without any lock.
Posted by lovely on 09-27-2018
Since my 3rd mobile phone stolen. I personally use a phone pattern lock so that i have security in my phone even if i missplaced nobody can open it. I am too lucky because the phone that was stolen to me was already have a phone pattern lock so even they stolen it they cannot see all of my files inside my phone. Other reasons also why i always put phone pattern lock is to prevent my friends easily used it if i missplaced my phone because sometimes i just forget where did i place my phone and i just seeing it to friends and playing games. Last thing is that i used phone pattern lock because i want also a privacy in my own things.
Posted by patrickdim on 09-01-2017
Some form of password is strongly recommended. If the phone gets lost or stolen rest assured the data will be safe. Also the battery life lasts shorter due to the fact that the phone has no power management controls set to turn on when idle. This can also lead to cell phone screen burnout or that shadowing effect.
Posted by Joteque on 09-01-2017
I just have a lockscreen on my phone nothing complicated or fancy. I keep my phone with me all the time and don't worry about it falling into the wrong hands. As it is, there is nothing that exciting on there. I feel comfortable with the information that is on there. I have no issues with just using a lockscreen without pattern lock or anything else actually.
Posted by kgord on 09-03-2017
rose thornes
I used patterns as screen lock to my phone because I don't want my cousins just pick up my phone and play games until the battery died. Its also for security purpose when someone stole your phone they will have hard time unlocking it until it will get blocked.
Posted by rose thornes on 09-04-2017
I never leave my phone unattended, where ever I go, my phone will be with me. I would not let anyone to use my phone (there are exceptions though, I cannot refuse to my wife or nephew). My phone is safe with me therefore, I don't have a pattern lock on my phone. I always find it bothersome to unlock a phone through the pattern. It is a good way to secure your phone, but I don't do this.
Posted by vinaya on 09-06-2017
There is no need to screen lock your phones if you know that you are not using it to do bad things, it is much easier for you to use your phone without any hassle but when you screen lock it you will be making it difficult for yourself to use your phone.
Posted by babyright on 09-12-2017
It is true that friends can operate your phone without your knowledge when using screen lock. I like the simplicity of screen lock because you won't have to master a password or pattern. You just need to have your device with you all the time.

I still prefer pattern because I will be guaranteed that no one will get access to my files without my permission.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 01-14-2018
I'm using my phone with pattern lock for additional security. I'm a private person and actually, I don't want to touch my cellphone with anyone, even my girlfriend sometimes, not because I'm hiding something but I just want to implement my privacy. The other thing is, pattern for security is also for those pickpocketeers, I once become a victim of these pickpocketeers and it's very easy for them to change the settings and turn off the GPS because I just use the simple slide during that time.
Posted by ion on 04-20-2018
The pattern lock is a simple and basic protection for the phone. It is easy to decode if the phone is lost because the pattern has limited combinations or probabilities. But still and all, the pattern lock is one good way of protecting your phone from being used by people around you like colleagues in the office and nosy friends. I think it is foolish not to use the pattern lock on your phone.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-25-2018
Having a phone with pattern lock will tighten the security of your phone. When someone tries to unlock your phone, they can't do it. Instead, they will ask you and you will know who is the person who borrowed your phone in case something happened with your phone because the person asked you to open it. It's irritating to me when someone tries to barge in on my cell phone, it's like trying to go inside in my personal life which I don't want most people to know about. If you are conscious about your information and security, use your phone with a lock.
Posted by vivalavanda on 11-04-2018