Pig Farming

Pig Farming
Pig farming is a lucrative choice for most farmeer, the livestock business produces a good percentage of meat supplied in meat shops. The the value of piggery is evident, some towns are known for their specialization in pig farming, and it serves as a major source of revenue. The maintenance of pig farming, is one of the most demanding aspect of the business, cleaning up pig farms require skill and diligence, cleaning intervals should be maintained, to ensure the surrounding remains clean. You have to imbibe the best pig practices, so you can realize the the best value for your investment.

Pigs have high resistance to diseases, but extra effort must be made to prevent any form of illness, diseases can affect pig farming significantly, the pigs will lose weight and some of the pigs could die in the process.

Pigs are known for smartness, their smart nature enable them avoid certain dangers, raising them is fun, especially when you come in contact with friendly pigs, they add excitement to the moment.

Families which produce excessive food waste, can convert them to money through pig farming, you will have to supply fresh pig food, but your excessive wastage food, will be converted to good cash. When you decide to raise two pigs, after maturity, selling one of them will recover the cost of raising both, this makes piggery interesting.

• Highly lucrative. • Optimizes wasted food. • Increases meat supply. • The meat can be used in other food processing. • Good number of litter per female pig. • They have good resistance to diseases.

• Cleaning their pen can be tasking. • Some religions don't eat pork.




A family friend have a small pig, that is pretty old now and it's not even the "classic" fat big pink. It's a Vietnamite, the same pig that George Clooney had years ago. And it's pretty nice and cute, mostly self-sustained and as far as he says, it doesn't require too much care. I don't know if goats are different or not, but I find them to be slightly annoying, while pigs are cut and nice. I don't know about the proper farming and who is more profitable, but on the look and personality alone I would choose pig.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 09-14-2017


I'd prefer to farm pigs for one very delicious reason: bacon! I have owned goats in the past. I do not like goats milk or goat meat. Goats are also pretty difficult at times. They get out of their pens, get stuck in fencing, and can be very stubborn. Also, pigs replicate at a faster rate than goats and can eat all your compost. I live in the south and pork chops and pulled pork BBQ are popular dishes. It'd be much easier to market pigs here than goats. It's always hard to butcher animals you raise, though.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 09-14-2017

More people eat pork

I think that more people eat pork than goats. That's why it would be more profitable to take care of pigs than goats. I eat both but I found that there are more ways on how to cook pork than goat meat. And pork dishes are a lot more delicious than goat meat dishes.

With regards to taking care of pigs, I believe that they are more low maintenance than goats. I have heard that goats easily get sick when they get wet with rain water and eventually die. I haven't heard about this happening to pigs.

Posted by limberg on 09-15-2017


I am Muslim, but from a business stand point, I think that the upkeep for pings is a lot easier than goats. Pigs eat just about anything so feeding isn't much of a problem and it also produces more meat. Now depending on the area goat meat is probably more expensive than pig meat, but there is a lot more to sell. Pigs also reproduce a lot more profitably than goats do since they can have up to 25 piglets while goats usually only have up to three offspring.
Posted by AlexHarris on 09-14-2017

PIg Farming

Pig farming is a very lucrative business in our country and in our hometown, there's a lot of people who choose pig farming because pork meat is much more in-demand than goat meat.
Posted by rage35 on 09-14-2017
Absoluty right about pig farming because of its demand is high compare to goat meat. Many people is also selling pork meat in community that's why it is a perfect farm business.

Piggery piggery buck!

I'm not that big of a pork eater but I know a pig in a good investment blanket when I see one. With goat farming this can be a good investment but no one can pull any wool over my eyes when it comes to which one is more lucrative and perhaps more efficient. My grandmother use to raise pigs and goats so I could easily compare both and tell which one is more beneficial. The pigs of course pay off as they produce quite regularly and instead of having to worry about new grazing grounds to replace the ones used up by the goats current location. This is no 'hog wash!' The pig pens are adequate and provide the perfect grounds to raise the pigs without having to shift them around alot. It should also be observed that despite of the fact that goat meat has less cholesterol and is accepted by most religion, pig meat has a traditional following. That's another debate comparing religion to tradition considering the holidays such as Christmas and the cultures and customs of having bacon and ham, truly another discussion there but clearly pigs will fly high in that arena. Who says pigs don't fly in this case, at least the pig meat and market value is pretty much soaring high in the air should we consider it's consistent market value!
Posted by Joteque on 09-14-2017


Looking at the financial side of the business (since I simply hate eating pork... It's a type of meat that I don't even think of eating.), I would choose this type of farming because it's something incontestably more profitable than a goat farming.
Posted by wiseagent on 09-14-2017

Pig farming

We all know that pigs have higher demands than goat. So most of the farm here are pig farms. So if ever i will decide to raise animal, i would go for pig farming cause it can easily be sold. And i think it's easier to raise too though you need more capital for the food and vitamins. But the income is more decent than the goat. I know few people in our province who raise pigs so it's one of the reason i chose pig. Cause i usually hear the good things about raising pigs..
Posted by zheh on 09-15-2017


Because I love meat especially pork, if given a chance then I'll definitely start a small poultry. I don't quite like goat meat so there's no way I'll start goat farming. Pigs are more easy to manage than goats.
Posted by DanoCath on 09-27-2017

PIg Farming

This is the best for me, because it is more profitable and can generate massive income and revenue, if you can don it well. And if you can also find people in need of it. It's just the best for me. Despite the fact that stress in much more involved. But above all, I love pork, they are very delicious and does not react to my body like the counter part.
Posted by Authord on 09-19-2017

Oink Oink!

I am not so familiar about Pig Farming but I think that it is one of the most profitable business today. I remember ordering one whole "Lechon" would cost you around 10K PHP. Yes, Pork meat is really expensive and if imagine you have 50 Pigs or more in your farm with the right ratio of breeders. Consider your self rich I guess as long as these Pigs are healthy.
Posted by geloi on 09-14-2017
Yes, definitely we also order lechon and despite of its expensive price in market. People still order it and include it in any events or celebrations.

Piggy Piggy

Pig farming is the best for me, it's in fact the most lucrative animal farm business today in Nigeria. In my neighborhood, it's practically a tough competition as various people scheme to get a portion of land to start up their own pig farms around the river banks in my area.

I think people now prefer pork meat more than beef and it's definitely increasing the demand for it. Now pig business is going so well and I'm seriously considering going into it probably after considering my options on how to run it.

And I love pork meat more than any other meat, so taking up pig farming won't be any difficult decision for me.

Posted by Heatman on 09-19-2017

Pork chops

I love eating pork more than goat, I like it's taste and flavor better also there's a lot more things you can do with pork than goat meat.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 09-26-2018
JB Fernandez

Massively in-demand.

Pig meats are now a household thing. It has a huge market demand. So if you are a businessman who is trying to have some profit thru animals farm, the best choice is breeding pigs.
Posted by JB Fernandez on 02-19-2018

Piggy Bank

Meats from pigs have a huge market and a great way to earn. Although there's a lot to consider like procedures and stuff. Pig supplies and equipment are very easy to find. Also pigs in my opinion is already stable in terms of profitability.
Posted by fishbate on 04-14-2018


Goat farming

Goat farming
Goat farming is a good livestock business to embark on, the financial implications associated with starting goat farms is moderate, a lot of people can afford it. Cost can hinder certain investments, because capital plays a substantial role, in determining the most appropriate business to embark on. Goat farming require minimal capital, this makes it an invaluable choice for investment. Available space can shore up or deter the progress of any business, goat farming can be embark on, once you have reasonable space. The land area requirement can easily be met, especially if the scale of the goat business is small.

Livestock business of animals which reproduce easily, is advantageous, goats reproduce easily, on the average, they can start reproduction within 7 to 12 months. The kids can be sold or added to the livestock business, this is a sure way of making profit. The market value of goat is appreciable, the difference in price between males and females is not obvious, This makes goat farming lucrative.

Cholesterol content scare people away from meat, the cholesterol level in each livestock differ, goat meat does not have too much cholesterol, this makes it favorable when compared with other livestock.

People will definitely patronize your business, because they are sure of minimal cholesterol content. Several products come from goat farming.

• Low cholesterol content. • Generates good profit. • Insignificant discrepancy between the prices of male and female goat. • Accepted by most religions. • Require moderate capital to start up. • Highly resistant to sicknesses and diseases. • A lot of products come from goat farming.

• Adequate supply of food is required. • Feeding in dry regions can be demanding.



Goat farming

If I would have the money I would make a goat farm, because the goat milk has a lot of health benefits for our body, especially for our kids (the goat milk ameliorate the allergies at small kids and not only), besides we can sell the meat as well, make cheese. A box with the milk of one liter cost here 4 dollars, and people buy it in big quantities. I strongly believe that a goat farm will bring a higher profit than a pig farm.
Posted by wallet on 09-15-2017

Goat faming

I think goats can offer more options - including milk, cheese and other dairy products getting produced. Moreover you can use the little ones to open a petting section. Kids love lambs. I once took my kids to such a farm and they loved it.
Posted by sspi on 09-21-2017

Cost to Benefit Goat is Better

Goat farming seems to be good. You can have the lamb and goat in your farm. And you can benefit from their milk. You can benefit from the compost. You can benefit from their meat too. So it is going to be lot better and less dirty compared to the pig. Though compared to the pig they may be more noisy and often defensive. But yes, they can be more profitable if you take the bigger view of the things. That's what my opinion is on this.
Posted by overcast on 09-15-2017


Honestly I'd prefer to not work on a farm with livestock. I have ethical objections. But I think a family run business can be as ethical as possible with either animal.
Posted by anna on 09-14-2017
I think pigs overall would be easier to care for, but I would not like slaugtering them. I think doing goat farming is the way to be humane and have fresh milk and cheese. I would prefer to do that kind of farming to be honest. I think it is for me. I would not think they would be the easiest animals to work with, but it is what you have, so it is just one of the options that you would have to work with these animals.
Posted by kgord on 09-14-2017
If you think pig farming is easier then you should think again. Pigs are in the sty or cage. You have to feed them on time otherwise they will be noisy. You also have to give them a bath when the weather is too hot so they will not suffer heat stroke. And the most difficult chore in caring for pigs is the cleaning of the waste matter. The pig’s manure is very smelly so you have to clean it at once. With goats, you can just let them be loose in the graze land.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-19-2018
I think if goats were meant to be one of the universal staple meats it would have happened by now, and the fact that pork is one of the top ones probably has a good reason behind it, so I'm just going with that for those reasons alone. I have had goat meat and while it can be good, I think it's just too far from pork in terms of flavor. Also, I think pork is a lot easier to work with and lends itself better to a lot more various types of dishes and treatments. I think goat farming could be the better choice in select areas or communities, but for the greater population, pork will still always be the first choice.
Posted by Wubwub on 09-14-2017
I prefer goat farming because almost all wants to do business in pig farming. Why we take a chance to goat farming and see the advantages of it. Demand for goat meat is increasing substantially every year, but there aren’t enough farmers raising meat goats. Goat industry is fastest-growing segment of farm industry right now. Some of advantages of raising goats are 100% Recession Proof Growing by leaps and bounds No Special Education or Experience is needed Fast to start (if you do it right) Highly profitable (if you do it right)
Posted by honeybabe on 09-14-2017
I would go with pig farming not only because it is one of the lucrative types of animal farming one can enter into in Nigeria and make it big but also as a result of witnessing those that have made it big through this type of animal farming. My aunt has a pig farming through which she has been making lots of money that have made it possible for her to train almost all her kids through education and that is really interesting to see.

I understand that pig farming can really be a dirtier job when compared to goat farming, but you can never compare the benefits of rearing pigs to that of rearing goats. I would always go for pig farming any day I decide to go into animal farming in the near future.
Posted by Barida on 09-14-2017
As far as I know, pig farming is more profitable than goat farming. You need to raise a goat for at least before you can kill it for meat, however, a pig can become mature just in six months. However, even though pig farming is more profitable, I will never farm pigs. In my culture, pigs are considered in auspicious. eating pigs, even touching them, is forbidden in my culture. I will choose to farm goats because goats are the most common meat animals in my culture.
Posted by vinaya on 09-14-2017
The choice would largely depend on the environment. When I was young, taking care of pigs in the backyard is one way of augmenting the income. People buy piglets that they place in the backyard. They roam the neighborhood for leftover food that they feed the pigs. When the pigs are adults, they sell it. And considering that they didn't spend much for the pigs, the profit is more than 3 times the capital. With the goats, it is good to have when there are idle lands nearby. Just tie the goat by the grassy field and come back in the afternoon. The goat will grow and mature which you can sell at a big profit as well. But then again, it would depend on the environment. Backyard piggery is now prohibited in the city and in the suburbs as well. With the goats, there are no more grassy fields to speak of.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-15-2017
I prefer goat farming because I have experience this before,it not as difficult as rearing pigs.Goats even as animals are well-organised.The meat from goats is very sweet,has low cholesterol and protein.Goats can be eaten by all and sundry and capital to start goat farming is very minimal.
Posted by lovely on 09-15-2017
Here in my country pig is very high on sell so I choosed pig than goat. Goat cannot be sell imidiately not many restaurants serve goat food. But pig food meat is everywhere although pig is not healthy to eat compired to goat we just have to limit ourself from eating lots of meat to avoid high blood.
Posted by tophew on 09-15-2017
When I was young we have piggery and my mother is responsible for putting up this kind of business. We also raised some goats but the number of goat is minimal. Both animal is good start for farming business but we have to consider the place which is away from the community to avoid any complain from them.
Posted by rogel on 09-15-2017
rose thornes
Raising pig is more profitable than goats. Pig meat is expensive than goat meat and it grow fast. After 3 to 5 months you can dispose the pigs and double or triple your capital depending on how heathy you pig is. Raising pigs can be laborious and need time to time check to clean their pens so it won't stink and alarm your neighbor. Raising goat don't need a lot of effort, you just need a wide space where that can roam around to grazed some grass. You can just tie then in an open field and be back before sunset to cage them at night. Raising these animals you need to considered the availability of space you have and property.
Posted by rose thornes on 09-16-2017
I don't know anybody who are into goat farming but pig farms are quite common here. They sure can be smelly though. They are more profitable then goat farming. Up until now I didn't even realize that there were goat farms. The only people I know who have goats have them as pets. I didn't even know that you could eat goat.
Posted by Sue on 09-17-2017
A lot more people eat pork than goat meat so if one's motivation is profit for selling meat, it would be smart to start pig farming. Although goat meat is acceptable in many religions, it doesn't taste nearly as delicious as other acceptable meat options like chicken or beef. If you're not into meat, however, goats can be raised inexpensively for their milk. Additionally, they can be like pets. Has anyone of you seen a goat being slaughtered? I saw one and it wept before being slaughtered. I can't have a business like that.
Posted by chatbox on 09-17-2017
Goat farming is more lucrative to me. Their waste product can be used for manure. They also contain lot of protein to take to the body, people beleive that pigs are dirty so most religion even prefer goat meat to pork meat.
Posted by babyright on 09-18-2017
I would go for a pig farm as I think it has more demand on public markets on our country and I think there's quite a lot on our village near the mountain side and the river. My girlfriend's family also which also residing on a village that is literally on the mountain has quite a number of pigs in their on their backyard and she's quite into investing to buy more as it is quite profitable to have that kind of business in their province. If I do have funds too I will surely help her bought one to increase their numbers and profit.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 09-19-2017
I think that both raising pigs and raising goats are very interesting. But the choice between the best option will depend on the need. You can create goats and produce milk with them. On the other hand, you can grow pigs and sell meat. So both options are very interesting.
Posted by hermessantos on 09-26-2017
I would rather prefer goat farming to pig farming. One of the reasons is that I love eating from the farming I do and can never eat pig meats due to the tape worms found in in them. I learned that those worms never die despite the hot cooking. When you eat their meat, the worms the meats contain will continue to grow in your own body since they don't die at all. Those worms are very stubborn and can be very disastrous to our health.
Posted by potentialwriter on 11-05-2017
I think pig farming is more profitable in my country then goat farming. Many people eat pork as opposed to goat meat, milk or cheese. I would hate to keep pigs though! They are disgusting and dirty. If you are a Christian, the Good Bible advises that you avoid pork meat. Pigs are dirty and they eat anything and everything . They also really smell. For this fact alone I will stick to goat farming. Goats are also less expensive to maintain and their meat is really healthy because they eat mostly plants.
Posted by jaymish on 01-29-2018
I think it all depends on your intent. If you are intent on producing milk, then growing goats is the best option. On the other hand, if you want to market beef, then growing pigs may be more interesting. Both have advantages and benefits. So you need to evaluate your goal to decide what the best option will be.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-31-2018
You can do a lot of things with the goat farming. Like say milk is one of those products that can be handy for the farming. Also the old goats get sold for the meat. And the list goes on and on. So on that note you can see that pig farming may require more resources. But on that note I'd prefer to have the goat farming as an option.
Posted by overcast on 10-14-2018