PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4
PlayStations are synonymous with gaming. It is probably the first name that comes to mind when you mention gaming consoles. Now there is the PlayStation 4 on the market, which is the choice of many for various reasons. It is an 8th generation console that offers outstanding graphics. It runs on a logical interface, comes with great controllers, and also enables you to engage in gameplay online. Games are installed quickly and the overall experience is seamless and very user friendly. Its performance has been rated as being very good by users, but there are also many who were a bit put down by the fact that PS3 games are not compatible. The media playback is also not quite as good as that of the PS3, and according to many reviewers there are some media apps which are missing, but which Xbox One has.

Excellent graphics Very good controllers

Media features



Xbox is trash

My Xbox never turns on it's works every blue moon
Posted by Anonymous on 08-17-2017

Prefer PlayStation

In general I feel that the PlayStation ranks slightly better than the Xbox. Obviously it is probably for the games, and the graphics. I am not saying that Xbox does not offer a good competition to PlayStation, and it is a good thing that it does as the more they compete the better it is for us consumers in terms of quality, price and so on.
Posted by EliteWriter on 11-15-2015


I have always like the Playstation. Does not matter what kind it is, I would much rather spend a night using a Playstation then to use an XBOX. I have never been a huge fan of an XBOX and do not even own one. The playstation is useful for me and my family, and I would not want to get rid of it.
Posted by angie828 on 11-18-2015

PlayStation 4

Ever since the first game console invented, I am an avid fan of PlayStation 1 and I do love the experience in playing an exciting game with that certain console. Now that PlayStation 4 was released, I'm dying to experience playing a game on that console to experience the best quality games that I can ever imagine.

I never liked Xbox ever since because, for me, it looks like a knock-off of a PlayStation where the controller is somewhat similar to what the PlayStation has. But I will always prefer PlayStation than Xbox no matter what happens.

Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-25-2017


I have always liked playing with this console and the games available in this platform are better and I'm more familiar with the controls in this one.
Posted by treecko142 on 03-08-2018


I have loved the Playstation family for so long and enjoyed it so much that I cannot choose any other system besides this and Nintendo. But Playstation really gets to me especially the exclusive games that I enjoy playing and grew up with like God of War, Little Big Planet and The Last of Us. Plus the quality and the features the PS4 has is way cooler and better than the Xbox community.
Posted by YoloBoy on 12-16-2018


Xbox One

Xbox One
Xbox One is another popular gaming console. The Xbox One has various advantages, even though it was launched after the PS4. For starters both of them are in the same price range. The Xbox One offers excellent game selection and the controllers are also good. The Kinect Camera is absolutely great, especially when considering that the PS4 does not have a camera. Xbox One offers exceptional media features as well as a great online service. Probably the major problem with the Xbox One is that its graphics are still not up to par with those offered by the PlayStation. Many also do not like the unit design quite as much.

Competitive price Camera Great media features

Graphics not as good as PlayStation Bulkier unit




The Xbox One is pretty neat. I'm a fan of Gears of War and halo (although Halo 5 was a let down).
Posted by Anonymous on 11-14-2015


This is a tough one. I have both, play both and love both. There are cons and pros to each. Prior to the PS4 and paying for Live access, I would have went with Playstation because that was one of the distinguishing factors.

Thinking back for the past 2 months, I've played more Xbox One than PS4 though so I'm basing my vote on that fact alone.

Posted by FindingJay on 11-15-2015
Interesting that you have both, and so your opinion is an informed one on this comparison. If I were to ask you, which one would you decide to sell if you needed some cash urgently, which one would you decide to give up on? Maybe in such a way you would be better able to compare and contrast them with one another and decide which one is best for you? I would appreciate your opinion seeing that you have and use both, as I am currently debating which one is best to buy.
@EliteWriter - I'd sell the PS4 at this moment in time only because I've been playing Gears of War Ultimate and Halo 5 on the Xbox One relentlessly. I also like the Xbox One controller better since it is bigger, it fits my hands better.

Both are great machines though and I don't think there is a clear winner/edge either one has. It all boils down to the exclusive releases each one has (Halo, Gears for One - Killzone, Final Fantasy XIV which is an amazing game I highly recommend).

Xbox 360 on Xbox One

Now that you can play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One, Xbox has it over on PS4. The Playstation has that game streaming service for older games but you have to pay for them which is crap. If you already own the older version on the previous console, you shouldn't have to pay to play it again. Xbox One lets you register any of your old games and play them as long as you have a gold account.
Posted by Lop on 11-16-2015
I agree with you on this aspect. In this regard Xbox is really better than Playstation. But then again, if you were to start over and were a customer who is looking to buy one of these consoles for the first time, and you do not own any one of them and so no games and no previous models whatsoever - which one would you choose Playstation or Xbox?

Would like to try something new

I have played all my gaming life with Playstation consoles. I have Playstation 1 to 3 and have actually played with PS4 on few occasions, so I would like to have the experience of playing with Xbox One in order to know the difference between PS and Xbox.
Posted by Martinsx on 10-13-2018


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