Playing the Keyboard

Playing the Keyboard
Playing the keyboard is a delight for many, the passion is always alive. Knowing the basics of playing keyboard, gives you an edge when you desire to learn other instruments. The fundamentals of music is mostly related, the skills you gained in learning a particular instrument, can be implemented while playing another instrument. Keyboard has less to do with muscles, most muscular demands has to do with our fingers, the rest of the work relies on our ability to coordinate our senses.

Playing keyboards has a tremendous effect on our neurons, the connectivity between our neurons improves strikingly, the neurons try to adapt to certain demands of music. Keyboards can help us relieve stress and anxiety, you can enter a special level of meditation by playing keyboard, the instrument is pivotal in worship, various sounds are available to meet your needs.

Playing keyboards enable us to coordinate our eye and hand effectively, people who play keyboard has better connectivity between their hand and eye.

The brain can be trained to multitask in terms of split, you learn how to do two different complex things simultaneously, people who play keyboards, can split their concentration, and still maintain focus. research proved that, people who play keyboard, can learn a new language with ease. Their brain is highly active.

• Stress reliever. • Produces pleasant sound. • Trains the mind for split concentration. • Better neural connectivity. • Makes learning a new language easier. • The brain becomes highly active. • physique plays insignificant role, the elderly can play it efficiently.

• require patience to master. • Some keyboards are very expensive.



Playing Piano unlocks all forms of music

Whether one studies classical piano (which is probably best in my opinion) or learns to play by ear - blues, jazz, rock, etc. - knowledge of the keyboard leads the way to a better understanding of music theory and composition. It's a great starting place for those who wish to write music, whether for instrumentalists or vocals or both. It also provides the necessity for mastering reading both bass cleff as well as treble cleff which affords a broader application and performance.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-25-2017

It's the Key to the Board

I'm a frustrated keyboard player and I admit I have never played a complete song yet. Can somebody teach me please?! Keyboards work perfectly even without any other instruments and it can even turn itself into a drum. So im voting for a keyboard.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-25-2017

Without a single doubt!

Definitely the piano / keyboard. It is the basic instrument of all, in the sense that it accompanies so many other musical instruments. It can play anything imaginable, unlike other instruments. I cannot say that I like drums and despite the fact that they do make music in their own way, it is too much banging for my liking!
Posted by sspi on 09-20-2017

Piano of keyboards for me

I've taken 1 year of piano back when I was about 10 years old. I can still play some basic songs, even new songs head for the first time. If the song is simple enough I have the right musical ear to play it in a few tries.

The drums are just too noisy for me. I love rock music and I like a good drum solo, but that's about it. Playing them seems too chaotic.

Posted by Cristian on 08-25-2017

I always loved playing the Piano

Right from childhood, I have always loved the piano. It's solemnity and calmness is what gives me joy. It pierces into my soul whenever I am listening or playing the piano and singing. It's just like the angels are beside me and that i'm in another world. Drums are sometimes noisy and not what you would want to play when you need to meditate or think about your life. Piano even produces as much sound as you can think of. If you master the piano very well, you can play drums on it and it will sound well, likewise other musical instruments.
Posted by wiiky28 on 08-25-2017


The thing is with this comparison is that you compared one instrument to a platform that can play basically all of the instruments. So I choose the keyboard solely because there are more options as far as how many instruments I can play and how I'm already very familiar with the keyboard.
Posted by AlexHarris on 08-25-2017

Hard choice

I actually like both of them (for their sounds I mean, I have no idea how to play) but if I have to choose I would pick the keyboard. I feel like drums can do their best when they are the base for music, and aren't perfect on their own - not bad, just not that good.... Keyboards, on the other hand, can offer you fantastic and amazing music on their own, with their nice sound. Maybe that's it, maybe I just like the sound of keyboard more.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 08-28-2017


I made sure my daughters had piano lessons because I think it is a great skill to have. I think learning any instrument is good but I think that it is best to start with the piano.
Posted by BigDreamer on 08-25-2017

The Keys to My Heart

This is a purely subjective matter. A band needs all kinds and the drums are a noble, exciting instrument to take up in their own right. But for me, the keys of a fine piano or well-weighted keyboard are a thing of true beauty. You can imitate a grand piano in concerto with ease, dial in a Hohner D6 for that funky sound only a clavichord can produce, or rock it down-to-Earth style with a rich rock organ. Music theory is literally right at your fingertips! There's no instrument it's easier to learn on as virtually all of classical theory is built around keyboards first, and then translated to other instruments afterwards.
Posted by JaiGuru on 08-25-2017

I Enjoy The Keyboard

I would much rather play the keyboard than the drums. The drums are an invaluable and irreplaceable instrument when it comes to music; however, as a musician who plays alone a lot, the piano gives me so many more creative options for expression than the drums. Also, I love creating melodies, and not just beats, so the keyboard provides a seemingly endless set of sonic possibilities. Also, truth be told, I am just better at playing the piano than I am at playing drums, so I tend to get more enjoyment and less frustration out of that.
Posted by JoeMilford on 08-25-2017


I just love how refined playing the piano can be. You got to pay attention to the smallest details or else things might not work your way. It's not that drums aren't any good it's just that the Piano requires much more skill
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-25-2017


Many musical pieces can be played using the keyboard or piano and it has many possibilities, one being played alone. Drums are percussion instruments that were only meant to be played to make beats or complement the entire music. The piano can also serve to make beats and it is only of its many purposes. I have played keyboard back then and have played musical pieces that have touched me. I play them once in a while. Through the piano, music just sound so good and relaxing at times.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 08-25-2017

With a keyboard you get the whole song not just a

A keyboard allows you to produce rhythm and melody thus creating an entire song while with drums, though you may be able to keep rhythm and drive the beat, where is the tune? You can't hum a drum solo and a drum solo can't convey the range of emotion that a keyboard can with its ability to range from soothing to energizing and electrifying. Sad? You can put those feelings into melody with the notes on a piano but how are you going to convey the depth of that sentiment with a bass drum and drum roll?
Posted by LeJayJ on 08-25-2017


Though I am not musically inclined, however, if I am I would prefer playing the keyboard than the drums. I like the sound that a piano creates, it's so melodic compare to drums.
Posted by DanoCath on 08-25-2017

keyboard can be drums

I'm a guitar player, so, both instruments have an equal importance for me, I have chosen keyboard cause I can use it to get the drum sound or any other instrument, and I'm having trouble playing my guitar with all my neighbours' complaints, let alone drums.
Posted by joey98 on 08-28-2017

Use both but preferred keyboard better

In music, it is just hitting the right notes at the right time. Playing the drums can get a beat but it is very different in playing a song by using the keyboard. Playing drums are use in coordination with a band while playing the keyboard, you can play all throughout the entire song. The keyboard is mostly excellent in calming music that really helps relieve anxiety and stress. Keyboard also are good in terms of pop music. Really are hard to learn playing keyboard, it took me about a month to play a song perfectly when I started playing keyboard. Really is the heart in any music cause you can play the rhythm and melody simultaneously. I really preferred using this.
Posted by Gidsmonts101 on 08-25-2017

Keyboard rules!

Even when I was I kid, I started to like some interest in playing keyboard and perform to a very large crowd. I'm not that so professional in playing it but it is one of my biggest dream. I started to like it more when I watched "Your Lie in April". It is an anime where the main character is a pianist. My will to continue to play piano increase and I get motivated to be like him. It's so cool and amazing for me.
Posted by blank629 on 08-27-2017

Pricey, but its versatility is unmatched.

Electronic keyboards have the capability to sound like many other instruments, including drums. The standard piano is fluid, melodic, and expressive. You can't replace the sound of a piano and expect your music to sound exactly the same and bring out the same emotions. There's no comparison between the mood that a piano can set and the mood of drums. Drums are fantastic, but a piano? Truly, whoever created the piano was a genius.
Posted by leaf on 08-26-2017

more complete

I like piano more because it's more complete of an instrument compared to the drums. With drums you can pretty much just play beats and keep tempo while with the piano you can pretty much also do that but also on top of that you can also play with notes and tunes. Additionally, you could also parlay your piano skills and education to many other instruments whereas with drums you are a lot more limited.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-12-2018


Just more relaxing and less noisy than the drums. It's also really cool the be good at the piano because the music is actually so enjoyable.
Posted by AlexJPro on 08-25-2017


Although I quite like drums ,I like piano more cuz it always help me calm and subdue my worries.It has a really relaxing melody and for me playing keyboard is much easier that's why I preferably like it more than drum.
Posted by jeiyyy on 08-25-2017


Playing the drums is so cool but playing the piano makes you look very classy. The sound of the piano is very relaxing and more organized than the sounds the drums produce. The melody of the piano can touch your soul and make you feel more calm than ever.
Posted by johnrajiv123 on 09-18-2017


I do enjoy listening music in the keyboard as it really gives a wonderful music to a song. I'm always fascinated to hear a people playing a piano or a keyboard and I find it so relaxing and so good to my ears.

Drums can never be played alone in a song and won't give you a good rhythm by itself not unless there's other tune or instrument that's running on the background.

Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-05-2017

Music to my ears

I used to play a keyboard before. I love it when I get to finish a song with a keyboard. It brings peace to my mind and gives me a calming aura. I can say it is my way to calm myself before. But my keyboard is now broken and I think I already lost my skills in playing a keyboard. I hope that I coukd get a keyboard again.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 10-11-2018

Keys keys keys

I'm no expert in playing the keyboard but I can play it yes. I voted for this because of the sound, for me the sound of the keyboard or piano makes me relaxed. It's soothing, on the other hand we have the drums which also sounds good it's not really for me. The sound the drum produces are loud and energetic, which are for the fun and outgoing people.
Posted by mftmadam on 11-01-2018

All music is in your hands

I would prefer playing the keyboard because you can play MANY songs using this instrument while the drums is limited to a certain amount of songs. I actually have a melodica that I use. It is the same as a keyboard but you have to blow while producing songs. It is a fun and active activity I do when I am concentrating on mastering my instrument skill. The more songs you know, the better you'll become.
Posted by YoloBoy on 11-21-2018


Playing Drums

Playing Drums
Drums are highly rated, for their dominance and role in music. The instrument usually set the tempo for most groves, drums looks simple, but playing them efficiently comes with various complexities. It takes passion, determination and strength, to excel in drums. Their are various types of drums, and each one produces a unique sound that differentiates it from the rest. Several activities can leave us stressed up, the tides of life, emotional demands, organizational goals and objectives. You can reduce stress levels by playing drums, the mind shifts from factors that induce stress, to the rhythm of your drum beats.

Playing drums can help in setting the right mood for exploits. The brain coordinates the activities of the body, drums has a way of improving brain power, our level of concentration increases as we play drums. Confidence is vital in most spheres of life, people who excel in drums, work a great deal on their level of confidence, it takes confidence to be in charge of the stage.

You can improve your level of confidence significantly, by playing drums. People who play drums, has growth at heart, their is no room for stagnancy, changes in music demands endless practice and growth.

The act of learning drums makes us teachable, to become a professional, you have to study and follow some fundamentals. Drums enable us communicate better, you learn to communicate without words. Drums increases team spirit.

• Excellent coordination. • helps in reducing stress. • Better Communication skills. • Increases your level of confidence. • Controls the tempo of most grooves.

• Too noisy. • Require strength.




For me as a kid i think it is much cooler than playing piano but piano is cool to playing an instrument is cool but for me playing a drum will work on your mind and the coordination of your whole body while sitting down it s hard to master but it will surely not a waste of time..
Posted by Anonymous on 08-25-2017

Drums for me

It has to be the drums for me. I would love to learn how to play the drums but I just don't have the time to learn how to play it. They are probably the best looking instruments and just sound amazing as well if you are able to play them properly. I just don't like the piano. I'm not a huge fan of piano solos either.
Posted by kingcool52 on 08-25-2017
There's something about drums that have always appealed to me over piano as well. I enjoy melodies in songs, and it would be cool to be able to play them on a piano, but there just something about being able to lay down a solid groove on a drum set that captures my heart.

Maybe it's the showoff in me, but I've always found that drummers are more entertaining to watch than pianists, so I hope that as I play drums, I am as entertaining as the drummers who inspire me.

From First Hand Experience

As a drummer, I will naturally vote for the drums if they're paired against nearly any instrument. I don't need to be the star of the show, killing it with awesome guitar riffs or singing the best lyrics. I love being able to lock in a tight drum groove and just jam with other musicians. I take an approach to the drums that it's not only my job to keep the tempo of the song, but to fill those pockets of the song with some flavor (i.e. drum fills or grooves) in order to give the track that much more spice.

There's just something about feeling the music and being able to lay a drum track to it that I find incredibly satisfying.

Posted by TheArticulate on 08-25-2017

Awesome looking!

There isn't any instrument that's cooler than drums. The keyboard is okay but can you jam on it like the drums? Nope.

I have been listening to rock and classic rock songs all my life and drums are essential in all of them. I always admired the drummers in all the most popular bands and I wanted to be like them.

Sadly, playing the drums isn't easy at all and requires a lot of coordination of your limbs and good rhythm skills. I tried to play them twice so far and it was so much fun!

Posted by Mehano on 08-25-2017

I love drums.

I'm a drummer so naturally, I'm biased. Nonetheless, though, I like the keyboard also, but I'm just not as drawn to it as much as say, Elton John. Anyway, ironically, I never wanted to play the drums at first. I sort of stumbled upon it when wanting to do the xylophone. However, the band instructor put me on drums.
Posted by jyy on 09-28-2017

Playing drums

Actually, I don't know playing to any of these instruments, but I would like to try playing the drums. I know that is very noisy but I think it would make me pull out all the energy and bad feelings from me playing the drums. It would be the best instrument to play when I am angry and I need to discharge my negativity.
Posted by wallet on 08-25-2017


Playing the drums was something I learned early on because it was a musical instrument that sparked my interest very quickly.

I didn't become a professional drummer, but I still know how to play and as one of my favorite musical genres is the "Rock" drums is an essential thing.

Posted by wiseagent on 08-25-2017


I play guitar already but one of my dreams has been to sit behind a drum set and play it. Since I was a kid I have always wanted to do this but it is not that simple as this instrument is expensive and needs a lot of space, besides it can produce a lot of noise. I remember being a kid and putting together a drum set made out of kitchen pots and playing with it with wooden spoons, It was fun to pretend this was my drum set.
Posted by felabruno on 08-25-2017

Drumming is very cool

I have always liked the drums and I hate the fact that I am not musically gifted to play them. My friend plays drums in a band and it is always a joy to hear him rehearsing or playing on a stage.
Posted by Vatroslav on 08-25-2017


I would love to learn how to play the drums, they are amazing. They also look like they will develop your muscles in a really nice way and they just look so good. A drummer is a very important part of a band, the coordination required to play this is simply crazy. A keyboard looks boring to me, I think it is for really calm and patient people.
Posted by Tania997 on 08-25-2017


As a kid I love playing drums! In my opinion it's the focal point in music. The percussion section is always favorable in bands, and the top drummers were in the front called the "drum line". You can be very creative and artistic with drums, making your own sound or sampling great drummers and putting your own twist to it. It's an amazing instrument to have.
Posted by tmccoy on 08-25-2017


Well, since i was a kid, i have this kind of feelings and likeness for drums and drummers. and i started playing the drums since i was a kid, and i can tell you, playing the drums keeps me in high spirit and lightens up my mood. am not always a happy person. But when i get the drums rolling and people get up on the feet dancing it makes me feel happy and it kicks my positive vibes. I just love playing the drums although i can play the piano as well. But i prefer the drums
Posted by Authord on 08-25-2017


I think playing drums is way cooler than sitting on a chair while playing the piano. I love hardcore bands and majority of them doesn't have a pianist. Plus playing drums was one of my frustrations, that's why.
Posted by Vastor122 on 08-25-2017

Drum beats gives a special feeling.

In as much as I feel uplifted each time the keyboard is played during worships or while I listen to worship songs, the beats from playing the drums give me a different feeling!

I am someone that enjoys dancing and I always dance to the beats of drum either in a live party organized by friends or in a church where I worship. I am planning to learn how to play the drums so that I can shake my head while I make those beats with the drum sticks

Posted by Barida on 08-25-2017


For me as a kid i think it is much cooler than playing piano but piano is cool to playing an instrument is cool but for me playing a drum will work on your mind and the coordination of your whole body while sitting down it s hard to master but it will surely not a waste of time..
Posted by Flipppy on 08-25-2017

An Upbeat!

Every skill that we posses speaks about a persona that we would want others to see in us. It is an expression of feeling that is very hard to describe with words.

Playing with Drums would be my choice since I am an independent and free spirited woman. Playing Drums is somewhat an outlet for me to show my emotions. It somewhat may be complicated since you need hand and feet coordination but it only adds adventure and thrill to what you are doing.

Nevertheless, Action speaks louder than words. It sums up the real you and that it will make a distinction which would make you unique.

Posted by Istine on 08-25-2017


I vote for playing drums. This is easier to do for me. I am more familiar with the drums.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 10-11-2018


I am not a musician and don't have an inclination for playing musical instruments. I have a nephew who dreamed of being a drummer of a band. His mother bought a drum set for him. They even constructed a music room where my nephew can play the drums. Unfortunately, music requires talent. Passion alone cannot make you a musician. And that's what I tell the young who aspires to be a musician. By the way, the keyboard is one complicated instrument to play so if you have a hard time learning then banish the desire.
Posted by Corzhens on 08-25-2017
i like playing drums it is very nice spamming the stick on the drums side and it can feel you lively. for piano, piano is nice for melodic songs slow songs some fast songs but i more enjoy on playing drums as a musician in our church i prefer drums :)
Posted by Anonymous on 08-25-2017
I already play drums and I think if I could start over I'd probably just learn to play piano instead. As much as I have fun playing drums, I feel as though it's a little bit more limited when compared to a tonal instrument, especially the main one which is piano. Also, it's a lot more difficult to practice drums at home since it's too noisy, and additionally it's also not always as fun to play without accompaniment whereas when you play piano you could play alone and the sound will still be full.
Posted by Wubwub on 08-25-2017
This is a very good point, and something I also run into as a drummer. I don't have issues practicing necessarily, because my roommate and I aren't home at the same time a lot so I can play as I please most days. However, I've found that I don't get as excited about playing drums unless my friend who plays guitar comes over to jam. I'm always impressed at how he can start playing songs and melodies I recognize, which is really cool.
Posted by TheArticulate on 08-26-2017
I prefer playing keyboard because it's less noise than playing drum which you hear loud sounds and could damage your hearing in the long run. I like playing piano too so keyboard is my choice.
Posted by Scarlet on 08-25-2017
You could always get into jazz and swing drumming. Instead of using traditional drumsticks, the style typically calls for softer playing, which finds drummers using hot rods and brushes in place of hard sticks. Definitely not my style, but I think it's important to keep in mind that drums are not always loud and aggressive like a lot of people think,
Posted by TheArticulate on 08-25-2017
both instrument is great but i prefer playing drums.
Posted by jan on 08-25-2017
Wow, and there I was struggling with my Italian lessons when all I had to do was advance on my keyboard lessons! They say you can find the strangest things in the strangest places. Learning how to play the keyboard enhances learning foreign languages, well then perfecto! I cannot choose between the keyboard and the drums as both have some great benefits and I would like to learn how to play both of them. It's a great experience to play your favorite tunes and perhaps get the opportunity to contribute to something musically fantastico! There I go with the foreign languages again, perhaps there is a connection for sure. My dad played the drums and he was very good at it. That's even more inspiration for me to beat those rhythms and spread the joy across the lands, and perhaps join a rock band.
Posted by Joteque on 08-25-2017
I learnt to play the keyboard ever since I was a kid and this is something that I really like. I still play it every now and then at some small events. I joined a music group while I was in college and this is where I learnt how to play the drums and violin. I am still part of the group and at times we perform in the church.
Posted by Pixie on 08-25-2017
I do love to play the keyboard. It's easy to learn and it's really cool to play while singing. The rules to hit the chords are "1,3,5" the notes are C=Do, D=Re, E=Mi, F=Fa, G=So, A=La, B=Ti. This how to read the notes in the keyboard, but if you really want to know how to play just keep on practicing and watching tutorials on YouTube.
Posted by rj02jogoy on 08-25-2017
I prefer the drums.I think it add more melody to songs than the keyboard.Though drums if not well played could just be empty noise but I like the life it brings to people.Drum-beats liven up a place and people and as such is a needed instrument for all events and ceremonies unlike the keyboard.
Posted by lovely on 08-25-2017
Playing the drum is much better . It is because it can be affordable to buy and you can practice with it at home or whenever you are free. It also helps you to train your mind. Playing the keyboard is also good but it is very expensive.
Posted by babyright on 08-25-2017
I mean, I think either instrument can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you want. You can find entry level drums for $500, or used ones for less. You can find keyboards I'm sure for just the same amount or less. You might have a basic drumkit setup, but what happens when you want to make additions to it? Additional cymbals, toms, and hardware are by no means inexpensive.

I also lived in an apartment for a couple years while I was going to college, and I was unable to take my drum set with me. It would have been far too loud to have in the apartment, and I had to switch to an electronic kit instead, which not at all the same as playing on an acoustic set. A keyboard, on the other hand, would not have been a problem at all to take with me into an apartment.
Posted by TheArticulate on 08-26-2017
rose thornes
I prefer the keyboard. I like the melodic sound it make and drums for me is too noisy unless its accompanied with other instruments. Keyboard really make good sound but it take time and skills to learn to play it. Learning how to play drums can be really a nuisance.
Posted by rose thornes on 08-28-2017
I don't play neither the keyboard or the drums but I will love to learn to play the drums. It seems to be a relaxing and sort of de-stressing activity to do. Also you know when a song plays I'm always the one pretending to be with the drums lol. My mom would kick me out of the house if I played it but it would be so fun to learn how to do it...
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 08-30-2017
I prefer to play the piano because it is more satisfying in many ways and gives so much more results than what I could achieve with playing drums. It takes time to be a good piano player. It takes a lot of eye-hand coordination to play a piece and it just keeps my brain active. I used to play piano a lot when I was a child and I could spend hours and days practicing and perfecting a piece. The result is music that can stand on its own and be appreciated by many listeners.
Posted by chatbox on 09-23-2017
Although I do not know how to play any of these instruments, I have a great admiration for both. I've always been passionate about drum sounds and over time I've also come to like the keyboard sound. So I definitely would like to learn to play both, mainly because they are very common instruments in the songs that I like.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-21-2018
This both of things are really cool and fortunately I know how it play this keyboard and drums but it much better for me to play drums because I have more confidence of playing that rather than keyboard. And playing drums for is cool.
Posted by mar06 on 01-22-2018
Know that your music teacher, and teach you technical, theoretical and practical content about music, keyboard and piano also teaches you values ??that are valid for your personal, professional and academic life. Know some of them:

Rhythm: When we begin to learn something, it is always good to start slowly. Your teacher will always repeat this throughout your piano practice. And he's right. Any learning should happen gradually. To err is human: Making mistakes is a natural thing in life. Learn from them. Grow with them. This will facilitate the work of your teacher as well as your learning as a pianist. Be autonomous: to play the piano well, most of the training takes place outside of class. The teacher is here to give you the keys to your musical knowledge. It's up to you, then, to learn to deal with them to learn the music! Be patient: learning the piano, music or other content, in general, involves the exercise of patience. Characteristic, unfortunately, that is not always present in all students. The regularity of the metronome should inspire a regular piano study and steady progress.
Posted by hermessantos on 03-19-2018
I actually play both instruments and they are both unique in their own way in terms of delivering music. Although they both produce good music, a keyboard is a stand alone instrument that can complete a song using its features specially on its electronic applications.
Posted by fishbate on 04-07-2018
I like these both. Specially the drums, But I think I will choose the keyboard. Much better to have this on my apartment. You can play this and compose your songs without any disturbance to your neighbors. Unlike the drums, you need the other instruments to perform, although if you want to practice you can do this also, but it's hard to sing a song while playing drums.
Posted by ion on 06-17-2018
I would choose playing drums because I'm not really musically inclined and I tried playing the piano and keyboards and I just can't hack it. I like drums because it's easier to learn how to play it. Also I like drumsticks, I'm comfortable with holding it in my fingers and beating the drums with it.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 08-27-2018
My nephew is a drummer by desire but not really a career for him. His mother is complaining that they had to build a music room for the drums. If that is a guitar or keyboard then probably the living room will suffice. Drumming is loud and you cannot control the volume because it will affect the dexterity of the drummer. You can liken the drum set with the piano which are both inconvenient to use outside the home.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-04-2018
I choose playing the drums. I am just going to beat the drum with my drumsticks. Its easy thing to do.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 10-11-2018
I love to play both! I first learn the piano when I was 14 I guess and it really so magical. It makes me feel like I'm Beethoven or something. Piano gives the soothing tone of a song and I really like to listen to that kind of music. I also wanted to try drums because I like to join with the beat. I also like to listen to rock and roll and drums is a must for that kind of music.
Posted by vivalavanda on 11-06-2018
The drums seem like more fun from a music standpoint. But I would probably have more fun playing the keyboard personally.
Posted by NickJ on 11-20-2018
Playing the keyboard vs playing drums: I am a music lover but I didn't have a time to try and learn how to play the two instruments, I only know how to play a guitar but if i have a chance to play between the keyboard and drums i want to try the keyboard, because in playing a keyboard alone you can stand alone playing the keyboard in one music not like a drums, drums can't stand alone to create or finish a complete one music alone it self
Posted by mhingnhormz on 11-22-2018
When I was younger I used to play the keyboard. I would have loved to play the drums because I love music and I love beats. I think to play the drums you need to have a huge sense of rythm. I also think that it is more complicated than learning how to play the keyboard. I would choose learning how to play the drums it sound more of a challenge than playing the keyboard in my personal opinion.
Posted by jaymish on 12-12-2018