Poetry in its traditional sense is a complex, scholarly, elevated form of writing. As a genre of literature, it has evolved into many things such that from being considered boring, a recluse's art, difficult to understand yet easy to write, poetry has become demystified into what can be called Pop-Poetry Though an emotional flow of strong feelings full of rhythm and rhyme, sound and sense, poetry can sometimes be political, radical and narrative. The sonnets, ballad, epic, lyric, haiku etc are some of the forms of poetry which contribute to what poetry is. Poetry can be long or short, musical or plain, obscure or known. Men and women like Maya Angelou, Keats, Soyinka, Jumoke Verissimo are renowned and remarkable poets whose poetry fit properly into what poetry should be.





Poems are works of art with deep meanings

Poetry is just beautiful. I prefer reading it because it gives me more emotion and a deeper understanding. Simply hearing is not enough for me. I would need to read it and re-read it so as to see what the poet meant to say and consider any hidden meanings.
Posted by EliteWriter on 09-04-2016

Just flows better

I like poetry. There are some really great pieces out there. I in fact have written some, as has my husband. We have both been published in a few different books as well.

I find that poetry often has a deep meaning. Sometimes, it is hard to understand, but when you are able to comprehend it, there is a true beauty in it.

Posted by angie828 on 08-29-2016
I hear you. However, spoken work is more energetic. Perhaps, I will read poetry at home. Yet, I go to open mics frequently. They are packed with talent. Also, they are more cool.

I am a reader

So I will always choose the written version. If you had to ask me would I prefer the novel or the movie version I would choose the novel.

Reading is personal in a way. When I read something I will envision it the way I see it unfolding in my head. If I read a poem and you read it and we each had to write down our experience and understanding of the poem it would probably be completely different.

I love this about reading. So it creates something new in my mind that wasn't there before. When someone else reads it they inflect their own innuendo into it, their own emphasis and their own pauses.

When someone reads a poem I have just read it changes it for me.

Posted by LynneHuysamen on 09-01-2016

this has all

Yea i go for poetry because it has more than just words, it has power not just power but also meaning with a good taste and feeling. It got the perfect mix of words with good use of it also and it is also a piece of art that came up out of deep thinking of man not just a casual statement.
Posted by prosperevergreen on 08-30-2016


Poetry is more beautiful than spoken words, it's pleasing to the ears and melodious to the heart, it strikes the innermost perpendicularly making your heart divided into two equal segments for understanding. I love Poetry because it has all. It reflects the spoken and the unspoken. it reflects the thought and the unthought, it reflects the past, present and future. YES, IT IS.
Posted by Selfrevealing on 08-31-2016

Spoken word

Spoken word
It is poetry disguised Poetry made simple and easy Poetry dramatized

Spoken word is poetry that is spoken and performed before a live audience or recorded. It is the exact opposite of what regular poetry is. It is quite novel but nascent. The need to communicate poetry in such a way that poetry does what it is meant to do which is teach and please is what Spoken word offers, it is called Spoken word Poetry. If poetry is academic, spoken word poetry is entertaining, if poetry is condense, spoken word poetry is fluid, if poetry is vague, spoken word poetry is easily understood. Some spoken word poets are Paul Azino, Zephaniah, Atilola, Kemistree etc


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Spoken word

Spoken word is raw emotion untamed unlike poetry. It is very pure therefore I prefer it to poetry. They are both clearly great art forms and none is above the other but spoken word is more abstract and unique.
Posted by Mambombaya on 08-31-2016

Yes, for spoken word!

There are a place for poetry, as it can be enjoyed over and over again and sometimes by millions throughout generations. But sometimes it can also be a bit fake because the receiver can't really say what the writer really meant. For example if a man is in a relationship with a girl and he messes up, a straight up apology in spoken word is much more meaningful as the girl can look at him, and pick up his body language and can easier say if it is sincere or not. Where with poetry, the person has a long time to ponder about it, he can even use the internet or friends to help in, or someone else can write it for him. Just to make her feel better. Even though he does not mean it. It is like an sms or email versus a phone call or chat or skype video call. So, I prefer spoken word but there are a place for poetry!
Posted by jseyfferdt on 09-05-2016


I love spoken word. It is calming. Also, it is soothing. It shows the vocal ability of performers. Also, I like to snap.
Posted by Dola91 on 05-01-2017

There is more clarity in a spoken word

A spoken word is understood better than a poem. A poem has hidden meaning which all may not follow unlike the spoken word which is there in all clarity for the listener to understand. A spoken word can also be as musical as a poem and that depends on how well the speaker has come prepared. A spoken word is better absorbed than a poem I would say a poem is enigmatic while a spoken word is not.
Posted by iamawriter on 05-14-2017


both comes in handy at different times and places with poetry being in representation of a general living, spoken words have effect on different particular circumstance and gives in deeper understanding or example and its result. Both are words actually but are very strong weapon in guiding our daily living and sometimes serves as word of wisdom to our life activities.
Posted by prosperevergreen on 08-30-2016