Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO is an augmented reality Pokémon game where the objective of the game is to get out and about capturing Pokémon which are located all around the world and in your local area.

You'll come across and discover Pokémon characters like Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur and many many more! But you'll have to put your shoes on, go outside and actually capture them!

You'll be battling for the ownership of as many Pokémon characters as you can possibly capture and joining one of 3 different teams so you can claim ownership of Gyms using your Pokémon.

The Pokémon are all out there in the world, but you'll have to go search for and find them. And by just playing the game and walking around you'll be notified of nearby Pokémon characters to catch.

When you find a Pokémon, you'll need to throw Pokéball at them to capture it. Then when and if you do, it will be yours to keep forever and always stay with you in the Pokédex.

Different Pokémon can be found at different places. For example; water Pokémon are often found near lakes, rivers and even oceans. But you can visit Pokéstops to stock up on Pokéballs and other helpful stuff.

Those Pokémon are forever hiding and evolving, and they never stop coming! So there will be an almost endless amount of Pokémon to find and capture and add to your growing Pokémon collection.

And when you level up you can then catch those powerful Pokémon which you can further add to your Pokédex. You can even add to your Pokédex by hatching Pokémon Eggs according to how far you walk.

Plus if you catch many of the same kind of Pokémon, that will help those types of Pokémon to evolve even more. You can then take on Gym Battles and use them to help defend your Gym with.

  • Free game to play, very addictive and a lot of fun for all Pokémon fans.
  • A game that gets you out and about, on your feet and walking around instead of sitting down and playing.

  • Can be quite dangerous for some people who are not looking where they are going or aware of their surroundings.
  • Pokémon GO has caused car crashes, robberies and other silly things to happen to some unsuspecting and unwise players.



Pokémon GO

Lost my touch with the Pokemon world after the crazy times of Pokémon GO. I've played Pokémon GO for a couple of months but eventually lost interest and stopped playing. I don't think they were capable enough to handle that amount of people and also keep them on the platform.

Anyways, Pokémon GO all the way, don't know much about this duel version, but will give it a try!

Posted by Cristian on 02-23-2017


Gotta catch em all, Pokémon has come to stay. The cartoon and movie is captivating, their are so many actions that I keep expecting them to destroy team rocket, all my predictions to no avail, team rocket keep surviving. Each part has a particular warfare that must be won, pikachu has been a true help.

One annoying aspect is the weakness of pikachu at times when his services is highly need. The cartoon is a funny one and has helped a lot of families have a good time together. Pokémon has amazing characters, they all work hand in hand to make the movie great.

Posted by Jeshurun on 02-23-2017


Pokémon Go is a clear battle ground where you have to break leaps and bounds to own a character. The fact that you've captured it is not enough assurance that it will remain yours forever, so to be ahead of the game you have to ensure your park of characters is enriched with the toughest and smartest characters the game offers. This is a game that ignites the passion to do more, it goes beyond game play, their is this inner satisfaction that you now have powerful characters within whiskers.
Posted by Trisha on 03-03-2017

Pokemon Go Go

Pokemon Duel doesn't interst me so I don't play it.

I love Pokemon Go though. It's fun and gives me an excuse to go outside when I shouldn't be outside. It's also great for exercise. I set a goal for myself everyday (for example, hatch one egg) and I achieve it. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

I also love games that make me collect things. I've been working everyday to complete my Pokedex and I'm really close.

Posted by kataomoi on 05-20-2017

Played all day!

This is the game that even as adults, I didn't really feel like leaving. The Pokemon Go is filled with lots of fun and excitement that when I look it at, there is big ways to really enjoy the good times with my pals back then. I am not not saying that Pokemon Duel ain't good for fun, but this is the best as long as I am concerned.
Posted by Barida on 10-19-2018

Pokemon Go

I did enjoy playing this game even though only for a short while since the cheat spreads like a disease all over so I lose interest in playing this game anymore but this is really the first online games that require GPS for you to track and hunt Pokemon in any places around you. Hope that they come up with a solution right away to eliminate all the hacks and cheats so most of the people won't lose their interest in playing this game. I haven't played the Pokemon Duel but I think it's kinda cool too.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-03-2017


Pokémon Duel

Pokémon Duel
Pokémon Duel is a Pokémon inspired online strategy board game that makes use of real Pokémon characters to fight in duels against other players around the world including friends, or just some random people.

In Pokémon Duel you'll put together a deck of all your best Pokémon and then take part in League Matches against your friends or just other people from all around the world in a fight to the death.

Play with your rivals in ream time and win all the duels if you can. then unlock and collect all sorts of cool Pokémon characters, items and stuff that you can use to make your deck even stronger.

The way to win Pokémon Duel is to be the first to get one of your Pokémon figures through your rivals goal. How you get into that goal all depends on your Pokémon figures strengths and abilities.

So you'll need to use your best strategy and formation to lay down the best possible attack on your opponent. You can either just block their paths or chase them around in a cat and mouse type game.

You'll have 6 different Pokémon characters in your deck, although there are many many more different Pokémon figures to come across and use, all of which have their own moves, skills & abilities.

And you'll need to make good use of the deck you have and the AI also as the AI is going to be your best friend and ally that can decide on the best moves for you to make which will really come in handy.

  • Very fun and challenging game for all Pokémon fans and players around the world that will go hand-in-hand along side Pokémon GO.

  • In-game purchases can make the game a bit unfair for those that haven't purchased the same things but if you can afford it and they can't that's not their fault?



It is super

Pokemon go o sucks a lot Pokemon duel they are100000000 better than Pokemon because it is having a lot of options and figures and when you're win there will be point score if you win you score points and rewards but if you lose your points will go down it depends how you play and your brain
Posted by Anonymous on 12-21-2017


Pardon me if you are a fan of Pokemon Go but I think that game is already dead. In fairness, when the hype was ongoing, that game was in the news every night. There were even people who took advantage of Pokemon Go’s popularity by having a rent a car business for Pokemon Go players. You rent the car that comes complete with drinking water and snacks that you can play for 8 hours. The car will bring you to the area dictated by the game. But now? The party’s over for Pokemon Go.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-08-2018
I can remember pokemon game way back it was such fun playing with games, yes,I totally agree with you, it such an interesting and nice game to play.I love challenging games and games one try to outdo his or her rival and this is one game one can't be bored playing. Pokemon fans should enjoy this.
Posted by lovely on 10-19-2018