Pretty Lie

Pretty Lie
You tell a pretty lie, in particular to a sibling or significant other. Initial questions of doubt are resolved. However, the truth has yet to come out and will soon be revealed. You calm the situation, to begin with, and may have a period of tranquility. But things will eventually unfold. It comes with a double impact. One with the truth, and two backed by a lie, to begin with.

  • Delays any initial hurtful emotions or feelings.
  • Calms the situation quickly.
  • Provides comfort within possible discomfort.

  • Hurts twice as much when the truth is revealed.
  • Overall trust between one another could be lost.
  • If you lie once, chances are you could lie again.



Ignorance is Bliss

There's enough ugly in the world as it is. As much as we don't want to admit and say it. As much as we don't want to, we try to sugar coat everything in life. It's just about having a positive outlook. That old school PMA that gets you through. And when it comes to some truths, truths you know they're going to find out anyway. Well it might really depend on the gravity of it and what it was about. If something that wasn't that bad then I would opt for a pretty lie. Try to dress it up in a positive way. Whether telling it or having it told to me. But for some things that are more serious or something, then I would prefer to have the straight up ugly truth of it there and then and deal with it then. And sometimes prefer to give people the ugly truth if I think it will be better for them in the long run. But generally, I just like to keep the peace and keep things going so I would go with a pretty lie and hope that there's not too many pieces to pick up when the real truth really comes out lol..
Posted by idealmikey on 09-07-2017

Ugly truth

No matter what the situation is, I will always say the bitter truth even if it hurts, although I do speak lies sometimes to cover things up, which I usually regrets in the end. Saying the truth makes me feel comfortable no matter how the event or the situation last. My mind is always at ease when I say the truth
Posted by yunken on 09-06-2017
Uuuum, than after all you said why is your vote for pretty lie? i mean i totally agree with you, but why vote for pretty lie?


Ugly Truth

Ugly Truth
You tell the ugly truth after being asked an honest question. In particular, to a sibling or significant other. Any doubts or questions are immediately resolved and put on the table. However, it's a bitter respect that may be too much to handle. It gets rid of all the potential drama from a pretty lie but places direct impact that might just be too big of a pill to swallow.

  • It hurts but there are no lies.
  • Provides a level of respectful for being honest.
  • Shows sign of acknowledgement for change.

  • The truth could be too much.
  • Emotional scars never go away.




I would want to know the ugly truth. I feel like I can't trust someone if they aren't able to be truthful with me. I would rather have the truth, no matter how ugly, than be told a pretty lie. Some people are different, but I really can't be in a real relationship with those who "pretend" around me. I want honesty and truthfulness. These are very important values to me. Yes, sometimes it hurts to hear the truth, but in my experience it hurts, even more, to be lied to.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 09-06-2017


It depends on what the situation is. Sometimes it is just better to tell the ugly truth because there is just no point in telling a lie. Lying can just make the situation a lot worse and sometimes will just not be helpful at all. But in some other situations, it might be better to just lie rather than hurting someone that is close to you especially if the lie is not a large lie.
Posted by kingcool52 on 09-06-2017


I would rather some body hurt me with the truth then be hurt by a lie. Once you find out that somebody lied to you it hurts more and it is hard to trust anything they say after that. I prefer for somebody to be honest with me and give me their honest opinion. Lying dies no good to anyone.
Posted by Sue on 09-06-2017

The best option!

I think that the truth is always better than a lie. No matter what the truth is, it is important that we know it as soon as possible so we can start accepting it. What is the point in living in a lie? None. The truth comes out no matter what. You can lie all you want but at some point, your lie will get exposed and then the person will only be ten times more hurt.

That is why I pride with telling the truth even if it is ugly. And I ask the same from my family and friends.

Posted by Mehano on 09-06-2017

Tell the truth

I vote for ugly truth on this one, even if I'm not really sure if I wouldn't lie in some particular situations. But in general, I'm not a liar. Not only I'm not good at lying, I just think that the truth is the better option in any case. It might hurt sometime, but in my opinion a lie hurts more when it's found out.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 09-06-2017

I am for the Ugly Truth

I am a frank person. I tell the person the truth even if it hurts, though I do it in a manner that will not be so hurtful to the person. It is better that the person is hurt than be hurt more when she came to know the truth and that I hid it from her. When that happens for sure, she will be more angry with me. I would rather that she be angry with me for telling her the truth than discovering that I lied and sugar coated everything.
Posted by SimplyD on 09-06-2017

Hear the truth

I would rather tell the truth than to tell white lies just to hide the real fact.

When your love one is ill, it is best to reveal the truth rather to hide it because your love one is able to know how long he can live, what he should prepare and to know the circumstances.

Whether your siblings or parents or best friend, it does not matter, because telling the truth, you are doing the right action. In future, he will be thankful to you.

Vice versa, I would rather to hear the ugly truth about myself in order to improve

Posted by peachpurple on 09-06-2017

Hurts more, but also helps more.

As the old adage goes, "no pain, no gain." As convenient as it might be to live in the blissful realm of ignorance, there is no inherent goodness or benefit to living a lie. If you spend your life living in the illusion of a sweet lie, it is bound to come crashing down at one point and you will only be left with the bitter truth. It's best to swallow the bitter medicine of truth right from the beginning and live your life with clarity. This applies to all types of lies, no matter how big or small they may be.
Posted by Denis_P on 09-16-2017

Always Truth

It helps when people tell you the truth. And that is how you set yourself up in the life. You can't really fix things in life with lies. And that's the way you're going to have your ups and down. So always go with the truth and build yourself forward. So as long as you build yourself on the truth, you're going to be safe for sure.
Posted by overcast on 09-07-2017

The truth helps.

Sometimes I'll lie if it's for something insignificant or otherwise unimportant, but a majority of the time, the truth is much more beneficial. I'll admit I don't usually take it too well, but I feel a lot better given that over a kind lie, especially since I'm pessimistic and thus expect negative things by default.

That said, most of this poll seems to view this as kind lies vs. unkind truths, and I find I have a hard time believing kind truths, so hm.

Posted by Linen on 09-07-2017

Tell the truth

I hate lies, any kind of know people say there are white lies and black lies, well, I hate both of these. I prefer to tell the ugly truth than lie, and I want as people to tell me the truth as well.
Posted by wallet on 09-07-2017

You can handle the truth!

I've always been bashed for this. Someone asks my opinion or to tell them the truth on a matter and I tell them exactly what they want to hear. After that I can hear the proverbial town's silent but loudly expressionate emotional sirens going off. Sometimes I would have to reassure a friend or family member that if they didn't want my honest opinion or for me to tell the truth then simply don't ask because I'm not going to sugar coat any of it. I try not to be harsh but I always think that letting the person know of the situation or exactly how the subject in question is in my honest opinion gives them the advantage they need to actually do something about the situation instead of fluttering around in blissful discourse.
Posted by Joteque on 09-17-2017

The Truth Hurts

Although it hurts like hell, I would rather receive the ugly truth from someone. I hate being kept in the dark or being treated like a fool by someone who I am actually being authentic with. This type of lying might shield me from pain, but it is a deception, and the truth usually comes out no matter what someone does to try to hide it anyway. A pretty lie is still a lie, and you should have more dignity and respect for yourself and the other person to refrain from lying to them.
Posted by JoeMilford on 09-11-2017

Ugly truth always

I have always preferred to be brutally honest and truthful than to be a pretty liar. In the end, your real friends will be the ones which tell you the truth no matter how painful it is.
Posted by Marvadaum on 09-06-2017


Life is always about living in reality and acceptance. Living in a life full of lies and denials is like living in a prison, as there is no joy to be found. People may lie to others out of good intention but the truth will come out no matter what. It is rather acceptable to be told a horrible truth right away than to know that I was lied to.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 09-06-2017

Truth until the end

No matter what I seriously prefer to know the truth. I've been there when someone has told me a pretty lie, then when I've found out the truth and that hurts! And it hurts even worst when a person has told you both, because you feel you can't trust that person anymore. And for those who think that they can lie and keep lying, let me tell you, eventually you will tell the truth unexpectedly and will create the big chaos.
Posted by ballyhara on 09-06-2017


This is a very clear situation for me: No matter how ugly the truth is... It's always better to hear a truth that doesn't please you than to hear a beautiful lie.

All people who think differently (though they have this right) are acting very wrong and doing great harm only to themselves.

Posted by wiseagent on 09-06-2017

Ugly truth

It is always better to know the real situation even if it can hurt me. Cause if you know the real situation you will know what is the right decision to make. Lying won't do anything good. It would create more lies and problem in the end. I remember my teacher saying "there is no such thing as white lies, all lies are black." Though i admit that i had those times of lying but it always end up bad so everytime i'm in a situation of thinking if i should lie or tell the truth, i always think of those lines and my past experience. So i just tell the truth and explain. And i must say it really goes better when your telling the truth. I'm not saying that i won't lie again. Only time will tell ofcourse but as much as possible i will prevent it cause i also don't want others to lie to me.
Posted by zheh on 09-06-2017

Truth is UGLY

Whenever I have done something wrong.I always try to cover my thing but after the dirt settles, I tell the truth to everyone. Although I tell the truth a bit late that genuinely saves me from the heat of the moment. Lately, my GRE exam didn't go well so I kept the score a secret for over a month but when everyone forgot about it.I told them it wasn't as I was expected.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 09-06-2017


It is always better to tell the truth to someone even if it's not an easy task. Lying to someone would just prolong the sadness for both of you and other people around you and in the end they are going to learn the truth one way or another. The truth can hurt, but it's better than living in a world full of lies.
Posted by manmad on 09-06-2017


I'll always prefer the ugly truth no matter what it is. One of the best things we can do in our lives is to be honest with people, that will save us a lot of troubles and awkward situations. If we lie about something to somebody sooner or later they will find out. No matter how much you try to hide the truth, it always ends up coming out in one way or another, and things will only get bad if this happens. It's a life lesson that I think everybody has to learn during their lives.
Posted by felabruno on 09-06-2017

Lies don't long forever

I prefer the truth, doesn't matter how bad it can be because the lies don't long forever and when the truth appears is going to hurt more.
Posted by cubo on 09-07-2017

The truth

Well, it's always recommended to say the truth, in what ever situation you find yourself, even if it will hurt you. You have to realize this because no matter how long or how hard you hide the truth, the truth will always find it's way out. You have to understand that nothing can be hidden under the sun. Tell the truth today and you will thank yourself tomorrow for saying the truth. Lie today and tomorrow, you will regret it, when truth finds it's way, because it always does.
Posted by Authord on 09-06-2017

Truth will prevail

It's better for me to tell the truth even if it hurts me rathee than a pretty lie and keeping behind the truth. Saying the truth is one of my own way. Because if you said the truth already, sometimes it hurts but pretty lie is you can experience more hurts.
Posted by blank629 on 09-06-2017


Better to be poor with truth...Than riches with lies. What's the point in living with a lie? I prefer the reality than hiding through a facade every single day. That doesn't make you grow as a person too, so just live with it, and make sure that you learn from your mistakes.
Posted by Vastor122 on 09-06-2017

let it hurt me.

I will forever hate anyone that sees the truth that could have made me a better person or contribute immensely to my life and hold it back. No matter how ugly the truth will sound, I prefer having honest people around me. I mean people that will have some kind of reservations about my character and still tell me no matter how it is going to hurt.

My fiance till date is one that does not fear how I will feel when she tells me the truth about my life. She guides me in a way that makes me love her so much and these are the type of people I need in my life and not those that will use pretty lies to deceive me along the way.

Posted by Barida on 09-06-2017


The truth will set you free, as this famous saying goes. I am the type of person who does not like to sugar coat. I want someone to tell me with honesty the truth for me to make alterations. It may hurt, it may be painful but at least we are not fooling ourselves in making an illusion that everything is fine when in the reality it's not. Any ugly truth is a criticism that needs an act of change and acceptance.
Posted by Istine on 09-06-2017

Pretty Lie are Uglier

It's best to say the ugly truth , that might hurt but the fact that it's true you can fix and change it at least you're aware of things from other people. Who would think that lies are pretty, maybe because of words used ? . But when lies are found to be lies they hurt the most . Believing in that pretty lie is making a full of oneself . Thinking that it's okay , that it's best and not knowing that was a lie, what a stab . It hurts everyone .
Posted by PLScloni on 09-08-2017

Better on the long run

I know that truth hurts no matter how it's told but from what I have experienced and known in life, it's way better to suffer the pains and ache of the ugly truth once and get over it than having being lied to just to cover for a time being which you would still find out later. The hurt at such time is more painful than the fires of hell.
Posted by Martinsx on 12-31-2017


Ugly truth might be hurtful, but I prefer to be hurt knowing the truth rather than being happy with pretty lies. I believe that all lies is like a time bomb, like it will explode one day. So if someone says some pretty lies then they might also hurt the other when the time comes that the truth is revealved, so why not tell the truth from the very start? Telling the truth from the very start will make both parties be at ease, yes it might be hurtful but who doesn't want to know the truth?
Posted by lei08pineda on 07-28-2018


I prefer to hear the ugly truth than to hear pretty lies. I can't see any wrong for telling the truth. It is better to get hurt and sad for hearing it but atleast the person is honest with you and you know that you can trust that person. Eventhough saying the truth might be difficult, it is necessary because it is a way to prove that you are trustworthy.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 10-21-2018


I prefer the ugly truth, it will help me to deal with whatever it is at that moment, so no need masking anything and later still find yourself confronted with the ugly truth.In life we must always live with the ugly truth, the more you confront the truth the more the pains lessen.I have come to realize that any delay or denied pains would come in a double dose when it wants to explode, so instead of the hide and seek game one should come out and face the truth which can be the ugly truth.
Posted by lovely on 09-06-2017
I sometimes think that what you don’t know won’t hurt you. There is truth in that, right? But like you, I prefer the ugly truth because nothing can beat the truth. We can live on lies and be happy for some time but when the ugly truth surfaces then what do we have on our hands? It will be more painful to keep the lies going because the truth really hurts sometimes and we have to deal with it one time or another.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-20-2018
I will be more comfortable with hearing and bearing an ugly truth rather than being prone to any kind of betrayal. For me the most important thing that holds any relationship if truthfulness and trust. Any kind of dishonesty and unfaithfulness will shatter all the bonds holding any relationship. I can tolerate all kind of physical and mental losses caused by a honest truth rather than coping up with the loss of betrayal.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 09-06-2017
The answer to this depends on the consequences of what is not said. If telling a pretty lie boosts someone's confidence or helps them deal with something rocky that won't harm them, then kindness takes precedent. If in telling a pretty lie I would set them up for failure or not hearing the truth lead them into a dangerous circumstance, then it's time to be blunt. From my experiences, you're usually the bad guy no matter what you say when other people's egos are involved so you may as well do what is right.
Posted by JaiGuru on 09-06-2017
That depends a whole lot on the circumstances, yes it is always good to tell the truth, there is not doubt in that, however sometimes a small lie that can help avoid bad things such as an unneeded fight or so on is in my opinion welcome.
Posted by AlexLapusan on 09-06-2017
I agree with you. It's not always cut and dry in that you can always only ever use one of these options. Some situations will call for you to use one or the other. There is some benefit or even charm to someone who only ever tells the truth, but I think that sometimes, people who care for you can show you their love by lying to you more so than telling you the truth. However, I do prefer to just get the truth all the time, though since I am not sensitive anyway. If the person can take it, then I will tell the truth.
Posted by Wubwub on 09-14-2017
for me i rather tell the ugly truth than the pretty lie because once you said a lie and sooner or later will be found out by your friend it will only destroy the trust of friendship that you have and the hurting will be doubled not like telling the ugly truth atleast your saying the truth. there is a saying that the truth will set you free.
Posted by tophew on 09-06-2017
It's interesting how people say on this poll that they would choose an ugly truth, but when it comes to it how many can actually dish it out. I doubt many can knowing it will lead to arguments and tears, therefore, while one assumes they can deliver an ugly truth, the reality of doing it is much harder.

At times a white lie is better, especially if someone has a weak heart or is slightly unhinged because one, the first may drop down dead, and the other may attack you and kill you!
Posted by Alexa on 09-06-2017
I think if this were a well-rounded conversation it would include some discussion about the other side of the issue. There is a need to have one's ego in check, and this is a notion that seems lost on our whole generation. We've grown up in a Facebook world in which self-tended shrines to the self are a venerated, normal part of life. This has lead to many poor attitudes, including one where people cannot hear a difficult thing without having a petulant response. The notion of honest self-reflection as a response to criticism is entirely alien to a scary amount of people.
Posted by JaiGuru on 09-07-2017
I think both can be a good thing depending on the situation. I would probably lean more towards the truth more often than not, but from time to time saying a white lie can also be the better option. Even being the recipient of either, I could say that I really wouldn't know if I would ever want to have just one of these, but as I said before, it's probably best to just hear the truth and get it over with most of the time. It's why I try to be as blunt as I can be whenever it's appropriate enough in my real life.
Posted by Wubwub on 09-06-2017
I am not in a habit of telling pretty likes. Unless the person I am lying to is not a weak heart person, I will always tell the ugly truth. I don't want to misguide people telling lies, I believe people must be told truth. Lies are ok for children, for instance, you can tell them I will take you to zoo today, when you are not intending to visit zoo. However, for adult people, you should always tell truth.
Posted by vinaya on 09-06-2017
I think an ugly truth it is much better than a lie. The reason why is because I prefer knowing what really happen or it is happening rather than later found out that anything was true. That it is what hurts the most, especially if it comes from a person you really appreciate. If you did something wrong, you must tell the truth always, be mature and confront your problems. Don't be childless and grow up.
Posted by pizzalover on 09-06-2017
Sometimes, we have to lie. We have to lie to make someone better. We have to lie to comfort them. And we have to lie to depend our selves. However, accepting ugly truth may hurt us. But it is really a must. A must that we should speak. We should speak the truth not to hurt them, but accept the reality that that was really happened. Telling the truth even it is painful or ugly is more appreciating than a pretty lie. We cannot hide the truth forever. So speak the truth until it is early and fresh to accept.
Posted by Jenien on 09-06-2017
It really depends on the situation. I strive for the truth but in some situations a lie is less damaging. It's a complicated choice to make though.
Posted by anna on 09-07-2017
Always say the truth that makes a person cry, rather than a lie that makes a person smile. That quote always comes to mind whenever I feel like I want to say even just the smallest lie but I can't. It also depends on what kind of lie if it's a good lie or a huge one. Sometimes it's better to lie for something as long as it won't have any bad consequences but it's not advisable of course. Lying is never a good habit however people tend to make the most of it every single day. Smh.
Posted by galegatling on 09-07-2017
Definitely Ugly truth. We need to tell the truth even if it hurts. We can tell them the truth in a polite way, Like putting a fish inside a tank. Lay it on them slowly. Telling the truth can help people to think about what happened, create their game plan for what may come or prepare them selves to either accept it or counter it.
Posted by clife on 09-07-2017
Sometimes living in the dark is better than knowing all the truth. The truth can be hard to handle and to tell it. There are some situations that need to be follow by the truth but with some others it's just not necessary. The truth can lead to trouble sometimes and avoiding problems can't be wrong. I believe in white lies from time to time.
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 09-08-2017
Trust is one of the best foundation in any kind of relationship once you breach trust everything will fall. So it is always better to say what is true even there is a pain included rather than acting like everything is okay yet some of the information you gathered are all lies.
Posted by rogel on 09-09-2017
I know it is sometimes difficult to tell the ugly truth that someone does not want to hear but it is worth it . It is better to tell the ugly truth to people and let the people or your friends hate you and also the world rejects you because of your ugly truth and you gain eternal life than to tell people around you the pretty truth and they like you very much and you end up missing eternal life.
Posted by babyright on 09-10-2017
It is better doing tell the truth even it hurt, everyone deserve to know the truth. Telling the truth to a person will gain trust on us. You earn the reputation as an honest person. You can look at yourself in the mirror, lying causes self-criticism and depression. Honesty causes self-confidence and pride. People follow your example and are more truthful to you.
Posted by honeybabe on 09-11-2017
Ugly truth. Truth sometimes hurt but it's better to hear ugly truth than pretty lies. Ugly truth makes us a better person but hearing pretty lies make us live in unrealistic world. It doesn't matter if if we are hearing the truth despite how ugly it is because the truth shall prevail no matter how we hide it and make it a pretty lie.
Posted by Scarlet on 09-14-2017
It's difficult to define what the ugly truth is. A lot of times it's just a bunch of subjective mumbo-jumbo. For instance, someone's web design might look good to one person and horrible to another. Anyway, considering it's often subjective, saying mean things isn't often a good idea.
Posted by jyy on 09-26-2017
Even though saying the ugly truth would make one look bad and being angry at by the person whom you actually wronged, but the shinning catch there is that the person that you told the truth would always have good trust in you no matter what and I believe that trust is one of the major things that helps any human relationship to survive.

So therefore, I would say in my humble opinion that it's very much better to say the ugly truth and suffer once for your errors than lie and avoid it but eventually get caught in the lie and suffer for eternity because of it.
Posted by Heatman on 09-27-2017
A lie is never really the right answer to things, but I guess it depends on the gravity of the situation. If I go to the doctor to get a checkup for cancer, I don't want the doctor to tell me I don't have cancer if I do just because it would make me feel better. Now, if I asked my significant other if my eyebrows looked okay and she chewed me out for them, I think I could live with a lie though I am pretty sure I'd just rather the truth since style is an opinion fueled subject. I'd prefer the truth though I lie couldn't hurt too much depending on what it is about.
Posted by AlexHarris on 10-09-2017
Pretty lies can cause big problems, it's easier for me to tell ugly truths then pretty lies, it saves me so much time and energy, and it filtered well my entourage, now I have around me only those who are strong enough to handle ugly truths.
Posted by joey98 on 10-17-2017
It would depend on the situation. For me, I prefer the ugly truth so I could deal with it immediately. Like when something wrong happened, no pretty lies can hide it. But in fairness to pretty lies, it can soften the impact of the bad news. So I guess it is a mix for me. When the going is too tough, a pretty lie can somewhat deaden the pain and in severe cases, the ugly truth is a reality check.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-09-2018
I prefer ugly truth. I prefer it so much I have to pinch myself to keep my mouth shut and stop myself from telling people what I think, otherwise they would get hurt. Most of the time people live in a bubble and can't seem to see what's right in front of their eyes. Lets be honest, most of the time we cause our own problems and don't want to be told. We run to other people crying about them. I don't tolerate this and if you come to me I'll tell you' the whole ugly truth.'
Posted by jaymish on 02-05-2018
A lie is a lie even though it hides in a white lie. I will choose the ugly truth because nevertheless, it is still the truth and I need to face the consequences I might get. A pretty lie can soften the impact on the people but it is still a lie and will never be the truth. We humans should also be responsible for the things and saying the truth is one of them.
Posted by vivalavanda on 11-01-2018