Prextex Easter Eggs Educational Shaped Puzzle in a Basket (12 Pack) Clever Matching Eggs

Prextex Easter Eggs Educational Shaped Puzzle in a Basket (12 Pack) Clever Matching Eggs
We all know how the main focus of easter, expecially for young kids, are the easter eggs: colorful eggs that are hidden somewhere in the garden, just waiting to be found and maybe eaten or just collected. They are nice and colorful, but after all they are just basic regular egg... just a bit more colorful than usual. Luckily, if you know where to look and what to search, you can find some more.. original, useful and interesting eggs. Not actual eggs, sure, but still something pretty fun and nice, able to give you and your kids a memorable easter.

For example, thanks to Prextex, you can buy this set of 12 eggs that are actually a educational puzzle! You can find it on Amazon, where is sold for just 8,99 dollars in place of the list price of 18,99 (huge discount indeed). The egg are shaped like one of those educational puzzle where there are varios shaped holes, and other things the kids have to fit in them - of course the ones with the right shape. Buying this item you will also receive a little basket, that is not only useful to store the eggs when they aren't used, but it looks also pretty nice and cute! Speaking about the eggs, there are 12 of them, and each of them split in two... Putting them together again is a easy job for a adult, but for a kid? Well, it depends! The kid will have to learn, will have to observe which egg have the right shape as the other half, the one with the hole. Luckily the eggs are also colored inside (sadly on the outside they are all white!) making things a bit easier.

This is the perfect gift for easter: it mantains the traditions, will adding to them a little clever and funny twist.

  • Fun and educational
  • Kids will love it
  • It doesn't cost too much
  • Great substitution to eggs with candy or chocolate
  • The right size for the little babies hands

  • Eggs are hard to open
  • The basket is poorly made
  • All the eggs included had the same shape
  • Basket is very small
  • Arrived in terrible conditions



This one

I am choosing this item because this item has gained more votes than the other one. By the way I am not a Christain and I do not celebrate Easter, Since I do not celebrate Easter, I do not know anything about Easter, I don't even recognize easter symbols
Posted by vinaya on 03-11-2018

Educational Toys

There is no reason that toys have to be junky. If you can get educational toys that kids can have fun with and relate to, I think that is the name of the game. Many people may wish to have these toys and use them.
Posted by kgord on 03-10-2018

Lovely and Interesting

Prextex Easter Eggs Educational Shaped Puzzle in a Basket (12 Pack) Clever Matching Eggs looks perfect for me when you are have a kid that seems to value education as much he or she likes to play. So, I'm choosing this prop because it serves two needs at the same time.
Posted by Martinsx on 10-08-2018


What important for a children's toy is that if they are having fun and also learning while playing. And this toy will help your child at least learn about objects.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 03-10-2018

Wins for me because it's educational

I feel like educational toys will always win out for me over regular toys. It's nice when my children can learn something through play, and so these toys have my vote.
Posted by amelia88 on 06-07-2018


Prextex Easter Eggs Fun Stacking and Nesting Easter Eggs

Prextex Easter Eggs Fun Stacking and Nesting Easter Eggs
Something that make most kids unique, and more actually "kids" than adults, is their fantasy and their creativity. They often create new things: sometime from scratch, other times combining other already existing things. Sure, some adults are pretty creative as well, like the guys as Prextex - without their creativity, we wouldn't have this set of easter eggs pretty nice and original, that creative kids will absolutely love.

This set contain 4 different eggs, that are colored and decorated like if they were characters, similar to birds: each of them have two big eyes, and all except the smaller ones have a beak (the little one have just a smiling mouth). They are composed of two half: the upper body with their face, and the bottom half with their little legs. With both half, or the entire eggs, kids can do a variety of things: for example, they can stack them forming a small tower of eggs, or they can hide the half of a smaller egg inside a bigger one, like if they were russian matrioskas.

However, there is also a additional little twist that you might miss if you don't look at them from behind... On their little heads there are small holes shaped like coins, and on each of them there are a few words. They are also piggy banks! Well, birdy banks.. eggy banks? Whatever! On the smaller one there is written "save" - and with a egg this small you won't probably save too much. Going up in size, the next egg features the word "spend" - because money is made for that! But you can also be a generous people, and this is why another egg have the word "donate" written on it. And finally, the big one is the most important one, since the word that it present is "invest".

Those eggs have a lot of fuctionalities, are colorful, nice to look at and all kid will love to play with them. With just 12,99 dollars you'll give your kids a lot of fun times.

  • Colorful
  • Cute and nice
  • Kids can do a lot of stuff with them
  • Sturdy

  • Good only for very young children
  • Didn't stay closed
  • Are piggy banks really that interesting for kids?




I had to pick this one because it just looks beautiful and I'm sure it would be a great present for a kid during the Easter period. The fact that it has a nice design on the nesting eggs make it great for Easter and as a gift!
Posted by kingcool52 on 04-08-2018


Gee, an egg that is a puzzle. That Prextex Easter eggs look a lot of fun for children to think that what they will get is actually a puzzle of sorts. I agree that it is an educational toy. However, I know that children here will appreciate that but they will appreciate more the real eggs that they can eat and can win them a prize as well. That’s the most fun in Easter eggs, it is not only the hunting and finding but also the eating and winning.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-09-2018
The Prextex Easter Eggs looks more attractive and I am sure that the majority of children will go for this one. These eggs look cuter with the bird designs on them. The good thing is that these eggs have different functions and they serve as educational tools which will help a kid develop certain skills.
Posted by Pixie on 03-09-2018
I missed those days that I was a kid for this is the period that I really want to enjoy playing the egg puzzle. Both toys are really cool and the way that you can remain focused all through on this game is another thing that I really cherish about the egg game. Kids will definitely love this type of game during the Easter period.
Posted by Barida on 03-09-2018
The pretex Easter eggs are really good tool to educate children and develop their cognitive abilities.
Posted by babyright on 03-12-2018