Professional wear for the office

Professional wear for the office
Depending on what industry we are talking about, getting dressed and looking professional at work can make a difference between being successful or not.

For example, I would never trust a lawyer that doesn't wear a suit at work, its just one of those things, you expect certain people and certain industries to have a certain "uniform".

I personally love to wear a suit once in a while at work, especially when I have a big meeting coming up or when I need to see a client. As for any other day, I usually go casual, I may like looking sharp, but I'm also highly practical.

  • You look professional, especially if this is the way people expect you to look. It depends on the industry but no matter what type of office job you do, wearing a suit at work can help you on all levels.
  • Looking professional will raise your confidence levels straight up, giving you the edge on everything you plan to do.

  • Suits can be very impractical and for some people very uncomfortable to wear.
  • Suits and any highly professional looking clothes can be quite expensive, especially if you are new to a certain kind of industry where wearing stuff like this is necessary, you will need to buy a complete wardrobe.




I think that offices need to have professional wear. There is nothing wrong with having casual Fridays, but otherwise, they need to be dressed up. I guess I am just old fashioned and like the look of dressy clothing for both men and woman.
Posted by angie828 on 02-26-2017


The act of dressing cooperate creates a particular atmosphere of seriousness, professional wear is good for easy identification. Most profession have a dress code that enhances the functionalities of the various departments found in that profession. When an organization adhere to a dress code, people identify them with that dress code.

Professional wear is good but I don't think it should be mandatory, the organization should have days in which people are permitted to come on casual, unless when professional wear help guard against people who don't belong to the organization taken undue advantage. All in all professional wear creates a sense of responsibility.

Posted by Jeshurun on 02-23-2017

Professional attire

It actually depends on the dressing code of the company, for an instance if you’re on Google or Facebook, and your work is related towards coding or programming, then in that case the office attire in casual but if you’re working in a banking sector or in a multinational company, where your job requires you to meet clients everyday or attend board meetings, then in that case the attire should be professional. In my opinion, uniforms reflect your personality and your characteristics, at many occasions your uniform also speaks for yourself, as it catches a lot of attention. A professional attire does give a feeling or status of a manager or board or directors. And if you’re wearing a professional attire means you’re ready for any occasions. So, that’s a massive advantage.
Posted by optimistic on 04-03-2017


Casual dressing at the office

Casual dressing at the office
I simply love the fact that I work in an office where dressing casual is the norm. IT orientated businesses, where everybody is young and cool, are usually this way, only t-shirts, and jeans, nothing to fancy.

I believe there should be no rules for what to wear at the office as long as you keep a line of decency.

  • Wearing casual clothes at work is practical and can be highly comfortable. Depending on your industry going for a casual wear at work can be cool and a sign of young people and free spirit.
  • It's cheap and fast. You don't really need to buy expensive clothes if you choose a casual look. A t-shirt and a pair of jeans every you are good to go, for work.

  • If activate in an industry where it is expected you to wear and look professional, you may have some problems going for a fully casual look.
  • You can't score points with your boss and upper management if you don't signal that you can "management" potential. I'm just saying that having a professional look at the office may have an impact on you long term career,



Casual, but not too much. Or maybe practical unifo

I used to work in an office, and I think that clothing that is too smart and formal should be avoided as many office workers end up spending a lot of hours at work, often about 8 hours. Personally I used to wear casual clothes which were not too casual though. The main purpose was to appear quite smart but at the same time feel comfortable in the clothes. Otherwise I would end up feeling too uncomfortable to concentrate on the work. I think that comfortable uniforms would do the right thing here as workers would appear professional and be comfortable at the same time.
Posted by sspi on 03-03-2017

Casual dressing

I'm of the opinion that dressing should be very flexible, considering the fact that each office has it own role, and it defer from that of the rest. When i am constrained to put on only a particular kind of dress on daily basis, I don't subscribe to it because it implies that my wardrobe will gradually conform to that pattern of dressing. Tactically on presentation level, cooperate dressing is good, but on how far it harnesses individuals? I believe casual dressing is good, and this is due to the fact that some working environment demands it.
Posted by Trisha on 03-03-2017


I don't like to get stuck up in formal dresses,but if I have to,then I will wear it because I have no other choice.But if I could select in between casual and formal dress,I would definitely choose casual.Casual dresses are much more comfortable and makes me look cool.....
Posted by achi007 on 04-13-2017


It's much better to be in a work environment with a casual dress so it won't added a little pressure to your work. This will really make you more productive since you're comfortable in your wearing. I admire those company like Google who really takes care of their employees and always makes them comfortable by letting them wear what's more comfortable for them and giving them lots of amenities for their relaxation and a free food. What a great company.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-03-2017


I will not wear professional wear until for the office until I have a presentation with the clients or a meeting with business associates. For an average day in the office, I will always wear casual wears. I feel more comfortable with casual wears. However, when I am in a business meeting or business gathering, I will try to make myself appropriate by wearing formal dress.
Posted by vinaya on 09-07-2017
I work in the biggest bank in our country for 30 years now. You can expect my loyalty with that long period of my tenure. We have an office uniform although for executives like me, we are free of the dress code. However, I still wear the so called formal casual or smart casual which is appropriate for the office. What if I would wear a casual jeans and shirts and I would be called for a meeting with the president? That would be a great embarrassment. So just to be sure, wear a decent dress every day.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-15-2018
I believe naturally casual wears are not meant for the office, because it a professional place and as such should be treated that way from our dressing to how we work,so yes one should dress professionally to an office to look professional, great and one ready for the day's work.
Posted by lovely on 01-30-2018
I actually like casual wear. I think official wear should be worn when you are having a meeting or meeting important clients. You have to remember that we spend most of our time working. So I think that it is important that we be comfortable. Big corporations like Google which has been voted several times as one of the best places on earth to work wear casual. So i will use their high productivity to illustrate my point. We need to stop seeing work as an extension of school and realize that people perform the best when they are comfortable and happy.
Posted by jaymish on 09-14-2018
I would go for casual wear because it's more comfortable unlike wearing formal wear which can make me upright and uncomfortable. Although I would opt for not too casual like wearing shorts but I think wearing smart casual is really the best.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 09-14-2018
We are just using the casual shirt in the office and I really love that. Dress code makes me feel irritated, I really not feel comfortable wearing formal wear in the office. Besides I'm just working in a bpo company, and all we need is just to talk customer and we really don't need to wear formal attire. We enjoy more the company by just using casual wear.
Posted by ion on 09-15-2018
Wearing casual clothes in the office would be great, well if it's the norm but it's not. It's always decent formal executive wear, when I was still working in a private company I would wear a tie and coat daily and oftentimes I hate it more so when it was summer and hot.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 10-05-2018
Honestly I think a balance is good. I think I work better when I'm in professional clothes (I guess there's something to be said about it creating a professional mindset) but I also like feeling casual every now and then. Some of my workplaces have incorporated things like a casual Friday event - those kind of things strike a happy medium! :)
Posted by amelia88 on 10-19-2018