Pxmoda Women's Dress

Pxmoda Women's Dress
I remember when I was in high school, I had a long dress that was so comfortable. It had short sleeves, but the print on it was similar to this one. It was gorgeous and one of my all time favorites to wear. I wore it to one of my high school graduation religious ceremonies. This Pxmoda Women's Dress reminds me of it so much. Retailing on Amazon from $18, this long dress features long sleeves. It comes in four different colors: white, pink, navy, and green. It is made from spandex and fabric and comes in the following sizes: small, medium, large, extra large and 2X.

The dress is very casual. It could be worn to church, to the office, a party, and so much more. The classic floral print is one that you will love. The sleeves are ¾ sleeves, which is very popular right now. The dress is perfect for spring time. It would look great for an Easter celebration. The dress flows well and would pair up great with a pair of sandals.

  • gorgeous print
  • nice price
  • flows well
  • adorable
  • casual
  • many sizes
  • ¾ sleeves
  • four different colors *comfortable
  • versatile
  • can be worn with a blazer or sweater in cooler weather
  • dress hangs nicely on body
  • elegant
  • fit as expected
  • received many compliments
  • light and airy
  • soft
  • fantastic
  • high quality
  • roomy
  • pleased with how dress looks
  • flattering
  • has pockets

  • on the long side
  • was too big *fit a bit too tight in the chest area
  • can see through it
  • fabric does not stretch
  • pocket was defective- not stitched properly
  • hated how it felt on the body
  • did not look like image
    • color was awful
  • material felt like paper
  • hard to zip by self



Conservative Yet Feminine

I am more into the feminine side and I really appreciate clothing that are conservative. I love PXModa because it is floral and flowy at the same time conservative. I love its length that accentuates my long legs that I am afraid to show off. I am also in love with its material and cut.
Posted by Anonymous on 09-30-2018

Great dress

I love this dress. I checked the colors available and that navy blue, wow! Looks really amazing.

I'd prefer this Pxmoda Women's Dress because the flow seems nicer than the other option. I think that the elastic waistband gives it a weird look. But on this dress, the flow is continuous and compliments your body well.

Posted by Mehano on 04-07-2018

I like this one

This looks very smart and stylish and would be something that I would wear in the spring or summer. I very much like this dress and think it is a good look, and better than the other one.
Posted by kgord on 03-08-2018

My girlfriend like this

I'm concern about the manufacturing defects of this dress but I asked my girlfriend and she liked this dress, she said it offers more colors and sizes than the other one, particularly, she loved the model A-Navy and A-White.
Posted by cubo on 03-26-2018


Pxmoda Women's Dress looks great. I love the colors used in its design and how they all mixed up.

The material used in making the dress looks great as well. I'm sure most ladies are going to love the dress.

Posted by Martinsx on 11-20-2018

Love the florals

I feel like this dress is much more my style. I love the florals, I love the flowy nature of the dress - the only real downside for me would be the fact that it's quite long, but I could get it hemmed.
Posted by amelia88 on 06-29-2018

Love it

This floral dress has a better sytle compared to the other one. I feel more comfortable wearing dress. With my body type, I think this dress is just right for me. It must be simple but stylish.
Posted by superlicca on 10-11-2018

Conservative Yet Feminine that accentuates my feat

I am more into the feminine side and I really appreciate clothing that are conservative. I love PXModa because it is floral and flowy at the same time conservative. I love its length that accentuates my long legs that I am afraid to show off. I am also in love with its material and cut.
Posted by anchoreztin on 09-30-2018


Women's Rayon Dress with Elastic Waistband

Women's Rayon Dress with Elastic Waistband
If you are looking for a nice spring dress, look at Amazon to help you. This Women's Rayon Dress with Elastic Waistband can be purchased for under $20. It comes in sizes small through extra large. There are many colors and prints to pick from. Solid color choices include hazelnut, wine, lilac, yellow, pineapple, gray, mint, jade, red, peach, silver, mocha, and more. Print choices include black and ivory, mauve and white, blue tie dye, olive tie dye, dusty rose and white, peach and white and more.

This dress is made in the United States from 82 Days. It should be handwashed or washed in a gentle cycle. It is made from 95% rayoin and 5% spandex. The dress is perfect for office wear, and looks great for church. The dress is very comfortable and perfect for cooler weather.

What I like about this dress is that it can be worn during the day causally and then at night it can be dressed up more. Add a pair of stappy sandals and a nice long necklace, an updo and you are good to go at night time.

  • comfortable
  • made in the USA
  • many colors and patterns to choose from
  • affordable
  • perfect for cooler weather
  • can be dressed up or down *absolutely amazing
  • perfect
  • wears well
  • soft
  • allows free movement in arms
  • drapes nicely
  • flattering
  • can be worn with a belt
  • nice quality
  • fit well
  • perfect length
  • arms are right length
  • well made *fits like a glove
  • awesome seller

  • no instructions for washing or drying
    • not flattering for pear shaped women
    • made hips and butt look huge *shrunk after 2 washes
    • fabric was see through
    • too small
    • size chart was wrong
    • fabric is cheap
    • looks dumpy
    • thin material
    • too short
  • dress had little holes in it
    • color was not well represented on the site



lovely design

well, Pxmoda Women's Dress is also nice, however, I chose Rayon Dress because of the Elastic Waistband. Since the wasitband will seperate the upper body and lower body, women will loke more beautiful in this dress. I also liked the lenght. I have never been a fan of long dress.
Posted by vinaya on 03-09-2018

Comfortable Fashion

I am very partial to floral dresses but I visited the Amazon site to see a larger image and I don't even like the way the Pxmoda dress looks in the picture. There is nothing appealing about it at all. Whereas, the jersey dress has a lot of plusses. For one thing, it's Made in the USA. But also it's made out of rayon and Spandex which is very comfortable material. Comfortable fashion is very appealing. Also, it has several colors and comes in my size.
Posted by foxchannel on 04-05-2018


I did not have the experience of wearing a long dress except when I attend a wedding as a sponsor. The gown is definitely a long one for weddings. In my younger years, there was the popular maxi which was a long dress. But it was worn mostly by matrons so I a single girl like me was not appropriate to be seen wearing that long dress. Anyway, I have to admit that I was more comfortable in wearing shorts or slacks.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-09-2018