The rainbow creates a symbolic presence in the sky, the beauty is fascinating. Rainbow forms as a result of light refraction, white light contains various colors, with perfect blending, the composition of light rays can be seen through a process called refraction. When light travels, the rays moves with an astounding velocity, each component of white light, travels through transparent mediums (prisms) with different velocities. The effect of the travelling medium on light velocity is called refraction.

The change in velocities upsets the balance in white light, this result to light leaving the medium separately, and the refraction process deflects the light rays by certain degrees, the final result is a piece of beauty called rainbow.

Rainbow is believed to be a covenant between man and God, that He will not destroy the earth with flood again. Rainbow normally appear in the sky, when the sky is heavy at one end, and bright sunlight at the other end, the sun rays cast rainbow as it refracts through the heavy cloud.

You can form your own rainbow by refracting light through prisms, the change in velocity of light as it travel's through prisms, form's a clear rainbow when the rays hit a plain surface. The brilliance of rainbow can never be overemphasized, there is this joy that comes, when you are opportune to see a rainbow in the sky. They appear once in a while.

• invaluable in optics. • Forms an appealing pattern in the sky. • Has biblical significance. • Can be formed when light passes through a prism.

• Natural one does not last long in the sky. • They show up rarely.



Look for the rainbow in the rain

Though a full moon is also a lovely sight, one of the things that makes a rainbow more beautiful for me is that it is a rather rarer sight. A full moon you can see once a month, but a rainbow is spontaneous and then disappears as quickly as it had appeared. Another thing I love about rainbows, is they appear when there is just the right combination of sunlight and drizzly rain... to me it is a reminder that even in the gloomiest of moments, something beautiful can be found. Which is why I like to say... look for the rainbow in the rain.
Posted by this_free_spirit on 08-07-2017

Rainbow is a promise

I choose this one, because it is a promise from God.

It's also quite beautiful. Still, I like looking at both. They are fascinating. I can't really compare them in that regard, because they are so different. Night and day, literally.

Posted by Zyni on 08-09-2017

A sign of brighter things ahead

I hate it when it rains. That's because I have already experienced 2 nasty floods in our new home. These floods were waist deep, lasted for days, and covered everything in mud when the water subsided. Now, whether the rain stops, I can't help but cry a sigh of relief.

Rainbows are usually seen right after the rain. That's why I feel so happy whenever I see a rainbow. It brightens up my day because it's a sign that there will be clearer skies ahead. I used to admire the rainbow merely for its beauty. Now I admire it because of what it symbolises.

Posted by limberg on 08-09-2017

The magical rainbow

There is just something so magical about a rainbow after a rain showers. The colors of the rainbow are beautiful and I love how the appear as the sun begins to shine after rain. The colors get so bright. Even more amazing and beautiful is when there is a double rainbow.
Posted by Sue on 08-08-2017

Double rainbow!

Both are quite amazing to watch and I think that it's hard to judge which I prefer but I guess I have to go with the rainbow.

I still remember how excited we'd get as kids when we saw a rainbow. We'd all shout ''Look, look, it's a rainbow'' and stare at it until it would slowly fade away. Rainbow is very unique because you can quite never see the two same ones. There's always some minor differences... whether it's in thickness, length and so on.

Sometimes, we even attempted to recreate rainbow. If you have the sun shining down on you, and you spray some water up in the air against the rays, you can possibly make your very own rainbow.

Posted by Mehano on 08-08-2017
Jonathan Solomon


Well, I track the moon cycles. So when it comes to full moons, I can normally expect them to come around always. That doesn't mean they get boring. I just really like it when a rainbow makes an appearance. Normally, I see rainbows after a rain, followed by the sun bursting out of the cloud cover. It's a beautiful sight to see. What's even more spectacular are double rainbows. I've been lucky enough to witness quite a few, especially growing up. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something about them is very special.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 08-22-2017

I'm on Team Rainbow

Although I really like full moons, I am more interested in rainbows because they are more colorful and a rare phenonmenon. It is always fun to see and view one, and even better if you can capture a photo.
Posted by kgord on 08-08-2017

Seems more rare

Its more noticeable and spectacular then something that comes around regularly every month. It can be appreciated better.
Posted by Lukevukovic on 08-12-2017

Rainbow makes me happy.

I rarely see one, but whenever I do, I stare at it for a few seconds and it somewhat makes me happy. I know it's weird. Full moon on the other hand, whenever I see one, I don't feel anything special, I'm not that amazed with it. It's just normal for me.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 08-07-2017

Full Moon = Werewolf (Just kidding!)

I never even though to compare the rainbow to the moon. But since I have to choose, I'm going with the rainbow! The beauty of the rainbow is unmatched. There is nothing in the universe that can compare. Besides ... it's God promise. What a lovely reminder. :)
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 11-02-2018

Rainbow Good

I have found that rainbow is something that is more soothing. So that being said, it would be something we can say good. In terms of photography it can be really hard to capture it. I find it harder to capture with the mobile. Also rainbow is something we have to consider while taking images. Love taking photos of it. So something new to learn all the time from it.
Posted by overcast on 08-09-2017

I love rainbows

I don't really get to see rainbows quite often and when I usually get to see one I can't stop admiring it. I find rainbows to be magical. It is actually very relaxing to watch the rainbow but I do get sad when it fades away. I remember that when I was still a kid I wanted to touch the rainbow. I would be happy if I could get to see the rainbow quite often.
Posted by Pixie on 08-10-2017


I love rainbows, they look so beautiful and I think they are less common to watch than the full moon. I love the simple things of nature, how we can see and perceive the power and presence of God. I just get speechless whenever I see a rainbow, everywhere. Also, I feel sad when I think about the fact that I've never watched a double rainbow, I wish I could see one before I die.
Posted by luispas on 08-08-2017
gata montes

The colors are amazing

Oh my - so difficult to choose between the two - especially as both are equally beautiful.

However - much as I love the silvery light of the moon as it always casts a serene calmness on everything and the huge moons we see in the sky where I am - are a wonderful sight to behold at all stages of their development - it has to be rainbows - as apart from their spectacular colors I just love how - although the colors always remain the same - the intensity varies - making each one unique as they all give off different hues - as well as the fact that they vary in size and are sometimes even double too.

Posted by gata montes on 08-08-2017

Love them!

I love Rainbows! They just make me smile whenever I see one. There's just a bunch of magic in them! I always picture the pot of gold at the end in my mind! Rainbows are lovely and you don't get to see them that often. Full moon is awesome too but not as much as Rainbows!
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 09-08-2017

You can't beat a rainbow!

Rainbows are such a beautiful natural phenomena. While I understand that it is really just science, there seems to be something magical about them! I remember as a child looking for rainbows every time it would rain, and joking about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They bring back good memories, and are much more spontaneous to see compared to a full moon.
Posted by mjustes on 08-15-2017

It's magic.

I find the moon full something really fascinating (can be mesmerizing at times), but it's impossible to hit all the beauty that a rainbow can provide. I think it's a little unfair to have to compare them.

All those colors organized in such an asymmetrical way, the whole mystery of knowing where it begins and where it ends is something that wins me easily.

Posted by wiseagent on 08-15-2017


As a kid i'm always excited to see a rainbow. It opens my imagination. It's like having a bright new day after the rain. It always gives me joy. Till now it feels so magical whenever i see one. While the full moon is also a nice scenery, the kids in our country always gives fright during full moon, because our elders always tell us mythical stories about it. Hahaha.. maybe that is also why i'm never fond of full moon.
Posted by zheh on 08-19-2017

Rainbow is better in all terms

Rainbow is quite a spectacular scene that makes one feel inner happiness. Although Rainbow do appear frequently after rain it has always something special in it that attracts even the saddest of the people. On every 14th of a month, the full moon appears and a shiver runs across my whole body after watching it. As a horror fiction fan, I have read and watched a lot on werewolves and fear these species as they tend to "woohoo" at the full moon.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 09-11-2017

They are rare

I love rainbows! It's not easy to see one and they are very pretty and colorful. I remember when I was a kid each time I saw a rainbow I was super happy. Full moon happens every month so it's not that big of a deal.
Posted by felabruno on 09-14-2017


A full moon is beautiful for sure, but where I live rainbows are rarer to see. I love how colorful they are and I always find myself marveling at the fact that they are created by the light passing through water droplets. It's a marvel of nature. I know the moon affect tides and stuff like that, but a rainbow is a phenomenon that's easier to observe.
Posted by Dkaraly on 08-22-2017

Rainbow brings me a smile

Full moon really is a beautiful thing to see, but to see a rainbow is to see a happiness. I always feel so happy and calm when I see a fully formed rainbow. Those childlike moments are one of the things that make you happy to be alive.
Posted by Vatroslav on 08-16-2017

Colors of my life.

We all know that rainbow has 7 colors. It have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. When rainbow comes after the rain, it always shows that the world is colorful. The world is not compose only black and white but it has many colors. For me these colors represents different persons in the world. Imagine that we are those colors who brings life in the world. Just how amazing the world it is right?
Posted by blank629 on 08-27-2017


I like rainbows a lot more because you can appreciate them in daylight and also I like that it's colorful. I never really understood why people were so fascinated by a full moon although I would agree that it is crazy that a flying round rock is giving us light by means of reflection, but I'm mostly just saying in terms of beauty because all I really see is a round ball.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-02-2018


90 % Rainbow.I like rainbow more as it's more uplifting to see because of its colors.I still believe that rainbow can bring happiness and luck to those people who see it.whenever I see one It always ease up my worries as an adult and it always remind me of my childhood days that's why I prefer Rainbow.
Posted by jeiyyy on 08-25-2017

Never liked full moon

They say that you'll find treasures at the end of each rainbow. It's amazing how our parents used to tell us those stories when we were kids. I always take a picture of rainbows whenever I see them.
Posted by geloi on 09-13-2017

Rarely to see

Rainbow is something all children would like to have a chance on seeing it. It is very colorful and stunning. I like it because it is rare to see it in the sky, that's what makes it special. Unlike the moon that could show up twice or more in the sky. It is pleasant to the eye and you will appreciate its beauty.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 10-18-2018


I vote for rainbow. Its because its a reminder of God's promise. He will not again bring a universal flood that will wipe away mankind and animals.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-02-2018


I love rainbow better because it is more beautiful than the full moon. It is more colorful and magical.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-02-2018


I love rainbow more, because it is more colorful and more beautiful.
Posted by allyn2017 on 11-02-2018


Full moon

Full moon
Full moon has a cool feeling that comes with it, everywhere is perfectly lit up, staying outside in summer during full moon is pleasurable. You can see things better on nights with full moon, sun rays lit completely, the part of the moon facing the earth, the result is a bright sky and a moon with an appealing glow.

Full moon is good for night walks, the glow makes everywhere conducive, two friends can easily discuss vital issues outdoors, and night will have little influence on them when the moon is full.

Full moon can be used to mark time and dates, so many events around the world commence, once the sight of full Moon appears in the sky, you can predict a lot of things that has to do with dates, when you have good knowledge of full moon. Full moon occurs every 29.503 days, this is approximately one calendar month, various cultural practices work hand in hand with full moon.

The beauty of the moon can be see in its entirety on nights with full moon, the beauty of the sky is always different, because the glow is so overpowering. Soldiers benefits from the glow full moon adds to their camps. On full moon, they form groups and discuss interesting topics, forest movements is easier for soldiers on full moon nights, the grass parts can be followed easily owing to the brightness of the moon. Full moon comes once in a while, and people make the best of such opportunities, because it adds pleasure to life.

• Friends can easily walk at night. • Invaluable to soldiers, it helps the find their way at night. • Helps in keeping time and dates. • Symbolic to certain religions. • Makes night time pleasurable.

• Appears every 29.503 days. • The light is not as bright as the sun.



An anticipated happening

We can always expect this view in a fixed number of days. The sky brightens. It will appear just as the sun sets almost taking its place. It does provide light for those who are out on the streets a welcome situation. The lit sky is a scene that is most welcome for those who sit out in their garden.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-08-2017

Moons are more than meets the eye.

I enjoy rainbows, and many people do because they are pretty. I feel the moon is just as beautiful as a rainbow on a clear night. Also, the moon provides energy just like the sun does; but you can look at the moon while absorbing it.
Posted by GinaM on 08-07-2017

You could call me a lunatic.

I absolutely love just staring at a full moon. It is a spiritual experience for me, as I am a Buddhist and in Buddhism we regard full moons as a very holy event. It is a time of reflection, to closely observe our beliefs and percepts, and to separate ourselves from material and sensual desires in exchange for heightened spiritual awareness. It is also just mind boggling for me to stare at a full moon. To think that there is a massive sphere, just floating there in space, held in place only by the mysterious force called gravity. It really stimulates my thoughts.
Posted by Denis_P on 08-08-2017

Howling on the night sky...

Full moon gives us that magical feeling (or an excuse) to be a bit crazy. It is romantic to see as well. The best part of a full moon is your darkest night is illuminated a bit and your fear of the dark became manageable.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 08-08-2017

Moon is prettier.

The full moon, according to my opinion, is way prettier than the rainbow, I don't know, I think it's because of the night, I feel more comfortable in the night than in the day, and the way that full moon shines with the dark night really mesmerizes me.
Posted by StolenKid on 08-08-2017

Mystical Beauty

While rainbows are a rarer sight, I am mostly captivated by the full moon's beauty.

The way a dark night is light up by its presence makes for an spectacular sight; the trees and houses covered in silver... I am in awe each time. Even if it outshines the stars, I believe the sky becomes a full spectacle every full moon night, and I take at least 5 minutes of my time to appreciate it each time

Posted by VintageRose on 08-07-2017

The Moon

Give me the romance of a full moon over the fake promise of a pot of gold from the rainbow any day. There's nothing like sitting on a beach, listening to the waves breach the shore, under a huge moon to light your way. I love all of the mythology and folklore surrounding the moon, as well. Ideas of hunting at night and rituals and werewolves. I always thought those ideas and folklores were fascinating. Plus, the cycles of the moon and their affects on farming, a woman's cycle, the tides, etc.--all of that has always been interesting to me as an amateur "scientist".
Posted by JoeMilford on 08-10-2017
Agree, rainbows are beautiful, but full moon is captivating. I used to watch it since I was a kid, and always trying to figure out shapes on it. Never ever had the pleasure so far to go to a planetary... must be to die for. But I've had the chance to enjoy it on the beach, best feeling ever!

Full moon

I have always been a night fan myself and in my opinion, nothing compares to the beauty of a full moon. Sitting on the deck with your partner and watching the full moon is a singular experience.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-08-2017

Full moon

I really like the way the night smells and looks. I like the silence of the night. The moon brings a nice contrast to that darkness and brings a little bit of light in the night. It seems more special to me. It also is way further away than a rainbow and almost seems unreal.
Posted by CasAlec on 08-19-2017


This is a tough choice for me since I love the presence of rainbows and that it is rather unpredictable when one shows up. I also like the full moon because I love nights that might be dark but moonlit. Just imagine a flowery fields under the light of the full moon. They are both beautiful phenomena and I could not decide which one is the better.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 08-07-2017
I prefer the rainbow it's so awesome to see the rainbow somewhere over there with that array of beautiful colors you are never able to predict where a rainbow might appear, you may just look up and it's there. A full moon may be fabulous to look at but it's predictable where and when it will appear the intrigue that is associated with the rainbow will prompt me to give it the edge over the moon in terms of fascination.
Posted by explorerx7 on 08-07-2017
rose thornes
I love both and I always admire them. I remember when I was a kid we always play outside when the moon is full but you can't do that now, its dangerous. The moon always amaze me and I like to watch them at night. They have this relaxing and calming effect specially when its so full and big and I can see the flowers bloom in our yard.

I love rainbows too, they are just colorful that always amaze me. I just remember that they said there is a gold pot in from its end and the children today still believed in that folktale. Its not everyday that you can see one but when they appear they are just so beautiful.
Posted by rose thornes on 08-08-2017
I love both but the full moon has a lot of tales and legends. Especially when the so called super moon appears, it is a magnificent sight in the sky with its glowing light that you wouldn't need a torch to walk in the desert or mountain path. The beauty of the moon had inspired the creation of countless poems and songs. I remmber one song of the famous Beatles with the title Mr. Moonlight. And from what I remember, the fishermen have a particular haunt when it is full moon, I think it is the squids that come out to savor the full moon's light so they are easy to catch.
Posted by Corzhens on 08-08-2017
I guess I like the both of them, maybe because both have their symbol and share different emotions. The rainbow makes us feel happy and always makes us return to our childhood, to some people it makes them hoping for the best. The full moon inspires people writing, or makes some people scary. These two symbols teach us about life and our feelings, I cannot choose one of them because both are a part of my life, of my emotions!
Posted by wallet on 08-08-2017
Both rainbows and full moons are beautiful and we should embrace nature. Can't really select from the two.
Posted by simplym on 08-08-2017
Both options are very beautiful to admire and photograph. However, I prefer to choose the full moon, because I think much more beautiful. Rainbows are harder to see and manage.
Posted by hermessantos on 08-08-2017
I love both, they have their own charm. Rainbows are so spontaneous that I can't help but feel happy when I see this magic happening in the sky, is just amazing to my eyes. The full moon is gorgeous when the sky is clean at night and you can see it up there shining with some stars around as well it can be called magical.
Posted by reginafalange on 08-08-2017
I don't see how I can compare the two as I am awed by the presence of both the full moon and the rainbow every time. They are so beautiful and magical that you don't even think to compare them when they appear. They are proverbial superstars that cannot share the big stage in our lives at any given time! Although sometimes I think I may have seen a rainbow looking ring around the moon. The added rarity of the appearance of both even if the full moon exhibits once a month is another reason why I am certain to choose one over the other is for me a definite uncertainty!
Posted by Joteque on 08-09-2017
I think there can be no comparison between the two.

Both are unique in their beauty but hold no equality. These days rainbows are such a rare entity. Lack of open fields and grounds is the main underlying reason. As far as I can recall, till date, I have seen a real rainbow only a couple of times. The sight looks great but it is really hard to see one.

On the other hand full moon can be regularly witnessed. There is nothing that can be compared with the beauty of a full moon night. Everything seems to have lit up naturally with a bright white light. I love to spend my nights staring at the full moon sky.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 08-09-2017
I love rainbows because they are pretty but I think I would have to choose the full moon. I think full moons seem mysterious and powerful because of the characteristics portrayed in literature. A full moon can change a human into a beast or bring out their lunacy. A full moon is beautiful and it lights up the night like a giant light bulb in the sky.
Posted by morgoodie on 08-09-2017
I like them both actually. A rainbow when it appears in the sky can really be a beautiful sight. It is also the same with a full moon. During a full moon, you and the family can be outside and enjoy nature at night. Not only that, full moon to me is a romantic time for lovers to be just outside watching the moon or just simply appreciating the light it emits at night that enables them to have a nice evening on their garden or outside their houses.
Posted by SimplyD on 08-10-2017
Rainbow is a very enjoyable to see. It`s a rare phenomenon, but very picturesque and fascinating. When I was a child I was always happy to see the rainbow in summer days and was always eager to come outside and make a nice photo of it. The full moon is a mysterious and solemn thing to watch. Though I never sleep well, when the moon is full. I stare at the moon, letting my face bathing in its soothing light. I love to watch full moon swimming in and out the dark clouds, as it is the beautiful mermaid swimming in the sea.
Posted by RosieCheeks on 08-11-2017
I can see a fullmoon every month, however, in order to see a rainbow, there should be rain and shine at the same time. Since the sighting of a rainbow is rarer than the fullmoon, I like rainbow more than the fullmoon. Because of colors, rainbow is more beautiful than a full moon.
Posted by vinaya on 08-17-2017
I agree. It is kind of hard to see rainbow. And things are not like that good all the time. And we have to like what we can see through a lot better in terms of rain and the colors too. So I prefer the rainbow too instead of the moon. I guess it's kind of fun that way in that context.
Posted by overcast on 04-15-2018
I prefer the rainbow to the full moon. The rainbow with it many beautiful colors creates a magnificent atmosphere for the earth. The earth becomes more prettier and more beautiful with the presence of the rainbow above the earth.
Posted by babyright on 08-30-2017
I usually look at rainbows than fullmoon I don't really like full moon because it is kinda scary to watch at the evening and sad to look at it. But for rainbow I can see hope in the rainbow new beginning and a colorful life that's why I love rainbows than full moon.
Posted by tophew on 09-12-2017
ROYGBIV - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. These are the colors that our teachers taught us about the colors of the rainbow. Rainbows reminds me of hope, it reminds me that that this world is beautiful despite man being unruly to the environment. In the place I live in, I rarely see rainbows because tall buildings block them so I whenever I get the chance to go on a Vacation, I always wish to see rainbows.
Posted by geloi on 09-13-2017
I choose rainbow every time I saw a rainbow I’m amaze and I remember that there is God above and also remember the quote “ There is a rainbow after the rain” It reminds me that all suffering and burden we are encountering now rainbow reminds me a rainbow signifies a better future, directly telling a hopeful tomorrow. When I see a rainbow I feel happy and something about me that I can’t explain so amaze saying words wow! I like seeing rainbow love the colors of it.
Posted by honeybabe on 09-21-2017
I must confess that the beauty of the rainbow is such that I can't just overlook for any reason. I am always quite excited each time I look out and sees the rainbow in the sky for it gives me that kind of pleasure that truly, nature is beautiful. So,m I prefer the rainbow to the coming of the full moon every night.
Posted by Barida on 09-26-2017
I love the rainbow it a beautiful creation and can be greatly admired from has great beautiful and vibrant colors that makes the sky looks amazing when generally mild to the eyes, refreshing and soothing. it aren't detrimental to humans in any way,it really nice when it our.
Posted by lovely on 01-30-2018
I do admire the magnificent view of the rainbow because of it's different colors. It has a bible significance. It's a sign that God won't ruin the earth by water or flood that is why we often see a rainbow after the rain.
Posted by Scarlet on 02-07-2018
Rainbows are more appealing to me. It might be due to the colors you see on it and how it is often connected to something magical. Seeing a full moon at night also makes me stare. you can't help but think how wonderful everything around us was created.
Posted by mdayrit on 08-13-2018
The rainbow may be more appealing because of the colors that make it. And those colors may also be the reason for the myth about the treasure at the end of the rainbow. It is one spectacle that we only see when there is the precise moment of angle that the rays of the sun meet with the rain or shower. So many legends have been written about the rainbow and it is a given that people will be amused.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-12-2018
Both view is really good the full moon's light is very magical, however I like the rainbow better because it is more colorful.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-02-2018
I prefer rainbow. Its a sign or symbol of God's mercy to us. He has promised He will never again bring flood that will kill mankind animals. A huge flood came during the time of Noah.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-02-2018