Real 24K Gold Plated Rose

Real 24K Gold Plated Rose
Have you been searching all over the Internet for a perfect Valentines day gift for your lover? Or just for someone you want to be your lover? Well this 24K Gold Plated Rose might make the best choice for the best Valentine's Day gift!

Most girls, ladies and woman like to receive fresh roses on Valentines day. I don't think you'll find one that doesn't? But fresh roses eventually fade, wither and die. Not so with this everlasting forever rose which would last forever as eternally as your love will.

This 24K Gold Plated Rose is handmade by a skilled artisan craft master. With real 24 carat gold plated stem and leaves and a red colored rose bud that is a joy to behold in the eyes of the receiver and will last forever.

The glass rose bud is made with a high quality glass and the stem and leaves are covered in 24K gold on them which makes for a stunning and beautiful looking rose. Packed neatly into its own box that will be treasured forever.

A perfect gift for Valentines day for that someone special in your life, or even for anniversaries, birthdays and more. A glass gold plated rose that will last as long, if not longer, than the love you have for whomever you give it to.

Learn The Language of Rose Colors

Red Roses say: "I love you very much" and "You are my one true love" where red roses most usually express love and romance and tell of deep feelings and emotions.

Blue Roses say: "You are so wonderful" and "I'm always thinking of you" where blue roses symbolize both feelings of love and beauty and joy for the recipient.

Pink Roses say: "Thank you so much" and "Congratulations" or "We're here for you" where pink roses convey tender thoughts and emotions towards someone.

  • Very stunning and beautiful real gold plated rose that makes for a lovely and romantic Valentine's Day gift for your lover or lover-to-be.
  • A real rose that's been dipped in 24K gold and created by a master craftman to be made to the highest of qualities and last forever.
  • Comes in a nice perfect sized gift box that it can either be kept in or stored in but you'd probably want it out all the time.

  • Although it's dipped and covered in gold, it's still susceptible to breaking if it's dropped on a hard floor or surface.
Red Gold Rose, DEFAITH 24K Gold Trimmed Long Stem Real Rose with Moon-shape Rose Stand. Last a Lifetime

Ad: Red Gold Rose, DEFAITH 24K Gold Trimmed Long Stem Real Rose with Moon-shape Rose Stand. Last a Lifetime

"She loved it!" "You won't go wrong with it!" That's what people say about DEFAITH Gold Rose. Special Valentine Gift for Her price: $54.99



brilliant rose

The real 24K gold plated rose, that's a gift I'll love to receive this Valentine, flowers usually make my brain go nuts. The plated rose is an everlasting gift if I can preserve it. I know people with the same interest as me will Cherish the 24K gold plated rose, I would like anyone subvert my rose. I no I'll really be excited to receive such rose as a gift. Hey guys, get this rose for me I'll appreciate it.
Posted by Trisha on 01-11-2017


24k Gold Dipped Glass Rose

24k Gold Dipped Glass Rose
This is a REAL rose that has been hand picked by an expert and then dried and hand painted. And then plated in gold so that it will last forever. As long as your love for whoever you're going to give it to on Valentines Day will!

Just like how your love for whoever you give this real rose dipped in 24K gold to will never die, likewise this is a rose that will never die, fade or loose any of its beauty which is expressed when you give this to them as a gift.

There are more than 65 hand taken steps taken to ensure this real rose dipped in 24k gold stays looking beautiful forever. With real gold leaves and stem, the rose is as exquisite to behold as it is for the one you're giving it to in your eyes.

This rose has been carefully selected and measured and then left to naturally decompose before having its chloroplasts brushed off and the veins metallized to give it more strength and rigidity and durability before being dipped in 24K gold.

Roses have always been a popular gift to give to a loved on Valentine's Day, but roses fade and die. Not so with the rose that has been preserved forever in real 24K gold that makes for the best Valentine's Day gift to express your love with.

Whether it's for your wife, your girlfriend or your mom or grandma! Or any female friend, sisters, cousins and any other beloved ladies in your life. The Real Rose Dipped in 24k Gold will surely be as loved and appreciated as they are to you.

The Language of the Red Rose

Red roses typically symbolize love and passion. They say that you love someone very much by giving them a rose or bouquet of roses.

Red roses express bliss when given to a married partner where the passion is still burning strongly for that person as it was when you first met or fell in love.

A love that continues to grow strong and is still as fresh as a fresh red rose can be.

  • Very well made to the highest quality, this 24 carat real gold plated rose makes for a stunning and beautiful gift to give someone on this coming Valentine's Day.
  • Handmade by a skilled craftsman using a 65 step process to ensure the highest quality looking glass and gold rose that is a joy and a treasure to behold.

  • Those are real glass leaves and it makes it a little heavy and that can cause it to break if it's dropped from a high place onto a hard surface.
Red Gold Rose, DEFAITH 24K Gold Trimmed Long Stem Real Rose with Moon-shape Rose Stand. Last a Lifetime

Ad: Red Gold Rose, DEFAITH 24K Gold Trimmed Long Stem Real Rose with Moon-shape Rose Stand. Last a Lifetime

"Love You More as Time Goes By" - We may you have faith in yourself, deliver your love and faith to your loved one. price: $54.99



Beautifully made and valuable

This looks more like a rose, and even though both are beautiful, I would pick this one because I love the way it is made. The golden stem strikes in a contrasting way with the deep red color of the rose's petals. Even though it is quite expensive one needs to take into account the fact that we are talking about gold here, and the fact that deep within it is a real rose is surely something quite unique, making it a gift to be highly appreciated.
Posted by sspi on 01-18-2017


Since 24k Gold Dipped Glass Rose is made from real flower, I will chose to have this item as a gift to my wife on valentine's day or on her birthday, even for a marriage anniversary.
Posted by vinaya on 10-10-2017
This is a perfect gift for a perfect partner on a perfect valentine day, the real 24kgold plated rose would be an awesome gift for valentine.There's something about red roses when presented to a partner it melts two heart and makes them bond deeply,I always present my partners with red real roses more often than not and it tell him how just I'm feeling, this gift will definitely melt his heart.great gift there.
Posted by lovely on 01-18-2018