Reality Shows, what do you think?

Reality Shows, what do you think?
Reality shows are watched by millions of people Big Brother being one of the most popular.

Although I would say they are normally 'not my thing', I have been caught up in one or two mainly because I cannot believe how human beings can behave in such a fashion, how they can be so superficial and spiteful to each other and at times live in such filthy conditions.

I know they choose the personalities carefully so that there will be conflict because that's what people tune in to see but what do you actually think of them. Do you watch them?


Jonathan Solomon
Reality Shows, in my opinion, are the farthest thing from reality in this world. The concept of reality shows is that people of the public or celebrities are filmed in their day to day lives. Exposing the drama, issues, and problems they go through in just "living.

I was a fan of reality shows in my early teen years. As I got older, however, I found that they misconstrue the audience perception of reality. As a population, we feel our lives need to be filled with excitement in any sort of way. Drama, love, lust, all characteristics that divert you on your day to day course. This is the main reason I don't watch reality shows anymore as I truly feel the "augment" reality.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 05-19-2017
I used to love watching reality shows because I feel like I get to see a glimpse of the lives of the people there and their interactions with others. But now it seems that more and more of these shows are super scripted and predictable. It makes it seem that their "reality" is not very realistic at all. The topics are superficial and in a way, you can't relate to them anymore. So now I'd rather just watch my favorite cooking shows. ^_^
Posted by jennykoi on 05-19-2017
Big Boss and Dancing with the stars are two reality shows that I have followed since years. I like dance shows and I am always amused by the creativity of choreographers in the Dancing with the stars. On Big Boss we get to know the human nature. I have watched other reality shows as well. However, I have not followed them closely.
Posted by vinaya on 05-19-2017
What I understand of Reality Shows is like the Kardashians where cameras are set up inside their homes to capture their natural behavior. I really don't like that kind of show because to me, that is not only trash but also voyeurism. It's very similar to eavesdropping on your neighbor or being a peeping to see what your neighbors are doing. So what is the substance of a reality show that you see their life? Simply nothing. It is just a waste of time watching those nonsensical shows on tv. I hope the producers of those shows would think twice before making those tv shows.
Posted by Corzhens on 05-19-2017
I watch Reality Shows, however, I don't like to call myself and addict. I watch when I have time. My primary purpose of watching such shows is entertainment. I look at the shows like I am watching the animals at the zoo. It is amusing to watch human animals playing in the reality shows.
Posted by vinaya on 01-15-2018
I'm guilty of being a reality shows junkie. I watch so many of them. My favorite ones are The Survivor and Big Brother.

I can't help it but I love the drama and seeing how fast people show their true colors. It's entertaining to watch. They make all these ''strong'' alliances then the producers put in a small twist and they all turn their backs on each other like they're the worst enemies.

I always found it interesting and intriguing to see how far people are willing to go for money. It's often shocking where they have their limits if they even have any.
Posted by Mehano on 05-19-2017
I don't like reality shows, because it's not my reality. I don't care about some washed up rapper or other celeb drama. I was never a big a fan of reality shows, unless it was about your average family in America, which you don't see much of. the last realty show that I enjoyed was the Jersey Shore, and that was because I'm from Jersey so I can relate to the stories, other than that as a whole, reality shows are a waste of time, in my opinion.
Posted by kamar19 on 05-19-2017
In my opinion, these shows are not very "real" when drama is not happening it is scripted to have conflicts for the viewers. Look in part at shows like the Bachelor where I think it is decided in advance who the villian is going to be. I mean it works for them, but don't say it is "reality." Also, those shows with the housewives fighting and throwing drinks at each other all the time..Hmm, I don't think most of that is real.
Posted by kgord on 05-19-2017
They are all manipulated, but are cheap to make and people want to be on the shows because they think they will become famous. I have had two friends on Big Brother and it wasn't such a great idea as they both came out looking bad. Reality stars are D list, and aren't celebrities as they haven't done anything. The only place they are seen are in tabloids, and in nightclubs to promote them.

My friend who is an actress and now a reality star does get some freebies she endorses, but the problem is her acting career is going to be tainted by the reality shows she has been on. I don't watch them any longer except the cooking ones because those you can't really fake.
Posted by Alexa on 05-19-2017
I like to watch some reality shows every now or then like kitchen nightmares, shark tank, or America ninja worrier. But for the most part reality shows are awful! I mean, shows like honey boo boo or keeping up with the Kardashians are shows that just turn your brain off. You don't learn anything from watching those. Not to mention most of those shows aren't even reality. I much rather watch a good series, a nice movie or an interesting documentary from which I would gain new knowledge.
Posted by FatManX on 05-19-2017
I love watching reality shows! Not all of them, especially not "Big Brother," ugh. But "Survivor," the granddaddy of reality tv is probably my favorite though, because of the competition aspect. My only complaint is that the producers have made it easier and more comfortable for the contestants, taking some of the fun out of it for me. But I love the plotting and scheming and back-stabbing if need be. I also like the fake reality-shows like the Bravo TV shows like "Real Housewives of (fill in the blanks)" where everyone has a "story-line" and the dialogue is ad-lib city that sometimes make news headlines the next day. What I don't like is a lot of ignorant bickering, low-life behavior and mean and bullying stuff happening. But other than than I love to see what people are willing to do with their dignity for a check.
Posted by DeeFree on 05-19-2017
In my opinion, I think that reality shows are fake and are made just for the ratings or views. I mean how can we as the audience truly tell that everything being done is 100% real and not some acting to make us think it is real. One thing I have to mention is how in every reality television series that I have seen there aren't ever any problems with the cameras, a lot of forced smiles are usually made, and most of the homes are over cleaned. If I were truly watching a reality show then I would expect some kind of a messy home from time to time, interruptions during an event, failed activities, and a family that doesn't need to act like their is a camera staring at them every time even though there is one next to them.
Posted by AWPEK on 05-19-2017
I believe Reality Shows were legitimately real in the beginning. For example, Survivor and Amazing Race (arguably still legit). Then, Jersey Shores and Real Housewives pops up. It was planned, maybe not fully scripted. They knew the framework of what they needed to do to get the ratings up. I believe a true reality show would be very boring and not entertaining at all. There is no way any person's life could be that exciting, on the go and filled with drama every minute of the day. However, this is what the viewers like and what the producers push. If these so-called reality shows want to stay on the network and make money, they are forced to follow ratings and what the producers say is necessary.
Posted by JeffHart on 05-19-2017
According to me reality shows are a good way and the most proven way to entertain public at large and with natural effects, because these are recorded live and we people are able to see the natural behaviour of a particular person. Proven because looking at the growth of Big Brothers now a days we can see many reality shows using the same concept spreading all over the world. With the help of these kind of shows even the people are able to learn something good but even they end up learning much of bad.
Posted by Rutpan on 05-19-2017
I don't like reality shows, especially the big brother shows in my country, it has undervalued and undermined education in my country. In my country today, people are ready to sacrifice education for participating in the show because of the rewards the show has to offer them, where in the actual sense the shows makes a lot more money from the people than its spends. People celebrate so called reality stars now than they celebrate academics who are making actual contribution to the development of the country.
Posted by HarrySung on 05-20-2017
"Reality" shows... yeah, sure. Sorry but for me there is absolutely to reality in those things. They create fake situations with fake people, and I really don't get it. If it's all false, is like watching a bad tv show put together with no effort. I really don't understand why they are so popular, why so many people watch them. They aren't even funny! You can see they are just acting, and it's a very bad acting! And sometimes they also have those weird ideas that would fit badly even in a Simpson or Family Guy parody. I probably shouldn't talk too much about them, because I hate them so much I get mad just to think about it. You are right: they are absolutely "not my thing", not now, not ever.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 05-20-2017
Reality shows aren't even the 'reality' of the contrived situations they're recording. It's very common to cut to an expression that was not actually in response to whatever the previous shot implied. Make no mistake, all of this is heavily edited to tell a story that was perhaps partially organic to start with, but exaggerated heavily.

I don't begrudge people for enjoying reality shows - calling them fake has about as much decorum as telling folks pro wrestling is fake. My mother enjoys LIttle Women - the reality shows about dwarves - but she willingly admits it's all very loosely based on a true story at best. I think this is true for most fans of this type of programming.
Posted by gkillian on 05-20-2017
What qualifies as a reality show? I don't watch Survivor, Big Brother, Bachelor, or any of that kind of drama. I don't like that stuff, and most of it seems overly scripted.

I find most of these types of shows to be demeaning to the participants, and watching that just doesn't appeal to me.

If the home buying and home renovation and decorating shows are included in this category then yes, I'm a fan of 'reality' TV (not so sure how reality is actually included in these either, but I do like to watch them). There is still some drama, but I'm more about the houses, the reno stuff, and the decor.
Posted by Zyni on 05-20-2017
I don't really like the idea of watching a reality show because it not really reality in a normal sense, when I see people or families talking about a reality show I don't really know what is so interesting about it. The main aim of any reality show is to entertain but some of it do teach positive as well as negative values to the society. Watch the way of life of someone can impact good and bad changes to ones attitude, so I don't really buy the idea but it can be fun at times
Posted by EarlAlexander on 05-20-2017
I have never been a fan of "reality shows" because I do not consider them to really be "reality." They way people get into fights and have all this drama around them just does not ring true for me. I will just stick to fiction to supply me with the drama and entertainment that I need in my life. Of course, if reality shows did not have all the added drama and conflict in it people would not watch it. There would not be enough excitement.
Posted by morgoodie on 05-20-2017
I think reality tv is scripted thus not really reality tv.
Posted by Zyphir on 05-20-2017
When I watch a reality show, I find that I spend more time wondering which parts of the show were scripted than actually enjoying the show. For example, sometimes they will add in a cut of a reaction that happened at a completely different time just to make the situation more interesting. For example, if there are certain people the show wants to portray was "villains", they might show cuts of them laughing at another contestant's misery when that clip was actually from a different time, when they were laughing at a joke. This can lead to bullying of the villain contestant by viewers. Furthermore, because reality shows are so heavily scripted, in a lot of competition shows it becomes clear that the producers already have the winners in mind before the show even starts. For all the other contestants who work just as hard, this is obviously not fair. Overall, I think reality shows are not respectful to the contestants at all, and treat their lives and dreams as commodities for profit and I cannot properly enjoy shows like that.
Posted by lilac123 on 05-24-2017
Truthfully, I like a lot of reality shows but the ones that you can tell are fake because something bad happens every episode are the ones I don't like because you can tell they're fake and to me that's boring and ruins the show.
Posted by Sino989 on 05-24-2017
The vast majority of them (such as "Big Borther") is a big and total waste of time because there is no plausible reason for them to exist, just as there is no plausible reason for them to become so successful (I really don't understand this!).

In contrast, some shows like "The Amazing Race" and "Survival" are incredibly great because in addition to being more interesting, they have a real reason to happen / exist.
Posted by WildSpirit on 05-27-2017
I don't have a thing againts "reality tv shows" they are entertaining at some point, seeing people doing stupid things for fame can be fun somehow. I can caught myself watching them from time to time on TV.
Posted by reginafalange on 06-24-2017
There are some reality shows that are not completely stupid, like the one with Donald Trump, I have learned a lot about business in that show.
Posted by joey98 on 10-22-2017
I have watched so many reality shows that I have got to term them as total garbage,nothing to learn from them,just mere superficial and vain showoff.The rate of immoral activities question the character of some humans. People having sex on National Television it just too appalling to say the least.
Posted by lovely on 12-03-2017
I think some Reality Shows are really very good and inspiring. On the other hand, there are really horrible Reality Shows that simply should not exist, as they add absolutely nothing to people.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-28-2018