Reasons why alcohol should be banned.

Alcohol is a poison, your body tries to expel it as quickly as possible once it enters. Alcohol is ethanol. It causes more deaths in American than all other drugs combined (cocain, meth, etc). It causes family issues from child abuse to demeaning attitudes and slowly addicts anyone that uses it. The word "Alcoholic" is a made up word, alcohol is a drug and anyone that takes a drug repeatedly can become addicted to it.

People say weird things about alcohol to justify their own use such as "she can't handle her liquor" or "I only drink two a night, I'm no alcoholic" but we don't say "He only smoked one rock today, he isn't a cocainolic" or "he only uses meth to calm down on occasion". This is due to the mainstream promotion and advertising of alcohol, it is everywhere! Go to a party? Alcohol. Go to a game? Draft beer night. Go to dinner? Wine enhances the flavor of that food (this has been proven false, alcohol actually dulls your senses which include taste). Depress? Have a beer and mellow out (which will only cause you to be more depressed the next day).

Alcohol is the only legal drug. It is physically and mentally addictive with periodic use for anyone. There is no alcoholic gene which has never been proven. It should be banned just like every other drug.

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  It is the cause of millions of deaths per year, worldwide (directly and indirectly; IE: drunk driving with 10,322 deaths in 2012 US CDC) Vote
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  Despite contrary mainstream media, it has no benefit to health whatsoever (it actually damages your brain, liver and otherwise) Vote
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  It is directly responsible for millions of cases of abuse, physically and mentally Vote
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  It is a drug; it is addictive just like any other drug Vote
14.29% voted this
  Involved in 80% of rapes, 60% of murders Vote
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  Directly linked to multiple health related problems and illnesses (cancer, liver disease, etc) Vote
  Other (please comment below) Vote
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Why allow a drug that is responsible for so much abuse, death and crime?
Posted by Jerboa on 12-16-2016
I think alcohol makes people different. Sometimes good but most of the time worse. They do things they wouldn't normally do like fighting, abuse, rape, murder and otherwise. It also tastes like pure crap so I'm unsure why people would drink it anyway.
Posted by FindingJay on 12-17-2016
Alcohol is only not banned because governments make too money from the sale of alcohol. Thinking about it. Would you ban something that made you millions to billions in a year? Probably not. No matter what it does, there will always be laws on alcohol, such as drinking when you're 21+ (in the US), no drinking and driving, etc. They really don't care that it causes death, money over lives.
Posted by Everett on 12-19-2016
I can totally see why Alcohol is a drug and I would never say anything against that. It's a fact. However, in Sweden, we sell Alcohol in a store we call "systembolaget", and that's the only place you can get it. It's legal to buy alcohol when you are 20 years old here in Sweden and I think it's a decent age actually. Perhaps they should allow drinking and buying alcohol from the time you're 25 years old instead, but it doesn't really matter that much to me. - However, I can't see the reason for not legalizing marijuana either.
Posted by hitmeasap on 12-23-2016