Religion is divisive of the people

Religion is divisive of the people
In the song of John Lennon there is a line that said about having no religion so that there will be peace on earth. I believe that religion is divisive because it differentiates people’s beliefs. If there is only one belief then it is like saying that we all agree. How many religious groups are there all over the world? The big groups are more than a hundred and counting the small ones will exceed a thousand. That is how divided the people of the world are in their belief of religion. What do you think is the solution so that people will all agree to just one religion?


I don't think the religion is the problem. The problem is the people within each religion which disagree on other's belief and faith. I am not sure on the line of the song though because in songs and poems the meaning of the words doesn't necessarily mean literally. The word religion here might not mean religion itself but the belief of every people. Whether there is a religion or not, people would still have their own beliefs either way.
Posted by gutzman on 12-18-2018
People should respect each religion. Some people believe in one thing, others believe in some other thing. It is not the religion that is the main problem- the main problem are people. They fight in the name of their Gods. People justify every war by saying: "This was writen. My God will be grateful if I take this land." But they are lying. And they believe in lie that they fight for their God. They fight for themselves. To sum it up, people should respect every religion, faith, belief. And when that happens, there will be peace.
Posted by NikSuks on 12-18-2018