Repairs for old homes are expensive

Repairs for old homes are expensive
We bought our house in 2001 when it was already 20 years old so you can imagine the repairs needed before we moved in. The budget for the repair had cost us an arm and a leg that we had to borrow money. After 10 years the repairs are again needed for the leaking roof and the worn out tiles in the backyard patio. But the biggest expense was the replacement of the firewall fence. It was out of alignment due to the earthquake maybe so we had to tear it down and build a new one. It is expensive to own an old house that you have to be prepared for the needed maintenance from time to time otherwise you will be living in a dilapidated house.


Repairing an old house is worth. Because in that old house you build so many memories that money can't buy. An old house is much better as time past because of the old architecture remain and the beauty of it will appreciate.
Posted by Em14 on 12-12-2018
I agree with you. If it were me, I wouldn't care about the expenses. I don't care if it would make me borrow money, as long as the memories stay and the house that I love is still and fine
Posted by theresajane on 12-16-2018
I think it depends on the nature and the severity of the repairs. Often you can purchase older houses for significantly cheaper than newer builds (at least here in my country) so having to put some work into them often is seen as part of the deal.
Posted by amelia88 on 12-12-2018
This is just the good thing about old houses. One will buy is cheaper but the repairs might take much but it can be spread over a period than putting down huge money for a new house.
Posted by Frank on 12-14-2018
You have a great point. It's actually a good investment. While you already have your own house, you can gradually work and pay for the expenses of the repairs unlike waiting for the new house to be done
Posted by theresajane on 12-16-2018
I beleive old houses are worth saving because the memories they hold are often worth more than money we spend to get them back in shape. That should only be the case, however, if the house is not beyond bad. Sometimes, trying to save something precious that is beyond saving will only leave us regretting in the long run.
Posted by Franzel2oo on 12-12-2018
The reason being the cost of the repair persons hourly work. And also the stuff that is required for the same. I think things have gone expensive over the period of years. What we used to pay in the childhood we can't expect to be paying that amount to the people around.
Posted by overcast on 12-12-2018
Anything that involves house construction is expensive. With our experience, the one that usually costs more is the labor. See, if only I have the expertise to repair or build the house myself, I can save maybe 50% or more compared to having it outsourced.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 12-12-2018
Well, one can save money repairing a house by oneself that's just for the labor. How about the materials needed for use. It can only be rightly done with new materials, no need using old materials for a old house.
Posted by Frank on 12-14-2018
My parent's house is more than 30 years old, and let me tell you that can be a headache. There's always something to fix, the floors is coming off, the roof is leaking, the toilets are sounding, and thousand of things. I would like to sell that house, and buy them a small apartment, but my mom is way too attach to the house, because of the memories she has from it. But honestly, there's not a big enough budget when it comes to an old house.
Posted by ballyhara on 12-12-2018
Repairing an old home is always expensive but it is worth it if you have a lot of attachment and memories in that house. No money can buy great memories you had in your old home with your family and love sounds.
Posted by antonToledo on 12-12-2018
I agree. It is worth repairing our home because this where grow up. Me and family build it together and we had so much great memories on it too.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 12-14-2018
Even if you buy a new home you'll still need maintenance and upkeep for it. Not everything stays in perfect condition under the harshness of the elements. It's honestly natural to start renovating after 10 years. You can try to do minor repairs yearly, it might help lessen the cost. Houses are indeed expensive but it's better to own one rather than throw your money down the drain with renting out a place.
Posted by knnon on 12-13-2018
It might be expensive but it was worth it I think. There are lots of memories from our old house that we don't want to forget. Our house is our most valued treasure.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 12-13-2018
I think that there is nothing wrong with how much expensive or not maintaining your old house as long as it has a sentimental value for your family. However, if this house is bought for example from another family and you have no memories about it to keep, I think it is better for you to buy and new house.
Posted by Vinsanity on 12-13-2018
Most people are willing to spend their money on the repair of something that has a big sentimental value for them. Even if it's a house, if the person really wants it, he will always be willing to spend
Posted by theresajane on 12-13-2018
Buying a new house doesn't come easy with the small money one might have. I prefer to buy a small old house if that's what I can offer then try to repairs it up gradually.
Posted by Frank on 12-14-2018
Repairs for old homes are expensive: Yes that true because as we all know all prices are now increase more than a half comparing the price before. The price I am talking about is for all the stuffs we need to by and no even one stuff in this time is more cheaper than before, all increased. But, repairing an old homes is worth to do even the materials we need are too expensive if we do calculate the overall monetary expense but if we include the memories that we build in here, the cost of the materials to repair it was nothing to compare that the memories.
Posted by mhingnhormz on 12-13-2018
Repairs are expected since it is an old house. I do think it costs less to repair old houses than to build a new one. And I like seeing old houses because they have that certain appeal to them. It's like they're part of the history of the community.
Posted by iambeth on 12-13-2018
Every house has its own needed maintenance in order for it to be useful. Old houses might seem to be a cheaper way to have your own house and lot already since it is hard to get a land under your name nowadays. But the downside is that, you would have to provide its maintenance and repairs needed for it to be fully furnished. And that doesn't stop there, few years later, you would have again to repair some damages again which can be very expensive.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 12-13-2018
It is true. It is expensive but yet again you are getting what you payed for.
Posted by YoloBoy on 12-13-2018
It's really expensive. Especially if your old house it's quite big, there's a lot of to do and it would really cost you a lot. Well, even though you have to spend you savings, it's still worth it, isn't it?
Posted by theresajane on 12-13-2018
It all depends on what you want to repair. If you are wishing to have your entire house interiors and exteriors repaired, it will cost a bomb. Old houses have a special charm associated with them and we just cannot leave them or sell them to someone.
Posted by kaushikangara on 12-13-2018
My father is a carpenter and he used to tell me this. In repairing a house, first you should evaluate its value. Old houses with great memories can bring pain if the foundations are already done for. Sometimes it is far better to build a whole new one than to continuously repair every essential parts of the house. Especially adding foundations and changing walls. Stones erode and metals rust over time. If you do not take these into consideration then you might be putting your lives at risk. And not to mention the pipes for the water supply and the electrical wiring of the house. And one of the worst cases, pests like termites than could have weakening the very foundations of the house for a long time.
Posted by emiaj55 on 12-14-2018
I agree with you. Someone must really made an evaluation to see if the cost of repairs are worth it or it is much better if they build a new one. Maintaining an old house is really expensive. Sometimes, it's not about the cost. Sometimes it's about the sentimental value of that house. About the memories happened in that house.
Posted by burgosmichael2407 on 12-14-2018
Old house repairs will remain expensive now especially here in my country where building materials and labor are very expensive. I just think if one can manage the house until one has the needed money to repair then it would be better.
Posted by Frank on 12-14-2018
I agree. We used to rent an old apartment when I was a kid and I often heard the owner saying that the apartment complex is costing him a lot of money as it is getting old. When we had the means, we bought a brand new house and lot because of the experience we had on that old apartment, we had to save more and took us longer but I can say that it is worth it.
Posted by pencilneckgeek on 12-14-2018
I think it would be better to rebuild the house part by part. In this way you are investing little by little. If repairing would only lead you to repair it again and again, you are just wasting money. If not, then it is just fine to do so. It is really hard to give up an old house, even I have the same issues.
Posted by gutzman on 12-14-2018
This is definitely true. When I initially moved to Europe, I decided to renovate an unused floor in my grandparent’s old farmhouse. I thought that it would be a minor investment and it could be an easy way for me to establish my own, individual living area. Oh, how wrong I was. I already had to sink in a bunch of money just to rework the unsafe, withering infrastructure. Then, obviously, came the costs of actually installing all the new flooring, walls, and electricity. Remodeling old homes definitely costs a pretty penny.
Posted by Denis_P on 12-14-2018
This is true. Repairing house is expensive as you still have to pay for labor and the materials needed for repair. Our house is currently under repair so I know the feeling and how expensive is to repair your rooms and houses. You need a plenty of money here.
Posted by nekonieden on 12-15-2018