SEMRush is one of the most popular SEO tools out there and has been around for a LONG time compared with most SEO tools that seem to spring up every year but you never hear from them again because they just fail.

SEMrush is one of those tools that passed the test of time and in the SEO world, that is simply amazing and close to impossible.

SEMrush offers the following SEO tools:

  1. The Domain analytics tools which contains:

    • SEO Audit Overview
    • Organic Research which contains: position changes, competitors, pages, subdomains, and URLs.
    • Backlinks analysis
    • Advertisement research (including video and display)
    • Traffic analysis
    • Ranks
    • Domain vs Domain
    • Charts
  2. Keyword analytics which includes:
    • Keyword difficulty
    • Phrase Match
    • Related Keywords
    • Keyword magic tool
Essentially SEMrush is an all-in-all SEO tool. You can do keywords research, keyword tracking, SEO audits, competitors analysis and everything in between. Personally, I don't use SEMRush every day. Some clients insist on me using it and for some projects indeed I will need to use SEMRush, especially for keywords!

  • Semrush has SEOQuake which in my opinion is the best SEO tool you can find out there. There isn't anything close to it, especially to its SEO audit section which makes my life so much easier every day. All I have to do is to take a look at that audit that loads in seconds and I simply understand everything a certain page lacks in terms of on-page SEO.
  • SEMRush is probably the best tool for keyword research. I prefer it over anything else. It is able to find and structure unique keywords other tools can't seem to find but it can also spy on the competition. Overall at the end of the day, you can complete the best keywords strategy with SEMRush

  • SEMrush lacks in the backlinks department. Unlike Ahrefs for example, Semrush isn't able to find the same level of detailed backlinks as Ahrefs or other tools.
  • I personally don't like the user experience of SEMRush, it just seems old and not updated. I know this isn't the case and they are just keeping their old format for user experience and for long time customers. But I simply don't like it, this may be the reason I don't use it daily. I prefer Ahrefs which seems more modern and better structured.



SEMRush is the best out there

I've been using SEMRush for a while and I can't find any bad words about this tool. It's so widely popular for a reason - it's amazing and one of the best when it comes to SEO.

It offers you anything you could possibly want. Domain comparisons, most profitable keywords, site audit, and so on.

The price of SEMRush really isn't bad at all if you consider what it gives you back. Also, SEMRush has a free 30-day trial and Ahrefs only 14 days.

Hands down, SEMRush is the most effective SEO tool out there and I wouldn't switch it.

Posted by Mehano on 05-30-2017

Ahrefs is a fairly new tool in the SEO world. I personally first heard of them 2 years ago and I liked the tool right from the start. The thing is they improved a lot since then and I mean A LOT. Tons of new features and the best part is that they added the same features for a lot of different languages which was one of my biggest issues in the past with Ahrefs.

Now you can do proper keyword research plus analyze your competition no matter your country or language you use. And Ahrefs does have some proper SEO tools, probably the best on the market right now!

Some of the Tools you can find in Ahrefs:

  • The most important part of Ahrefs is their Backlink Profile tool which will show you any backlinks a website may have: new, lost or broken.
  • Backlinks structured as referring domains, you will get every stats under the sun like Domain rating; Ahrefs rank; backlinks; do follow/Nofollow
  • Anchors - the actors used by the backlinks
  • Organic Search which includes: new keywords, breaking keywords (new movements); top pages per keyword, competing for domains; competing pages and content gap (my favorite)
Ahrefs can also show you for any website other things like broken links; PPC keywords used, type of ads and top landing pages.

Sure it may seem that Ahrefs focuses more on backlinks than on SEO audits but trust me if you figure out how to read these backlinks statistics you won't need any fancy SEO audit tool. You will figure out for yourself what is missing in your websites and what are others doing good/bad.

  • In the SEO world is all about having the right insides and Ahrefs can deliver that for the specialists capable of reading their data. It can also export everything fast and very well structured into CSV or PDF formats. It doesn't matter how big the data is, you will get everything nicely packed.
  • You will essentially get the best backlinks analyzer money can buy! In my opinion, no other tool comes close to Ahrefs in this department. Getting your competition's backlink profile can come in very handy when you are trying to outrank them in Google.

  • Although Ahrefs is user-friendly and in my opinion looks great and also have good stats and visual graphics you need to know a lot of SEO to actual interpret their data. I'm afraid Ahrefs is not really for the novice SEO still learning the ropes. Maybe you can extract some information but without full proper SEO knowledge, you won't be able to make the right decisions and create the right strategy. This is why I recommend buying Ahrefs for SEO specialist and not for the website's client.
  • Ahrefs lacks on some departments, like for example, it doesn't have a traditional keyword tracking tool. It just shows you popular keywords and what position a certain website hold for them, but you can't really set very specific keywords to get tracked.


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I've honestly never heard of these tools. But now it gives me a better thought on how to approach SEO optimization
Posted by Atropia on 05-12-2017
I have to admit that I am new to SEO although I am excited to learn more about it. There was an interview of 2 SEO specialist on tv a month ago. They say that SEO is the big thing this year which means SEO specialist is a legitimate job. So what happens if I learn the tricks of SEO work? I can become an SEO specialist and earn from the consultation work huh. I may be dreaming now but I am working on it so I am interested in the 2 products featured above.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-22-2018
Well Seo is the in thing now because a lot of people are coming online now to do one thing or the other and of course will need a site for now and having a site will need one to optimize it to search engine standard. I have never heard of these two tools and they both are great but i prefer ahrefs more .it tend to give one the basic features for proper optimization like checking back links,competition works etc.
Posted by lovely on 05-25-2018
Why website owners are looking for how to get the best traffic and very fast way to attract traffic, i believe they will try the Semrush to help them generate keywords that will attract customers easily to their site. Semrush is still the best SEO on the net.
Posted by babyright on 05-25-2018