Work with constant salary saves the anxiety of precarious job search and ensures steady influx of money. Salary employees are mostly settled in their sector of production, the chances of losing their job is less as long as they imbibe by the rules governing the organization. The assurance of a steady means of income creates a stable mindset the employees put their best forward to increase production.

Salary wage rate shore up the quantity of goods and services produced, the employees focus on numbers and not basically quality, because they are rest assured of their job spots, the payment made is inline with the employees rank or position in the organization, The higher the rank, the higher the wage rate.

Employees can practically invest more effort into the organization, this is mostly the case when adequate supervision is put in place, and less if the necessary production materials are not available or proper supervision is not carried out. Salary wage rate favor a lot of homes, as it provides the necessary requirements to run those homes.

Most salary employees have insurance provisions made available by their employers, this insurance is necessary in case of emergency. Salary wage rate foster good documentation of employees status, organization is a paramount feature of salary wage rate.

• Supports increase of quantity during production. • Makes organization easier. • Eliminates anxiety of precarious job search. • Steady income

• Requires good documentation of employees status. • Some employees might produce less than the desired level.



Salary is common here

I don't think that there is any business establishment in Nigeria and particularly Enugu State my residing area that deals with paying on hourly basis. It's not obtainable here. Monthly payment of salary is what every firms in Nigeria operates with, if it's even possible for them to extend it to two-month interval before paying workers for their jobs done, they would definitely do it.

Personally, I'm of the view that hourly pay isn't going to enable one to have a good saving habit. This is because one would always come up with the excuse that he would save tomorrow since he is going to get paid again in hours and before you know it, it's too late to make any reasonable savings.

Posted by Heatman on 09-20-2017

Far better!

In my country, the salary payroll is the most relevant. I honestly don't know of many professions or companies that would use the "hourly pay" system.

I much prefer the salary. You know how much you will make at the end of the month and you sign a contract that you agree. Then you are free to focus on your work and it lets you be more productive. You don't have to constantly worry how much will you make and so on.

The salary system is, therefore, better and I believe that it is far more commonly used than the hourly pay.

Posted by Mehano on 07-19-2017

Salary for me

I would rather get paid a salary because I may not have to work as many hours like when your working on an hourly wage. The down side to that is that I may have to work more than 8 hours to get a job done but I won't get paid overtime.
Posted by kamar19 on 07-19-2017


Since you didn't ask what we prefer, but what method of payment is more relevant in my area, I will vote salary. I would rather have hourly pay, since job hours are often a lot and you are more motivated that way, but everybody here just pay with a fixed salary! You might have some extra if you do a little more hours more than your contract, but it's just a small bonus totally irrelevant...
Posted by Xilkozuf on 07-19-2017


I think jobs that give a salary instead of hourly pay are generally more stable which is why I would prefer to have a salary. I think jobs with a salary also allow more flexibility. If you finish your work you can go home early. Unless you have a deadline, you can take a longer lunch break if you want provided that you still finish all your work by the time you go home. The downside is that you might end up working overtime, but it depends on what kind of industry you work in. With salary jobs, you don't have to worry that you are going to get paid for the month whereas with jobs with hourly pay, you could get your hours reduced with little notice which can lead to a lot of problems if you are on a tight budget.
Posted by lilac123 on 07-19-2017


When the subject is money, I prefer to play on the safer side. In this case, the safest side is to have a salary because it is something with a defined amount, which you know you will receive every month... as opposed to working by the hour.
Posted by WildSpirit on 07-22-2017

more stable and benefits

I always prefer to have monthly salary, hence I know how much I am earning each month, it's easier to budget. Moreover, usually while having salary, we are the permanent staff to the company, and we will enjoy more benefits. We will even get paid on public holidays or when we get sick (with the proof from the doctor).
Posted by kaka135 on 07-18-2017

Steadfast and stable

I prefer to wait until the end of the month to receive stable salary where I can see a lump sum amount in my saving account. I can also plan out my expenses and savings monthly and prepare money for rainy days ahead of time.
Posted by peachpurple on 07-19-2017

Always Salary

The hourly jobs are likely to be short term. And for this reason I prefer to have salary. Or even some fixed cost project. Because with hourly jobs, I don't get much flexibility. And for this reason it'd be reasonable to have salary. So that being said, salary based jobs are better.
Posted by overcast on 08-15-2017

A salary for sure!

I prefer to have a salary because it offers more benefits like a paid vacation, or paid overtime, tickets, and vouchers ( this depends on the company). Pid hours don't offer such benefits!
Posted by wallet on 07-19-2017


This is the best option for me because I need to have something secure, I don't care if I have to wait some days to receive the payment, I just need to have that security to be happy. I have to admit that at the moment I'm not being able to have a decent work, so I've been doing little hourly jobs, and I know the payments are kind of high, but at the end of the day these are not trustful works because one day you're in, at the other you're out, and that's the thing that I hate the most, not having security and stability.
Posted by luispas on 07-23-2017


Since I started to work, I've been paid for hours, weekly and every 15 days so I prefer to get paid every two weeks. It's easier to organize all of your things and your bills. I think is the best way to have control of your finances.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-19-2017

Who wants an unstable job?

We all want to have a job that we can count on to the longest possible time. Unlike hourly pay, this kind of jobs are stable and will make sure that you are getting something which is permanent. And the benefits and bonuses are also nice to have. This job also has overtime bonus pay.
Posted by galegatling on 07-19-2017

Salary for the pocket

It is a more stable way of payment and you will always know what you earn, regardless of the fact that wages are a more stable, safer and sometimes serious way of payment, which is why I prefer a salary.
Posted by Deathisue on 07-22-2017

Salary payroll in my zone

Most of the companies on my country pay monthly, and not hourly. You get paid for how many days you were active,for night shifts and other things.However,the salary is not a fixed amount.It deducts medical insurance,pension . Having the all money once a month is better.If you are not an economic person,a hourly payroll can be not so smart.
Posted by DenisHero on 07-19-2017

Pretty much

I can't argue against all the benefits that having a pre-established salary can give you, including, stability, worker rights and knowing just how much you can spend so you will never run out of money
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-31-2017

Salary is better.

When it comes in paying the jobs we do, salary is what I am prefer for rather than hourly pay. If I am going to choose hourly pay, maybe sometimes I can use the money I get in some not so important things. But when it comes to salary, your money that will received is fix and organize. So it's fine to me I am receiving salary than hourly pay.
Posted by blank629 on 10-17-2017

Best option for me

When you are looking at being able to manage your fund and save money, going with salary payments which comes on monthly basis seems the best appropriate measure. This because if you receive your pay on hourly intervals, it's definitely going to be very hard for you to save money as the thought that you will make another money in another few more hours would always get you unfocused in meeting up with your savings plans.
Posted by Emmaz on 03-26-2018


I would prefer salary because ir is much stable than hourly pay. Also, you can expect the amount that you will be receiving by the time payday comes. It also has a lot of benefits unlike bonuses and additional rate pay. You can plan ahead of where you will be spending your salary to because you already know how much you will be receiving.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 12-06-2018

I choose this.

I prefer to receive my salary instead of hourly pay. It is because I might be able to spend them and I might be broke t the end of the month. I don't want to experience that.
Posted by theresajane on 11-20-2018


Hourly pay

Hourly pay
Hourly pay rate is inevitable in some firms and organizations, this method of payment establishes parity between productive hours and equivalent pay rate. The pay rate offers convenience to employers to only pay for productive hours, and workers are hired when the organization is ready to optimize their services, this method of payment is mostly applicable to specific sectors of production.

A payment scheme that pays corresponding hourly input to employees, are always favourite destination for most employees, because the wage rate is higher per input hours. The employees have that inner satisfaction that commensurate payment is made for their hourly input.

People on hourly wage rate benefits extraordinarily from overtime, the reoccurrence of overtime is so frequent in some firms. Any attempt to postpone the assignment would deter production and waste invested efforts.

Overtime ensures that workers accomplish the desired task as scheduled, this usually favor hourly workers. Quality is an ingrained requirement of hourly wage rate, employers desire to get the best from their investment, so hourly employees strive to deliver quality, as it will increase the chances of getting another deal. Hourly wage rate gives room for striking a balance between work and home responsibilities.

• Ensures quality. • Extra pay for overtime. • Makes it easier to separate work from home responsibilities. • Offers convenience for employers. • The employee bears less risk.

• The job offer is not permanent. • Anxiety of job search. • Experience is vital.



Hourly pay is better for me

I would prefer hourly pay to be honest. Sometimes salaries tend to be set according to the norm in that place and according to the job, and I would rather measure my efforts on an hourly rate, rather than with a set rate per week or month. I think it makes one feel more motivated too.
Posted by sspi on 09-25-2017

Hourly pay earns you more money

I had jobs over the years both with a fixed monthly salary (like I have at the moment) but also full-time jobs paid by the hour.

The ones that were paid by the hour but also were full-time paid the best. Why? Because you had the option to put in extra hours every day, so instead of working 8 hours every day, I used to work 10 upping my monthly salary.

At the moment I have a fixed monthly salary, 8 hours every day, 5 days per week, the same salary every month.

Posted by Cristian on 07-20-2017

Hourly pay is the method of marketplace

Hourly pay is the system of marketplace or outsourcing world as a freelancer. Like if you earn only from freelancing world or from marketplace than you will love the hourly contract for long time project or you will love the fixed price for any contract. But salary system is not applicable on a huge based on marketplace and outsourcing world. Check this marketplace: Here hourly system and fixed prices are available. Here have no physical work except eyes and hands. Here the method is Time=Money.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 07-19-2017

Hourly Pay

I find something motivating about hourly pay, especially since I have been self employed several times in my life. It's too easy to fall into a rut on a salary where bare-minimum boundaries are all you have to live up to in order to fulfill your contract. An hourly wage makes me feel like my time is important, and gives me the drive I need to power through the monotonous parts of my day.
Posted by JaiGuru on 07-19-2017

Hourly pay is where it's at

I prefer hourly pay more since it accounts for the time consumed doing the job. This is more fair to the worker because it isn't just about the quality but also the time it took him to finish it.

Difficult jobs and time intensive jobs should be hourly as time is a major factor in these types of jobs.

Posted by airfightermax on 07-19-2017

I prefer hourly

I have worked on both remuneration scales before. They're both cool but I'd prefer hourly rate as it is something fair. You know, you sometimes find yourself in an organization that uses all your life including the extra life you have (if any) and they seem so rude to you plus, they would under-pay you afterall. If the rates you get is on the per-hour basis, then you are covered for all their shortcomings or excessive hardwork they put you through. For me, I say hourly pay is fair. Take exactly what your time worths per hour and let your employer abide by it.
Posted by olaryeankarh on 07-19-2017

Hourly Pay For Me

I have tested both salary and hourly job and I am being sincere right now taking hourly pay makes so much sense you get it straight there's really no stories involved, but during my salary days I just wait and work for 30 solid days and what do I get sometimes its basically stories of how the company didn't make profit and am like why didn't you reduce my work time? why was I working when the company wasn't making so much money? Its just silly some bosses will just empty the company's account and screw you over guys who have worked with a one man company can relate to this its messed up. I choose to get paid hourly and so far so good I like it.
Posted by Westbay on 07-19-2017

Employees needs some time too!

I am of the opinion that hourly pay should be adopted to give the worker the chnace to decide when to work and when not to work!

In my country, the salary pay method is used and in as much as I cannot say much to make a change out of it since it favours the employer more than the employees and with the fact that even the government uses the salary pay, anything I say will fall on deaf ears.

But I feel that using the hourly will give the employee some kind of freedom while increasing output performance of the workers since they will do to do more in the hour method.

Let the workers work hourly and plan between when to work and when to relax. Afterall, we are human beings that need some rest at a time.

Posted by Barida on 08-26-2017


I vote for hourly pay. I like to have a pay every hour. I can spend money as soon as i receive it.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 12-07-2018


I have been an employee all my life and I am used to being paid on a salary basis, i.e. monthly salary. Any computation is based on my monthly pay like bonuses or overtime and even sick and vacation leaves that are converted to cash. And I don't remember having an overtime pay for a long time, maybe just a year or two and that privilege was removed when I was promoted to a supervisory level. As regards efficiency in the job, a salaried worker can turn in work with better quality since he is not counting the time unlike in factories where an hour matters, the workers are hard pressed for the production. And salaried employees have lesser stress than those paid on an hourly basis.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-19-2017
Here in the Philippines, regular employees are paid on a bi-monthly basis, meaning every 15th and 30th of the month. Their salaries are credited to their ATMs and are given their payslip to show the authorized deductions made such as lates, absences , SSS and the like. But for those contractual workers, they are given on a weekly basis pay, like every Friday. For odd jobs like a cleaner, they are given the day's wage once they are already finished for the day.
Posted by SimplyD on 07-19-2017
I am in favor of having cash. So either one works for me. I avoid the cheque and the transfer through draft type of jobs. I have found that those jobs are not good enough. You can find that salary negotiation are hardest to play with. You may have good luck with hourly pay. And in some works online that does work out. But I fail to see how that may apply for the all people. It differs from company to another.
Posted by overcast on 07-19-2017
A salaried job will only guarantee you a month notice instead of a week or none at all. I have lasted years in jobs that were hourly pay. Some of those jobs were higher paid than the salaried jobs I have had too. An hourly paid job can be paid straight into your bank account or paid in cash and I have had it both ways. It dosesn't bother me either way. As long as I get paid for the work I do then I don['t mind how those employers choose to make the payments to their staff.
Posted by JMS on 07-19-2017
I have been paid both hourly and on a salary and for me I prefer the hourly wage. You get paid for all the hours your work but with a salary sometimes you endo up working extra hours and you don't get paid for them. It is easier for an employer to take advantage of you if you are working on a salary. Sometimes you may come out ahead but in my experience most often then not I didn't. I wouldn't work for a salary again.
Posted by Sue on 07-19-2017
I prefer a good combination of both. I currently only do hourly work or fixed work pays as I'm still a student and I only earn money online. In the future, I don't play to make online work as my main source of income, but instead my secondary source of income. I plan on applying for a job that pays a salary and I also play to do freelance jobs that would give me hourly pay, this way I could get the best of both worlds (as well a the hassles of both) and I could earn more money in general.
Posted by arachnophobik on 07-19-2017
There is both salary and hourly wage where I live. Most of the people who are paid salary are management while lower employees are paid by the hour. I liked being paid a salary since I could count on a specific amount of money and be able to budget it for my bills. However, if for some reason I needed more money, I would not be able to put in more hours to make more. The nice thing about hourly wage is that you can put in more hours to make more money if you need to.
Posted by morgoodie on 07-19-2017
Salary and hourly wage depends on the job title and also it depends on the situation. If someone is working long hours it would be better for overtime.
Posted by simplym on 07-20-2017
In my country, management and office jobs are generally paid on salary (monthly or semi-monthly) basis while laborers and production workers are paid on a daily basis, not hourly. Some companies, however, compute for the salary of office staff on a daily basis. There are noteworthy differences in how compensation is computed in both cases. For salaried employees, they get paid for time off even during special holidays (holidays that aren't legal or regular). On the other hand, daily-paid employees are only paid for time offs during legal holidays, but not on special holidays. Depending on the position, salaried employees may also be paid overtime pay but the hourly rate computation is different from that of the daily-paid workers. For daily paid workers, it is a simple matter of dividing the daily rate by 8 and multiplying the basic rate by the overtime premium rate. Computing for the hourly rate of salaried employees is slightly more complicated than that because it has to take into consideration the number of working days in a year to come up with the daily rate and divide it by 8 to get the basic hourly rate. The basic hourly rate is also used to calculate salary deductions for tardiness or unpaid absences.

Being paid on salary basis is generally more preferable here because it usually means bigger pay and benefits and lighter work than those of employees who have to work on production areas. That is not to say that net pay wise, production workers are on the tail end. Many factories require their production workers to render overtime and this allows them to double their take home pay. On the other hand, most office staff are stuck at their salaries and have less opportunity to render paid overtime.
Posted by chatbox on 07-20-2017
I think it matters who you are working for, first of all. Sometimes, the salaried people are taken advantage of and work so many hours that it wouldn't even add up to minimum wage.

Benefits are usually part of the equation as well, which may make up for some of the shortfall if you work long hours. While it's often easier to budget around a set salary, if you have an employer that abuses it, you'd actually make more money being paid by the hour.
Posted by Zyni on 07-20-2017
Oh! You actually have a point. I voted for Salary because I don't want to be broke by the end of the month. But, what you have pointed made me think.
Posted by theresajane on 11-20-2018
I will go with hourly pay instead of fixed salary. There is a limitation on how much you can earn if you receive fixed salary. However, if you go by hourly pay there is no limitation to how much you earn. More you work, more you get paid. You can imporve your living conditions only earning more which is possible only of you get paid more by working more.
Posted by vinaya on 08-08-2017
I would prefer fix income but at the same time hourly pay would only in online job for sideline purposes. The purpose of having monthly salary was to design an organization to produce more quality outcome of services and products. Although, it may take time to have money but the guarantee of having pension contribution such as insurance is assured.

The only problem of both was the lay off system, if possible such thing should not be exist. It is pain for employee not in employer. When you have salary system, it could control someone of how to spend his money.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 08-26-2017
I prefer hourly pay, cause I could get pay for just the hour I worked, it could be more, it could be less, I don't like to bay paid to stay somewhere the whole day, sometimes they're nothing to do, and that's something I judged unethical. with that being said, I don't like both of them, I do that when I'm not working on a project of mine.
Posted by joey98 on 08-31-2017
I prefer hourly pay,you work and get paid immediately because most salaried jobs comes with owing by the managers,firms or company and sometimes there's absolutely nothing the employees can do about it.For hourly you can stop work immediately as soon as there's no pay but no same for salaried jobs.
Posted by lovely on 09-01-2017
I do also prefer to have a fixed day rate salary. I'm not good on business but from what I can mostly hear from my friends and other people who has hourly rate in terms of their job payment, most of them are only offered to work on a contractual 5 to 6 months basis. I think those kind of companies especially fast food chains are the one who implements hourly pay rate for their employees as after 5 or 6 months they can freely dispose of that particular employee.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 09-11-2017
Hourly rates normally means you are on a contract. This also means that you have no benefits and work strictly for your hourly wage. This is a good way to look for extra money especially because you will be paid once a week or a twice weekly so it's fast money. However for steady money it would be good to be paid a monthly salary. You have more benefits and can use this money to pay for your expenses like a mortgage and a car loan.
Posted by jaymish on 01-29-2018
The hourly pay is very good since the worker will always have extra cash to use through out the week.
Posted by babyright on 02-20-2018
You are for the hourly pay so perhaps you haven’t experienced having a fixed salary. I don’t remember working for an hourly pay although in my earlier employment I was paid a fixed salary based on the fixed hours that I have to work. What’s good with a salary is that you get paid even if you don’t work because you are given a day off and also a sick leave with pay. That benefit is very important for a worker.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-19-2018
Salary of course, because you can assure that you won't spend your money when you get it and it will be in whole.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 10-21-2018
I would prefer salary. With hourly pay, I might be spending the money very day as it is readily available for me and I don't want to be broke by text end of the month.
Posted by theresajane on 11-20-2018
I prefer hourly pay. I can have money after every hour of work. i don't need many days to receive my pay.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 12-07-2018