Samsung Fast charge wireless charging stand

Samsung Fast charge wireless charging stand
Samsung Fast charge wireless charging stand, has set an admirable pace, in wireless mobile charging technology. The wireless charger, is based on Qi inductive technology. With this technology, you can charge Qi inductive enabled devices with ease, the process involves resonant inductive coupling between the mobile phone receiver, and the wireless stand sender.

When a device is placed on the stand, it checks for compatibility, if the device is compatible with the Qi inductive specifications of the charger, it automatically charges the device by induction. This method of charging, can charge devices placed within 4cm from the stand, it is highly effective, and prevents wearing out of charging ports.

Charging mobile phones can be tasking, especially during busy hours of the day, using wired chargers may not be convenient for some working environment. The wire of phone chargers can entangle with each other, especially when we charge more than one phone at a particular stand, this makes it difficult to use your phone while charging, because you must avoid affecting other phones, while you remove and plug in your phone.

The charging location can also cause unnecessary stress, since you have to leave your comfort each time your phone rings or beeps while charging. The Samsung Fast Charge Wireless charging stand, can enable you charge your phone conveniently, while charging, you can easily answer calls, receive messages, and send mails without leaving your comfort zone.

• Charges with incredible convenience. • No wire complications. • Charges super fast. • Does not waste energy, charges only when a device is placed on the stand. • Uses Qi inductive technology. • Compatible with varieties of Qi inductive enabled devices. • Prevents wearing out of charging port.

• Must be placed on the stand for excellent charging. • The device must be Qi enabled.


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Samsung adaptive Fast Charging wall charger

Samsung adaptive Fast Charging wall charger
Samsung adaptive Fast Charging wall charger, takes a conventional style, it has a detachable connector. The wall charger can be used for super fast charging of mobile phones, compatible with the head of the connector. This charger is highly useful, because the power supplied by the charger, ensures your phone battery gets fully charged real quick. This charger has the astounding ability to charge your phone with empty battery to 50%, in just 30 mins, this is an applaudable quality, obtainable when you use the Adaptive fast charging wall charger.

The charger can vary the supply of charge, to suit your device. The ability to detach its USB connector, makes it completely special, the charging port of phones vary, different charging ports exists, you can easily remove the USB connector, and fix in one that matches your phone charging port.

We collect media files regularly, you can increase transfer rate by using reliable USB connectors, the USB connector that comes with the charger is highly reliable, it transfers data efficiently and ensures the two devices are tightly connected.

You can get this charger at a cost of $29.99, which makes it quite affordable. The adaptive fast charging wall charger is highly reliable, the charger can stand the test of time, owing to it's rugged technological backings.

• Super fast charging. • Detachable USB connector. • Light weight. • Highly reliable. • You can fix in a USB connector that matches your charging port.

• Restricts phone movement. • Answering call while charging can be inconveniencing.



A USB charger is fine

I like to see my phone charged, but while the wireless suits other people I try not to drain the battery on my phone instead.

Having a USB charger is more adaptable and flexible. in that you can do it anywhere and is more portable. You can also use the same cable to charge other items such as tablets, so for me it's a better choice.

Posted by Alexa on 08-13-2017

old schooled are better schooled

I don't need a fancy charger that would cost 3x as much a my regular charger and would just do the same thing. It is cool, I admit but It will never be a good investment. Maybe, Just maybe if they would make a snap on inducting type charger that is super slim, I'd go for it. But with that one, I'd rather look for a new power bank that buy that...
Posted by Neiltarquin on 08-13-2017

Practical and proven

I have been using this charger for my phone and I have to say that it does well for Samsung devices. There are issues whenever one uses other chargers that aren't from Samsung. It really is fast charging and the usb cable can be detached from the adapter for other uses. Although there is the use of wires which can be really inconvenient, it is rather proven and tested by many people and it is just right to use what is proven and functional.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 08-14-2017

Works great

I have one of these wall chargers for my current phone and it's a really good purchase. It truly does speed up the charging process and it even makes my phone stay fuller for a longer time.

I don't really like the wireless charging stands because they don't usually work as well as the wall ones. They are also slower and more dangerous for the phone.

That is why I will stick with the good old way of using the wall charger for my Samsung. There's no need to change to anything else.

Posted by Mehano on 08-14-2017

Wall Charger

The reason I like this is because the wireless charging is not much working. And you have to put in more time for the charging. It's not easy to get this charger to work with. So depending on how you choose the device it may be different. I prefer to use this type of the charger.
Posted by overcast on 08-14-2017

More Practical

I think the stand will always look better and I would like to choose it just for that alone but it's just not practical because most of the time even if the phone is charging you would end up needing to use it. With a wall charger you could use it while it is charging so you could even play games for hours even when it is plugged in whereas the stand would necessitate you put the phone down and not use it for a certain amount of time.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-09-2017

Wall Charger

It's much better to use the wall charger and more convenient since you can still use your phone while charging and don't have to worry that you might lose the connection to the charger. Unlike wall charger, wireless charging needs to be in one spot and it needs to be attached to the charger itself for as long as it's fully charged. Wall charger is definitely much faster to charge rather than wireless charging.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-08-2017


I don't have experience with either of these, but if I had to pick one, I would go with the wall unit. The wall unit is out of the way and not something people are going to be tripping over, knocking over, or running into like the Samsung charger on the stand. The only problem with the outlet is that you might be taking up an outlet.
Posted by kgord on 08-13-2017
I do not own a Samsung so I cannot vote on the poll. However, my Apple iPhone charger wire just ripped the other day and the wiring inside is exposed. I am going to have to go in a get a refurbished one for free because its not safe. I would like it if Apple had a wireless station too, that way I would not have to keep replacing the wires!
Posted by simplym on 08-13-2017
I don't have a Samsung, But if apple had a fast charge wireless charging I would definitely buy it. The Apple chargers are so annoying because the cable always ripped and are so delicate. I recently bought a new one and I don't want to keep replacing it.
Posted by pizzalover on 08-17-2017
Samsung wall charger is very convenience to a great extent and the good thing about it is that it charges very fast and doesn't keep one waiting for too long to get his or her phone charged,one can readily rely on its efficiency,it highly dependable,it lightweight and can also be used with another USB connector that suit it port.
Posted by lovely on 02-16-2018
What we use is the wall charger which is somewhat inconvenient because the charger is hanging which can be an abuse on the plug. But it is the cheap model so we don’t really care much about it. What’s important to me is the fast charging because we know that cellphones consumes so much battery power that you have to charge every once in a while when you are busy with your phone the whole day.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-23-2018