Samsung J7

Samsung J7
We think our first champion doesn’t need an introduction. After being released on 2016, Samsung’s J7 has become a real contender in today’s mobile scene. In the end, the J7 is all about trying to get as much from Samsung at the lowest cost possible. And that’s okay

Coming out strong with a 5.5’ HD display, Corning Gorilla Glass and a 73% screen-to-body ratio, the boys at Samsung tried to make sure that no one was able to say anything bad about J7’s display. It comes equipped with an Exynos 7870 Octa processor and 3GB RAM, which is kind of impressive for a smartphone under the 300USD’s mark In case you were wondering, yes. It has a fingerprint scanner. And the coolest part is that it is mounted on the front side of the phone.

The GPU is a modest Mali-T830MP2, which is enough to cover all your basic needs, but I wouldn’t go and put too much pressure on that thing. The camera isn’t anywhere near impressive. It’s pretty much standard for a medium-end smartphone.Still, it is capable of recording 1080p at 30 frames per second and takes really good pictures, so it’s not bad. It’s just unimpressive.



Samsung all the way

I love samsung and will always choose them over nokia. Hell I even have samsung TV. Samsung is brilliant and the best Mobile in my opinion.
Posted by moneybags82 on 06-21-2017

I love samsung J series

Hello Have a wonderful day.

I love Samsung J series. I have been using a J series for the last few months and its gave me huge facility. I have been kidnapped one year ago and has been got released after 4 months. After getting out I bought a Samsung J series though I have been lost my previous laptop- than for making communication with all client as a freelancer- Samsung J series gave me a huge facility. After I bought to still its helping me and I bought a new laptop 2 months ago. I am happy and thanks Samsung.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 06-16-2017

Sam Sam

Samsung can be proved better in many features, like the picture quality for example, the camera of Samsung is far better than nokia and the best of all no phone is as user friendly as samsung and the price to is reasonable.
Posted by wikifarmer on 06-16-2017

Amazing brand

I prefer the beautiful Samsung J7. I haven't been using the Nokia phones for over twenty years so I don't know what sort of quality they are right now.

On the other hand, Samsung is a top quality brand that produces amazing electronics - phones is just one of their areas. I've been using Samsung phones for years now and I never had problems. They all have amazing functionality. Samsung J7 has a very sleek, modern design and it fits perfectly into your hand.

It has really good specs and a nice big screen so you don't have to strain your eyes too much. For the price range that this phone is in, it is one of the best available. I'd really pick it anytime over the Nokia 6.

Posted by Mehano on 06-16-2017
Jonathan Solomon

If I had to choose, it would be the J7

Although I prefer Apple, if I had to choose between the J7 and Nokia 6, it would be the J7. I prefer the specs on the Samsung versus the Nokia. Also, I have more cellphone history with Samsung compared to Nokia as well. I will say none of these would be my first choice. I would much rather go for an iPhone somewhere in the same price range. But that's just me.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 06-16-2017

Samsung wins

I have been a Samsung user for many years and I can say that their products are excelente (I don't have any major complaints to make), mainly smartphones. I don't believe Nokia can achieve the same quality standards... So, it's easy: Samsung for me.
Posted by WildSpirit on 06-15-2017

It's Always Samsung For Me

My very first cellular phone wasn't Samsung but another brand. When my first phone got outdated, I bought Samsung. I am so satisfied with my Samsung phone that after two years it was still like brand new and working so well. However, new styles of Samsun keeps coming, so I bought one again and again. Not only is it user-friendly but it is really of quality.
Posted by SimplyD on 06-15-2017

Gotta go with Samsung

Samsung has always been a quality company when it comes to phone design. I know they've been having problems with the batteries causing fires, but I believe that to be a small problem that was blown out of proportion. Nokia is going through a huge flux in recent years, I would give it a few more years before I can really trust their products again.
Posted by kooch on 06-15-2017


When was the last time that you have a Nokia phone? Probably about 10 years ago right. Mine was 6600. And that is how the new nokia looks like. My J7 is way cooler than the nokia phone. Really. The one I've used to post this comment is my J7.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 06-16-2017

I have to pick Samsung

Samsung J7 is such a better phone because of it's features, camera and OS. I would pick Samsung even if the Nokia is under-priced.
Posted by Ipa07 on 06-16-2017

Whole J series Is Awesome

The Samsung J Series is so awesome and its the most popular mobile phone these days. It has provided with latest technology at a very affordable price and that has boosted its sales. 4 G connectivity, 3 GB Ram, Decent Battery Life and good looks were the main reason for the popularity of Samsung J 7. Its a must buy smartphone.
Posted by HARPREETSINGH on 06-16-2017


Nokia 6

Nokia 6
Our next contender is a little less known, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t come to try and steal the lead (and maybe your heart too). We’re talking about the Nokia 6, a smartphone that was just released a few months ago, back in January, and it seems like Nokia was trying to make a point here. And my guess is that the point was: “we still go it”.

With its 5.5 inches, a nice metal body and a Snapdragon 430 processor, Nokia really seems to have put high hopes into this new model. When you add the fact that it comes with a front-mounted fingerprint scanner, it comes as no surprise to hear that this phone has been hitting hard those hit sales lists for a time now. To round it up, the guys at Nokia decided to throw in some extra stuff for us geeky smartphone lovers. It comes with the latest Android version installed (7.1.1 Nougat) and Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The main camera is a 16MP dual-LED (dual tone) and it is surprisingly good. It is capable of recording in 1080p@30FPS and takes incredible pictures even when there’s a bit too little light. It is also about the nostalgia. I mean, after years waiting for Nokia to make a comeback, to see them do it in such a nice way really does make you feel like they finally know what they’re doing.

Not enough battery life.



I don't know what the other guys are smoking

Hey, I think this is a very easy choice! I'm surprised that all who have voted before me choose Samsung J7 over the Nokia 6. I think that the J7 is a bit overpriced at 300 bucks.

Nokia finally got it right with this phone. I have a friend of mine who uses Nokia 6 and I'm really impressed with the main camera. The design and build is also a lot better than the J7. It looks like a premium phone rather than a mid range phone.

I guess a lot of people are going with the J7 because it's popular. But in reality, the Nokia 6 is a lot better.

Posted by limberg on 07-29-2017


It depends on a individual, like I am and iPhone user and will not switch to any other different carrier.
Posted by lyudmilka78 on 06-15-2017
I have used Samsung A5, J6 and 7 ON 1, however, don't have any experience with J7. I even don't know how it looks. I have used simple Nokia handset, however, have not used any smartphones from Nokia. Since I am happy with Samsung, I will not switch to another brand. The only brand that I may consider is Sony.
Posted by vinaya on 06-15-2017
Samsung is unique in itself. It completed out rules all the companies except for Apple. It' s working and presentation is just different and easy to use as well.

I have used Samsung J7 and had seen Nokia android phones also. There is a vast difference between their features and working. Personally I will never opt for a Nokia android phone.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 06-16-2017
Honestly, I don't think that most mobile manufacturers (leaving out the apple products) can stand up to Samsuns. If we take all the features in general and compare all smartphones with Samsung, I would say Samsung beats most of the competition. The good side of Nokia lies in its camera if I'm not mistaken. I remember few years ago watching a showcase of 3 phones, I don't recall the models though. Anyway, it was Samsung / Apple / Nokia. They were taking a picture in super dark room and Samsung and apple failed so much while Nokia did an amazing job. The room was pitch black. But in general, I think Samsung offers more features than Nokia, and variety and features matter the most IMO.
Posted by Makefort on 06-16-2017
I have not voted for either. I have different thoughts on this. I have had talks with these upgrade crazy youngsters and I find they hardly make use of those state-of-the-art additional features each manufacturer comes up with. Let's take our own computers. There is enough and more in there but I do not think we use even 10 per cent of what is included there.
I am totally satisfied with my basic mobile which serves my purpose. I had a great camera that takes care of my passion for photography.
Posted by iamawriter on 06-18-2017
I used to be a Nokia user back when Apple was not popular yet. Now I have gone Apple, I have not looked back at other brands. I do see Samsung is more popular around here than Nokia.
Posted by simplym on 06-18-2017
I always prefer Samsung rather than Nokia. Samsung has a good quality camera which takes great photos. Samsung has smooth touch features as well. Samsung has a good battery life that's why i choose samsung.
Posted by milan009 on 06-18-2017
I haven't seen this Nokia 6 phone model because I usually preferred Samsung brands over other brands when it comes to buying a phone. I was amazed with all the features of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, particularly on this J7 series since it doesn't cost too much but the quality is great. Since I am a Samsung user my vote would go to this brand, but maybe in the future I might try some other phones apart from Samsung.
Posted by rage35 on 06-19-2017
I can't afford either of them, however the consensus seems to be with the Samsung, so I guess that is the phone that winds in the popularity contest. I just hope it doesn't blow up!
Posted by kgord on 07-01-2017
I'm a J7 fan for sure. I'm not that much of an enthusiast to change my phone every time a new model comes out. However I've been trailing the J7 progress for a while. I was in the market for a new phone some time last year around September when the J7 2016 model was introduced. I waited a while, was very sure that this was the phone that I wanted. I eventually got the J7 2017 model and I'm extremely pleased with this phone. It's quite the upgrade from my Galaxy Duos GT-S7562 model. I've seen the specs for the Nokia 6 model and in some cases it has few advantages over the J7 while not in every case. For example, I like the removable battery feature which is not available in the Nokia 6 model but in the J7. The added internal memory is a plus for Nokia plus the latest Android upgrade OS. But I'm still very much sold on my J7 and perhaps I'll be looking forward for the upgrade to my phone some time in the distant future.
Posted by Joteque on 07-08-2017
My second smart phone is a Samsung SIII which was a gift from a friend. It was great until something went wrong with the battery. When I changed the battery, the tech said that there's a problem in the internal charger of the phone. That gave me a reason to buy a new phone and it is Samsung J7. Compared to my old Samsung, this J7 is faster in reaction and has a bigger and clearer screen so I think the resolution of the picture and video is better. The Samsung J7 can give me all I need so I guess I would settle for this instead of the new Nokia 6 which still has to prove itself.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-15-2017
Before, Nokia dominates the world of the cellphone when it comes to affordability, durability, and features that you're looking for a great phone but now they lose this game to other phone manufacturers like Samsung and that's so sad to hear. I do love Nokia because you're sure that you can rely on its durability. I don't know why they don't invest in the new technology before so they can still keep pace with the giant manufacturers now. I do love Samsung products now since they're providing us the latest technology and design which makes them dominate the world of smartphone.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-26-2017
I have always loved the Nokia brand because I believe in its high quality and effectiveness. Samsung is also a great brand but I trust more of Nokia because it a brand that never fails, so i will go for Nokia6,and I'm believing all the advertised features will be intact and the phone last long.
Posted by lovely on 05-11-2018