A samurai is a military noble in feudal Japan, experts in martial arts, sword fighting and archery. They will fight for honor with courage and were one of the bravest and best warriors ever

expert in sword ,bow and in martial arts military noble / officer samurai sword(katana) allows fast attacks Light armor allows fast and unrestricted movement

Light armor makes them vulnerable to attacks Only experts in swords,bow and hand to hand combat




Samurai have always intrigued me with their looks and the way they handle the sword not just as a weapon, but in a rather artistic manner. Knights are not favorites of mine as I hate the clinking heavy armor that they have.
Posted by sspi on 04-09-2017


Samurai too me, well, according to all the western movies I've watched on them, are a more sophisticated category of fighter. They're training was more of a lifestyle than a job as was for knights. Compared to knights they could fight in many different styles use a variety of weapons. They were built for combat. Unlike knights who depended heavily on armour and sheer number, they depended on they're wit and training. Therefore, I will vote Samurai on this one.
Posted by Mambombaya on 04-12-2017

The sexy warriors that will lay down their lives

Samurai are the coolest. Warriors that will commit suicide if they fail their missions? What an amazing show of bravery and loyalty.
Posted by pastelplastic on 04-30-2017

Awesome looking

Samurai, of course! Knight's aren't bad, don't get me wrong, but they don't have anything on a very skilled samurai.

Not only they are awesome looking they're also extremely skilled with various weapons. They move like ninjas and will beat almost any opponent.

Posted by Mehano on 04-14-2018

Better and stronger

Samurai is a swordsmen who mainly fight for the good and interest of others without looking for his personal gains. This is actually the main reason why I would choose a Samurai over a knight is because Samurai are more stronger and are far more trained than knights. Strength matters a lot when it comes to duels.
Posted by Martinsx on 04-13-2018

A knight is a noble in medieval Europe, they were too experts in variety of weapons.They wore heavy armor when going to battles , making them hard to defeat.

Heavy armor provide massive protection from attacks Experts in variety of weapons,including shields. military noble Weapons are much stronger when compared with katana

Heavy armor restricts movement and vision Weapons are much slower when compared with katana



Knights OP

Knight's movement isn't as hard as some people think, and samurai armor isn't as light as people think. Knight has kite shield ok. Kite shield OP. Knight also has more range ok, spears are OP.

Full plate armor doesn't feel that heavy since it puts the weight on your entire body. Chainmail is also very good.

Many of your beliefs are based on pop culture and not actual stuff.

Knights are better at different things than samurai and the other way around but I would think the knight would win

Posted by Anonymous on 01-10-2019


We were in Japan last year and in the Osaka Castle, there was a museum about the samurai. That they are not mere warriors but considered gentlemen of the highest level such that being a samurai is already an honor in itself. And the amount of training that a samurai undergoes before he can be declared a samurai is a tedious process. A Samurai is not only for the martial arts skills but for the trustworthiness and loyalty to his country.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-08-2018
I think the knight have an advantage here since the heavy armor they wear will help to protect them from defeat then they will win fight and war more than the Samurai.
Posted by babyright on 04-03-2018
When you are looking at the religious beliefs and benefits, it would say that Knights are more famous and favorable than Samurai because Knights operate with their own codes which I believe pulls them down.
Posted by Martinsx on 04-13-2018
I love samurai characters both real and fictional. I think I've watched all the good samurai films both live action and Anime and I enjoyed every one. Both Samurai and Medieval Knights have many similarities, they both came from the ruling class, they are experts in using bladed weapons. And they have laws and rituals that govern their lives. Also they serve their Lords with loyalty and are willing to die for their Lords cause.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 10-13-2018
I kind of feel like both samurais and knights are far too romanticized in modern media. As someone who is somewhat of a history buff, I’m well aware of the actual nature of both samurais and knights. They’re both typically portrayed as these honorable warriors that are willing to lay down their lives for honor and the good of the people, what with the knight’s code of chivalry and bushido for samurai. The truth is that both classes were pretty terrible. They’d often slay innocents, with knights raiding defenseless villages and raping women simply because they could, and samurai doing things like testing the sharpness of their blades on defenseless, innocent peasants. All the honor and glory is just propaganda and romanticizing.
Posted by Denis_P on 11-08-2018