Scream 1996

Scream 1996
Scream Movie was released in December 1996, the movie was directed by Wes Craven and produced by Cathy Konrad and also Cary Woods. Another slasher movie which was Inspired by the Gainsville Ripper case in real life which led them to make the movie scream.

Casey Becker a student at the local High School, one night receives a very odd and weird phone call and the words over the phone were spoken: "Whats your favorite scary movie?". These famous lines are what people know this movie by and with Casey Becker frightened for her life when the killer turns violent and threatens her life.

The killer has her boyfriend hostage and makes her answer questions for her boyfriend Steves life. The questions are about horror movies, she gets one wrong and that is when her boyfriend is then murdered. When panicking she is asked one more question which leads to her being murdered. Arriving home are her parents who find her body which is suspended from the tree outside the house.

Word is out that there is a killer around the local news are already on the scene the following morning. A local girl named Sidney Prescott is in the middle of a troubling time as she is remembering the death of her mother who was murdered. She to all of a sudden gets a phone call, she hangs up more or less immediately she is then attacked by this sadistic killer. With little struggle manages to fight him off and then she escapes free from the masked killer.

This is one of those teen movies with a killer involved and throughout the film, Sidney manages to escape numerous amount of times from the clutches of the masked killer. But will she survive till the very end? As the movie goes on she has most of her friends getting killed one by one, who could this masked killer be.

Great actors and an excellent storyline A murder mystery kind of movie it will have you hooked to find out who the killer is. Great horror movie classic

You can notice a few mistakes in the movie near to the end. I can't think of anything really bad about this movie it is a pretty good movie. Not that much blood and gore for a horror movie




The things that I have come to enjoy about watching this movie is that you can't get to know everything about the way it is acted till you watch till the end. The story was made in an exciting way that you can't get enough of it when you have watched it to the end. It is a nice movie and that's what Scream 1996 is all about.
Posted by Barida on 06-17-2018

Better Story

Scary Movies are good but the latter installments are pretty boring. They are always the same pattern. Unlike Scream movies that will leave you scream whenever you watch every part.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 06-10-2018


Scary Movie 2000

Scary Movie 2000
Scary movie was released on July 7th, 2000 another American horror movie. But a horror movie with a twist as this one is a comedy. Scary movie was directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans also produced by Eric L. Gold and Lee R. Mayes. This movie is based on the original horror movie scream.

The movie scream with the masked killer is made fun of in this horror comedy movie scary movie. The movie starts with like the scream with the young teen this time not Casey but Drew Decker who is home alone when she gets the phone call. With added humor from her farting over the phone when the killer asks "what is that noise", she blames it on popcorn.

One of the funny moments at the beginning of this movie is when they killer springs out and shows her the knife and says "Hello Drew". She is chased around the garden by the killer. While running through the sprinkler system she is found stopping and posing while running her fingers through her hair. The killer grabs her and stabs her in her breast to which the killer pulls the knife out to find one of her implants stick to the knife.

She then runs into the road when her parents are driving up the road with her trying to stop the car. But her father is too busy while her mother is occupying him can't say too much but he closes his eyes and looks up and this is when the car hits Drew.

The main character who is not Sidney but Cindy in this movie is at school and receives a note which states that "I know what you did last Halloween". She later finds out her other friends got the same message. As it is one year from now that they accidentally run someone over and hid the evidence.

Similar scenes to the scream movie just added humor and hilarious scenes with details changed from names and more funny moments. This is a great movie to watch with your friends. Will Cindy find out who the killer is before it is too late as most of her friends are being killed? If you have watched scream you probably can guess how this movie ends but even so it is funny to watch with hilarious funny moments throughout.

Entertaining and a film for you and your friends.

Some of the scenes go too far and are just stupid Its ok to watch now and again, but when you watch it too much it does seem less funny.



Comedy plus scare

This is the best compare to Scream. You will know what happens next in Scream but in Scary Movie, there are laughters and scary part where you can relax yourself than using the cushion to cover your face.
Posted by peachpurple on 06-16-2018


I have noticed that this comedy movie turned out to be lot better. And for many people it was one good treat. Though it changed into another franchise. But it was not that bad at all.
Posted by overcast on 06-11-2018

more fun

I don't like slasher movies so this choice is easy for me. I wouldn't consider Scary Movie to be the best comedy movie ever either but I would say it is good enough and has a certain charm to it. I know it's kind of stupid but it's also kind of fun and I can watch this with friends a lot easier since it's not so serious.
Posted by Wubwub on 06-10-2018

More thrilling and scary

One common factor that is very existent in all horror movies is the frightening effects but not all have the quality of added comedy. So, this is the reason why I would be picking Scary Movie 2000 to be my choice because it had comedy in it as well as horror.
Posted by Martinsx on 06-17-2018

This one!

I really like this movie, its very entertaining. I have watched all the series and all I can say was I am very entertained . It really forgets my problem temporarily. I also like scream but I prefer comedy than suspense so.
Posted by nekonieden on 06-12-2018

Humor always wins for me

I enjoy movies where I can laugh and not necessarily take things too seriously - so I love Scary Movie! Lots of laughs have been had as a result of that movie!
Posted by amelia88 on 06-11-2018

Horror Comedy

This is one of the best Horror Comedy movies I watched.I remember laughing hard at this movie.I watched both of them,I liked Scream as well but there's something to Scary Movie that I like more.
Posted by MittensFX on 06-10-2018


I've watched both scary movie and scream in the cinemas and I really didn't like scream, but my girlfriend insisted on watching it, well it's a date flick and she liked it very much but for me it was a really boring sispense movie. I like scary movie because its filled with spoofs from different movies and it includes an assortment of characters that really made me laugh in a B Movie kind of way. I have to choose Scary Movie because I really had fun watching it.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 06-09-2018
Both movies were good, but if I have to watch them again, then I will go with Scary movie. Honestly, doesn't matter how stupid the jokes are, I still keep laughing at those. Obviously, is not funny if you have to watch it many times, but eventually for sure it works. I don't know if all the comedy versions of horror movies, belong to the same production company. But we have to face it, those funny versions are so silly they really make you laugh.
Posted by ballyhara on 06-09-2018
I'd have to agree. It's kind of the rule when it comes to watching Comedy. Don't overdo it. Once in a while makes for a fun revisit even for old jokes. And I think it's the experience that makes us laugh even though we've seen the movie more than once.
Posted by Steve5 on 06-17-2018
I prefer Scream. I like horror movies. This one's more of a suspense and thriller type of film. But I like all the same. The story was fascinating and finding out who the killer was gave me goosebumps.
Posted by Steve5 on 06-10-2018
I like Scary movie more than Scream. I am a person who does not want any horror movies so I prefer picking the horror movie that has comedy in it. I can watch scary movie even if it is late night but I cannot watch other horror movies.
Posted by bienn05 on 06-10-2018
I've actually never seen Scream for 1996, although I know plenty about it. What kid growing up in the 90's didn't know about Scream? That being said, from what I know, these two movies aren't all that comparable. Scream is a horror movie in the classic sense. It's a slasher film that is meant to scare the audience. Scary Movie is a parody film that makes fun of classic horror tropes, and isn't supposed to be scary. At its core, it's a comedy movie. Even though they aren't really comparable, I can say that I prefer Scary Movie overall. I like comedy movies and pretty much don't care for the existence of horror films, so Scary Movie wins by default.
Posted by Denis_P on 06-11-2018
I love both of them. But you can't take out the fact that scary movie created because of scream. So the original is better.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 06-12-2018
This is true. A lot of Scary Movie's jokes came from the original movie. They just made them exaggerated and extreme. That's why it comes out so funny.
Posted by Steve5 on 06-12-2018
I would prefer Scary Movie because it is a parody of horror films. They make comedy scenes of horror film cliches and they are all very accurate! I find it fun to watch Scary Movie because it gives a nice comedy twist to horror, suspense, and thriller films.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 06-15-2018
I have not watched any of these movies, however, I have read and heard a lot of good feedbacks about these movies. I love horror genre as well as comedy genre (unless it is a black comedy). A horror movie with a twist of comedy could be very entertaining, therefore, I will choose Scarry Movie to watch first.
Posted by vinaya on 06-15-2018