Seasonal flowers or perennials

A gardener always wants colour in their garden. There are two ways one can achieve it - planting seasonal flowers or perennials. Seasonal flowers is an ongoing process and one needs to keep a vigil on seasons while perennials only maintenance and they will bloom when the time is right in that they too have a season. By planting the right kind of plants one can be sure of perennials blooming throughout the year. Bougainvillea for example will bloom after the rains while the alabama will bloom during the rains.

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I like to have flowers around all the time. I have an annual though that I have tried to make into a perennial. I brought it inside, and it survived the winter, but so far it is not yet blooming again. I am not sure that it will!
Posted by kgord on 05-19-2017
I am not sure if a seasonal flower could yield throughout the year. Take for example marigolds they will die after their season is over. You will have to sow fresh seeds. Which seasonal flower are you referring to?
Posted by iamawriter on 05-22-2017
perennials all the way, you can enjoy them over and over
Posted by dchampagne672 on 05-20-2017
I agree with you. Seasonal flowers take a lot of our time and when the season is over that area where they have been look shabby unless seedlings are grown elsewhere and planted there. I have many perennials and my garden always has colour.
At the moment there are different colours of bougainvillea which are spread throughout the garden.
Posted by iamawriter on 05-22-2017