See whats happening in the future

See whats happening in the future
Guess you'd meet a person,a person who can tell your future (only important incidents) with an accuracy of 99%..........Now you have decided to ask what would happen to you in the future.So now you know whats going to happen tomorrow,next week,month.... your whole life including how you die and when. You can actually plan what you are going to do before you or anyone die,you can stay close to people who are going to die and you can try the 1% chance to save or change whats happening.

Can try to change what is going to happen(But only 1% chance of being successful) Can stay closer to loved ones who are going to die in the future You know when you die and can do what you want before you die

It's like watching a movie you have already seen Only 1% chance to change whats going to happen You know when and how your loved ones are going to get hurt or die



To have no regrets

I will choose to know what is going to happen in the future so that I may make the correct decisions and not regret anything I might do or not and say or not. There are so many instances where I regret my words or actions of the past and say "if only I had known..." If there is 1% chance of changing what might happen, that wouldn't be half-bad at all. But even if whatever I do would not change it, at least I could know it wasn't my fault or I have truly done my best and live without regrets.
Posted by Mabel on 05-02-2017


I'll prefer to see the future because it will help me work on my present in the best and most productive way. The future has a lot to offer, so many complexities that demands explanations.

Seeing what will happen in the future can also cause fear and trembling but it will help me in working towards making the best of each situation. The opportunity to see the future will be a very pleasant one because I do my best to change all the wrongs with serious consequences.

Posted by Jeshurun on 04-26-2017

Future definitely.

Knowledge is power. Even if it is bad news that'll hurt you, sometimes knowing what will happen can soften the blow, even if you can't change it. Sure there's the pitfal of living a half life expecting to be hurt at every corner, but it doesn't have to be this way. One can learn to live and enjoy the moment even if it's only a fleeting happyness, after all everything in this world ends at some point. Either way knowing the future can be very handy, especially if you're the only one who knows what will happen and can use it to your benefit.
Posted by Dionysia on 04-29-2017


It's very interesting to meet someone who knows the future, I want to experience something exciting like meeting this one guy.
Posted by dap1900 on 05-12-2017

As Long as It Isn't a False Prophet …

Keep in mind that many of the Biblical prophecies were advance WARNINGS! If the scriptures are any indication of what happens when people are told about future events then it's clear that prophecy usually has no effect on humans. Either they ignore it OR they believe it and wait for it!

If something is going to happen in the future and I am told about it, in order for me to be prepared and/or to make a change for the better, or in preparation, etc. then I'm all for it. It may not prevent the catastrophe. But my mindset will likely be completely different from how I would react or think if the situation were thrust upon me.

I don't mind being told about an event or events that will take place in the future. My faith is what drives my way of life and it won't make a difference if I know the future or I don't. In all life's circumstances, I just need to stay faithful.

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 03-30-2018


It's always better to see the future so you can avoid all the things that you regret the most and prevent any bad things that might happen to you and your family. I'm sure that there's a point in your life that you want to change so you won't feel that pain anymore. Let's just be honest and choose what's best for us.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-30-2017


I would choose seeing the Future because I could prepare for it in the present. I could easily earn money through Lotteries, Gambling and Stocks. It's like the movie 'Back to the Future'.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-10-2018


Just live without knowing the future

Just live without knowing the future
So, you decided to live a normal life,like you lived earlier?? Live in the present situation,learn from the mistakes done in the past.A normal life is a mystery to do not know what would happen in the next moment until the time comes.You are totally responsible to what happens in your future.No worries or fears of death or loss that would happen in the future,so you can live a happy life at the moment....actually a normal life.

You have the free will Since you don't know whats going to happen,you can live happily in the present Life will be like how it was,how it is for the others

You'll miss the 1% chance to save someone You may make someone feel sad on the day they would pass away Sometimes don't know what to do and wish you'd know what will happen



I worry too much to know what may happen

I am a little bit of a worrier and I know for a fact that if I was to know what would happen in the future I would more than likely find out something I did not want to know and that would send panic signals flying and I would do nothing but worry which is never a nice feeling. I prefer to live not knowing about the future and instead slowly finding out what will happen in the future as I get to it. I guess the only time I would be happy about knowing the future is if I was going to win the lottery! I do not see that coming any time soon though.
Posted by Shortie on 05-02-2017

We should not know

If we will know the future then we may get a lot of problem. For example if you will see in future that you will be rich then at present you will not work much !! Beside if you will know the future then there will no fun for working. Because you already know what will happen next ! So I think its better not to see future. Just wait for it....
Posted by NomanProdhan on 04-30-2017

best not knowing

best not knowing about the future, what if it is something you didn't want to know. There is many movies about been in future or time travel. There are psychics and crystal ball readers who offer to read you your future of course at a price. Best to wait and see what you have in store for you by just living your life and see what happens.
Posted by reviews4you on 04-25-2017

No regrets

It's alright to not know what the future has in store for you, in fact if something grim were to occur in the future, you'd be too depressed to even bother to try to live a full life. Alongside, people would be too anxious to be wanting to try anything out of the ordinary or live life to the fullest.
Posted by Atropia on 05-04-2017

Too Frightening

I would not want to know the future under any circumstances. I am a worrier and I worry enough about things that may or may not true... I sure wouldn't want to know for certain that they'll be happening. :-)

Maybe if the percentage for being able to change things would have been higher than 1%, I would have voted differently, but for the extremely low 1%, I don't think it would be worth the trade-off.

Posted by Destiny on 05-10-2017
Jonathan Solomon

Live without knowing the future, however...

This is something I've asked myself multiple times. I support living without knowing the future. However, your argument was very one sided and opinionated, to be honest. Some people see the value in the ability to see the future in order to rectify mistakes, subsequent to them actually happening.

On a personal note, I've had mixed emotions about this question. Present day, however, I focus on what my current life scenario is. Enjoying the progression I'm making every day without knowing the true future.

Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 05-16-2017


I live my life to enjoy life and not worried about what the future holds, but I do not think I would agree with the fact of not knowing what the future holds if I could have the chance to know what the future has for us. If I can get to see the future, it would give a clue on where and where I would need to change about my present life so as to avoid mistakes in the life. To see the future is all I desire, but it seems it is a tough call to make for almost every human to see what the future holds.
Posted by Barida on 09-12-2017
happiness is when you are ignorant. That's why people in underdeveloped society are happier than the people in developed societies. When you know about limousine and you also know that you can never own a limousine, you are unhappy. However, if you don't know limousine, you will not crave for limousine and you will remain happy.
Posted by vinaya on 09-19-2017
If I can see the future ahead before it happens, I will be the richest person on earth. That is the trick of the fortune-tellers and seers. Even in the olden times, there was the soothsayers who try to predict the future. And when they successfully predict by smart guessing, they are paid a fortune. However, what I don’t want in seeing the future is the date when I would die. That would be real scary.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-12-2018
Seeing the future will be absolutely the way to go, that way we will go before us to straighten crooked way like John the Baptist in the bible.But seriously who wouldn't want to know the future to set things right as least one will be very sure of a bright future.All that one will need to do is put thing right, stayed more with loved ones that one wouldn't see in future and enjoy life without any problem in future.This will be awesome.
Posted by lovely on 02-09-2018
I think having powers to see the future would be great since I can change or correct my future by doing things at the present. Also if I could see the future, I would take a peek on winning lottery numbers, that'll make me rich quick.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 04-08-2018
I would always prefer to remain in the present moment and enjoy my life. I don't think I will be very interested in knowing what is going to happen in my future. Well even if I know that my future is very bright and amazing things are going to happen in my future I will still have to live through the present moment and eventually reach there. On the other hand, if I know that some very bad things are going to happen in my future, then it will definitely have a negative impact on my present and I will always be worrying about the things that are going to happen after some years. It's better to remain in the present and enjoy each day as it comes.
Posted by jpk0007 on 11-18-2018