Semrush is a very popular online search analytics and SEO software to be used globally by anyone wanting to improve there SEO and link building campaigns. Semrush also keeps track of metrics, with detailed reports on backlinks and also the keywords which your website or blog is ranking for in Google.

This is also a great tool for spying on your competitive competition. Keep track of them see what kind of links they are building and what they are ranking for. You can use this as a free tool, but you are limited to the number of searches you can do daily on domains and tools. This is a great way to help boost your website/blog and also see great details about your website from the traffic you are getting and what backlinks you have.

Semrush was founded in 2008 it serves international around the world and is a very popular tool. The headquarters are based in Philadelphia, USA which offers apart from SEO and searches analytics but is also a Digital Market Intelligence with a difference. So if you are needing help to boost your website and beat your competition then Semrush is the ideal online tool for you.

Pretty much any data about any website at your fingertips Excellent and best way to start ranking better in the SERPs Awesome Backlink track and audits Keywords at your disposal.

Is expensive to use Apart from the price I can not really think of many cons for this as I use it daily and it has helped me so much...



I’ve only heard of SEMRush

I have to go with Semrush because I haven’t heard of their competitor. A lot of people I know are also Semrush fans so I feel like there’s more buzz around it.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-26-2018

Quality Product

I have used the SEMRush for one of my client. And the keyword generation. And also ranking and other details of the keywords are shown lot better with the SEMRush. You can see that it is indeed a good product worth checking.
Posted by overcast on 05-24-2018


In as much as this is a better choice for me as it is a good way to run some analytics on the site, but the expensive nature is something that I am not going to do as well. Semrush developers should really try their best to ensure that they reduce the price as it is going to help a lot at the end.
Posted by Barida on 06-20-2018


SEMrush helps you keep track of your rivals and competitors. This is one good strategy which ever business man who wishes to stay ahead of his or her competitors must take up business it helps you know how to counter them and stay on top. Even with the price of getting SEMrush, I would still go for it as long as I can get exactly what I want from it.
Posted by Martinsx on 05-24-2018

I choose this.

Well, I haven't tried both, but I will choose this. Basically, I prefer this because of its popularity. It should be popular for a good reason. Though the price is expensive, it sure does help boost your site and its performance.
Posted by theresajane on 10-17-2018


Although Semrush is quite expensive, it is highly reliable. I have been using Semrush since 2016, and the results are amazing. Actually, I have never used BuzzSumo.
Posted by Focusedwriter10 on 11-04-2018



Buzzsumo is a website which tracks and finds content based on the keyword you input. It allows you to find content which is shared the most online with social media websites and social signals which are pointing to the site in question.

Some of the top brands are using this site and to help them with searching for similar content to theirs. Which gives you an edge over your competition, a good thing about this site also is that it keeps you up to date and as well as showing you what is trending right now.

They have apart from the most shared feature but also a content Analysis section. Where you can analyze any content but you do have to be upgraded for this feature. They do offer a free trial so you can actually test a website out to see if it is right for you.

Buzzsumo offers some insightful information about your website or your cometitors website. Also, a good feature is the Facebook analyisis and the backlinks feature, keep track of your backlinks and get much more detailed information with them.

You can see how well your competition is doing See how many social signals are pointing to your competitor It also gathers all the popular content in your niche in one place

It is not always as easy as you think with searching for certain keywords Often can bring up the wrong information not always precise




Whilst I do think that SEMRush might have some great features, I think that the price for it is just not justified. I'm sure for a lot of people it won't be a huge problem. But for others, where they have already spent quite a bit of money on things for their website, they will need to save up a bit which makes it difficult to afford Semrush.
Posted by kingcool52 on 06-02-2018

Both are Quality and Both Get Results

This is probably a 6 in one hand and half a dozen in the other comparison. Reviews indicate they're equally great! Depends on what you want to use the products for. I picked BuzzSumo only because of the similarity in the company names. I got good results using Sumo. My logic makes sense to me.

Related link:

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 05-25-2018

This one is good for me

This seems more legit to me. I know this rather than the other one. Of course I am going to vote for the one I am used to. I will try to use SEMRush and change my vote if it is good. For now this one is good for me.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 05-31-2018


The two are great but I will prefer Buzzsumo since it helps make one know what is trending and keep one abreast of ones helps to inform one about competitors sites.Get to know about ones back links and social signals pointing at the others sites.I think it can be very good for serious site owners.
Posted by lovely on 05-24-2018
I think the semrush SEO is much better since it helps to give you links that can help your website to get more traffic which equals to more chance of making more money and it also helps and give up to date data about what your competitors are doing and thereby gives you more ways to improve and get better than them.
Posted by babyright on 05-24-2018
I have tried semrush as well as buzzsumo. I think both of these analytic tools are good in theri own ways. Semrush is a seo tool where as buzz sumo is social media analytic tool. On Buzzsumo you will find contents with mostb social signals. You can input a keyword and the program will list the contents that have maximum share on social media. It is a good tool to find the content going viral on social media.
Posted by vinaya on 05-24-2018
I think buzzsumo is yet to get popular and people are not much used to the software yet. Costwise the SEMRush is expensive. But people love making use of that. As it works out on all the scenarios. That's what I have found out in that case. It seems like the SEMRush works out on many small things as well.
Posted by overcast on 05-26-2018
Buzzsumo seems to be getting some popularity. But SEMRUsh is popular product. And it has years of investment. Be it time and money. And this goes to show that things are a bit different for the keyword type of the website. Because tools keep on changing with data. And you'd have to understand where things go in that case.
Posted by overcast on 05-25-2018
Seo is a very important element for those who intend to make money using their websites. I have heard of Semrush but never used it. However having read the review I think I still like Buzz sumo which I use on a regular basis. Nothing wrong with Semrush don't get me wrong however I prefer Buzz sumo because of its emphasize on social media and social insights. This I think is the trend of the future. Semrush seems to focus strictly on Seo and keywords. We all know how things have changed. So many factors will determine how your articles willl rank, and not only keywords.
Posted by jaymish on 05-26-2018
I really haven't used both but I am hearing a lot of good things about Semrush and I do think that it's a good SEO analytic tool. Although Buzzsumo is targeting a good market which is social media, I would choose Semrush because of the good reviews I'm seeing and it seems to be a very effective SEO analytic tool.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 05-27-2018
I've heard this Buzzumo like an advertisement from social media I but haven't heard yet the other one the Semrush. Buzzumo will keep you updated so you always aware and know what are tending on social media so you can work on with your websites. Semrush is useful too specially if you need to promote, boost your website and need to create a trafficI, this is what you need. I think they re both good. You just have to know when to use each of it on your needs for your websites.
Posted by romy_ter on 10-05-2018
I think I would go with Semrush. I think this has a wider scope and can cover vari d information compared to the other one.
Posted by theresajane on 11-14-2018
I personally consider Semrush it’s better than Buzzsumo, especially because it has such a lot of extra features which allow you to make better overall marketing choices. I'm able to actually say that is my preferred tool and it's utilized by digital marketing agencies/businesses and people around the world.
Posted by jetselle on 11-16-2018