Sexual Harassment : Female Celebrity Denounces the MeToo Movement

Sexual Harassment : Female Celebrity Denounces the MeToo Movement
A news report, dated January 10, 2018, states that a well-known female celebrity (and/or other women, according to another news report) is saying that the MeToo going too far. It is interfering with sexual freedom and the laws of physical attraction between men and women and that men should be free to hit on women.

But NOW! Well! Thanks to MeToo. Men are going to be scared to even talk to women.

An actress that I have long admired, Catherine Deneuve, has taken this stance.

On top of that she wrote a letter. She put her words in writing!!!

With all due respect, Ms. Deneuve's remarks are totally off the mark.

This is my understanding of Ms. Deneuve's line of thought and reasoning. (I could be wrong. But let's assume that I'm right for this discussion.)

The MeToo Movement which is AIMED at STOPPING sexual harassment, i.e. unwanted and unwarranted acts of a sexual nature, and in some instances, rape, that often occurs IN THE WORKPLACE … where people ain't supposed to having sex anyway! ...

Evidently, the MeToo Movement … is going to miss its mark.

Instead … the way Ms. Deneuve sees it:

The MeToo Movement is going to:

~ Interfere and even impede that wonderful and welcome game of romance between two people who are attracted to each other!

~ Turn the act of innocent flirting into something criminal!

The MeToo Movement is going to stop people from falling in love or … just hopping into the sack with each other, if they feel like it!

WOW Ms. Deneuve! Way to change the subject!!!

Do you Agree or Disagree with the Deneuve Denouncement?

Reference: Andrews, Frank. Catherine Deneuve Denounces MeToo in Open Letter. CNN, Cable News Network, 10 Jan. 2018,



Denounce the metoo movement

So let's face it. Regardless of of someone is male or female, using flirtation is how you even know if someone is interested in you as you are interested in them. This is how courting works. Without talking to the opposite sex nobody would ever get laid in our society. The only "women" who ever complain about a man flirting with them are usually the ugly ones who have never had true human interaction. And I for one take humor when a male says I have a big ass because that's his speech, and since its true, I am fine with that. Now these fake celebrities are only jumping on this metoo movement are the ones like Oprah herself who is so close to that pervert Weinstein that she tongue raped him in a public outing. They're Hippocrates honestly. These celebrities have no moral compass and will do just like a Politician and say whatever they need to at a given time, just to change their stance when the trend changes. Give me a break. Only ugly women get offended when a guy flirts with them.
Posted by Anonymous on 01-12-2018
If celebrities are using their celebrity status to influence, is that really any different from them lending their fame to other worthy causes? Representatives from the United Nations approached Beyoncé and asked if she would use her “star power” to support and promote World Humanitarian Day. Angelina Jolie is fully aware that her celebrity status is influential in her serving as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador and a Special Envoy for child refugees. Celebrities often use their fame for a good cause and in the hope that they can influence others to do good. Is the #MeToo Movement any different?

P.S. I think you meant “hypocrites”. Hippocrates was a Greek physician in ancient Greece sometimes referred to as the "Father of Medicine".

Flirting is NOT sexual harassment!

I don't know whether to agree or disagree! What I mean is, I think there is a MASSIVE difference between "sexual harassment" and "hitting on someone" flirting with a person for example. In fact, let's be honest, this is how relationships between people are started and formed. It's how people get together, marry, have kids and keeps the human race alive. It's what God intended after all? That two people would meet, be attracted to each other in some way, whether physically through sexual attraction or from some other way like being attracted to a person's personality, persona, their mind or even talents etc. And there's nothing wrong with that. That's just the way people work. That's just how it works! Of course, sexual harassment comes in many forms. From the small to the large. From the whistle blowing to the just outright rude sexual remarks and innuendos to the act of touching or groping whatever but that's just wrong and anyone that goes that far should be condemned and punished for it. After all, women are people too and women are gifts unto men from God! And like any gift, like a person! You should treat it with respect. Of course, it's vice-a-versa and the coin can be flipped as this applies to women on men too. I'm waffling but my point is, there's nothing wrong with flirting, "making the first move", chatting someone up, asking people out on a date. Or just for their number first even. But come on! Flirting and banter can't be classed as sexual harassment. Especially not it if it's reciprocated by the party. That's not sexual harassment and shouldn't be classed as such. It's when it's done in a way that isn't appropriate or reciprocated is when it's not right and gets a bit blurry. But we need to be careful not to label these things as criminal. But that's the way of the world for you! Going on to ever call what is good evil and what is evil good!
Posted by idealmikey on 01-11-2018
“... I think there is a MASSIVE difference between "sexual harassment" and "hitting on someone" flirting with a person for example. … Flirting and banter can't be classed as sexual harassment. ...”

Dude! I totally got everything you said, and I don't disagree with you.

But WHO missed their “mark”?

  • The supporters of the #Metoo Movement OR Ms. Deneueve?

There were women who were / are being sexually harassed and it has been going on FOR A LONG TIME!!

Finally! Somebody had the courage to grab the offender BY THE BALLS AND SQUEEZE!! Really really hard!!

The #MeToo Movement is demanding change in the workplace. A change that is long overdue.

  • Ms. Deneuve totally missed the whole point that this “lively discussion” which has ERUPTED all over the media.
By the way, if you want to talk about the Bible and what's written in the scriptures? Women were always protected against sexual assault and sexual harassment. Yeah. They were. But that's an extremely long discussion. However, anybody who wants to do a detailed study on What the Bible Says, I challenge them to find any scriptures that say condone, excuse or allow rape or any form of sexual violence and sexual harassment against women, children or men.


You know what's wrong these days most men have no sense of being a gentleman anymore. It must be the result of modernity. Being a Gentleman should be included as a subject in school as for females, there should be a subject on how to act as a Lady. If people are properly trained then none of these groups would exist.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 11-25-2018




There is a gentlemanly way to express an interest in a woman and a wrong way to do it. Most men know the difference.If a woman does not give you a signal she is interested then you need to drop it. Actually, maybe men need to wait for a clear sign a woman is interested in him. I disgree with Ms. Deneuve.
Posted by kgord on 01-11-2018

Fake Movement

All of those who wanted movies and wanted to be a star. Went though the system just fine. And when wanted to vent out to gain attention they did. So the metoo movement is surely a farce. And people need to be really sure about how they are doing the promotion the right way. I wonder how the movement such as this damages the civilization.
Posted by overcast on 01-12-2018

metoo movement

I am against in all forms when it come of violating the women rights and for that this movement was a wake up call for any women out there even different racist,skin colors and nationalities to standout and fight for their freedom.
Posted by mark86 on 09-27-2018


If the main purpose of the mee too movement is to stop sexual harassment on women by men then i dont see anything wrong with it because it is fighting a just cause and that will not pose any problem on men and women friendship or relationship.
Posted by babyright on 01-11-2018
Do you really think that the Me Too movement will stop sexual harassment? Maybe yes and maybe no is my take. What I don’t like in that movement is the indifference that it creates between male and female. That movement gives a semblance that most of the men are sexual harassers. Where is the fairness in that? Now this question. What happens if a man complains of sexual harassment? Laughter will follow for sure because no one will believe in that. Again, where is the equality of gender now?
Posted by Corzhens on 04-23-2018
I believe that if the person feels embarrassed or harassed, he does have the right to go public to expose such a case. What we can not do is simply take revenge on someone accusing him of harassment. I think we will still hear a lot about it in the coming years.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-11-2018
The problem here really is that many men in today's society don't know how to talk to women, and many people in general don't know how to converse with anyone. So the socially awkward are really taking it on the chin now in being accused of things. You mix that in with men who in general are just terrible in the way they approach and treat women, and you have this toxic social stew we're all swimming in now.
Posted by NickJ on 01-11-2018
Lot of propaganda is being thrown in the name of the feminism. And lot of cultures are being destroyed. You can see that some of the time such sexual harassment type of the movement and groups are adding nothing new. And so for this reason I'd say they don't have much place in the society. I'd not support such type of the propaganda for sure.
Posted by overcast on 01-12-2018
I can see the pros and cons t this and while I do feel that it is essential that women have spoken up, the problem arises when some may use this as revenge. It's sad but true. I do think it's a problem that will continue to exist in all fields though, and what needs to happen is for it to not happen in the first place. That means as soon as someone tries it on, stop it with legal action, report it to HR or something. Women were afraid and it let it build up, and I'm not blaming them but that s why it is how it is right now.
Posted by Alexa on 01-12-2018
I took a training class at one of my jobs on sexual harassment in the workplace. I found it interesting that the trainer or teacher kept saying “Well THIS may be happening, but LEGALLY … if you want to object … THAT can't be done.”

On the one hand, he was acknowledging that the sexual harassment may be occurring.
On the other hand, he was talking about all things you can NOT do to stop it because it wouldn't be “legal”.

If a person kept sexually harassing you at work, you could hide a tape recorder in the office and record what happened between the two of you. However, the teacher says, that's not LEGAL because you're taping the person secretly, without their permission.

(O.o) So I'm thinking:

  • Who says I have to go court or file a lawsuit?
  • Maybe I'll just send a copy of the tape to the spouse. They might be interested in hearing it.
You don't have to settle a matter LEGALLY to get a person OFF YOUR BACK!!

I'm just sayin'. I mean … thinking.

  • I'm thinking I don't want to go to work every day and have to put up with UNWANTED CRAP!! I'm going to figure out a way to STOP IT! I got to work!!
Posted by foxchannel on 01-30-2018
I will start by stating that in life most movement would have people that are for and against it,we shouldn't expect people to all be for it,but sexual harassment is just too sensitive to be trivialize and as such people that are supporting it should be kept at bay.The method movement should be undertaken by people of like minds to fight it claws.Whoever is against it should be left behind.
Posted by lovely on 01-12-2018
If we don’t want racism and we don’t want gender discrimination then let’s stop this nonsense of accusing men of sexual harassment. I am also a woman and I commiserate with the victims of sexual harassment particularly the young women and girls. However, this movement tends to create a rift between women and men. Some of the men I know are very vocal against this Me Too movement and they say it is nonsense because anyone can accuse anyone. The only difference is that when someone would present proof of the crime.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-13-2018
The #MeToo Movement is not encouraging anyone to accuse anyone. Let's be clear.

The #MeToo Movement are people who have been sexually harassed and know what the people who are speaking out now against this abuse have experienced. They KNOW because they have also experienced it too!

By the way, in Texas we have a backlog of rape cases that have not been reviewed, investigated and justice has not been served. The DNA rape kits need to be processed. WHY? Blah blah blah … The folks responsible had all kinds of excuses for why the job hasn't been done.

Bear this in mind. RAPE IS A CRIME.

Substitute the word MURDER for RAPE. Imagine a justice system where … a murderer can't be brought to justice because … some evidence kits have to be processed. But there's a backlog of work to be done! Kits containing EVIDENCE that is critical to the investigation!! (O.o)

If our legal system doesn't even think rape is important to investigate, why do you think people who were sexually harassed were not willing to come forward?

  • Who was going to support them?
  • Who was going to believe them?
  • Who was going to help them get justice?
The members of #MeToo Movement have rallied together to say “We hear you. We'll help you.”

Do you know what it's like to go to work every day and be afraid that the person who is constantly harassing you might just assault you if they get the opportunity?!

“Nonsense”?? It's not nonsense. It's a “culture”.

People talk about how women are treated in Saudi Arabia. It's that way because it's allowed BECAUSE … they say ... it's their culture.

This sexual harassment that the #MeToo Movement is shining a light on has been going on for a very long time. It is “common behavior in the workplace culture”.

  • Somebody finally dared to say: “Is everybody OK with this? Because I'm NOT!!”
Posted by foxchannel on 01-30-2018
It is a fine line between abuse and flirting. If we cannot flirt by words or deeds how will we get together? Soon we will be too frightened to approach someone for fear that they will refuse us and say it was abuse when it wasn't. Perhaps it should just be that non-touch flirting or to ask the other person if they want a date should be okay. If the one asked says no though, it isn't nice to keep being harassed especially if you are not interested.
Posted by JMS on 01-13-2018
With all due respect the MeToo movement is not about romance, it's about people in power abusing their power. It's not about sex, or relationships or romance. It's about using your power as an employer or someone in a senior position to get people to have intercourse with you. Why hit on a member of your staff or someone that is more junior to you? If you go for an interview and the human resource doesn't ask to have intercourse with you, they just do, what does that mean? That you have to have intercourse to get the job. In most of these stories these women were not courted or seduced, the men just proceeded to touch them and or have intercourse with them.This woman should be checked and get herself educated.
Posted by jaymish on 01-15-2018
Many women have suffered or many are still suffering because of social harassment and we can't deny this fact. I feel sorry for all those victims. However, I am against the MeToo movement. If this trend continues then a man will think twice before approaching a woman just to befriend her. Social interaction with those from the opposite sex is important. All men are not the same.
Posted by Pixie on 01-15-2018
As a man, I see some valid points in Deneuve Denouncement of Me Too movement. It is true that men take unwanted advances, however, this does not mean that men will all the time try to seek bvenefits. If a man places his hand on a woman sholder it can be considered "unwanted advance" however, if the woman does the same, no one cares to say anything.
Posted by vinaya on 01-15-2018
It's a movement where women are encourages to attack men with the fake rape and fake cases. So that they can get the leverage off men. And then things change. Hopefully it would be good in terms of the finding the criminals. But criminals are not going to be found with such movement. They can simply hide and work around.
Posted by overcast on 04-21-2018
It's quite unfortunate that people are not taking the issue of self control that serious and that bothers on matters concerning sex and rape. If we are busy and working out ways to bring solutions to the myriad of problems that we have in our world, people shouldn't be sexually harassing others. Respect for oneself is needed to bring an end to such matters like this and ensure that it doesn't linger for so much.
Posted by Barida on 01-25-2018
In the USA, both men and women serve as soldiers, side by side. There was a huge problem with sexual harassment in our military. I'll borrow that my husband said regarding this:

  • “Isn't it hard enough that the woman has to fight The Enemy? Does she have to fight The Enemy and fight off her fellow soldier too? That's not right!”
You're right! People should NOT be sexually harassing others. People should show courtesy and respect to each other!
Posted by foxchannel on 01-30-2018
The movement has some true accusations. Nonetheless, it's been turned into a witch hunt. I mean, guys are being punished for just being guys. However, though, Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby went "beyond being a guy". That stuff was creepy! Who could make excuses for that?
Posted by jyy on 07-12-2018
Sexual harassment on girls/ladies/women is never a simple issue. People should address to it seriously because sexual harassment is not normal nor common. No matter who you are or where you are, we should respect each other's sexuality. Also, respect is applicable to all genders. It isn't for women only.
Posted by mitan143 on 09-26-2018
As you can see at the end of 2018 we can see that movement was entirely fake. And it added no value of it's own. Instead it created the fake victims and they are just milking the people. And that needs to be stopped. If there are genuine victim they need to go through process. In case of metoo they are doing it only for money. So we have to learn from our experience get rid of this type of movement.
Posted by overcast on 11-01-2018
I also have that idea that not all the complaints of sexual harassment are true and some women just wanted to be in the limelight. There is a women’s group here that never fails to get involved when there is a celebrated case of a woman who was harassed but they were just for the press release and nothing concrete comes out of it. I guess that “me too” movement is a way to alienate women from men.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-15-2018
My stand is this. Every one should be mindful of their actions. Some who thinks they are just flirting may actually be sexually harrasing on the other end's view. As such men should always find ways to court girls with courtesy (there is a reason why they spell the same) and respects. But then again, everyone should be mindful of their actions. Girls on the other end, should be mindful of their own actions. Dressing to much for a kill is not a very pleasant way to present yourselves. Men will always have a tendency. Do not provoke. Some lions are not domesticated in zoo. A lot would pounce without hesitation. Plus, be mindful. A lot of times you coul actually get out of the situation before it reaches worse.
Posted by emiaj55 on 12-15-2018