Ever been aboard a large ship hovering above the ocean. Unless you get sea sick the feeling is great is'nt it. I mean having to experience every moment whete you can actually stop and observe the vast oceans. The journey is smooth and you can even engage in various activities depending on the vessel.

Slow hence you can enjoy the view. A lot of sports and activities are supported.

Might take longer to reach the destination.



Sea lover

If I am not in a hurry I prefer ships than airplanes. I am a nature lover, I love the sea. When I'm riding in a ship I feel calm and wonderful because of the ocean. I just love the smell of the sea and the color of the water. Sometimes dolphins appear and I enjoy watching them. I even envy them swimming freely in the ocean. Also, when you are in a ship you can engage in different activities. You will not be bored and can mingle with different people.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-19-2018

I enjoy the sea view

I am afraid of heights and what I love about traveling by ship is the view. I love the view of the sea and its kind of giving me a relaxing effect rather than a traveling by an airplane that makes me really nervous. So, me personally I mostly travel by ship because I love the scenery and the travel is longer than an airplane.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-31-2018

If I'm in no hurry ...

I'll assume this comparison is aimed at travel for personal reasons and not for business. If I'm not in a hurry and it's for a vacation I'm happy to go via ship. But if it's a business trip I prefer to travel by plane.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 08-18-2018
Makes a lot of sense. There is no need to take a ship when on a business trip unless the business actually happens on the ship.

Water Feels Safer

If I could travel to any overseas destination by boat then that would be my choice. Flying has become quite dangerous and I think the dangers we are facing at this time far outway the dangers of sailing.

With all the problems in the world at the moment and not being 100% sure that plane will actually land forces me to consider other means of travel. Trains are also safer but I still think that boats are still the safest way to get abroad.

Planes are obviously faster and if you get a flight with no air pockets then it can be a nice smooth way to get from A to B. However, travelling by boat can be dangerous if there is stormy weather. Yet, boats don't normally set sail if the weather is going to be disastrous.

So, although I would like to vote for flying, I have to go with the sailing vote as nowadays it's the safest means.

Posted by JMS on 09-10-2018

Slow and Fun

I think slow and fun and also the view of the ocean. That's something definitely worth enjoying. I have had some of the good views through such ships. I'd say on that note you can see that ships are something to be considered good in many ways.
Posted by overcast on 08-26-2018

Love of water

In as much as flying in the aeroplanes looks good, feels good and possibly the fastest means of transportation, I would still prefer using ship to travel because I'm kind of attracted and attached to water than any other element of nature. At least, I know how to swim very well, so I have nothing to worry about should I fall into the water body.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-18-2018

If you are a traveler this is good.

Both ships and planes are good but for me ships are better. You can do more stuff in ships than airplanes.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 08-18-2018
Yeeah but that also depends on the size of the ship. I mean there are some which can accomodate casinos, arenas, swimming pools and so much more. I would love such an experience...

So much more comfortable!

If I have the choice, I'd prefer getting to travel by ship. I honestly hate flying - it's so cramped and often for long periods of time. The only problem is often going by ship can be more costly.
Posted by amelia88 on 08-19-2018

Its more safer?

I honestly think traveling by ship is more safer and yes it takes longer but its also nice to be in the middle of the ocean than flying up in the air.
Posted by MittensFX on 08-23-2018

Nature lover

An airplane is faster than a ship. But since I am a nature lover, I will choose a ship. Traveling on a ship feels better and you can watch a calm and peaceful sea. As long as the weather is good, your travel will be perfect. Another good thing about it is that you can stroll around and able to meet new friends. A ship can be a great place for personal or business purposes.
Posted by superlicca on 08-18-2018

Cruise Ships

There are cruise ships which sojourn ins different countries. The ships are like home. They are equipped with suites that one can hire and remain like him.

Cruise ships are equipped with casinos, swimming pools and helicopters to drop one to and from work. There are shops and even bab sitters on cruise ships.

Posted by stbrians on 08-22-2018

Safe and Sound

In times of an unfortunate event I think ship will give a higher chance of survival. I know how to swim so if their is an unexpected shipwreck it give me a higher possibility to survive. When an airplane crash I do not know how will I survive because I will be falling many meters above the ground. Also in ships you can move around compare to airplane which you will be seated all the time. In ship you can take a fresh breath outside while in plane you are in an enclosed place.
Posted by Zelmontero on 08-20-2018
Have you considered the fact that without water and food then your chances of survival during a ship wreck are very low. I mean you will be burning more energy simming and keeping afloat. I am also a fan of ships but i just meeded to point out the aspect which may make you rethink the selection you made.
Have you considered the fact that without water and food then your chances of survival during a ship wreck are very low. I mean you will be burning more energy simming and keeping afloat. I am also a fan of ships but i just meeded to point out the aspect which may make you rethink the selection you made.

Ship Traveling Wins Out

Having experience on both cruise ships and airplanes, I would definitely argue that traveling via ship is preferable. Not only is the seaview relaxing, but you also have the opportunity to meet new people from many different backgrounds!

On a plane, you may be around people from all over the world, but you are only going to talk to maybe a couple of people sitting close to you.

Ships typically have a wide array of activities and events, and odds are everybody will find at least 1 or 2 things they thoroughly enjoy.

I would like to add that yes, planes will win out unconditionally if speed and quick travel is a priority. In that case, however, no one would even consider going on a ship where the journey can be as fun as the destination.

Posted by ArcApp on 08-24-2018

Beauty of the sea

I'd prefer ship if I'm not in a hurry. You can see and feel the waves of the ocean. Feel the thin air and smell of the sea. You might also see sea creatures like dolphin or whales and take a picture with it. It'll be memorable if you you're with your love ones together and you both see the nice view of the sea and the sunset.
Posted by kinja90 on 09-06-2018

I'll go for ships!

We can make many memories aboard because of tge many acgivities that we can do inside the ship. It is a little safer than a airplane because in a shipwreck the survival rate is higher than a plane crash in general. There are sea sickness but there are a lot of ways to avoid it amd instead enjoy the view. Yes it take too long to reach the destination but you won't notice it because of the many activities available aboard. Ahoy!
Posted by Gilgamesh on 09-14-2018

I am like Ratty in Wind of the Willows

Ratty, in the children's book, "Wind in the Willows," liked messing around in boats. So do I. There is nothing like the view of the unending ocean, and the roll and the swell of the sea as the boat makes its way to its destination. It is also comfortable as you can sit around, have a drink or be entertained if it is a cruise boat. I sometimes take the ferry to St Malo and work it so I get two nights on ship, a day in France and no hotel bill. I cannot do that on an airplane where anyway, you struggle to sleep and have to avoid the huge person in the chair next to you. I do like planes, but give me a choice, and I will take the boat, anytime.
Posted by HappyLady on 10-04-2018

Well, for space matters I prefer Ships

If I am not in a hurry, I really prefer to travel overseas by ship. Though the travel time are much much slower, I get to have a larger personal space than with planes. I won't feel too cramped the whole rides, and there are far more activities I could do. Plus, I get to sight seeing more since I could go to the deck whenever possible in contrast to planes when i don't get to seat by the window.
Posted by emiaj55 on 10-16-2018

I Ship Ships

Personally, I prefer the boat, it's more adventurous, a lot of productivity and space than the airplane. It's cool to travel to different countries and enjoy doing it and to view the beautiful destinations all around. This is what I prefer but if there is a purpose like a business meeting when the plane is more convenient since it is way faster but so boring.
Posted by DISTEFANO115 on 10-16-2018

Ships of course!

I say that half the travel fun is the ship. Airplanes are fast alright but I hate everything else about them. You are sitting uncomfortable and just wait for the travel to end. While when you are in a ship you can enjoy the view , move around , maybe meet some people and most importantly you are in the sea. It's part of the fun.
Posted by GeorgeDr on 10-30-2018

Enjoying the moment

I'm not one of those person who gets to ride a ship or a plane everyday, this is like a once in a life time adventure for me. So I would rather ride a ship where I can stay for days and experience how it is to live in a ship for a few days rather than fly and see from above for a couple of hours, and being high up in the sky is also scary for me. And as mentioned above there's lots of activities in a ship, and in a plane you can just sit and look below.
Posted by mftmadam on 11-01-2018



If you are travelling for business purposes then this is definitely your option. Airplanes offer a connection to each and every country even though some restrictions are prevalent.

Faster Connected to more countries

Impossible to enjoy the scenery for long.



Plane Rider

I believe that travelling by an airplane is better than by ship. Its because of time and costs reasons. Its faster than the ship. If I want to go to Manila, by plane it only takes an hour while by boat it will take me 18 hours. The prices of tickets of both plane and ship are just the same. So I vote for Airplane.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 09-01-2018

Sky HIgh!

My first reason why I prefer Airplane is that I don't really know how to swim and I am quiet scared of the thought that the ship will sink and I will be in the middle of the ocean. Then my second more reasonable answer is that ship is really time consuming. I am currently an average income person and I usually travel because of work. I rarely go out for personal travel or trip. So, I'd rather use airplane for work travel purposed than ship. Maybe I will just ride a ship if I am already rich and I can finally afford cruise ship.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-26-2018


While I never been on a big ship, I have flown on an airplane before. My first time flying I was quite scared, as most people are. I always think the plane is going to go down right after takeoff. It's just a fear that many have I guess. What I like most about planes, and I am quite sure a lot more other people like too, is the time you save flying. For instance, sometimes I go to Florida, which is about 16-18 hours driving. If I were to fly, it would take me at least 3 hours. This saves you valuable time! And if you're like me you need all the time you can get. They say flying is one of the most safest forms of transport, and I hope they are right because it seems this mode of transport is basically the future.
Posted by Everett on 09-19-2018


I'm not sure why the ship option is proving to be so popular, to be honest. Other than a cruise ship, I would not want to travel on a ship really because it's such a longer journey and it's not exactly the best place to be on for days and days. The plane is so much faster and easier to use to travel to places.
Posted by kingcool52 on 08-19-2018
There are many people that love the option since it is an opportunity to explore more. You can find peace and more life when you are out on the open sea than when you are moving on a fast plane i believe.

Haven't tried ships yet, so...

I'll have to go for Airplanes. They're fast and comfy (but I do hate take offs and landings) and the flight stewardesses are all very kind and pretty.

I haven't tried riding on a ship yet but I have already tried riding on a boat and a barge. Riding on a boat almost made me puke. Riding on a barge was pretty smooth but it was nothing to write home about.

Riding on a plane was the smoothest and most interesting ride for me.

Posted by limberg on 10-08-2018

More Efficient

I've never taken a ship before, so maybe I'm a little biased here, but I prefer an airplane because it's more efficient. Really, you'll get to where you need to go faster, and that's the gist of why I prefer it.

Not to mention I have plenty of familiarity with plane flights. Half of my family lives in Japan, so I travel frequently to see them and as a result I've had plenty of time on planes. Really, flights give me a nostalgic feeling sometimes of traveling overseas to see my family, which I really like.

Posted by TheArticulate on 08-23-2018
I would have to agree with you. I also have not tried ships before because I am sickly scared of traveling by the sea. Moreover, I do not like traveling for longer hours because I easily get bored.

Love flying

Airplane all the way! I often get seasick when on a boat or a ship so I try my best to avoid it. I know that they're quite fancy nowadays but my preference will always be the airplane.

You sit back, relax and look out at beautiful clouds. The seats can be extremely comfortable, the food is great so what more could you want?

Posted by Mehano on 08-25-2018


I would prefer to travel by airplane, as I don't really enjoy "traveling" in any transportation, I'd like to just reach the destination as soon as I can, so taking airplane is better for me as it's faster than the ship. Moreover, I might get motion sickness when traveling in ship. If it's just a short distance, say 30 minutes, then I don't mind traveling in a ship to enjoy the sea view and the sound of the waves.
Posted by kaka135 on 10-09-2018

I might be biased, but...

... Airplanes, without a question. I have a deep fear of the ocean, therefore I see ships as much scarier and dangerous; extended periods of time at the mercy of those powerful and unpredictable waters seems, to me, like a recipe for disaster. While airplanes are, conceptually, just as risky (the sky is vast and merciless, too!), the trips tend to be far shorter, therefore the risks assumed tend to be minimal. Or so I think.
Posted by VintageRose on 09-20-2018
I could not disagree with you anymore. Likewise, I am sickly scared and totally afraid of traveling by the sea. I am good at swimming but I hate traveling by the water. Traveling by the sea is riskier than traveling by the air because of too many predators waiting when the ship sank. Too much danger indeed.

Matter of perspective.

Both of these options have their positive and negative times. If you want to arrive faster to a certain location then an airplane is definitely the best choice. On the other hand if you want to enjoy your journey as much as possible ( if you do not have sea sickness) then travelling by ship is a better choice.
Posted by manmad on 09-24-2018

Not that into water

I prefer planes because it's faster and I'm not too fond of being in the middle of the ocean and being too far away from land for long periods of time. I've experienced both and I wouldn't say I hate being on a ship but I just prefer being on a plane and reaching my destination as quickly as possible if I can help it. There are advantages to both so I'm okay with either but I just like the shorter travelling time of being on an airplane.
Posted by Wubwub on 08-20-2018
Same here also. I dont like to travel in the ocean using boat,feels like unsafe.

Fastest way of traveling

There is no doubt that the journey by aeroplane is the fastest that we have at the moment and this means that it is my preferred means of transportation especially when I am going to a destination where I know that I have to get to in no distant time. I have been working as much as I can to make this form of traveling the only way for me when I want to embark on a long trip.
Posted by Barida on 08-18-2018
Yeah very fast. Definitely the only option when you nedd to go for a business trip. On other occassions however that may be up for a discussion.

Air Travel

In my opinion travelling on an airplane is the fastest and safest way to travel more so if your in a hurry. Travelling on water in a ship takes too much time although the scenery is enjoyable, I get sea sick and if I'm travelling for business it really won't work for me.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 08-21-2018

time is everything

In the fast pace world where everything can be "instant", I would definitely choose an airplane as a means of transportation rather than a ship. It will get you to another destination in less time. Even if the fare is more expensive, I can be way more productive, valuing my precious time, completing things to be done, and meeting different busy people. In a way, time makes money.
Posted by trendjing on 09-05-2018

Definitely Airplane

I have always dreamt of seeing the world from above. With airplane you won't just be able to see the sea, but also the clouds up close and even the islands.
Posted by Vinsanity on 08-22-2018
I love the idea of seeing the world from above. I am into beautiful scenery and I would have to agree with you that when you travel by air, you will see everything even the clouds.


I've always had my travels to foreign countries done by plane flight. I've never had to ride a ship to travel to different countries that's why I'm giving my vote to airplanes. I also think it would be faster than traveling by ship because you are traveling through the seas and the water can be a resistance that prevents ships from moving fast.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 09-04-2018

The Faster, The Better.

I'm impatient and I hate to look haggard after a long trip on the sea. I prefer airplanes because they're faster and I can still preserve my fressh look after the flight.
Posted by jaybee19 on 08-31-2018

much safer..

I have heard one time that travel through air or via airplanes is "the" safest form of transportation. A very obvious difference is in pirates, pirates are ore known in marine travel rather than in aviation because it is. Who had heard of an airplane getting hijacked in mid flight? the only way a plane could be hijacked is when a hijacker has passed security somehow while ships have tendency to be hijacked in the midst of their travel. Lastly is when a ship is caught in a storm in the ocean it is very dangerous while airplanes can just fly over it.
Posted by tophgreg on 09-14-2018

Airplane faster

I would rather choose airplane as I always wanted to reach my destination faster. It has no problem for me if no view to see what I want is to be in the place faster and safer.
Posted by mark86 on 08-22-2018

Time efficient and a good transport system

With the airplane the business man that needs to get to the meeting in the other country can reach there on time and present his ideas as they are fresh in his mind. also when you use airplane to transport goods or items to other places they arrive safely without as much as a scratch even on the box but that is not so with Ships and also goods that are needed immediately, say for a medical operation in another country are transported by plane because it is fast. And with that a life would have been saved.
Posted by Kwesi on 08-24-2018

My choice

I will vote for airplane because it is way more faster than a ship. I'm not that type that enjoy a long ride before reaching my destination so one vote for airplane here.
Posted by blackmist on 08-18-2018
Yeah. That will be the only good thing about airplane. If you are in a hurry or don't enjoy a long traveling hours.


I do not travel for the sake of the trip but with the anticipation of actually being in the location I hope to be where as fast as possible. Well, travelling through ships in my country, the Philippines is a lot cheaper yes and because we are a country known for wonderful beaches some piers are much more like paradise. But planes takes me faster to places though a little more expensive. It is also lesser with hassle and very convenient for people like me who likes calm trips.
Posted by Donyababoy on 10-02-2018

top of the world

I would prefer to travel by airplane because it gived me the feeling of I'm on the top of the world. It also gave me a chance to fly around the world. Although the view might be limited because the clouds are blocking the view, it is still great to have a chance to see the beauty on the top view perspective. Especially when it is night already and I could see the lights around the place, its magical. Also the travel time is shorter than by seas.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 08-19-2018

People can sink on a boat. People die less likely

I know some people who are terrified to ride a boat because they can't swim. I agree. With a plane, you just have to board it and sit for a couple of hours and you get to your destination. It's less like that you'd die from a plane than on a boat.
Posted by rlpzbeermoney on 09-20-2018


I'm not a traveller myself but I would choose to travel by and airplane rather than a ship. I personally don't like travelling for a long time because I easily get tired and now that I have my baby, I would always go for a ride that can take us faster on our chosen destination for the convenience of my baby as well. I don't really mind if I won't be able to see nice views and sceneries because I usually take a nap or sleep while travelling specially for long hours. Eventhough plane tickets are somehow expensive, we can always wait for promos or ticket sales so that we can save money. I don't even know if ships also offer promos. But for me, I would choose to travel by airplance because of it's convenience and the travel is much faster.
Posted by MiaManimbo on 09-20-2018

reach for the sky

I always opted for airplane as my mode of transportation. Time for me is important. I dont want to spend time travelling specially during business trips. The reward points given by the aiplane company can also be very useful in your future travels.
Posted by bee.rthooyah on 09-17-2018

Flying is Better

I personally believe that transportation via airplane is better because it helps you reach your destination faster although transportation via ship is cheaper. In addition, transportation via airplane has an advantage of accessibility because it has greater reach to several places over the world. The only time I would be considering transportation via ship would be if I'm in a tight cash position.
Posted by deejaycee on 09-17-2018


I won't deny that taking a ship would be akin to taking the scenic route, metaphorically speaking, but in my opinion, it boils down to convenience. Traveling by plane is so much faster, and as an added bonus, more versatile - you could visit a dozen countries and cities in a week or so if you really wanted to. Though to give credit where credit is due, I'm sure that traveling by boat is both more relaxing and comfortable, but in my mind, traveling that way will always be only for special occasions or for some specific reason - traveling by plane is sure to remain the bread and butter of travel until humanity comes up with something even crazier and even more quick and convenient.
Posted by Iblissian on 09-19-2018

Plane all the way!

In this day and age, time is of the essence. Therefore, I would always prefer plane for my trips as it helps me reach my destination faster. The airlines have made a significant improvement in the services provided on the plane. If you can afford to travel business class, you can actually have an amazing in flight experience that rivals any ship. With beds, baths and other fun activities provided on the plane.

Ships on the other hand are just to be used if you are in a mood for a vacation and not for travel. Go on a cruise in the middle of nowhere, spend a few days and then get back home. Nothing more. As a means of travel, ships are not suitable for regular people. They are mostly used to import and export huge materials and stuff to and from various countries.

Posted by GrayBrad on 10-01-2018


Time is money. So the faster you get to your destination the better, especially if it's for business.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 10-03-2018

I love to travel by air

I think travelling by air is the most convenient and also the fastest way to travel. I have been travelling by air since my childhood and have always loved the whole experience. It's an amazing view when the plane takes off and reaches up in the sky. I always go for a window seat and look out when the plane takes off and also when it lands. I am sure travelling by a ship has its own charms but travelling by sea for a long time can never be my choice.
Posted by jpk0007 on 10-11-2018


I am one of the many who prefer airplanes more than ships. Airplanes can take you to your desired destinations faster than what ships can do. I personally think that riding airplanes is more fun than the other one because you are floating in the air with the hope of being safe until you reach your destination. Though both means of transportation impose danger when safety measures are of no primary importance, if it's your time to leave the world, then, it really is your time.
Posted by theresajane on 10-09-2018


For the purpose of traveling, the best way to go with it is to go by Air, traveling by air is the fastest means of transportation around and it is also comfortable to use depending on the class you wish to fly with.

Traveling by air will save you the stress of sitting in one position for more hours depending on your destination, imagine someone traveling to from India to the United Kingdom using the sea and a person that goes by the air.

When it comes to transportation, Airplane is far more better than any other means of transportation put together.

Posted by ElectorAlexander on 10-12-2018


Compare to a ship, airplane is more efficient and fast. Personally, I don't like traveling in ship since I become sick and will puke my gut out. But even if I am don't get sick with ships I will still choose airplane, because it is fast and safer.
Posted by nrnlss on 10-17-2018

Fly High!

I get seasick that is the main reason that I choose flying rather than traveling via ship. Airplane travel tends to be faster and more efficient rather than sailing. If you really need to get to another place fast airplanes are way to go.
Posted by thejoyrevolution on 10-17-2018


Planes are the superior method of travel. Flying is so much cooler than traveling over water. It is also faster and more efficient.
Posted by Jstreeter26 on 11-03-2018

I prefer airplanes

Between ships and airplanes, I prefer to travel by an airplane. Although it is more expensive, it is still reasonable as you will arrive to your destination quicker. I find it more convenient and will help you save a lot of time.
Posted by Einalem on 11-22-2018

Faster than ship

The advantage of airplanes is speed and where they can travel (across land and water).If you travel by ship then it takes a lot longer.
Posted by csk81 on 11-01-2018

Swift Travelling

Most people by now are too busy and getting to our destination as fast as possible is a plus. During the old times, only ships are available. Now, planes are available for faster travelling. Planes are made available so that we can reach our destination in the shortest time possible. Time is precious and we cannot waste too much time on a ship.
Posted by hstinscdln on 11-01-2018

Airplanes over ships

I prefer air travel compared to sea travel. Airplanes are much faster while ships take unnecessarily long to get from one place to another. I'd rather travel efficiently than spend time lounging about in the middle of the sea for days. Perhaps I would ride a ship again for the experience, otherwise sea travel simply takes too much time. Moreover, there is a greater possibility of getting seasick than airsick.
Posted by astraherondale on 11-01-2018


It is convenient and very fast. I love nature but I cannot stand being in the sea for long. I have that fear of large water vessels, because they are very slow.
Posted by Focusedwriter10 on 11-08-2018

Up up here we go

Flying is way better for me than sailing. It is way faster and even though you are up there in the skies you get to see such a beautiful sight of the places you are traveling to. There is also these awesome cosmetics and accessories you get to access when flying in a plane such as movies, food, snacks, warm clothes and the features they have especially for the business class people. It is dangerous knowing you are up in the sky and that sailing is safe because you are just in the water, but I really hate when the waves start moving back and forth while the plane only has turbulence. It scares you but at least it doesn't get me sick.
Posted by YoloBoy on 11-16-2018

Worth taking the risk.

Though air travel carries with itself a lot of risk, it is the most preferred means of transport these days. It is very comfortable and also takes the least amount of time. With the advent of Boeing airlines and business class tickets, air travel has become more luxurious nowadays.

Sea sickness is an area of concern when traveling on the ship. It doesn't suit everyone. Also, it is more time taking.

Posted by kaushikangara on 11-29-2018

Zoom zoom goes the plane?

I prefer traveling via planes. It's faster even though there's no scenery but at least I don't get sick from riding one. I've had a terrible experience when I went on a cruise. I couldn't even sit when my medicine would wear off! I didn't even get to enjoy any scenery at all because I stayed in my room the entire time.
Posted by knnon on 12-05-2018


I choose airplane because I'm afraid of deep waters. I can't imagine myself travel by water for days. Besides, airplane is faster. You can get to your destination for a shorter period of time. When you travel by plane, you can just sleep and when you wake up, there you are in the place where you want to go. Ships will take you long time.
Posted by jessie271 on 12-07-2018


I really don't like traveling in long distances I would rather stay at home because I don't really like going outside, But if I would have to choose a mode of transport and the choices would only be limited to an airplane or a both I would definitely pick plane simply because it is much faster over a both because I don't like long trips.
Posted by antonToledo on 12-14-2018


I love them both and had my experience on both means of transportation. When you think about relaxing and reminiscing i recommend ships because as you see the horizon your mind will be clear. If you want class and speed then an airplane ride is the best thing to have.
Posted by fishbate on 08-18-2018
I think we have the same point of view. Ships really good for those who want a slow type of traveling that you can even enjoy the scene on your travel. In the ships you can do a lot of things to enjoy before you go in the place you wanted to go. But if you are really in a hurry, an airplane is good.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 08-19-2018
I do not have any experience with ships, however, I believe travelling by ships is more of an adventure. You can see the large water mass, the horizon an contemplate about the vastness of the universe.
Posted by vinaya on 08-21-2018
Yes you are right. For an adventurous person travelingwith ships are good. They can see a lot of beautiful horizon in a vast quantity of ocean space. Unlike traveling with airplanes where you can only see clouds and sit all day.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 08-21-2018
The only advantage I see with travelling by a plane is it takes less time. If you are on a plane, you can travel around the globe in less than 24 hours, however, it might take weeks, even months if you choose to travel by ship.
Posted by vinaya on 08-25-2018
We were invited to a cruise by a friend who works in a cruise liner. She had enumerated the benefits of taking the cruise particularly the relaxation because you have a cabin and everything is taken care of not to mention the food. But when we checked on the cost of the cheapest route it’s not cheap at all. As my husband said, we have to pay everything that we would experience in the cruise. A plane trip with a hotel accommodation is definitely much cheaper.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-12-2018
I prefer traveling by plane. It is not that I do not want cruise ships, it is because I feel really scared traveling in the water. First, I am not a good swimmer. I am afraid of sharks, too! I feel more comfortable traveling by plane especially if I am in a hurry, it basically always saves my tight schedule. Though I can enjoy the beautiful scenery for a short time, but for me it is just fine as long as I arrive safe in my destination.
Posted by NesMarcos on 08-19-2018
The reasons you gave for fearing oceans just make me want it even more. I cannot define myself as an adrenaline junkie but I do love the things that come with some goosebumpy feeling.
Posted by Martin on 08-20-2018
So many plane routes fly over the oceans, though! Imagine FALLING into the ocean from above! Ugh!!
Posted by amelia88 on 08-20-2018
Don't interpret my statements as an offence, however, your answer is kind of silly. You do not want to travel by water because you are not a good swimmer. You prefer to fly on an aeroplane, do you mean to say you can fly? air travel is good in a sense that it saves time.
Posted by vinaya on 08-22-2018
The one that scared of swimming but have the guts to fly a thousands feet from the ground. Very rare kind of person. But I respect that opinion of yours i just find in funny. Just don't think negative when you are traveling.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 08-23-2018
If you like or dislike somethings, you need to have a valid reason for liking or disliking. You do not like traveling by ships just because you can't swim does not sound plausible. You do not like traveling on ship because it is time consuming is more plausible reason.
Posted by vinaya on 09-12-2018
Travelling by plane will indeed take shorter time than travelling by ship. But if you are travelling with large amount of baggage, I think travelling by ship will be more cheaper. We all know that there is only a certain baggage allowance for an individual if you travel by plane, and you can add some kilos by paying some amount, but I think if you travel by ship you can bring as much baggage as you want without paying for your excess baggage. But if you are in a hurry and wanted a more shorter travel time, plane is suitable for you.
Posted by lei08pineda on 08-19-2018
You have a point. If you think money is important when it comes to cope with traveling expenses, then traveling by ships can be a better option. Air travel is of course faster, however, it is also a very expensive. If you have more than allowed luggage, you will also have to pay a heavy price for your luggage.
Posted by vinaya on 09-12-2018
That is so true. You cant travel by plane if you have huge baggage. They will not allow you on that compared travelling by ship where you can have as many baggage as you want. The advantage of travelling by plane is you will reach your destination faster.
Posted by mark86 on 10-18-2018
I really don't like traveling on a ship because I always get sea sick. Also I have this fear of drowning. I always travel by air and it's the fastest and most convenient way to travel long distances.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 08-20-2018
I have never travelled on ships. I live in a landlocked country, we do not have sea routes here. I have travelled on planes many times. Travelling on ships is one of my dreams. I like to go on a cruise vacation. I think travelling on a ship is a luxury.
Posted by vinaya on 08-20-2018
You are lucky that you have traveled through planes many times. Most of the people have opposite situation. They can get used to the water with ships but they don't have access to the plane.So it's kind of different experience that you have right there. It's good either way that you get to experience the air travel. Not a lot of people in the world can experience that from what i have seen.
Posted by overcast on 08-26-2018
In my home county, the common traveling method is via bus/car. Traveling long distance in a bus or car is very risky as well as frustrating. It takes 12 hours to reach a destination by car that would have been easily made in 30 minutes. We have a lot of rivers and the government plans to introduce water ways.
Posted by vinaya on 09-10-2018
I hope you get the chance to go on a cruise one day. It's a really unique way to travel and a nice slower paced way of seeing the world.
Posted by amelia88 on 08-27-2018
Maybe ships will be the winner of this debate in my opinion. Because it is really nice and comfortable to go on a cruise ship rather than in a airplane. Cruise ship travel will eventually become a way to enjoy your travel. Lots of things to do and to enjoy for.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 08-20-2018
I love to go travel by ships. I love nature, and I really love to travel watching the ocean and the nearest island. And by traveling by ships, I'm able to bring my motorcycle and use this on the place where I go. I love the long travel compare to an airplane.
Posted by ion on 08-21-2018
I can’t really say that I’m up for either form of traveling, since traveling long distances from home isn’t exactly a favorite activity of mine. That being said, if I had to choose, I’d definitely go with airplanes. Something about being out in the open sea just freaks me out too much. I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a fear of water, but god forbid there’s an accident, drowning is pretty much my least favorite way to go. If something goes wrong in a plane, you pretty much go out in an instant. Morbid way to look at things, I realize that, but it’s the deciding factor for me.
Posted by Denis_P on 08-22-2018
I would prefer airplane. I travelled many times and I enjoyed its service. I wanted to reach my destination faster and safer.
Posted by mark86 on 08-22-2018
I still want to travel through planes. I never had any experience of traveling via ship. I feel that I would be seasick and uncomfortable to the extent of being frightful. But I also like the idea of a cruise. I can't tell if I can overcome the uneasy feeling although I haven't been aboard a ship. I like the idea if only I can overcome my fear.
Posted by Chinet23 on 08-22-2018
I don't know about this one. Its a hard one. I guess I would prefer an airplane but sometimes it can be quite scary. Sometimes your heart is in your mouth for the whole plane ride. Going by ship can also be quite scary if you think about it. You have no control whatsoever, you are floating on acres and acres of water. Remember it is also on the deepest part of the ocean.In case of anything you are more or less dead. However I see the advantage of travelling by ship. The scenery must be stunning and this must be amazing way to relax, you can spend months travelling on water. I would be curious to know the best shipping routes. However I vote plane.
Posted by jaymish on 08-24-2018
Airplane is better form of transportation specially if you want to travel past and want to get to your destination in a short time. But you can't enjoy the moment and while traveling. It's kinda boring. Traveling via airplane just need for me in case of emergency and I really have to be on time, just take a nap and then you will be on your destination when you awake.
Posted by ion on 08-24-2018
Airplane is better form of transportation specially if you want to travel past and want to get to your destination in a short time. But you can't enjoy the moment and while traveling. It's kinda boring. Traveling via airplane just need for me in case of emergency and I really have to be on time, just take a nap and then you will be on your destination when you awake.
Posted by ion on 08-24-2018
If I actually have the luxury of choice, I'll prefer to travel by ship because the travel itself is already an adventure. It's something I haven't experienced and it is definitely in my bucket list. An airplane ride is often a necessity because it is fast and more convenient for most people. I'll have to admit, though, that I get nervous each time I need to travel by airplane. Being up there and out of control makes me very anxious. And yes, long plane rides are just boring specially if you're not the type who enjoys watching movies or being confined to a small area.
Posted by chatbox on 08-24-2018
I asked my girlfriend about this debate and she said that she preferred on a ship. The reason is so simple and yet real. And that is ships have sleeping quarters and airplane only have seats.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 08-24-2018
I prefer to travel by airplane. Apart from the advantage of getting to your destination faster, I am a bit hesitant and scared of riding ships. Even the sight of a huge ship scares me. I guess I am too scared of drowning and being in the open water. With airplanes, I can relax, watch on board movies or read a book and just wait for a few hours to get to my destination.
Posted by mdayrit on 08-25-2018
I am also not comfortable stepping my foot on a big ship. Though I'm afraid of heights which makes me also uncomfortable riding on a plane. I must prefer something that would end my torment faster, and that's by taking planes
Posted by theresajane on 11-08-2018
If I have to choose, I would love to take a ship. Unfortunately, we always live in a hurry, so we have to take airplanes to be on time wherever we go. But nothing compares to the wonderful view while cruising, those have been the most amazing trips I've ever done. I would have to make a trip on those super modern, full luxury VIP class planes, so I can compare and be fair about a great trip on plane, because so far the ship is my favorite one.
Posted by ballyhara on 08-26-2018
I have yet to experience the Australian side of the oceans. And also never seen the Africa. So on that note you can see that I am struggling to make the trip to those places. I have not much seen that to be working on many times. Another thing is that ship and cruise travel are cheaper than air travel from what I have seen.
Posted by overcast on 08-27-2018
I have traveled with small ships but never been in a big ships with long hours in the ocean. I'm not really comfortable travelling in both airplane and ships but if I have to go to a place with long hours of travel, I will chose ships.
Posted by vhinz on 08-28-2018
Travelling is a great way to wander around such countries with interesting and mind blown tourist spots. I like to travel by air because it's a nice scene for me to see the place from up above with the clouds rolling by and gets even better arriving at night time because of the lights you see across the land. Travelling by a ship in the sea is exhausting because it takes longer to get to your destination. I have experienced both and I definitely suggest to get to travel in an airplane is way better and is much convenient and faster to get to where you want to go around the world.
Posted by Marako0406 on 08-31-2018
I prefer to travel by an airplane because its faster than by the ship. Another thing is the prices of tickets of both ship and ship here in the Philippines are just the same. So I choose airplane rather than ship.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 09-01-2018
I'm an aeronautical engineer by profession and I joined this profession due to my love for flying. On the other hand, I have enjoyed rides on smaller boats but all the time that I choose to do so I end up panicking. I tend to get drowsy when I'm exposed to large water bodies or fast-moving water. That said I look forward to having my wedding on a cruise ship. I know that sounds crazy due to my love for airplanes and fear of boats but that is what I'm praying to God to achieve.
Posted by deewinc on 09-01-2018
If I am ask to choose airplane and ship in travelling, I would pick plane. Travelling by ship is very boring once you enter the high seas. The sight are so very dull and takes so much time. On the other hand, travelling by plane can be very enjoyable since you can see the aerial view of the place you are staying.
Posted by Aeolos on 09-06-2018
Air travel is much safer than sea travel although the survival rate for air travel if the plane crashes is almost nil but if I have to pick, I'll definitely pick planes over ships. Drowning is my worst nightmare and I hate sea travel because it makes me nauseous.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 09-06-2018
Drowning as really kept me away from trying the water system of transportation, I can't just go for it. I'm always scare of water and I'm.always sceptical of safety especially with boats I can't just deal with the storms and other natural disaster associated with it.
Posted by lovely on 09-24-2018
Actually it depends. If I am in a hurry I want to take airplane and it depends from my family if they want to take airplane instead of ship then I would go with them. Mostly airplane is what we use when traveling out of town depending on location. Last year we have tried the ship and all I can say is that, It's really scary since there was a storm coming at that time. The ship was shaking like as it almost hit by a big waves and was likely to fall from the side. I really prayed to God to help us overcome the waves and storms from the sea. It was two hours struggling from that situation. I hope it will not happen again when taking the ship. I like traveling thru ship but what I am afraid for is that it might get drown especially if there is a storm so I suggest when your taking a ship, make sure the weather is good.
Posted by nekonieden on 09-07-2018
It depends, if you want to go to your destination as fast as they can then probably the suitable means of transportation for you is the airplane but if you want to appreciate the beauty of the ocean then you should take the ship instead. But today, the cost of the travel and the duration of the journey are the primary concern when it comes to travel between two far destinations.
Posted by mitan143 on 09-08-2018
In a different perspective, just like in food, I think my vote will goes to ship also. They can offer more food and you can enjoy your meal in a comfortable way. In airplanes you can only eat in limited area.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 09-08-2018
I would choose the airplane, First because riding in an airplane saves a lot of time than riding a ship, Second it is risky to ride a ship because the waves of the ocean are very unpredictable because you wouldn't know if there will be a typhoon on your destination, But in the airplane, you can avoid the typhoon or a heavy rain, By going up on the clouds, And the risk on riding an Airplane is a lot lower than riding a Ship.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 09-11-2018
This is my second opinion, I would choose the ship if I want to enjoy a long trip. Because you can relax peacefully on the ship when the tide is calm.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 09-17-2018
i always love to travel by plane because it the fastest of all transportation system so getting to ones destination on time is sure and only on rare cases do we hear of very convenient and to mecost effective too.
Posted by lovely on 09-24-2018
By sea all the way! First of all when your flying to your destination you don't have time at all to enjoy the scenery which, can be a wonderful site, especially if its raining when you take off and get above the rain clouds. The sun is shining and the sky is blue, so for a moment you are in absolute awe of how beautiful the earth is. Traveling by sea is so relaxing, and you don't have to worry about dealing with sitting next to someone who snores, smells, or talks you to death. Your free to roam around the ship and engage with other passengers and if your lucky enough to be on Carnival, you are treated to a vast array of activities. My wife wont take a cruise cause she cant swim, but I'm a Pisces so i'm right at home on the water.
Posted by nuffsaidpisces on 09-26-2018
I guess both are just fine as transportation for me. Though I already tried riding on a plane, it's kinda dizzy when I tried to look thru the window maybe because of the graded thick glass of the window but everything were smooth and fast travel. What I want to try this time is riding on a ship or a cruise so I can experience it with my kids in case we decide to go to province to meet my family and relatives and have a nice vacation too with them.
Posted by romy_ter on 09-27-2018
I'll go with the airplane, because its fast and has less chances of involving in an accident than the ship.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 09-27-2018
That is a good point. Ships are more prone to accidents compared to an airplane. However, in a plane crash, your chances of survival as a passenger is 1%. So good luck to that.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 10-18-2018
I am a frequent traveler and it is the plane that I usually take because it is faster although it is expensive. But I enjoyed taking the shipmone time for a 12-hour trip. And if I have no time to spare then it would be the plane for me.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-29-2018
If you need a faster means of transportation, the airplane is for you. But if you are a type of person who enjoys the beauty of nature while traveling, then you can choose the Ship. It is an adventure of exploring and meeting different people.
Posted by superlicca on 09-30-2018
You can still enjoy the scenery and beauty of nature when traveling via plane. However, you need to be seated very close to the window. :)
Posted by NerdIndeed on 10-15-2018
Airplane is much more convinient for traveler when it comes to transportation. Airplane has speed advantage than ship. And for me it much more fun to ride in airplane because when I was a child I was dreaming to be a pilot but sadly Im not, now I am aircraft mechanic still happy to see planes fly by.
Posted by jetselle on 10-04-2018
Definitely airplane. If I'm going on cruise or something then I'd choose a ship.
Posted by NickJ on 10-17-2018
Though I voted for airplane, I still think both are important. In cases when one cannot transport big products, ships are there to help. When one is in a hurry and needs to travel on the other side of the world faster, airplanes are also there in service. Both have their own strengths and both are sangerous if safety measures are not imof primary importance.
Posted by theresajane on 10-20-2018
I voted for Airplane. As a worker, working far from my origin country, riding in an airplane makes me excited and makes me unhappy.

An airplane:

  • Makes me excited to see my family.
  • Makes me excited, at last, i can be with my love ones.
  • Makes me excited that i can join them on any family
  • Makes me excited to see their smiles and to feel their presence.
  • Makes me excited that somehow i can release all the stressed from my work experiences.
  • Makes me excited to feel that i am being complete
  • Lastly, makes me excited to enjoy the world together
    with my family.
An Airplane:

  • Makes me unhappy to see my family crying when i am leaving.
  • Make me unhappy that i am alone again.
  • Makes me unhappy that i can’t be with them when they need me most.
  • Lastly, Makes me unhappy for all the time that i am not with them.
The airplane teaches to face this world with full of hope, perseverance, dedication, self-control, and valuing precious moments.

That is why, I voted for airplane, it teaches me the true meaning of my life.
Posted by cuapaul on 10-21-2018
It depends, I would want to experience both! I would choose to ride on an airplane if I wanted to save time and experience the aerial view of the place. I would also want to fly, but sometimes it gives me anxiety because you know what happens in the movies. I would also choose to ride on ships because that would be my first time and I would also want to experience being on ships, traveling for how many days and just following the waves of the ocean. It does not give me the anxiety to be with ocean because I know how to swim in case there would be a disaster compared to being on an airplane.
Posted by vivalavanda on 10-22-2018
Swimming isn't really the issue though man. It's about the water and what exists within it. In a sea related disaster, if the water is freezing cold... you'll surely die of hypothermia if not rescued fast enough. If the waters are shark infested, you're in trouble there also.
Posted by NickJ on 11-14-2018
I think both airplane and ships have their own disadvantages but there are more incidents in water rather than in mid air. The sea water current is unstable. It's like it has its own life. The air on the other hand could only be dangerous when there are turbulence or natural disasters like typhoon. If I have to choose one, I'll go for an airplane because you'll more likely have a stable travel compared to ships.
Posted by gutzman on 11-24-2018
It's Airplane for me. Ship is good for cruises but if you are afraid of seas and deep waters like me, airplane is better.
Posted by jessie271 on 12-07-2018