Should Marijuana be used for medicinal therapy?

Should Marijuana be used for medicinal therapy?
This plant has been controversial for his bad uses in a lot of people all around the world. Everybody knows the addictive effects that this plant might produce and how bad the secondary effects can be for the person that consumes it. But what about if the person is suffering cancer? This plant can have a medicinal property like the property of act like a good analgesic for these people who suffer pain, the studies say that this plant is more powerful than morphine. I know that this plant can be addictive but in proper quantities, it can be used like a good medicine for cases like cancer. I agree with this medicinal use. What do you think about it? and why?




Marijuana is some way is perfectly legal but somehow it is labeled as one of the dangerous drugs out there because if overuse, it is very damaging to the human brains. Unlike cough syrups it only have little effect once taken so many. Marijuana has also a very addictive content like in cigarettes but somehow the cigarette is highly favored to be just okay to sell to the general public. I believe that there are already many studies about the properties of marijuana and its curing capabilities that helps a lot of people in dire need to calm their nerves and tone down their stress level. So yes, marijuana should be use for medical theraphy.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-19-2017

Yeah. It can be use

Yeah. It cna be use. I had been seen a website on USA medical service based and they are saying Marijuana for medical purpose. They said it necessary for a special types of heart operation. This is a tree. Every tree have some power about medical science in this world. So I support marijuana for medical science and operation.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 08-21-2017


I agree with you and I'm sad that we still haven't implemented a law that would allow ill people to use marijuana for medical purposes. People just always associate the word ''marijuana'' with getting stoned.

You have to understand that it actually helps with so many different kinds of illness and dealing with pain. Why deny people something that can make them feel better?

Of course, there should be some control over who gets it and how much so there isn't any room for abuse.

Posted by Mehano on 08-20-2017
Jonathan Solomon


I'm sure you can tell by my profile picture, I support the use of medicinal and recreational marijuana. It has many different uses in the medical field that has only just started to be tapped into. To make things clear, marijuana doesn't cure cancer. However, marijuana can numb the pain from cancer and the treatments of cancer. As far as it's supposedly addictive properties. I claim this to be false. There's a huge difference between nicotine in tobacco products compared to marijuana. The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabinoid within the marijuana plant stimulates and relaxes our chemical messages sent to the brain. It is a natural stimulant produced by Earth that has been used for many years for different purposes. Tobacco is a man-made product with harmful and addictive properties that should be banned. To sum things up, I think medical research should continue its study on implementing marijuana for medicinal therapy.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 08-20-2017


With things like cannabis as a whole, there has been a lot of misleading views given to the public by news and government and so forth. Whether or not it is as "harmful" as they say isn't really the problem because if it being harmful is what they care about then chemotherapy shouldn't be a thing. If cannabis helps someone it isn't really anyone else's place to say what they can and can't do to themselves. If it helps with mental ailments then it should, by all means, be a legal method of curing one's self
Posted by AlexHarris on 08-20-2017

Why not

Why would we not let marijuana be used as medicinal therapy? If it can help people then why would we not let them use it? It's not any more harmful then the pills doctors are giving people already.
Posted by BigDreamer on 08-21-2017
True. Sometimes those pills are even making the patient worst because sometimes they wouldn't know if it isn't compatible with whatever the patient is taking in. Lol. Or probably they couldn't sell it and make money from it. :p


It has been scientifically proven that marijuana has several therapeutic purposes. It is already used to treat cancer, Parkinson's, among other diseases. Unfortunately there is still a great barrier in its use, since the great obstacle is the drug traffic that ends up generating the illegality of marijuana in several countries of the world.

However, I think in the future the medical use of marijuana will be more widespread all over the world, after all, it can actually treat various diseases.

Posted by hermessantos on 08-21-2017

I agree!

I agree with your point of view, one of my relatives had cancer a few years ago and his doctor told us that if we can buy marijuana from someone we can use it few times a day for treating the pain. We didn't have from where to buy marijuana, but if this plant would be legal things would be different for may sick people!
Posted by wallet on 08-20-2017

Good medicine

Any substance which metabolizes safely and has therapeutic effects that out-weight unwanted side effects should be fair game for doctors. That said, I want to see extensive longitudinal studies conducted by non-government sources to gauge the effect various potencies have on our bodies over time. I also want these researchers to be entrenched in the pharmaceutical industry, and not flaky marijuana activists.
Posted by JaiGuru on 08-20-2017

I Think So, Yes

All one has to do is just look at the incredibly disruptive and destructive wave of opioid addiction in the United States to see how "legalized" drugs can destroy lives way more and with greater evil than smoking some pot can. I would much rather a sick loved one ingest marijuana for their pain than to be over-prescribed massive doses of terribly addictive hydrocodone or Oxy. This just sounds insane to me. I think that marijuana, at this point in the history of Western Culture, is a logical inclusion in terms of considering its medical uses. Although this is an experimental take on things, it is my belief.
Posted by JoeMilford on 08-22-2017


The good thing is that Marijuana is almost a godsend to those who have conditions that can be cured by taking the substance. I have even seen a person that has condition which prevents him to move properly without shaking. With the use of Marijuana though he was able to move properly to his surprise. Use of marijuana is fine as long as it is for medicinal purposes. There should even be just medical certificates from doctors allowing these people to use Marijuana for medicine.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 08-19-2017

Already has been for centuries, why stop now

Marijuana has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years in different cultures all around the world. It is a natural plant that happens to provide a lot of different beneficial properties and its effects are different for each person that uses it. To my current knowledge, it does not have any actual physically addictive properties, such as that if you use it for years and stop using it your body does not go through a withdrawal as it might with other substances. Most manmade pharmaceuticals however can not make the same claim! The main reason that there is not enough modern evidence on the benefits of marijuana as a beneficial medical substance is because the politicians who prevent the research are being supported and supportive of the pharmaceutical companies who would lose millions of dollars if people stopped taking their pills. For most of my life I had been against the use of marijuana because I grew up in the whole "Just Say No to Drugs" campaign days of the 1980's in America. I was taught that all drugs were bad, would fry your brain (anyone remember those fried egg ads comparing a fried egg to your brain on drugs), and ruin your life. However, in the past several years I have had some people close to me that use marijuana in a truly medical manner. I have seen first hand the benefits that it can have on people, with anything from PTSD, neurological disorders, or physical ailments such as nerve damage. My personal stance at this point is that it absolutely should be allowed as a medicine and very much as medicinal properties.
Posted by this_free_spirit on 08-20-2017


I think it should be used for medicinal therapy because it can help the patients who have extreme treatments and they don't have an appetite, don't want to eat or they have so much pain because of the treatments. It can relax them and make them feel so much better and happy.
Posted by pizzalover on 08-21-2017

I think so...

I think Marijuana should be used for medicinal therapy, especially for degenerative disease such as parkinson, lumbar disc disease or terminal cancer, this diseases can be really painful and sometimes there's not enough morphin in the world to make the pain go away. Also is cheaper to produce than the actual morphin and could really make the patient feel better. In my country is not allow and it's actually ilegal to consume it in any form but I'll agree it become legal for this reasons.
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 08-21-2017

Why not?

Some scientific studies have already proven her effectiveness in this regard, so... I really don't see any reason why marijuana shouldn't be better studied. In this way, it will be possible to extract a better use of this drug.

But I think this path still has a lot to go through because the prejudice against this practice is still gigantic.

Posted by wiseagent on 08-22-2017

It's simple.

Of course, it has a lot of benefits that can help all kinds of people, from the smallest to biggest countries. I am not a pot head my self, I don't really smoke weed, however I know that it can definitely benefit some people.
Posted by manmad on 08-20-2017

Why not

If the sick people can benefit from it then why wouldn't it be used? I don't understand it, morphine is used everywhere in hospitals and nobody bats an eye. Why is weed more controversial? Because more people have heard about it?
Posted by felabruno on 08-21-2017

Sacred herb

Marijuana is so much better than morphine when it comes to relieving the pain of patients that are suffering from some serious illnesses. Plus, it can increase their appetites and help them regain weight when they lose appetite due to sickness.

So, I think marijuana is an excellent medicinal tool that we should use much more.

Posted by Vatroslav on 08-20-2017

Of Cause

Yes of cause, if it has the cure to an ailment or illness , then why in seven hells, should it not be used ?. sometimes i wonder whether they is a hidden script to reduce the population of the earth by the elites. I mean why ban marijuana when it can cure cancer, and thousands of people are suffering from cancer everyday. The insane aspect of it, is why should marijuana be made illegal when alcohol is legal?. where as scientists have discovered that marijuana is 114 times safer than alcohol . What an insane world we live in.
Posted by Authord on 08-20-2017

Yes of course!

It's been studied before that marijuana can cure some diseases but it may not overuse because it may result bad for everyone's health. It's way better to have a permission to a doctor before using it as a medicine.
Posted by blank629 on 08-19-2017


A lot of medical experts agreed that marijuana can cure a lot of diseases and can lessen any chronic pain. so what in the world will be the casualty in using it as a legal medicinal plant?
Posted by Vastor122 on 08-23-2017

agree too

If marijuana can really help in medical field and can heal people why not. I heard news that marijuana can use as medicine it should be legalize. Medical marijuana users claim the drug helps relieve pain and suppress nausea. It is often used to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy. For me as long their will not abuse of using it and with the advice of physician and can help to sick people I agree of using it.
Posted by honeybabe on 09-20-2017



It's not a cure

I have friends who use this fro medicinal purposes, but the fact is that it's a drug and what it does is make a person high so they don't feel the pain. It doesn't stop the pain, merely it put the body in a state so they don't feel it.

How can that be medicinal? It is also addictive as I have friends who are addicted. Even if you claim medicinal use how can you prove when you don't need it?

Posted by Alexa on 08-22-2017

Too Early

I have seen people making use of the marijuana. And it does not went well. There are lot of things to be checked. Not all cultures and the people are suitable for this. You can see that each place has different rules. And it should not be used in medical therapy just yet. But it does seem like good though on theory. Too early for implementation.
Posted by overcast on 08-20-2017

I don't agree

Never, I don't agree! If marijuana is allowed for medical therapy, this act alone will pass a signal to many people that it's okay for health because according to everyone's mentality, anything used in medical line is healthy for the body and you will see people consuming a lot of it.And if that happens, there will be protests by the lovers of Marijuana that it should be legalized like the early Millennials advocate for the legalization of marijuana at a 2001 event.
Posted by Gettingmile on 08-20-2017

Considered as drugs

Marijuana, some say it has been legalize because of its medical properties like keeping the stress level low. For me, some things bad about that is that it can be addicted, like who the hell legalized a harmful drugs. Seeing a person using it really seems to be happy, taking marijuana, like encouraging more people to used it. Remember that things are needed to study for a long term initialization. Health can be attain in a proper way, don't take something that some say that its healthy.
Posted by Gidsmonts101 on 08-20-2017


I think marijuana should be used for medicinal therapy. Since we are already using clinical drugs more sedative and harmful than marijuana for medicinal therapy, there is no harm in using marijuana for medicinal purpose. Most of the drugs used for mental and psychological conditions are more sedative than marijuana.
Posted by vinaya on 08-19-2017
People once gained knowledge that the only cure for their endless pain is marijuana, you'll definitely be surprised of the numbers of those people buying illegal marijuana anywhere they can get just to cure them. I'm not saying I'm discouraging people not to use it to cure their sickness but there's always a risk of overusing marijuana that ends up a permanent damage to the brain because it is highly addictive. I'm suggesting that it shouldn't be told as the only cure because believe it or not, there's always an alternative way than just using marijuana. Just consult your doctor and not dive into the idea of taking marijuana inside your body, you might never get out in the end.
Posted by antonmia01 on 08-19-2017
Addicts acquire prescription drugs illegally and use it to get on high does this mean we also ban these drugs. Addicts will always find loopholes and use anything they can get hands on. Therefore, this is not a valid point.
Posted by vinaya on 01-31-2018
It is proven and is a fact that marijuana is a harmful drug and anyone can be addictive to it. Here in our country, marijuana is illegal. People who purchase or sell this kind of drug is put into prison. However, I some kind of agree to let marijuana be used as a medicinal therapy in some very rare cases like cancer or any severe condition that may result in extreme pain. Proper usage can be applied but not too much that you became to be so dependable of the drug because it may result in addiction. Too much is always never good.
Posted by DanoCath on 08-19-2017
I used to think marijuana is a drug that will harm people when I was young, until lately I watched a webinar and they show marijuana is a miracle plant that can help in many illnesses. I haven't read more about it, but I think if it can help in healing, it is good to be used for medicinal therapy. If it might cause addiction, perhaps it has be to under well control.
Posted by kaka135 on 08-20-2017
Somthings have their bad effects when they're abused, But if it is for a good course like saving lives then I'm in for it.I think marijuana itself isn't bad but the abuse of it.If it is to be used as a drug for any form of sickness,so be it.As long as it cures the sickness then no problem with that.
Posted by lovely on 08-20-2017
Marijuana has been used for many medicinal purposes. It is a pain reliever an anti nausea ages, relieves the pressure of glaucoma and for many other things. It may even give relief to those who are suffering from cancer. It doesn't cure it though of course, it just helps with some of the side effects of treatment. I see no problem with using the product medicinally.
Posted by kgord on 08-20-2017
Marijuana gets a bad reputation only because people never truly understood how it will help a lot of patients, they simply looked at people abusing it and doing things they shouldn't. I'm usually against using it to have fun, and I've seen addicted people who were incapable of doing things without smoking first, but for medical purposes? I'm all for it. These people really need it, and if someone affected by cancer will feel better because of it, then use it without problems.
Posted by Tania997 on 08-20-2017
Yes it can be used for medical purpose. As far as some component of the plant can have healing power then it can be used as a healing medicine. People should leave the negative aspect alone and concentrate on the positive aspect which is to cure any illness or disease affecting humans.
Posted by babyright on 08-20-2017
I agree. Also, I think marijuana consumption should be legalized. It harms us no more than alcohol or tobacco and those are legal while marijuana is criminalized. Think of the money we could save on arrests, useless laws and much more. We could eliminate all marijuana related legal processes and let the justice to work on more serious issues like murder and rape.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-20-2017
People have been fed a diet of misconceptions about Marijuana which make some people extremely fearful of it. To set the record straight, I have never smoked the herb, in fact, I have never smoked anything since I have been on earth. However, I am from a place where people smoke and use it extensively in other forms. They also make wine and cake and brew tea from it. I can say that it does not induce the level of negativity as the other type of drugs including alcohol. I have never seen anyone smoke the herb and become alarmingly violent or become disoriented so that they would want to steal, attack other persons, or damage other people's property. However, Marijuana may have differing effects depending on the person. some persons will obtain an energy boost while others may just want to chill out and take easy when they smoke it. I do know of one negative that could probably be associated with smoking the weed. If a person is suffering from certain psychological problems, they should stay away from the weed because it could worsen the state that they may be in.
Posted by explorerx7 on 08-20-2017
Marijuana has been revered as the controversial cash crop for some time now and this has only secured it's potential as both a medicine which can be used in special circumstances and a modern day market contender. Dubbed as the proverbial 'Green Gold' Marijuana has made significant strides in the health care industry and as a marketable commodity with such emphasis that several countries and states have seen profitable returns like never before with the introduction of this once solely interpreted as an illicit drug. For this reason, there will always be controversial issues surrounding the marijuana debate. The profitable market value and potential medicinal value will cause many to contradict the wholesale introduction of marijuana in an effort to monopolize the fruitful rewards and gain the highest returns in the competition. In some countries, marijuana has stirred 'the new gold rush' for the green goodness as the profits and medicinal value outweigh by far the negative effects of this drug. Marijuana will be more controversial than cigarettes and moonshine will have ever been as it wields such a potential economic and medicinal value. Cigarettes and moonshine in their hay day of controversial discovery were plainly considered as recreational drugs which can be reproduced by a selective few who could have easily maintained control either by limited manufacturing capacity or by legislative measures. Marijuana on the other hand has a rather unique twist which could see the world as we know it change in ways we have never seen before. The plant thrives best in tropical soil and the varieties may vary depending on which area the plant originates from. It just so happens that the key areas where the plant has been known to produce at it's highest( in this case high grade) level is in developing countries and perhaps even countries considered as lesser developing countries. Once these countries learn how to market marijuana at a significant level of productivity, this can become a real game changer for their economy. This may not be in the best interest of the countries that are already beyond this level and stage of development. The competition alone here is already controversial much less to say that the cash crop in question was born in the midst of it's very own controversy. The potential stakes are very high in all angles for marijuana for both medicinal and economic global values. As a result the negative effects of this potential healing herb pertain to that which is far beyond the second hand smoke and side effects that some specialists will choose to lament about as a means to strengthen their cause and argument.
Posted by Joteque on 08-21-2017
The real reason why these other governments and health organizations aren't approving or legalizing the use of marijuana as medicinal therapy, is because they wouldn't be able to make money from it since most people who has the resources to plant one, can already have one without even going to the doctor. That's if it fulfills the desired effect of that herbal and medicinal plant.
Posted by galegatling on 08-21-2017
Truth be told, sometimes I do think that majority of these governments have social dents. Truth be told, cigarettes do a lot more harm to human health to not only the smoker but the people close to a smoker. Yet with all these issues be known globally, the cigarette has yet to be banned. Why ban something that offers relief to someone in a lot of pain. Cancer is one of those depressing diseases that one just knows pain is inevitable once diagnosed with it. from the constant radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, it's can be quite unbearable without a little comfort. Many cases of patients asking for medical death to escape the pain have been recorded globally. So I say legalize the drug but limit it to those who have medical conditions and have it administered on prescription. It would do a lot of good to patients and improve their health remarkably. Besides, it's also herbal as much as it's considered an addictive drug.
Posted by evash19 on 08-21-2017
Not only do I think it should be allowed for medical use but even just for recreational use as well. I think the fact that it was even banned in the first place speaks volumes about us as a society, by which I mean that we constantly allow the government to make our decisions for us as if we aren't adults capable of deciding for ourselves what we choose to put in our bodies. As long as no one who doesn't want it is being forced to use it, I don't see why we should be afraid of it enough to ban it, especially in terms of medical use.
Posted by Wubwub on 08-22-2017
If we're going to claim that marijuana is bad based on whether or not it provide a "cure" or just help with symptoms, then we should forbid all drugs that fit this category. If we are going to claim it's "harmful" then all other drugs with side effects should be forbidden as well (hint: that's most if not all of them).

If something helps, people should be able to use it. Full stop. If opiates are allowed, there is no excuse for denying the use of cannabis based drugs. The former is far more harmful and addictive.
Posted by Zyni on 08-22-2017
marijuana is actually has medical benefits that can help to cure diseases but it should be carefully monitored because it may lead to drug addiction if used wrongly.
Posted by jan on 08-22-2017
Each and every drug is dangerous as long as you don't abuse on how to use it. In some cases from other countries they use marijuana to cure a certain disease and it is proven with therapeutic claims. The result of using drug depends on the people who uses it, whether it is for medical purposes or personal addiction to drug that causes mental distortion.
Posted by rogel on 08-24-2017
Jo-Anne Saribay
I also agree with this medicinal use. Since a large percentage of medical marijuana use is for pain and depression the high factor is a necessary part of using marijuana medicinally. Marijuana is frequently beneficial in the treatment of the following conditions.

CANCER. Marijuana can stimulate the appetite and alleviate nausea and vomiting, which are common side effects of chemotherapy treatment.

CHRONIC PAIN. Marijuana can alleviate chronic, often debilitating pain caused by myriad disorders.
Posted by Jo-Anne Saribay on 08-24-2017
Jo-Anne Saribay
Another benefits of marijuana medicine use.

EPILEPSY: Marijuana can prevent epileptic seizures in some patients.?

GLAUCOMA. Marijuana can reduce intraocular pressure, alleviate the pain and slowing—and sometimes stop — damage to the eyes. (Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in the United States. It damages vision by increasing eye pressure over time.)
Posted by Jo-Anne Saribay on 08-24-2017
I've also heard that it can be helpful for those suffering from PTSD. Considering that, and all the other uses, I don't know why anyone would want to forbid it. Why deny someone the help that they need just because of an outdated "stigma" that's attached to it? Medicine is medicine. If it's helpful, it should be allowed.
Posted by Zyni on 08-25-2017
Yes I am of the opinion that marijuana should be used for medical treatment. It's obvious that that medicinal capabilities of the herb can never say to be overemphasized because it's potent in treatment of several disease. I think it's efficient in cancer treatment and some serious migraines.

The problem is that most people abuse the herb for other reasons which when consumed in its excess is harmful to ones health. I think if the World Health Organization dedicate effort in incorporating marijuana into medical usage, it would be very effective.
Posted by Heatman on 09-02-2017
Honestly i'm not aware of the medicinal purpose of marijuana because it is illegal here in our country. It is only use here by the drug addicts. In short, people here don't have an idea on how to use it in medicinal purpose. Sorry but This thread really makes me curious. How do they use it? Do they make a tablet or capsule out of it? Or they use it in the way the addicts use it by smoking? And how can they know the right amount to take? Can anyone give me an idea? :) i think until the other countries make it known on how it can be use as a medicine or some famous pharmaceutical company release a new medicine with it and release it to the market my country will continue to think of it as an illegal drug.
Posted by zheh on 09-03-2017
Science has proven that Marijuana has excellent medicinal properties for the cure and treatment of various diseases, so I believe it is up to the authorities to release the use of this plant at least for medicinal purposes.
Posted by hermessantos on 02-06-2018
I think not now, They need more study or experiment before use the marijuana as medicine. There're a lot of people using that marijuana as drugs just to get high. They use the marijuana as excuse and forget the reality. If they will use that marijuana as drugs, the government need to become strict or tough about the use of that, and should implement that law to the people who use that as drugs and not for medication. They need the doctor subscription if they really need the marijuana.
Posted by ion on 03-09-2018