Should Online Selling be Regulated?

Should Online Selling be Regulated?
There's a proliferation of online stores nowdays, some are trustworthy and some are not, some accepts sellers like our local Lazada which is like eBay or AliExpress but the problem is there are sellers which are not completely honest. There are a lot of complaints of substandard products.

Is it time for online selling platforms to be regulated so that only legit sellers could use it?

The photo is a comparison of what was expected vs what was delivered.


Don't we have the rating system for that? Although someone may have to be the first victim, that person is given the right and power to report and rate the seller, allowing others to become more aware of the risks. Through this, the seller will have to entertain all the criticism to improve the product. In the first place, what is your definition of 'legit'? It would be tough to regulate sellers with their dynamic actions. I guess it is about the individual buyer to fall into its trap or not. A simple research won't hurt. We all know the internet is full of menacing people..
Posted by Yumyan on 12-20-2018