Should the Disney Channel tackle mature themes?

Should the Disney Channel tackle mature themes?
A Disney Channel show entitled "Andi Mack" has raised controversy recently for dealing with teen pregnancy in its main storyline. In the show, the main character Andi deals with the return home of her sister, who reveals to her that she is actually her mother.

Some think that this theme is entirely inappropriate for the channel, while others think that it's important/educational for children to see these themes presented on television and can open up positive family discussion.


I grew up watching Disney, every Sunday night. Disney programs were for kids. Walt Disney really did create “a wonderful world”. All I had to understand was who was bad and who was good. The Disney shows made that very easy to do. The television shows and animated films were not complicated. A child is only a child for such a short period of time. Let them enjoy that short period of innocence. They will have plenty of time to struggle in the big cruel world and wrestle with the complications of life when they get older.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 06-09-2017
Times have changed that animation used to be for children but now some of the themes are for mature audience. What I want for the Disney Channel is to remain exclusively for the kids because that is the tradition. It seems that Disney is changing the traditional stories and movies that they make. Maybe it is because Walt Disney is already gone so the people who inherited the company have decided on a paradigm shift.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-09-2018
I am on the fence with this one. The Disney Channel has always been a channel for kids to me. If they are going to put on shows that are more for the pre-teen to teenagers, then they should stick with that. We should all however as parents monitor what our children are watching and choose what we are comfortable with.
Posted by BigDreamer on 06-09-2017
I don't see the need to change the format of the Disney Channel. There is no shortage of channels that are there to serve the various niches, therefore, I don't see any pressing need to transform this channel from being a children's friendly channel to anything otherwise. Just as "Trix is for Kids," let the Disney Channel remain to be children entertainment outlet.
Posted by explorerx7 on 06-09-2017
I am not watching the Disney Channel these days, but I noticed that current shows and cartoons are probably so much inferior to Disney production from times when I was a kid. Shows like the Ducktales, the Rescue Rangers, the Gummi Bears and similar were just great, they have both wonderful animation and plots made by talented writers and animators. I am sure that kids nowadays would love that kind of shows, too. The quality has somehow disappeared, probably it was too expensive to produce shows of such a high quality. Kids are just watching what is served to them. Sorry if I am unfair to Disney Channel, as I mentioned I am not watching it now, so it is just my feeling.
Posted by Mole on 06-09-2017
Nah, kids need a place where they can just be kids. Simple plots, simple jokes. Everything doesn't have to be about deep meanings and current events. It's good if they understand why a parent is divorcing or who grandma died, but we should be teaching them how to deal with it. Leaving too much up to television and internet in raising out kids.
Posted by kooch on 06-09-2017
Definitely no. Disney channel is for kids. Mature themes will be inappropriate because this channel target kids as their primary followers.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 06-09-2017
I have only seen snippets of this show. It looks good to me so far but I don't think it's appropriate for kids eleven and under. It depends on the maturity level of your child. I think if people don't want their kids to watch the show they should change the channel. Parents can block any tv show that they don't want their kids to see. I think this could be a good topic for older children to discuss with their parents. At the age of twelve I was writing about teen pregnancy and other serious topics for essays, so i see nothing wrong with the show.
Posted by keasha0662 on 06-10-2017
I'm inclined to say 'no' because it's a channel where parents should be able to let your children watch without any concerns. I know some say they need to move with the changes in society, but sometimes these things make it look as if it is normal and acceptable, and it's not. I would say it's tolerated rather than accepted.
Posted by Alexa on 06-10-2017
I went to watch the trailer because of this topic. It seems like a pretty good show, but I don't know if it's appropriate for kids... I don't know... I feel like the Disney channel CAN tackle the mature themes, but maybe not so obviously? It's no problem if they do it subtlety, but kids at that age shouldn't be so exposed to mature themes. To kids at that age, the word "Disney" is probably still magical to them. Having such a realistic theme kind of kills that "magical" aspect.
Posted by kataomoi on 06-10-2017
I am not sure that it is appropriate for kids especially the younger ones. Allow kids to be kids and have that little escape that Disney use to bring them. Disney should deal with kid things and be fun. I don't think there is any need to deal with adult content. They will be adults soon enough and need to deal with adult stuff the rest of their lives. I think Disney should be lighthearted and fun to watch because to me that is what Disney is all about. It is all about the magic and the fun of being a kid. I do agree through life they have to learn about adult stuff but I don't think that it is Disney's place to do that.
Posted by Sue on 06-10-2017
I think it's very educating To the Children to pass to Cartoon times and know what happens in real lives!! It's important to keep that themreally!! Children need to grow sometimes and if that can Help them to add some knowledge then why not???
Posted by Clara1993 on 06-11-2017
Honestly, considering the fact that a lot of currently produced Disney Channel shows are skewing toward preteens and younger teens more than they do towards outright children, I think that delving into subject matter such as this is fine, albeit with some caution (though from the few articles I've read about this - I have not watched the series itself - it appears national organizations are involved in behind-the-scenes affairs). It's a topic that many children will probably find information out about through other sources around this time anyway, and if it not through school, then better it be on a more family-oriented show rather than some other show that wasn't meant for this age range.
Posted by Linen on 06-12-2017
I believe children should be taught about sex and pregnancy, however, they should not be introduced to crude materials. If we don't teach children about sex and pregnancy, they could be in real problem. If we don't teach about birth control, girls could get pregnant in really young age. However, this does not mean children should be exposed to mature themes such as the Disney show.
Posted by vinaya on 06-14-2017
I don't think they should be required to, but as with any other form of art, if the artist feels the need to put in a bit more depth into their work then they should be able to, in my opinion. The only time I would be against it if the information presented was too one sided instead of being objective, in which case the art becomes more of a propaganda rather than just a starting point for discussion. As long as the information is put forth with objectivity and done in good taste, I think it can be beneficial for kids to learn more mature ideas even at an early age.
Posted by Wubwub on 08-24-2017
If the Disney channel venture in the education moral giving realm, they will lose a big market share, it's an entertainment company and kids are smart enough to figure a lot of things themselves without anyone's help.
Posted by joey98 on 10-21-2017
With the mere mention of the word Disney, it reminds people of the wholesome entertainment. Not exactly the fairy tales of yore like Cinderella but the new movies that are animated or not. When I say wholesome, it is for general patronage so the storyline should be clean and more for fun than with too much drama. I agree that teenage pregnancy is not an appropriate plot for a Disney show, be it a movie or tv program because it is not wholesome entertainment to me.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-12-2018
On a side-note, Disney shows are funnily enough a long way much less complex than the animated films. It’s likely because of the reality that youngsters-pushed television networks are greater managed with regards to what youngsters can see and pay attention, so I wouldn’t fear about them. except the occasional dirty jokes which might be carefully hidden underneath twelve layers of metaphors, Disney Channel is the most secure place on television.
Posted by jetselle on 10-30-2018
There should be no controversy on the plot of the series. Teenage pregnancy and the issue o premarital sex are real issues of the society and should be discussed by parents to their children. Programs like this may help in providing awareness in this issue but it is the job of the parents to ensure the moral awareness of their children are not jeopardized.
Posted by bee.rthooyah on 11-15-2018