Should we Legalise Cannabis?

Should we Legalise Cannabis?
According to almost all of the leading health authorities in the USA, the UK and Canada the consumption on Marijuana in a controlled and moderated fashion has less psychological and physical effects than the consumption of alcohol. Statistics on the widespread use of cannabis and the effects of it are hard to document due to its illegal nature discouraging people from admitting its use or the full extent of their use of it, but according to a 2010 census in the UK there have been no recorded deaths through overdose on cannabis.

This being said there are some clear positive and negative effects on the legalisation of Cannabis according to popular website and research company 'the day'.


  • The legalisation and decriminalization of cannabis would lead to increased taxation and revenue to government. In the UK that is estimated to be an increase of £900 million.
  • The allocation of police to cannabis related issues would be reduced hence freeing them up to deal with other, possibly more serious issues.
  • Personal choice on supply would be increased leading to safer weed being provided and vetted for consumption.

  • There would likely be an increase in consumption as it became more widely available and this could reduce productivity, productivity has been a long standing economic issue in the UK.
  • There would be increased mental illness. Weed has been linked to mental instability and illness for many years and according to the NHS can be detrimental on your mental health.
  • There would be larger costs on the NHS due to the increased consumption.


I would try to write first from my own experience with cannabis which is mixed. Sometimes it is only relaxing for me, the other time I find myself hallucinating and not feeling my legs. I think it is caused by different volumes of THC and CBD substances. These should be controlled by some authority or atleast well researched and then recommended right. It could be real bad experience for first time user getting some strong variety and not knowing it.

To your question, I am not for legalisation, but for decriminalization. Legalization only takes room for enrichment of the government leaders and officials through bribery. What an advance it is to have a monopoly position to supply or grow a weed with license. It would only attract corporations, so the weed gets more expensive.

So final verdict says: control the quality, but leave the production to the small growers, they will take care of it with love!
Posted by kid on 07-28-2016
The recent news is about the legalization of marijuana in Canada. The legalization applies not only for medical marijuana but that includes recreational marijuana. In other words marijuana of any kind is now legal in Canada so they can start smoking weed without the fear of being arrested. I wonder when the other countries would follow suit. Canada is not a small country and it is influential with its good economy.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-29-2018
Yes yes yes! It could be taxed, controlled etc. It would be good for the population and it would cut out the need for users to go to dangerous dealers and risk their safety! They have already done it in the US so why not here?
Posted by hasa1015 on 07-29-2016
I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, so I have smoked plenty of Cannabis in my life.

Whether Cannabis is legalized or not won't really affect me personally. I have no interest in smoking it again that's for sure.

My belief is that legalizing Cannabis will not in any way make the problem of drug addiction worse. It can only improve things. Illegal drugs are notorious for being laced with all sorts of dangerous substances. This problem would certainly improve if the industry is more regulated.

Some people say that Cannabis should be legalized because it is natural and only a plant. A lot of people claim it is not addictive and even if it is that it doesn't cause anyone any harm. This is not true, I have seen the damage that Cannabis has caused. Like kid said it can have different results, including hallucinations.

That said, I believe alcohol is a more dangerous drug. I have seen how ugly alcohol is and it is quite socially acceptable worldwide. Perhaps there should be stricter laws surrounding alcohol and less around Cannabis.
Posted by LynneHuysamen on 07-29-2016
I prefer cannabis over alcohol and think that cannabis is the lesser evil of the two (in terms of health, state of mind, etc). It is illegal though so I've not seen it in 20+ years while alcohol is everywhere. Alcohol is the only drug that is not only legal but everywhere. On TV, at every single event, associated with food, sports, having fun, courage, confidence, etc. All of which are pure lies. Alcohol is nothing more than a drug that slowly addicts the user over time and is the only drug where you are considered odd for not doing.

They even have a fake term for it called "alcoholics". Any single person on the planet can become dependent on alcohol. There is no special type of person who becomes an "alcoholic" while others don't. That is pure BS. Would you call a cocaine user a "cokeaholic"? No, you call them a druggy, crack head etc. Cocaine and alcohol are both drugs and alcohol kills more people per year than cocaine by far. This term and this drug irritate me to death because no one sees the truth behind it and calls it the addictive drug that it is.
Posted by Lop on 07-29-2016
Of course. I actually think that the government should legalize all drugs. What someone wants to put into their body, they will. Regardless of the legal status, people will do what people want to do. it is clear that there are already so many people smoking weed that legalizing it would not cause much of a change in the amount of usage. The government could be making a whole bunch of money from tax revenue and industry, and create a whole slew of new jobs while they are at it.
Posted by 4mericorn on 07-29-2016
What country are you asking about for it to be legalized in? In any case, it's not that it even should be legalized. But rather decriminalized! I don't smoke weed myself. But it's always been around me growing up and even today. I do have a couple friends that smoke it but they aren't hardcore smokers and only use it to help them get a sleep on sleepless nights and I can't personally see anything wrong with that at all. They aren't bad people and I don't think anyone that does smoke it should be considered a bad person either. At the end of the day, people smoke cigarettes and that's fine. But it's only when they say it's illegal that if you're caught doing it the world makes you out to be a criminal and that's not fair or right in my opinion. And if you want to be like that about it, more people have died from alcohol abuse but that's okay because that's a nice "taxable" drug and if alcohol doesn't slow down productivity then I don't know what does! Let me tell you. I've had some nightmarish hangovers and on those days I'm about as productive as roadkill! LOL
Posted by idealmikey on 07-30-2016
I don't even smoke marijuana or anything, but believe that people should have the right to decide whatever they want to put into their body as long as it does not affect anyone else. I've never seen anyone who smoked weed act in aggressive manor because of it, and we only view these drugs as negative things because either we are conditioned to, or they are abused by people. Drugs are not all inherently bad, in America you can see a large difference in the view of it based on age. The older people on average strongly dislike it, while it is hard to find younger people who have strong opinions on it, since it is more prevalent nowadays. Either way, legalize it and regulate it, that is free money for the government which is what they really care about. We have seen with the war on drugs that putting penalties on drugs does not stop drug use, it has stayed at the same rate for about thirty years and we have wasted over a trillion dollars and thrown people in jail for almost nothing. More laws just cause more headaches for nonviolent crimes to me.
Posted by GeneralScruffles on 07-31-2016
yes I am a supporter of the marijuana campaign. Firstly, the reason why most people abuse drugs such as marijuana is because of their illegal status so as to seem cool or fit into a clique. i think legalizing it can prove fruitful in the fight against addiction.

Another reason is there have been no adverse effects found in research conducted on marijuana users. Considering that marijuana is one of the oldest drugs it has been researched extensively and the research speaks volumes for itself.

The medical uses of marijuana rove that this drug illegal or not can be used for more than just recreational uses. Legalizing it would allow those who are currently unable to access the drug for helping them with whatever problem to access and use it.
Posted by Mambombaya on 08-02-2016
I think this is a no-brainer. Alcohol is way more dangerous, damaging and destructive than weed is. I think if you look at it from a purely objective point of view, the decision is not even close. In fact, I would even make the reverse argument. I would say that cannabis should be legal and alcohol should be illegal. Think of how many people are killed by drunk driving accidents every year. It’s all due to alcohol, not marijuana.
Posted by neilbhabuta on 08-04-2016
whether legalized or not legalized, people will always find ways to get hold on marijuana. but, if they legalized it, it would be less stress on the gov't to spend money keeping it illegal, but, it will cause problems. if a person smokes weed while driving, he could crash or possibly kill a person just as a drunk would. plus, if u smoke weed, it'll stay in your system for a month. my biggest question is, why is cigarette legal and not weed, heroin, myth? if one hurtful drug is legal, why is the other three (yes, they have worse effects on you except weed) not legal? wouldn't companies make more money lets say from selling weed than cigarettes?
Posted by GeneralScruffles on 08-23-2016
When more people are dying from tobaco use and alcohol cosumption compared to marijuana, then there is no point in making marijuana illegal. Tobacco and alcohol are also harmful. Tobacco is number one reason of lung cancer and lung. Mor epeople die due to consumption of tobacco than from other causes. If you make marijuana illegal, you should also make tobacco and alcohol illegal.
Posted by vinaya on 08-26-2017
This is a very complicated question. I don't think that we should take this lightly. There is always a lot of pressure on both parties to legalize and to not legalize but we need to evaluate long and short term effects like, Health care costs and so on.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-26-2017
Honestly, this is a difficult subject to answer. Cannabis has fundamental medical properties for the cure and treatment of diseases, so in a way it would be of interest to release them.
Posted by hermessantos on 02-02-2018
Over here, marijuana is illegal and you can get a jail sentence when caught with it because marijuana falls under the category of illegal drugs. I understand the rationale of people batting for the legalization of marijuana but I also understand the reasoning of those against. For one, marijuana has a a hallucinatory effect which means the smoker of marijuana can experience extreme hallucination that can make him do things that he should not do. There were cases where a marijuana smoker had jumped from the building because he thought he could fly.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-07-2018
I think so because the choice to smoke it yourself doesn't really affect many others around you all that much and it should really be dependent on the individual anyway. These are choices that should be made available to everyone and it should just be up to the individual if they would choose to use it or not and it should be their responsibility on whether it will affect them negatively or positively as long as it doesn't hurt others. Additionally, it puts an end to the black market which is a very dangerous entity to have not only for specific countries that house them but for everyone involved in the line of selling and buying the products and everything else necessary to keep that engine running in between.
Posted by Wubwub on 02-07-2018
I don't even have to give this a second thought. I absolutely believe that cannabis should be legalized. In fact, I actually feel that all drugs should be legal. Some may feel that this is a bit of an outlandish idea, but I have my reasons. I'm by no means an active drug user. I smoke marijuana a couple of times a year these days, but that's about it. My reasoning for legalizing all drugs is the simple fact that it is going to destroy the drug trafficking industry. Drug users will use drugs regardless of whether they are legal or not, and non-users aren't going to pick up a habit just because it is legal. Users will be able to obtain legal drugs from a safe, controlled environment and the general population will be safer once street dealers and cartel are out of business. Not to mention the benefits of taxing drugs and the potential revenue.
Posted by Denis_P on 02-14-2018
As much as there is a medical benefit of marijuana, it's still not proper to have its consumption legalized because it would give more people the license to abuse its usage and it's going to have a huge negative effect on the society. Most young youths lately abuse marijuana and use it for adrenaline booster to commit crimes in the society.
Posted by Martinsx on 02-28-2018
Most things in life should be optional especially if we know down within us that its it not right why try to make it right then, Cannabis is dangerous to one's health and as such shouldn't be encouraged, it causes more harm than good.
Posted by lovely on 04-08-2018
Looking at the options, legalizing cannabis will bring the most benefit compared to continuing the fight against it, as with the case of tobacco and alcohol.
Posted by treecko142 on 05-28-2018
If you make the plant legal, you could freely studies all of this. Discover what lines are healthy and threatening for people, and those can use that facts. And avoid harm at the same time as they use a plant that has been great buds with mankind for millennial to assist take the brink off present day civilization.
Posted by jetselle on 11-18-2018