With a shower it is quicker and easier than having to wait for a bath to run. You can simply jump in the shower, wash your hair and wash yourself down and then get out and be ready to start your day, they also make you feel cleaner as well with washing the dirt away from your body. It's also great for saving on water as well because you spend less time in the shower than you would do actually running a bath.

  1. Good for saving both money and water with less water being used
  2. You feel cleaner with the water washing away the dirt rather than you sitting it.
  3. Quick if you are in a rush and want to be clean for the day ahead.

  1. Not great in the winter as you can be left feeling cold.



Quick Shower for me

Even though we have a bath in out house, because my wife loves the bath more, I personally love the shower. In the future, I plan to restructure everything in the bathroom and to also include a shower for me.

Personally, I consider taking baths a little dirty because you basically stay there in your own bath water, I don't like that. It's also inconvenient since I usually shower every day but if you only have a bath you need to have a bath every day, which takes a lot of time.

The shower is easy, I'm in and out in under 5 minutes. I also love taking cold showers in the morning in the summer time, can't be very refreshing, a lot more refreshing than coffee even!

Posted by Cristian on 04-21-2017

Shower...cleaner,faster and saves water

I'd prefer taking a shower than taking a bath.After taking a shower you feel fresh and energetic than taking a bath.If you take a bath,it takes a long time and also you will be in your own dirt the whole also it wastes a lot of water as well. Taking a shower will save water,make you cleaner,energetic and fresh. So i'd take a shower....
Posted by achi007 on 04-19-2017

Am an Shower lover.

Less time to spend in bathroom when in hurry to move on somewhere. Shower give a full relaxment water speed and water pin on body wowowowo comes from mouth. feel also rockstar at front shower. so love with shower.
Posted by babbar86 on 04-24-2017

Shower is better

I prefer the shower as it is faster and more water efficient. Although I do enjoy taking the occasional bath in the bathtub at times when I’m on vacation, nothing beats the shower when you just need to get all the sweat, heat and dirt off your body ASAP. The feeling of the water stream hitting your body is like getting a gentle massage at the end of a long days’ work. Did I mention that it will save you lots of money too? Soaking in bathtub at home feels like soaking in a tub filled with cash whereby at the end of it, it just goes down the drain. Not a pretty thought for me.
Posted by ry78an on 05-02-2017

There are other relaxing things that save $, time,

Baths are disgusting. You will be soaking in your own dirt and the bacteria and dirt in the bathtub for a while... though I love a good bath, it's just not as hygienic as taking a shower. Showers also save a lot of time, it's been years since I took a bath because of time restraints. For those saying that baths are more relaxing in showers, having a nice, steamy shower with water splashing over your body is pretty great as well. I won't have to worry about soaking in my dirt either, and I'll be finished in 30 minutes max. My baths used to take 60 minutes!
Posted by pastelplastic on 04-30-2017


There is nothing like a shower. Moreover, showers are more convenient. Also, they provide a deep clean. Baths leave behind residue. Therefore, I like to shake shower. They are also soothing.
Posted by Dola91 on 05-01-2017

Showers for sure

Showers are always nice to be able to jump in and jump out and instantly feel invigorated. Baths are usually a route of relaxation, however, there are much better options for people to have relaxation time.
Posted by Atropia on 05-02-2017


I prefer a shower. I don't like to take a terribly long time in the bathroom anyway, so a quick shower is more than enough for me. I don't want to have to take time cleaning the bathtub and then filling up before I can get clean, and then have to worry about draining the water afterwards.

Not to mention showers stay warm, the bath water will become colder the longer you sit in it. Ew.

Posted by TheArticulate on 05-27-2017

Showers are more practical

I think I like the idea of baths more than actually taking a bath. When I picture myself taking a bath, I imagine candles everywhere, warm bubbles all around me, soothing music--but in reality, it isn't that romantic. Filling up a bathtub can take a lot of time and water, the water cools down much faster than i'd like, and I spend a lot of time adding more hot water. I get uncomfortably hot and sweaty in the bath, and I never really feel clean, because i'm essentially just soaking in my own dirty bath water. I usually end up showering after a bath anyway! I'm definitely a shower person. It's just faster, more efficient, and more practical than taking a bath.
Posted by krystyltbh on 05-05-2017

Much better

We don't even have a bath anymore, only a shower. We used to have it but nobody was using it so there was no point.

I really prefer using the shower for a few reasons: it's quicker, less effort, you use less water and less dirty.

Also, I once fell trying to get out of a wet bathtub because it was so slippery!

Posted by Mehano on 06-09-2018


I often shower, and while doing so, I cogitate about many things in my life. I ponder about my past, my present, and my future moments.
Posted by dap1900 on 05-12-2017
Jonathan Solomon


When I wake up, I have to generally get into motion and start my day. With that, the hygiene essentials are a must.

Baths in the morning don't work for my type of schedule and flow. Maybe on a Sunday evening, I'll take a bath, but the majority of the time its showers for me. If I need to wake up quick, cold showers are key. But if I'm looking to relax, a nice steamy, hot shower does the trick. I am conscious about water usage, as I do have minor restriction notices in my area. But all in all, showers work for me.

Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 05-18-2017

Showers are a MUST!

Showers are better than baths in many ways. They are better for the environment because showers use less water than baths do. When you take a bath you are wasting so much water just to fill the tub up. Some bath tubs are huge so that is using extra unneeded water. Not to mention when bathing you are sitting in your own filth which I technically don't agree with as clean. When taking a shower you can be in and out in no time, but bathing you have to run the water, make sure the temperature is good, wait until it fills the tub, bathe, then let the water drain. Its just too time consuming and not echo friendly. You have to think about the best ways to conserve water and that's taking quick and easy showers.
Posted by dejah0987 on 05-19-2017


I rather the shower, I find it more enjoyable and relaxing. I don't have a problem with a bath but if you ask me to choose I would pick just a shower.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-05-2017

More fun to me

I enjoy my bathing using a shower, it's practically more fun for me, as I'm not a lady and don't need to worry about my hair, so the water rushing down from the shower tap from my head down to my toes is very lovely for me.

Bathing is more interesting and appealing to me when it's shower bath that I'm going to use. I can practically stay in a shower bath for more than 30 minutes, by simply just enjoying the running of water all over my body.

Posted by Heatman on 10-08-2017


I take a long hot shower every morning when I wake up , it completely freshens me up for another day of work. Taking baths on the other hand is a good way to relax, I do it when I'm in a hotel during my travels.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 02-20-2018


I prefer shower because it's quicker. I don't know how to get clean on a bath, it feels like I'm just swimming in my dirty water. No offense to bath lovers.
Posted by knnon on 12-12-2018

A bath is great if you are wanting to relax after a long and stressful day. You are able to lay in a hot bath for a while before it becomes cold meaning you can spend a lot of time just relaxing, maybe even lighting candles around the bath and placing some relaxing music on to help. There are many different kinds of bath bombs as well as bubble baths some of which are even catered for relaxation such as helping to relieve muscle pain.

  1. Can help to relax after a long day.
  2. Stay's hot long enough for you to spend a lot of time in it preventing you from getting cold.

  1. Uses a lot more water than a shower so would not be saving on water and money.
  2. The dirt from you will go into the bath water meaning you will be sitting in your own dirt.




I shower everyday but I prefer the bath more. Soaking in it even for a little bit relaxes my muscles in a way the shower cannot. Soaking in it for a longer time means I am on holiday. That said, after the bath, I will always go into the shower to wash myself clean. Therefore it is more of a necessity than a luxury item.
Posted by Mabel on 05-02-2017

Have a bath and be more relaxed

I like to take showers (more when I'm in a rush) and showers do leave you feeling very refreshed and rejuvenated. But I mostly take a bath because I find them much more relaxing. There's something very therapeutic about taking a long hot bath. And it does have a better effect on your body, your muscles etc for unwinding too. And plus it's really nice to just lay there in the hot water and see all your cares just vanish. Especially on freezing cold days when you've been out in the cold all day and your feet and muscles are tense and aching. Then you go and take a nice hot bubble bath complete with rubber duck and then you just feel much better and at peace and contentment with yourself and the world. Plus baths make you smell much better than showers do as you're basically soaking up all those scented minerals you're bathing in. Where as a shower just washes them off you and you end up with dry skin from all that fluoride and chlorine they put in the water. As for the guy that said you're jut bathing in your own dirt. I don't know about him but I'm not generally covered in that much dirt lol but each to their own! :)
Posted by idealmikey on 04-20-2017

Bath much more relaxing..

I do prefer a good bath with radox and other scents which allow you to soak in the water specially if you been on your feet all day and back pains you can just relax and lay there in the water. Really does help for relaxing even the I do have the odd shower I mainly have a shower in the mornings and relax after hard day at night in the bath.
Posted by moneybags82 on 04-20-2017

when I have time

If I have enough time, I much prefer a relaxing soak in a bath. I usually add Epsom salts and some kind of essential oil. Baths are known to be beneficial to your health. The warm water and Epsom salt can help soothe and relax sore muscles while also removing toxins from your body. I prefer when I can submerge my whole body in the tub, but often times tubs are too shallow for this. I also like to read in the tub or sometimes just put on a candle and fall asleep for a bit. When I am sick, I love to get in a hot bath as it is so soothing.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 04-20-2017

It's a bath every time for me

A bath is a great stress reliever. When I've had a particularly hard day I will run a hot deep bath with perfumed oils and candles and just lie there while I unwind. It will also induce sleep so I feel better in the morning. The only time I will have a shower is if I'm on holiday and that's all they offer!
Posted by littlewitch66 on 05-01-2017


I've been taking a shower for the past 5-6 years so I am pretty tired of showers. I do miss being able to just stay in the bathtub for a while and relaxing unlike with a shower where everything is relatively quick. Since I am male I am not about that candle lights and wine in the bath, but I do enjoy a long bath sometimes because it is therapy for the soul.
Posted by AlexHarris on 10-08-2017


Nothing takes away stress like a good long, warm bath. It seems water has the property to take away your stress and remove negative energies from your body. Very good
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-08-2017


I rather shower over bath all the time because its fun and quick.. When you're showering it feels so exhilarating and sexy in oppose to bath which is just plain mundane.. So I rather shower over bath.
Posted by Kerronbillouin36 on 05-08-2017
I actually like both of them. I have a shower every morning when I wake up and before I go to bed at night I like to take a bath. I find that a bath relaxes me and I sleep better. A shower wakes me up and makes me ready for the day.
Posted by Sue on 05-13-2017
We actually don’t shower here because our culture is more on the bath. That is the tradition since the olden times because of the warm weather in this tropical country. You cannot just refresh yourself with a shower that would cause body odor later. It is always better to take a bath and use the soap to cleanse your body before wearing another set of clothes. During summer we take a bath at least 3 times a day when we are at home.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-17-2018
I prefer showers because for a bath, I feel that it is water wasting and bating in my own self does not seem appealing. I would have to shower then bathe to relax.
Posted by simplym on 06-12-2017
Shower is my daily ritual, but whenever I can and have the possibility to, I like to soak in a bathtub, with perhaps a bubblebath or using a bath bomb, it is truly a fantastic way to relax and let stress slip out of your life, even if just for a while.

However, baths can't and shouldn't be an everyday thing. Showers are practical and must be the ones left for actual daily cleaning.
Posted by VintageRose on 08-03-2017
I take shower every day, some times coupe of times in a day. However, I don't take bath every day, sometimes I don't take bath for weeks. I can take a shower in 5 minutes. However, if I have to take a bath, I ned at least 20 minutes. Since bath takes a longer time, I prefer shower. I take bath only when I want to relax.
Posted by vinaya on 08-25-2017
They're both can make me feel relax and comfortable whenever take a bath. I love the feeling how the water gush all over my face and body like it's doing a soft massage all over me. I also want to lay down and soak my body in the tub to relax all the muscles on my body. It's better to do both of them whenever you take a bath to make you feel more alive and to start your day.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-30-2017
We live in a tropical country and I don’t know anyone taking a shower. Over here, it is bathing and even when we say shower, it is still bathing with soap. Taking a shower literally will not take away the germs in the body that were borne by sweat so you tend to develop body odor. Bathing is actually soaping the body twice just to be sure that the body is cleansed properly. And wiping the body dry is imperative otherwise the germs will be at it again.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-03-2018
Here in my country it is extremely unusual for people to have tubs in their homes. I believe that the price of them is the biggest obstacle to its use. In addition, high water consumption is also a fact that can influence. So, here 99.9% of people take a shower using showers. And I'm obviously included in that group. In fact one day I would like to try a bathtub.
Posted by hermessantos on 02-02-2018
You're right, taking a bath will help you to get relax and relieve your stress. Maybe taking a bath once a week is enough. But I preferred shower. I want to do every thing as fast as i can. I don't want to waste and minutes for taking a bath everyday, because time for me is very important.
Posted by ion on 06-09-2018