Created in 1974, Skittles has been giving people a taste of the rainbow for over 40 years now. Sweet, tangy and chewy, the bite size delights host a range of deliciously fruity flavors including Grape, Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Strawberry. Conveniently wrapped in a single package, Skittles are the perfect treat for the snack enthusiast looking for a different taste with every bite. And if the traditional flavors aren't enough, over the years Skittles has released multiple varieties of their classic candies including Skittles Tropical, Sour, and Wild Berry among others.

  • Offers a variety of sweet and tangy flavors.
  • Chewy consistency after an initial crunch.
  • Come in several varieties to suit your tastes.

  • Often get stuck to your teeth.
  • Can be tough to chew if you eat many at once.




I actually like both but I do prefer skittles because I am truly an huge fan of sour, fruity flavors. Reminds me of convenient, bite sized popsicles.
Posted by Anonymous on 07-01-2017

Oh my Skittles.

As much as I love M&M, I'm gonna choose Skittles. I love it's flavor and it's chewiness. Thinking about it now makes me crave for it. I love it's different flavors, my favorite is the sour skittles.
Posted by Anonymous on 07-02-2017

Skittles all the way

I am not much of a chocolate eater so Skittles is always my choice. I enjoy the tanginess of the originals but I also like now now they have different flavours like tropical and sours. I am a candy eater so given a choice I would pick candies always over chocolate.
Posted by Sue on 07-09-2017

Skittles are number 1!

Skittles are my favorite candy! I love the chewy fruity little candies! I like M&M's also but given the choice, I will always choose Skittles.
Posted by BigDreamer on 07-03-2017


I don't really like chocolate, and I prefer candy which is why I like skittles. I also like that there are different flavors (eg. sour skittles, tropical skittles).
Posted by lilac123 on 07-01-2017


When its hot , I do not like to eat M&M's and I wouldn't want them to be melted either.

I prefer Skittles, you can enjoy them year around.

Posted by simplym on 07-01-2017

Skittles for flavor!

M&Ms all taste the same. At least with skittles, you can get different flavors. I really love sour things, and the sour skittles are awesome. Plus you can pick out the ones you like and only eat those if you want. With M&Ms, they're all chocolate, no flavors, and can be super bland.
Posted by megaanmaarie on 07-02-2017


I love the skittles, they are my favorite candy because they have a lot of flavor and I like to prove them every time, I someone want to give me a gift I will always ask for a pack of skittles because they are just great!
Posted by BatmanWayne on 07-05-2017

Skittles all day long!

I like M&Ms but I love Skittles! No no no, I'm not saying that those who eat M&Ms have weaker teeth than those who eat Skittles. :P I guess it's just subjective. I like Skittles because I like to chew things and have fun with it with my teeth. ^_^
Posted by galegatling on 07-01-2017

I hate chocolate and love sour/sweet stuff

I love their flavors and they are don't melt (unlike chocolate). I love that they're not that sweet. I really enjoy the sourness each flavor has
Posted by Self on 07-01-2017


I prefer fruity rainbow over the chocolate rainbow any day. I also love the sour skittles as well! I've never liked M&M's, they were always the last thing I'd eat from my Halloween candy!
Posted by Authilde on 07-05-2017


I would choose skittles over m&m's any day of the week. Skittles are just delicious, my go to candy when I have got a sweet tooth.
Posted by Inqogn1to on 07-27-2017


Personally, I love both. But skittles are just a bit better in my opinion. I love their fruity, sweet taste and the sour skittles are the absolute best. If I had to choose between skittles or M&M's I will most likely always go for the skittles. But it also depends on my craving too, because sometimes I feel like having chocolate instead.
Posted by Eboudreau17 on 08-12-2017


I remember my partner asking me this days ago, and I looked at her like "We've been together for long and you don't know the answer to that?" She should know that i like Skittles more, I'm a fan of chewy sweets. I don't care if it gets stuck to my teeth, that's the fun in skittles anyway.
Posted by mftmadam on 11-01-2018

No I don't mean the rapper, unless you're referring to the wrapper housing these sweet treats which have been around since 1941! Older than some of your grandparents, M&M's have made quite the impression during their 76 years in the business. Boasting a deliciously sweet, crunchy outer coating with a soft and chocolatey interior, M&M's are as pleasing to the mouth as they are to the eyes. And having been around for as long as they have, the varieties of flavors which M&M's have come in can be staggering, ranging from Milk, Dark, and White chocolates to peanut filled, almond filled, pretzel, birthday cake, mint, pumpkin spice and dozens of others. You imagine it, and they've probably done it.

  • Great for chocolate lovers.
  • Boast an insane amount of varieties.
  • Crunchy outer shell with melty chocolate.

  • Unimpressive chocolate for those with high standards.
  • Coating melts fairly quickly while in your hand.



M&M's without a doubt!!

Definitely M&Ms for me. They are so crunchy and tasty, with the nut inside and the chocolatey addition. I love them! On the other hand I am not much of a fan for Skittles or similar sweets which are too sticky for my liking.
Posted by sspi on 07-01-2017


Wow I didn't know that M&M's were around for that long! That is crazy. But I prefer to eat them over skittles. I find skittles to be far too sugary and as juicy as they are, I'm more of a savory tongued devil so I prefer to eat the peanut M&M's! And from all of the votes for M&M's so far it's clear to see that I'm not alone! Seriously, M&M's Vs Skittles? There's no comparison if you ask me! Sure, they look the same. They are basically sweets at the end of the day. But like I said, I'm more of a savory tongued guy and prefer savory snacks over sweets and treats. So M&M's gets my vote day and night. I think I might go get some saying that :D
Posted by idealmikey on 07-06-2017

Has to be M&M's!

This was a tough one for me as I love both Skittles and M&M's but based on the fact that M&M's have the peanut variety, I had to choose them. I absolutely love chocolate covered peanuts and with M&M's they offer these as well as the variety without peanuts. Skittles are okay but after a while I feel you get fed up of the really sweet fruity flavours, with M&M's it's not something I get tired of too quickly.
Posted by Shortie on 07-04-2017


Damn, this was one of the hardest choices in my life, haha!

I honestly love both. Skittles are the best when it comes to chewy fruity candy and M&M's are the best when it comes to the chocolate type of candy.

But since I had to pick, my vote goes to the M&M's. Not the regular kind. The best kind is the peanut ones. I could eat so much of those. It is just that great combination of chocolate and peanut... So delicious.

The only thing that I dislike about Skittles is the reason you mentioned - it often gets stuck on my teeth and I hate that.

Posted by Mehano on 07-02-2017
Right? Haha. Why do they have to ask these kind of questions! It makes us question our current life status if we are even happy with ourselves. T_T

Oy, don't peanusts also get stuck in your teeth? Maybe you made the wrong choice? XD
Right? Haha. Why do they have to ask these kind of questions! It makes us question our current life status if we are even happy with ourselves. T_T

Oy, don't peanuts also get stuck in your teeth? Maybe you made the wrong choice? XD
Jonathan Solomon

M&M's for me!

If I recall, consistently through my childhood I would switch between the two. However, I've always had a slight favoring for M&M's more compared to Skittles.

Despite my preference, I don't mind either on any occasion. Especially movie night with popcorn!

Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 07-02-2017


I can only eat so many skittles before it gets old. M&Ms are chocolate so it's pretty hard to get sick of popping those in your mouth especially the peanut ones Mmmmm. Skittles are good in small quantities, but M&Ms rank supreme if you have to eat any more than 10 ounces of it.
Posted by AlexHarris on 07-01-2017

One of the easiest choices of my life

M&M's are life... Oh yeah, yes they are! ;-)

They are at the highest summit of the power of chocolates around the world. I love M&M's since I'm a kid and they're on my favorite list when it comes to chocolate.

Posted by WildSpirit on 07-02-2017

I am for M & M's

Since I was just a kid, it was always the M & M's , specially the one with peanuts that I prefer. I have tasted Skittles, but still for me the taste of M& M's is more delicious. Not only that, M&M's seems a bit bigger to the bite.
Posted by SimplyD on 07-03-2017

Love the chocolate taste

I am a huge fan of M&M since my childhood days. I love the chocolate taste inside the colorful sugary coats but kind of put off with the coloring that comes off easily when touched with water or saliva.

M&M are kids favorite even in cookies, cakes or sundaes. I love M&M in vanilla ice-cream cone , taste delicious and could take a second cone after finished.

Posted by peachpurple on 07-03-2017
EJ Burg

M&M is my fav

I really love chocolate so if I had to choose between these snacks then I would choose this.
Posted by EJ Burg on 07-01-2017


M&M's all the way. I love chocolate so therefore mu vote will surely be for M&M's.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 07-01-2017

Eminem is still the best rapper ever!

I love MnMs, I think their chocolate just tastes better than other MnM ripoffs in my country. Don't even get me started on the egg-shaped ones with almonds, yummm! Aside from that, they can also rap so GG.
Posted by arachnophobik on 07-02-2017

Chocolate lover.

I'm a chocolate lover, I'm sorry I just can't get a good argument with this one but surely, chocolate makes me crazy, I love skittles but M&M's are god tier.
Posted by StolenKid on 07-07-2017

The old's M&M's!

I like M&M's more than Skittles because M&M's have flavor and chocolate, Skittles on the other side it does not contain chocolate at all. Besides, M&M's was the first from those two that I have eaten in my life.
Posted by wallet on 07-01-2017


They are a classic. Are way better than any other candy, I love the flavor they have, they feel very good. I think it's a brand that everyone recognize and has history on the market.
Posted by luispas on 07-01-2017


They are sweet and taste like chocolate. I don't like the chewiness of Skittles and they taste a bit superficial to me.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-01-2017

M&M's Kinda Gal

I personally love M&M's way more than Skittles. I grew up going to the store and always asking my parents for a bag of M&M's. There's nothing in my opinion better than a handful of their chocolately goodness. I don't have to worry about getting a different colored M&M and it being a flavor I am not a fan of. The peanut M&M's are also amazing and add a twist to the regular ones.
Posted by XoxoDee on 07-02-2017

M&M Feeling

I always cherish the M&M sensational feeling in my mouth. I can say its my favourite candy too. I love to do color picks too and really addicted to it. The taste is simply amazing.
Posted by zeedollar on 07-10-2017

M and M's All The Way

I can't help it, but I am a bit of a chocoholic. I've never really liked candies which simulate fruit--if i want the taste of fruit, I go and get the real thing. So, when i do eat candy, which is rare, I go for chocolate, and i love the peanut and almond options for M and M's as well.
Posted by JoeMilford on 07-23-2017

M&Ms easily

I prefer M&Ms because I like chocolates over candy. I guess M&Ms' crunchy shell does make it more attractive as a snack option for me. I also love that M&Ms have peanuts in it as I love peanuts. These are really yummy !
Posted by fishmonk on 08-09-2017

Huuummm... Haha!

Without any doubt: M&M's.

The flavor can be more striking and more accurate making the chocolate look even better (and this is not something that any kind of chocolate can do... it has to be really good).

So, M&M's is the best option to choose.

Posted by wiseagent on 08-20-2017


I like Skittles too, but they don't compare with M&M's. I love their variety and the fact that the chocolate kinda melts in your mouth. Honestly, I love any sweet that contains chocolate or is made out of it. I like other kind of sweets too, but chocolate ones are the best.
Posted by Dkaraly on 08-26-2017

M&M's for the win!

I love M&M's. Unlike other chocolates, the taste of its chocolate is not that sweet and very unique. I also like the color of each piece. Although M&M's here in our country is expensive, I would still like to spend some money to eat a pack of it. I sometimes found myself craving for it. Its sweetness is very uncomparable than even when you ate one blindfolded, you will know that its M&M's.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 10-13-2018


I like M and M's but I wouldn't turn down a handful of skittles either. However, I don't like plain M and M's too much. I would probably pick skittles over those, but they are both good. One thing I like about skittles is that they kind of melt in your mouth. That is a nice sensation.
Posted by Anonymous on 07-01-2017
I also love M&M chocolates. In fact, last night in the trick-or-treating, we gave away loot bags that included M&M packs. For sure those trick-or-treaters are now enjoying their bounty particularly the M&M. I also like Skittles and it was my favorite when I was younger. But maybe my taste had changed as I grew older and I am now back to the traditional M&M chocolates and Milky Way bar.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-03-2018
I don't each much candy. In the past, I would have said M&Ms, since I really like chocolate. The last time I had some though, they didn't taste very good. It seems that they changed the recipe or something. They taste like cheap chocolates now like that no name stuff you get with cheap Halloween candy.

I'm not so sure about the future of Skittles either after their recent ad campaign debacle. I guess it's a good thing I try to avoid candy these days, ha ha.
Posted by Zyni on 07-01-2017
I'll definitely have to go with skittles on this one. I've just never really been a fan of chocolate throughout my life. And at a very young age I started to like eating fruit gummies and any candy without chocolate.
Posted by Anonymous on 07-01-2017
Definitely going with skittles. Ever since I was young I've never really liked chocolate. And now I can't keep myself away from any candy without chocolate in it.
Posted by Okaviator on 07-01-2017
Well, I prefer M&M's, actually it's known and tasty..I believe almost everyone tried M&M's..To be honest, I've never tried Skittles, but I've heard that it's not that good and even bad. I might try it in the future.
Posted by Moaz on 07-01-2017
I grew up with M&M as the best chocolate. My mother would buy in the commissary of the US base in our province whenever she would visit my grandparents there. I would be excited when she comes home for surely she had bought a pack of M&M for me. When I started working, I was introduced to Skittles and I loved the taste. I would buy Skittles for the kids in our home. But in the past years, I have to admit that M&M is still the same good old chocolate for me and Skittles sometimes taste so sour that I couldn't finish a pack.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-01-2017
I have no opinion. I am not a big chocolate fan, but getting some M&M's from time to time is quite nice. Although, in general, I would probably go with skittles in this case. More generalized view - I am not really fond of candies, I would much rather go with some sort of crisps :)
Posted by Makefort on 07-01-2017
I would choose M&M between these two, as I don't think I have tried Skittles before. I am not a big fan of M&M though, as I always prefer chocolate bar.
Posted by kaka135 on 07-01-2017
It would have to be M&M for me. I love the way the insides oozes out and the design. Try using it to make a Granola bar in my oven and it turned out super :)
Posted by joegirl on 07-02-2017
I honestly like them both. They both taste great to me. It really just depends on what kind of mood I am in because sometimes I'll prefer m&ms or other times I'll prefer skittles. So it's really just a mood type of thing for me.
Posted by Sino989 on 07-02-2017
For me there really is no other candy than chocolate so M&M's have my vote. I love that they are small but pack a great chocolate flavor. You do not have to eat many of them to get your chocolate cravings fixed. My go to M&Ms are still the plain or peanut. I never really got into the other styles of the candies. I guess its because those are the ones I grew up with so they remind me of my childhood. I like being able to share them with my children too.
Posted by morgoodie on 07-02-2017
I don't love either, but I don't hate either, either. Many M&M varieties, besides the Plain ones of course, are a bit plain (Peanut and Almond are perfectly fine to me, but for things like "peanut butter" or "crispy" I'd rather go for candies more dedicated to either theme). Skittles... eh. There's just other fruit-flavor-based candies I enjoy a bit more. I personally won't be taking a vote on either of those, since I can't say I'd choose one over the other - they're two distinctly different flavors such that I can't fairly compare something like this.
Posted by Linen on 07-05-2017
I dont think have met anyone within my age bracket who hasnt tried out the M&M, the color variance is also fun to play around with too. It also a good way to pass time, just go on picking till there is non left in your pack.
Posted by zeedollar on 07-10-2017
rose thornes
I love all sweets but l'll go for M&M's! My all time favorites. Its chocolate and nuts make me nuts! Can't stop eating them.
Posted by rose thornes on 07-16-2017
Skittles vs M&M's : I love both because chocolate is one of my stress reliever but if need to choose one, I will choose M&M's because skittles more on it juicy taste while the M&M's is what your really notice is the chocolate there which i love the most.
Posted by mhingnhormz on 12-16-2018