Skype Video Call

Skype Video Call
Skype was officially launched in 2003 when it broke out as the leading telecommunication application that it's used for video chat, video calls and voice calls. It saw over 500 million of the world population participate in using the social media application for one use or another.

Very popular telecommunication video application
Available on windows, iOS, and Androids.
Very clear image/video quality
Worldwide reach.

Needs subscription to call land lines
Not easy to use compared to other video call applications



Video Quality

I must say that Skype has maintained the quality. And so far everything that is being done is good enough. Some of the time it can be a bit harder to handle. And we have to understand where things can work around.
Posted by overcast on 08-16-2018


Skype isn't as popular nowadays, however it's still the preferred application to use for video calls, especially compared to the Facebook Messenger one. I'm not saying that Facebook is bad, but it isn't that good when you want to talk to a lot of people at once. Even Discord isn't as good when it comes to group video calls.
Posted by manmad on 09-28-2018


The thing with Skype is that it is matured way of making video calls and very good when professional matters are what we are talking about. The thing is that you rarely see any company say that they want to make calls with clients via Facebook video call which shows that Skype is better and professional.
Posted by Barida on 08-01-2018


I'm more familiar with Skype because I've used it a few times for video conferencing and calls. I use Facebook for my social media and branding, not sure if I want to use it for video calls also.
Posted by NickJ on 11-12-2018


The Facebook Messenger app is a battery-drainer. I also do not like the fact that it is so integrated into your phone like it knows everything about your life. There was one incident when my friend and I talked about CCTV cameras, a few days later, I get bombarded with CCTV ads.

Skype is not intrusive, is more straightforward, and easy to use. They are pioneers after all in the video-messaging space.

Posted by NerdIndeed on 10-03-2018

My favourite is Skype

I have been using Skype of years now. Don't even remember when I first started using it. I have never found it difficult to use . Even my parents have started using it comfortably now. Once you get a hang of using it then it will be the easiest thing for you to do . Well I also have used Facebook messenger but , Skype will always be my favourite between the two. I am training my nephew now who is still in school to make a video call through Skype and WhatsApp.
Posted by jpk0007 on 10-11-2018

Skype over Facebook Messenger any day

If I had the option to choose between Skype and Facebook Messenger to contact a person, I'd choose Skype in a heartbeat. Skype's video call quality cannot be compared to Facebook's crappy one. I agree that it's very convenient to contact your Facebook friends via Facebook as well, but I still wouldn't trade an excellent quality, lag-free video call for that convenience.
Posted by astraherondale on 11-01-2018


Skype first introduced us to video calling. It was the only application available for video calling when it was first launched. Now, it has been taken over by Microsoft and it's performance has remained the same. Although, technical issues are there in every application, Skype still remains my first choice for video calling.
Posted by kaushikangara on 12-01-2018


Facebook Messenger Video Call

Facebook Messenger Video Call
Facebook launched a chat messenger as well that can chat and make both voice and video call. It doesn't require much to use Facebook messenger to make video calls. Simply register your Facebook account and download Facebook messenger, then connect with your friends and call them on either voice and video calls.

Very easy to use
Doesn't require any extra work other than to downloading the Facebook messenger
Used all over the world

Depending on your internet strength, it's clarity might be affected.




Facebook is way faster since it's a browser base(If you're using a computer). Skype usually takes time to load depending on your PC specs. With Facebook, you can also check your feeds, do the usual thing you do in Facebook while doing a video call.

Skype is not that popular to use unless you're with an interview so I prefer Facebook. I think almost people in the world are using it and it's easier to use.

Posted by Anonymous on 09-10-2018


I don't use Skype at all nowadays. The only reason I used it before was for its chat feature but now with services like Discord, you don't need it at all. But in terms of video calls, FB is much better since you have everything in one place so there really is no need for Skype anymore.
Posted by kingcool52 on 08-25-2018

Does anybody still use Skype?

For those who voted for Skype, do you still use the service today? Lol. Facebook messenger wins this hands down. The video call embedded in Facebook messenger is loaded with lots of features which are not available in other video call services. You can add filters, smileys, drawings, and many more.

It's lightweight and could be easily used in any device. Plus, a lot of my friends are using Facebook messenger which makes it the perfect app to use for communication.

Posted by limberg on 10-15-2018

Way better

I think that Skype just isn't as popular anymore. I remember when everybody was using it a few years back though. It's a shame that its developers didn't really listen to their users.

Without a doubt, the Facebook Messenger is my preferred choice. Literally, everybody uses it, you have your whole Facebook contact/friends list on it and it's free!

Posted by Mehano on 09-10-2018
I do not think that you can use facebook messenger calls for business calls. It is great when chatting with friends but skype takes it for business meetings especially the serious ones involving boards.

Better Better Better

There is no two ways about choosing between Facebook messenger video call and Skype video call, I will always pick Facebook messenger video call anytime, any day and anywhere. It's very easy to use, there is no extra lesson or charge to use the application for both chat and video calls.
Posted by Martinsx on 07-29-2018


I prefer facebook messenger video call. Most of my friends don't use Skype, not all of them has a computer or laptop. Besides, using Facebook is more convenient because you can do it anywhere and it's more portable than a laptop. But for Skype, the quality is much better but most people don't really mind the quality of Facebook messenger video call as long as they can call their loved ones.
Posted by vivalavanda on 09-02-2018
Skype is a convenient platform for an individual wishing to call their business partners. However for the daily usage when you just need to chat a friend up you do not have the time to go setting up a computer so the messenger takes it.

Facebook Messenger Video Call

One of the many things I like about Facebook is the Messenger Call and Video Call service which is quite easy to use. You can even message the person first via messenger or through Facebook comments to let a person know that you would him.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 07-28-2018

I don't have Skype

Almost everyone has their Facebook account. With a massive number of Facebook users, there is no doubt that almost everyone you know can be contacted through Facebook Messenger Video Call. Regardless of the quality of the video, which depends upon the quality of your internet connection, I find Messenger's video call easy to use. You can instantly video call someone anytime and anywhere which is very dependable especially my work. Every Facebook user spend much of their time in this social site and I think unlike in Skype, the avaipability of the one we are about to contact is always there.
Posted by Vinsanity on 09-16-2018


I choose because it is widely used by most people. We all know that most people nowadays have facebook account. Therefore, they use messenger as a form of communication to their families and friends. In fact, me and friends usually created a video call where we talk a lot of stuffs. And messenger is also easy to use as long as you have an internet connection or mobile data. Though skype is nicer to use but most of my friends and families use messenger so I prefer this one too so we can call each other easily and faster.
Posted by mitan143 on 09-24-2018

Less Issues

I have very few technical issues when I use Facebook Messenger for calls. I can hardly remember a time when Messenger had an issue whenever I use it to talk with friends and family. Skype, on the other hand, has lots of issues. Even its UI is not user-friendly. I'm always having issues when adding new contacts.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 09-11-2018

I've moved to Facebook Messenger

I used to be an avid Skype user, but these days it's so much easier to use Facebook Messenger. Skype seems a bit outdated and far less used by people I know these days.
Posted by amelia88 on 07-31-2018
Wow really. It seems that I might be a bit out of touch with reality since I still rate it a bit high. Maybe its due to the fact that I am not all that much used to applying facebook's messenger.

Faster and Wider Coverage

Facebook Messenger is connected to Facebook and so I can easily video chat my friends whenever I need. With skype, it's very hard for me to contact some of my friends because they're too lazy to install skype and learn how to use it because it's a bit too strict specially with the registration process. Facebook Messenger is also very simple and it's fast on both PC and smatphon while Skype, I don't know if it's available on my Play Store.
Posted by jaybee19 on 10-10-2018


I don't use either of them, but if I had to choose I would choose Facebook Messenger or as my friends call it "face time". There is so much you can do with the Facebook video messenger and can have multiple chats with a group of friends.
Posted by Kingofkings on 07-28-2018

More contacts

I am using facebook massenger right now. I have a skype account before but I am not using it as of today. I must say in our place messenger is much popular than skype. Lots of my family and friends have messenger account but nit all of them have skype account, so I have more contacts at my messenger than skype.
Posted by lei08pineda on 07-28-2018

Facebook Messenger is A Lot Better!

My vote goes to Facebook. Because it is the widest and the most common social media platform where people can connect and spend quality time thru video call. Hence, it does not always provide a good quality call most specifically in video calling, but the bond that it gives to families and friends is immeasurable!
Posted by NesMarcos on 10-09-2018

Facebook all time favorite

Facebook is better because you can do more thing on it unlike skype.
Posted by mark86 on 08-24-2018


I choose facebook messenger cause I use it everyday. Most people use it today for chatting and for video calls that's why it is more convenient to use and it offer a lot of features unlike skypee where it's service is like limited only for video chating and I think it's not that popular today unlike the old days.
Posted by blackmist on 08-07-2018


Not everyone specially from countries like where I came from, Philippines, has Skype account. Unlike Facebook messenger that almost everybody has access to. And with a simple click plus Facebook's more innovations and the focus they've been giving messenger so lately the application became more use friendly.
Posted by Donyababoy on 08-29-2018

Cute filters

I prefer using Facebook Messenger Video Call because it is more convenient to use and most of the people nowadays uses facebook messenger. Communication with other people become easier with the help of the Facebook Messenger Video Call. Also, they have super cute filters to play with while video chatting making your call much lively. It is also easier to download and easy to navigate around the app.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 08-23-2018


Everybody has Facebook nowadays. Messenger accounts are created the minute they create a FB account. It's just much more convenient on the user's side to just use an already existing service. You don't have to create another account and download another app like Skype to video call.
Posted by rlpzbeermoney on 09-18-2018

Everyone has Facebook

It is very easy to use and accessible all over the world. Everyone has an account in Facebook so you can contact anyone to video call. It is a one stop shop. Facebook have all the things you need in a social media.
Posted by Zelmontero on 09-03-2018


I prefer using messenger than skype because its interface is more user friendly than skype. Also, why does skype has to make your skype ID complicated. What I like about messenger are its extra features. You can play games, change filter and many more.
Posted by anchoreztin on 08-31-2018

Facebook Messenger

I vote for Facebook Messenger. I have more contacts in my Facebook than in Skype. I use this app everyday.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 09-09-2018


I know that it does'nt always give a good quality of video overtime because sometime the signal is unstable. On the other hand we can easily use messenger video calls and reach instantly our love ones without any subscription and without making an another account which is very a hassle one. Messenger app has a variety of uses playing games, chatting, sending files, video calling, voice calling are som of its unique features that's why I've chosen it.
Posted by Gilgamesh on 09-22-2018

Mark is the spark

Facebook messenger is the one I use mainly because it is connected with my social media account.
Posted by bee.rthooyah on 09-24-2018

Facebook calls are great

I have never got on with Skype. Facebook is convenient and I regularly use it to talk to people. I'm always impressed by the quality of the call, so it gets my vote.
Posted by HappyLady on 10-08-2018


I choose Facebook Messenger Video Call. Honestly, I think this has been superior among others. It is because we all know that millions of people use Facebook everyday, every minute and every breath a person takes. We connect to people with Facebook and Messenger, thus, it would be hassle-free if you just go to the Messenger and have a video call with someone. Unlike the other app, you have to install it whilst using Facebook and Messenger. So, to save time and phone's memory just stick to Facebook Messenger because not only it gives you the opportunity to chat, but it also gives you an option to voice/video call anytime.
Posted by theresajane on 10-12-2018

No doubt, Facebook Messenger call

I live in a country where Landline companies don't do well with their services. Internet providers by telecom companies are much easier to use. Plus, Facebook has just become a primary part of our everyday lives that whenever I need to video call, we always use FB messenger, almost automatically.
Posted by emiaj55 on 10-17-2018

Everyone is on Facebook

Facebook messenger is the most commonly used platform for communication right now. Basically almost everyone I know are using messenger even they don’t update their facebook profile. It is easier to find the person you wanted to video chat with in facebook rather than skype. I haven’t even logged on Skype since 2 years ago. I usually use FaceTime but between the two messenger got my vote.
Posted by thejoyrevolution on 10-19-2018

FB for me

I started preferring fb messenger calls over Skype ones on an instinctual level I would say. It is way simpler and it's less heavy on your computer or phone than Skype. I will call my friend in another country through fb messenger and It seems like we just talk on the phone. The only advantage Skype has is that it is more formally used as a business communicator etc. but I don't bother with that.
Posted by GeorgeDr on 11-01-2018

Widely used

There are more people now who have messenger than who have skype. As a result, more people can be reached through messenger. I used to have skype 6 years ago and switched to messenger just because I have a facebook account already. It was more convenient to use since I don't have to use 2 accounts at the same time just to have a video call with other people.
Posted by hstinscdln on 11-07-2018

FB Messenger

Skype was good, but it's 2018 people. Messenger is more accessible than Skype, messenger is also a lot faster now. The video quality is not the best but as long you can make the face out, no lags a good audio quality. i would go for it any day.
Posted by mftmadam on 10-30-2018

Highly convinient

I have both but I tend to use facebook messenger video call more than Skype. The level of facebook messenger video call convenience is great. Regardless of your location, you only need some wifi connection and no subscription fee.
Posted by Focusedwriter10 on 11-04-2018

FB Messenger takes control

To be honest Skype was one of the most handy and successful video call communication apps before. But now it has been outrun by FB messenger due to the fact that it is more easily used plus how famous and populated Facebook has become. Being able to communicate with people through chat and having the chance to call or video call them is a great addition that Facebook has done. I know that Skype is still used by professional people such as a use for a business meeting or a Skype presentation but to be frank FB messenger can catch up to that level of professionalism. Who knows, maybe it already has begun to take control of that level.
Posted by YoloBoy on 11-07-2018


I'm a little concerned about privacy on Facebook. So Skype wins for me here. Skype also offers clearer calls and better video calls. Privacy is better on Skype too.
Posted by knnon on 12-06-2018


Both Skype and Facebook messenger is great but if I would have to choose between the two my vote would go with facebook messenger video call. I never use skype and I believe facebook messenger is more popular this day and I its really easy to use.
Posted by antonToledo on 12-13-2018


I prefer the Facebook video call since it is very easy to use and affordable to use video to chat with friends , all these are possible after you have simply downloaded the Facebook Messenger application and you are good to go.
Posted by babyright on 07-27-2018
It's very obvious that most people would prefer Facebook messenger video call because it's very popular and much more easier to use unlike Skype. I can bet that most recent generation aren't used to Skype like how they are used to Facebook messenger video call. Personally, I'm all for Facebook messenger video even though I have used Skype couple of times.
Posted by Martinsx on 07-31-2018
You sound like me. I find facebook messenger more useful than any other messaging apps or voip apps. It is simple and easy to use. Since these days most of the people are already on facebook (facebook as more than one bullion users), you can find who ever you want to talk on facebook.
Posted by vinaya on 07-31-2018
Problem is quality of the call on facebook is not that good. And some of the time those type of the calls are not easy to organize either. So on that note I'd say that facebook calls are not that good. But you can use it for free and also there are literally no costs on that. So compared to the skype, facebook is lot better.
Posted by overcast on 08-25-2018
From the last count there are 2.5 billion users of Facebook and half of them are using the Facebook messenger. It looks like Skype has been losing the game to Facebook messenger that also has a video call that is the same as what Skype can offer. If you have a Facebook account then you are already assured of that feature and why would you install Skype? Facebook is one convenient social media that the competitors should beware for it is not easy to fight against a giant.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-12-2018
It depends on what you will use it for. Facebook video call is more user friendly and more people in our country I think has access to it as compared to Skype. But when it comes to functionality, Skype is better and you can use it for business purposes and freelance jobs like online tutorial. For personal use, I'd go for Facebook because not all my friends have Skype but other than that it will be Skype.
Posted by Chinet23 on 07-27-2018
Yeah I agree with you. Skype is more popular for business usage. I also have limited contacts on my skype account so I rarely use it before and now I am not using it at all because a lot of people are on facebook messenger now.
Posted by lei08pineda on 07-28-2018
It's true what you just mentioned. Most people just have few people on Skype and it literally limits how they use Skype for personal use in terms of communicating with friends and family. A lot of people are making use of Facebook messenger and it makes it more convenient and easier to reach lots of friends without stressing much.
Posted by Martinsx on 07-31-2018
Exactly! Purpose of usage is what determines which application for video calls would be more effective and efficient as well as appropriate for the job. When it's just to connect with friends and family, Facebook messenger video call would be appropriate but when it's for business purposes, Skype would be best suited for the job.
Posted by Martinsx on 07-31-2018
I have used skype in the past, however, these days I am not using skype. I agree with you regarding your view on who can benefit from skype. You can use skype for communication related to business, whereas for personal communication facebook messenger os better.
Posted by vinaya on 07-31-2018
Facebook video call for me,this is very easy to use. and even simple to send a buzz.I think Facebook messenger is more popular and used than Skype video calls.i like using Facebook messenger than Skype.
Posted by lovely on 07-29-2018
Most of the female friends I have on my Facebook messenger contact list are more attached to video calls than chat. I asked one of them one day and she told me that it takes too long to type chats. The call is just easier to express yourself without breaking a sweat. It's only when the environment is not conducive for video calls that she would go for typing chats.
Posted by Martinsx on 07-31-2018
I use skype for business related communication and facebook messenger mostly for personal communication. I also use facebook messenger for business communication because I have lot of business associated as friends on facebook. based on my experience, I think facebook messenger is a better communication option whether you are using for text based chats or video calls.
Posted by vinaya on 07-31-2018
I use Skype for business purposes and work related issues meanwhile my Facebook messenger is for chatting and video calling for friends, family and loved ones. If you have a good and stable Internet connection, Skype is a lot better for it's clear reception and image. However, if you are using a mobile data, Facebook messenger is better to use because it uses less bandwidth than Skype.
Posted by NesMarcos on 08-06-2018
Exactly! Skype is more useful when the purpose of the video call if for business purposes. As long as there is clear network signal reception, Skype will give you a better calling experience than any other video applications. When you watch so many news stations like CNN, BBC AND AL JAZEERA, most calls you see being put through the media house is through Skype.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-27-2018
Never tried Facebook messenger video call, so I don't have a comparison point. I've always used Skype for video calls, because it works for me, my Internet service makes it run fine, and at least over here, I don't have to pay for using it. Also, it works good for business purposes, because Facebook server seems to be really crowded sometimes, so Skype is a very good option. To be honest, I've tried other servers beside Skype and Facebook, that can also be really helpful.
Posted by ballyhara on 08-07-2018
Wow, you are the only one whom I have seen so far that actually makes use of Facebook and its messenger but is yet to use the messenger for video calls purposes. If not for anything, you should give it a trial and decide whether it's worth it or not. I'm sure that you are actually going to enjoy it because most people are available on Facebook unlike Skype.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-28-2018
I would choose Facebook Messenger Video Call. I have a difficult time staying connected and having clear video when I was using Skype. Not sure if it is just my laptop or internet signal that is causing this to my Skype connection. For Facebook Messenger Video Call, I find the video for on time and clear. I can connect easily whether using laptop or my mobile phone.
Posted by mdayrit on 08-10-2018
Facebook Messenger is better since it is more user friendly. It is better designed for phones which is a great thing since you can answer video calls anywhere and everywhere as long as you have data or internet.
Posted by neillios on 08-14-2018
I find skype video call feature lot better compared to the facebook. You can see that facebook is buggy. And it does not have the good features like skype as of now. And it can be really hard in that case. You just have to use the one which is more matured. Though facebook does not allow calls in real phone. I think video is good enough for now.
Posted by overcast on 08-15-2018
Actually before, I used to use the skype for video calling when the messenger was still a simple messenger without video call, honestly it's hard to connect on skype, and I got always disconnected sometimes and I don't know why, good thing that the Facebook messenger finally feature this video call, and I found out that this messenger is much more better than to skype.
Posted by ion on 08-15-2018
They are both useful depending on the use. I have both Skype and FB messenger. Skype is for business purposes. I use this to communicate with my client for my online job. While Facebook Messenger is better to use if you want to communicate with friends and relatives. This is easier to use in terms of chat and video calls. One thing I notice is that Video call through Fb Messenger provides a better quality compared to Skype.
Posted by superlicca on 08-27-2018
For us with my girlfriend it is skype. Because it is the first to be established on video calling. They may not be the first one to use it but they are the first to really introduce the free video call.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 08-30-2018
I prefer facebook messenger video call. Most of my friends don't use Skype, not all of them has a computer or laptop. Besides, using Facebook is more convenient because you can do it anywhere and it's more portable than a laptop. But for Skype, the quality is much better but most people don't really mind the quality of Facebook messenger video call as long as they can call their loved ones.
Posted by vivalavanda on 09-02-2018
Hahahhaha. I love this. A majority of people juat want to see each others faces when calling and it is never a concern if they have a poor camera. However i still do vote for skype as the best of all time that I use.
Posted by Martin on 09-06-2018
I am sorry for the Skype lovers but it looks like Facebook has conquered the users with its video chat in Facebook messenger. Especially those who are working abroad, they normally use the Facebook messenger for the video chat with their families. It is convenient because the Facebook messenger is obviously connected to the Facebook which they open to check on the posts on their timeline.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-14-2018
I am a Facebook user and I don't use skype at all, so I would choose Facebook messenger, because its reliable, user friendly, and it requires less amount of mobile data.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 09-18-2018
I beg to disagree. It might not use a lot of data, but it sure does use a lot of resources on your smartphone to run. I noticed that my battery performs better when it was not installed on my phone compared to when it is.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 10-17-2018
I previously used skype when I am video calling my relatives abroad and when video calling was available in Facebook Messenger, we shift to messenger. I think the video quality is the same since I believe it is affected by your internet connection. I like messenger because I can still chat someone even I don't have data available. I would still able to communicate with friends even though I have or no data at all.
Posted by Aeolos on 09-19-2018
I vote for messenger. Its not hard to join. Its so easy to use. I already have Facebook account. When you just click on the icon of messenger it will directly bring you to the messenger.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 09-20-2018
Facebook messenger is the best, not because I am currently using it. Because Facebook messenger is reliable than Skype messenger.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 09-20-2018
As far as I know, both are reliable. One advantage of Skype over Facebook Messenger is that you can load credits to your Skype account and have the ability to call landlines to any part of the globe.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 10-17-2018
These two have both same goal. Its to have a chance to see, view and communicate with people thru their smartphone, tablets or even laptops. Skype is the first one and classic we know when it comes viewing someone online. But If I'm going to compare the two skype and the video call from Facebook, I choose the facebook one. Its easy to access and its ready already on my phone, unlike skype you still need to verify some details like emails and all that.
Posted by romy_ter on 09-27-2018
When it comes to video call, I think skype is more clear especially video calling abroad. Messenger is more likely in chat and local areas as its doesn't look good when you want to call someone from abroad. Since messenger is more convenient because of facebook, I would choose messenger since I am not likely used video call. I am more likely using voice calls and chat only so I guess messenger is enough for me.
Posted by nekonieden on 09-28-2018
I use Skype in sending and receiving files from my clients and it is way better than Facebook Messenger. On the other hand, I always use Facebook Messenger when communicating with my families, friends, relatives and significant one because it is a lot way better. Most of my friends and family members are active on Facebook since it is the most commonly known social media platform. It is way more efficient and friendly user, indeed!
Posted by NesMarcos on 10-09-2018
For me I would choose Facebook messenger when it come to video calls. It is very simple and many people use it nowadays because it is more easy and convinient to use in just a few clicks. Plus Facebokk messenger video call has a video filter which I really like and I dont think Skype does not have that feature.
Posted by jetselle on 10-11-2018
Though I chose Facebook video call, I still have to commend and give due credit to Skype for being there in the past. We used Skype before and it helped us connect to people from different places when Facebook Video Call wasn't around yet. Skype must earn praises that it deserved.
Posted by theresajane on 10-21-2018
Though I chose Facebook video call, I still have to commend and give due credit to Skype for being there in the past. We used Skype before and it helped us connect to people from different places when Facebook Video Call wasn't around yet. Skype must earn praises that it deserved.
Posted by theresajane on 10-21-2018
Messenger can not be access in other countries like in UAE. When I tried calling my sister using my messenger it can't get through and my sister said the banned it their country. I actually like messenger is because it is user friendly. I also use skype but there are some features that you need to pay compared to messenger where everything is free.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 11-20-2018