Smoking Cigars

Smoking Cigars
Smoking cigars are very different from smoking cigarettes. With cigars you usually don't need to inhale the smoke into you lungs, is actually recommended not to do it. Instead, you need to puff the cigar and fill your mouth with smoke.

I find cigar smoking together with a glass of good brandy plus a great view one of the most relaxing things ever.

Unfortunately, because of my addiction to nicotine, I can really smoke cigars on a regular basis. Sure, I can have one now and then every couple of months, but anything else will mean just too much nicotine for me and eventually I'll start smoking cigarettes.

  • You don't need to inhale the smoke the cigar produces, buffing the cigar and tasting the smoke is enough.
  • Very relaxing, especially with a glass of whiskey, brandy, or whatever you feel like drinking.
  • If you don't do it very often you won't get hooked on the nicotine addiction.
  • A good cigar can last for hours before you finish it

  • One cigar can have as much nicotine as a whole pack of cigarettes
  • Smoking cigars can increase the chance of mouth cancer
  • Most people, even cigarette smokers, don't like cigars and the taste of cigars
  • Can be very expensive, especially the ones made in Cuba, basically long-filler premium cigars aren't for everybody.



Both are bad but...

I am also a former smoker and I appreciate your honesty in both descriptions. I have smoked for about 12 years and have quitted for about 12 years now. Comparing the two, I prefer the smell and taste of cigars as opposed to cigarettes. And you are right that cigars are not as addictive as cigarettes and therefore is better for people like us to smoke during social and special events without worrying about the addiction coming back.
Posted by Mabel on 04-11-2017

I don't like either, but

I don't like any kind of smoking but to each his/her own. Just a few observations that I've made. I think cigars are more of a power/prestige symbol and often associated with money, if only because they cost so much. The big crime boss in movies is always smoking cigars and you know he's the one in charge. Usually, the lower life type criminal is smoking cigarettes in the movie. Also, women are rarely shown smoking cigars, even if they do in real life. Anyway, either kind of smoking is bad for you, I'm sure. So I don't support any kind of smoking. But hey, it's your body, do what you want? Just in terms of picking a side, then I'll go with cigars. My grandfather smoked a pipe (which I guess is like cigars (actually, I think both smoked) and my grandmother(s) smoked cigarettes. I hate the smell of either but again just picking a side.
Posted by Beverly on 03-03-2017

Cigar or no cigar

I'm like Bev, I don't smoke either! But there is something rather cool? About smoking cigars over smoking cigarettes? Maybe it's that whole kingpin, pimp, gangster thing that goes with it as you often see these types of people depicted smoking or holding a cigar. And then there's the whole saved cigar scenario. You know where you just completed something in your life, or perhaps you just got married (or divorced?) And you pull out the cigar you've been saving to commemorate it! So for special occasions like that, or even just for once a year like on Christmas day or NYE or your birthday or something. But I wouldn't advise smoking them all the time like some people do. Actually, I've never met a man (or woman) that smokes cigars all the time. I know some people do though. And in all sorts of shapes and sizes too! You can get those really thin ones, and you can get the really fat ones! I don't really like them that much, well I don't really smoke. Only time I do smoke is when I've been drinking and that's if and only if someone I'm with who's around me is smoking too, like, I might share a cigarette with them or perhaps even a cigar! And really, cigarettes are a bit healthier than cigars? Well, cigars don't have filters on them do they? Although both are laced with tons of poisons chemicals like cyanide and tar. The same tar they use in laying roads! Don't be a road smoker. Roads are meant to driving on, not smoking! :)
Posted by idealmikey on 03-03-2017
eww! Yeah! You really brought it home with that comment! The tar is not healthy at all! Not to mention all the chemicals they put into the mix, some of that stuff used in embalming? I read that somewhere online, referring to cigarettes having similar ingredients as embalming fluid. Another thing, I believe it used to be a tradition for new dads to hand out cigars in the waiting room after the wife had a baby :/ At least, i've seen that on the classic TV shows. Can you imagine??? People just standing around smoking in a hospital with new babies nearby? wow! Get them started early with that addiction. :/ And, I assume cigars are just as addictive as cigarettes due to the nicotine. So yeah, glad that is not a thing anymore.


Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking Cigarettes
As a former smoker, I can assure everyone without a doubt that nobody wants to smoke cigarettes, not even smokers, even if they don't admit it, all of the are miserable because they need to do this every day.

Cigarettes are generally a pain in the but, the cost is extremely high, the medical factors are dangerous, to say the least, and to top it all off, cigarettes don't taste well.

Between smoking a cigarette and a cigar I will choose the cigar every time, sure, there are people out there capable of smoking cigarettes at a social level, from time to time. I'm not one of those people, for me, it quickly turns into a full blown addiction.

  • Generally, I don't think there are any benefits to smoking cigarettes. But for the sake of this comparison, I have to agree that cigarettes can be pretty great for the people already addicted to nicotine. There is nothing more relaxing than smoking a cigarette after sex or after a long day at work, having a drink.

  • We all know that the "good" feeling you get from smoking cigarettes is a lie. There is no such thing, just feeding the nicotine addiction.
  • Cancer. I don't think I need to go into details on this. Smoking can ruin your life.
  • Hugely expensive vice for basically nothing, you're just burning money.




Cigarette is preferable because of health issues, smoking is detrimental regardless of the method in which it is carried out. Smoking without some kind of protection or purification exacerbates the impending damages that could be caused by tobacco. I feel smokers should look into the manner things are done so as to guard against any health consequences that can occur as a result of smoking. The caffeine level that gets into the body can be controlled by making a choice between taking cigar or cigarette, and cigarette is the better choice in my opinion.
Posted by Trisha on 03-03-2017

No smoking....

I am not a smoker,and I will not encourage anyone to smoke because ,all you get at the end is a mouth cancer or some sort of a cancer.So why do you want to get a disease like that??? But in this case, cigarettes are better because there is less nicotine in cigarettes than cigars. But remember that doesn't mean smoking cigarettes is f
Posted by achi007 on 04-21-2017
Really, anything is bad to smoke as there is tar in the paper. And, tar in paper has been linked to cancer? I read that somewhere. My grandmother got addicted to cigarettes very early, back before they had good filters and she was never able to quit in her lifetime from starting at 13 years old or before. :/

more punch

I like cigarettes more because it has a bit more punch in terms of the effect. I don't really get smoking cigars all that much although I do enjoy it from time to time. I just think smoking cigarettes is a bit more gratifying and I also prefer the look of it on others compared to a cigar.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-06-2018


Back then in those days in the University, I always take cigarettes when we are out on a hangout and there is need to just feel the moment. I have gotten over it at the moment, but I think that this is a better option than having to take cigar considering the amount of harmful contents that is in the other one above. While both are harmful, I will always prefer to take cigarettes.
Posted by Barida on 10-24-2018


I do not smoke, so I cannot say which one is best. Well actually none are okay when considering the negative benefits on one's health. From the smell though I prefer cigars to cigarettes. Other than that I prefer not smoking anything at all!
Posted by sspi on 03-03-2017
Seriously, smoking is just bad for the health! And, that's not even being 'judgey', it's a proven fact. I still hear people saying there is no evidence that smoking can cause cancer but really?? Cigarettes kill. In that way, I guess any kind of smoking kills, even cigars. So just best to stay clear if you want to live a healthy/long life. Though really there are exceptions, George Burns smoked an occasional cigar (at least on stage for show in his later years) and he lived to almost 100 years old? Not saying i would smoke a cigar but he did outlive his critics.
Posted by Beverly on 03-03-2017
I am not a smoker, however, when I was in teens I tried smoking in few occasion, especially when I was partying with the boys. When I saw rich and affluence people smoking cigars, I always wanted to try this. However, I never got an opportunity. I have smoked cigar, however, some day I may try it, just to know how it tastes.
Posted by vinaya on 09-07-2017
Some typo mistake. I mean I have never smoked a cigar and I might try it someday just to know how it feels to light the cigar and gather smoke inside my mouth. Does anyone know the nicotine level in cigar? What if the smoker inhales the cigar smoke, is it as bad as cigarette smoke?
Posted by vinaya on 01-22-2018
You are right that the cigar is the smoke of the rich. However take note that they may be rich but they are old. In other words, only the old guys who may be rich are smoking cigar and the rest prefer the cigarette. According to the physician in our family, the cigar has no real nicotine unlike the cigarette that can be addictive to the smoker. It is like cigar is just a hobby that you can quit any time.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-18-2018
Before, when I work at a BPO company, I can't help but smoke a cigarette just to make me feel relax and relieve my stress from work but now, I never smoke anymore. I haven't tried smoking Cigars ever since and doesn't have a plan to try one. I want a healthy lifestyle now so I rarely drink alcohol as well just to take care of my body. Spending money for your bad habit is really a waste of time and money.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-03-2017
We don't smoke in my family either would I ever support or encourage smokers no matter the odds, what is wrong for the health can't be justified by any daunting benefits.I don't see how smoking a cigarette would be more relaxing than taking a cool shower, taking a chilled drink or maybe a bit of hot tea to a very lame to excuse why anyone should smoke when one health is at stake.No smoking for me, none is better.
Posted by lovely on 01-14-2018
I absolutely hate smoking so I wouldn't choose any. My father was a heavy smoker. He loved to smoke the cigarettes. The smell is awful not to even mention other health related issues.

Perhaps that is why I have always found smoking as a big turn off... Who knows. Luckily, my partner agrees with me and neither of us have ever smoked.
Posted by Mehano on 01-14-2018
In my younger days, I have seen men who smoke cigar are the wealthy. I wonder why poor people just smoke cigarette. And then I learned that cigarettes are cheaper compared to the cigar and usually the cigar is imported hence only the wealthy can afford it. Maybe so but why are most wealthy men I know are smoking cigarettes? Perhaps there is a big difference between the 2 and I’d say it may be cancer.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-15-2018
That's true. Even though cigarette is smoked by poor and rich, Cigar is basically associated with rich. I have never smoked cigar but tried cigarette when I was in college. I never went too fat but I always had this desire to try cigar, however, I could not get a cigar because it was very expensive. I think cigar is more harmful than cigarette because cigarette is rolled on paper where as cigar is rolled on tobacco leaves and tobacco leaves contain nicotine.
Posted by vinaya on 10-18-2018
This isn't a CHOICE! They're both horrible! Cigars are just as nasty as cigarettes. People in my family when I grew up smoked cigars and cigarettes. I couldn't stand either one! However I did like the smell of the pipe. But I can only remember one person who smoked a pipe. I don't suggested any kind of smoking though. No matter how good it smells.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 10-24-2018