Spring it's still far away, but in a few months in will come and with it allergies will rise! Pollen will be everywhere and people allergic to it will sneeze a lot during the day. But the time of sneezes is not only spring, in all over the years people will sneeze no matter what. Maybe for some dust, maybe because something got in their noise. Reasons for sneezing are a lot and it's hard to spend a entire day without sneezing at least once, or maybe even twice! Sure if you have a cold it's way more common and after a while it might become annoying, and there are few things worse than the constant feeling of having to sneeze but not being able to. Come on, I have to sneeze! Maybe you were just in the middle of a speech but you feel the sneeze coming out, so you interrupt yourself and you wait, preparing for the big blow.... and nothing happens. You still feel it, but in no way you can manage to pull it off. Why?! On a scientific level, sneezes can be defined as violent emission of airs from your lungs. Doing them might be satisfying, but for the people around you they can be disgusting... with a lot of air pulled out like that, who knows what else is coming out from your mouth or worse, from your nose. Usually when the nose is fulled with nasty stuff sneezes are more common, and they are the way of our body to trying to free our poor nose from all that garbage. But in any case, they are a very normal and common thing that can't be - and shouldn't be - avoided, or else there might be serious consequences. Some people say you might break a vein in your brain if you try to hold a sneeze, but I never bothered to try... and I won't, either. So sneeze freely all over the way! Bless you!

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  • Good for our immune system: they take out the trash in our body
  • It have a lots of benefit, known even in ancient times
  • Satisfying when you finally pull one out after you feel it was coming

  • Somewhat disgusting
  • Annoying when you feel one but it doesn't come
  • Often they are too noisy
  • Might be dangerous to hold one
  • Too many sneezes in a chain reaction quickly become annoying



Atchoo! Bless you!

I find yawning something that doesn't bring as much satisfaction as following through with a good sneeze! While yawning is a good way to find rest and relaxation. Sneezing just makes you feel so much better! Sometimes sneezing can be annoying! Like when you sneeze five times in a row or something. By about the third or fourth sneeze you're just okay just get this over and done with now please you know? But it's that release of whatever chemicals it is that come about after a sneeze that feels so good. Sometimes you even chase a sneeze just to feel that feeling. Like when you can feel a sneeze coming on and you know you need to sneeze but haven't built up enough chemicals that cause it to happen and you stare at the light and wave your hand over your nose to try and make yourself sneeze until finally, atchoo! Ahh that's better! You know? :D
Posted by idealmikey on 10-26-2017


I'm not sure what it is, but after I sneeze it feels like such a relief and release! There are times when I feel as if I need to sneeze, and, for some reason, the sneeze "disappears." This is always a very frustrating feeling as if I really needed to stretch and couldn't. Sneezing is a little annoying in the sense that it can be loud and come on suddenly in a public place or an inconvenient situation such as while speaking, cooking or driving. However, to me, physically sneezing feels more relieving than simply yawning.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 10-26-2017

More satisfying.

It isn't that I hate yawning, but I don't really enjoy it either. Typically if I'm yawning it's an indication that I'm going to be getting drowsy, and that association just makes me dislike it. Not to mention how contagious it is. Just writing about yawning right now is making me want to yawn. Sneezing isn't all that great either, especially if you're eating or drinking something while you have to sneeze, but there is something super satisfying about a good sneeze. I read somewhere that a sneeze is equal to about an eighth of the sensation you feel during an orgasm!
Posted by Denis_P on 10-26-2017


I think the sensation of sneezing makes me more relieved and gives me more "pleasure" because always after sneezing I feel a few seconds of joy.

I know it sounds strange, but to me it's normal and it's good to know that I'm not alone in the world... Haha!

Posted by wiseagent on 10-26-2017

I sneeze every morning. Thumbs up

In as much as sneezing is more satisfying to me than yawning, I I'm not ashamed to admit I sneeze every morning. The cold air and showering cold water every morning is what triggers my sneezing.

I even laugh at myself of the weird cute sounds I make while sneezing. But I am always prepared. I have never missed holding an handkerchief on my face immediately before I sneeze. I have made this a habit and I am confident to say that I never irritate anyone.

Posted by mildredtabitha on 11-02-2017



Let's imagine a few different situation. In the first one, you are in your classroom and the teacher is explaining his lesson. No matter how much love for learning you have, it is boring. It's something that might even be interesting, but the way he explains it is so dull and boring... so monotonous. Second situation, you are at home sitting on the couch, after a long day of working. It's almost midnight and you feel like the bed is calling you: time to sleep. In both situations, the outcome will probably be the same: you will yawn! Yawning is a natural way for the body to tell us we are bored, we are tired or who knows what else. They are probably even more common than sneezes, since they are also contagious. It might not be true on a scientific level, but you can't deny that when you see someone else yawning, you feel the urge to yawn yourself! And so a chain reaction begin, and after a while almost all the people in room will have yawned. A yawn is composed of two part: a deep inhalation, and then a deep expiration of your breath. Almost everybody yawn: the entire vertebrates do it. Humans, of course, but also fish apparently. And if you have a cat or a dog you probable have seen it yawning multiple times. The most surprising thing is that science cannot actually explain why people yawn, what causes them. We know that we yawn we are bored, or we are tired, but science doesn't have a official explanation for them yet. And well, I see that now you are yawning... so I'll just leave it to you. Goodnight!

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  • Extremely satisfying, both when you are bored or tired
  • Contagious! Everyone will yawn
  • It helps cooling your brain and let the blood flow easily
  • More yawning, more oxygen in your body

  • Open your mouth too much and you might hurt your jaw
  • For the science it's almost entirely still a mistery
  • It might be rude sometimes and it's hard to hold it



I hate sneezing

I hate sneezing! I hate hearing it and doing it. Part of the reason that I hate hearing it so much is that I hate it when people sneeze loud. I know that sometimes people can not help it how loud they are when they sneeze but sometimes people go above and beyond what they need to do and are just loud to draw attention to themselves, which truly tick me off.

Growing up when I had to sneeze I did so quietly. I would also try to hold it in, which I know is not healthy. I just did not want to draw attention to myself.

Posted by angie828 on 10-29-2017

Vote for Yawning

I don't like sneezing so that is a problem. Yawning though feels good when you are tired and want to sleep. I will often yawn if I am tired and it is something that I could do if I wanted to, and it helps you relax I think.
Posted by kgord on 10-26-2017


I don't enjoy either of these activities when they happen to me, but i was thinking--I would much rather someone yawn in my face than sneeze in it. Now, if they are yawning because they perceive me to be that boring, that would be sad, but getting sprayed violently with someone's face germs is not pleasant. Sure, people try to cover their faces when they sneeze AND when they yawn, but yawning, I think, might spread a few less colds and airborn dangers. I am not sure what the relationship between yawning and sneezing is physically, but that's my two cents on the subject.
Posted by JoeMilford on 10-31-2017


I'll vote for yawning because it just makes me feel relaxed and it sometimes even stretches my muscles. Sneezing makes me feel bad and has hurt me a couple of times. My throat also hurts when I sneeze so I prefer yawning, even if we don't really know what its cause is.
Posted by Tania997 on 10-26-2017

Yawning all day long.

Yawning is more relaxing than sneezing. There are scientiric reasons about yawning explaining why yawning is good to our body. And also we all know how relaxing it be if we yawn for a couple of seconds. I don't like sneezing at all. Everytime I sneeze, I also cry. I don't know if the others experience the same when sneezing. So yawning is perfect to me when it comes in relaxing myself.
Posted by blank629 on 12-04-2017

It's contagious

Whenever I yawn, I feel at ease and relax. Yawning can make you feel good. Did you know that yawning is contagious? If you see someone who yawns, you eventually have a higher chance that you yawn as well. For me, even I think of the act of yawning, I suddenly yawn. Yawn is what makes me feel comfortable and relax.

Did you also know that I just did Eight yawns while writing this post? Happy Yawning! Now nine. :)

Posted by ColdFlameChris on 10-26-2017

I can manage yawning

Both sneezing and yawning are very annoying. If I can get my way, I would prefer not to experience either of these health issues but sneezing is totally torture for me, I can't handle it at all but I can manage yawning. Sneezing makes me feel disgusting.
Posted by Martinsx on 10-07-2018


I think that it is very tough to choose in between the two. however, I will choose Yawning over sneezing. Honestly, I don't like both yawning and sneezing but it is very irritating when someone else sitting near you starts sneezing. Sneezing can be particularly dangerous if you or the person sitting near you is having a cold or some other form of contagious disease. Yawning is comparatively harmless unless the person who is yawning doesn't have bad breath.
Posted by jpk0007 on 10-28-2018


Sneezing and Yawning are two major human being actions/reactions that I'm never comfortable with because both of aren't well suited with me. If I Sneeze, it probably means that I'm down with the cold flu and if I Yawn, it's means two things, either I'm hungry or worn out as a result of being stressed out.
Posted by Heatman on 10-25-2017
My choice will depend upon the person we are talking about. If I talk about myself, I would prefer sneezing to yawning. Sneezing gives me a great relief and somehow I feel that it has cleaned my body. I always make it a point that I cover my face before sneezing.

When we are talking about any other person, I would prefer his yawn to sneezing. Some people lack the basic manners and will snneze freely in the air. The concept of covering their nose with hand or a handkerchief falls far behind. They will contaminate the whole surroundings. Their nasal droplets will increase the chances of cross infections. This is the reason why I prefer them to yawn rather than to sneeze.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 10-26-2017
My choice will depend upon the person we are talking about. If I talk about myself, I would prefer sneezing to yawning. Sneezing gives me a great relief and somehow I feel that it has cleaned my body. I always make it a point that I cover my face before sneezing.

When we are talking about any other person, I would prefer his yawn to sneezing. Some people lack the basic manners and will snneze freely in the air. The concept of covering their nose with hand or a handkerchief falls far behind. They will contaminate the whole surroundings. Their nasal droplets will increase the chances of cross infections. This is the reason why I prefer them to yawn rather than to sneeze.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 10-26-2017
Yawning is not really a relief because the more you yawn the more you want to yawn. Yawning makes you feel more drained and tried. Sneezing is a sense of relief because there is a pressure there in your head that you have to let out. You can feel it building and then once you sneeze you feel such a relief and your sinuses feel so much better. So I would have to choose sneezing because I just find yawning to be exhausting. It doesn't make you feel any more wide awake no matter how much you yawn.
Posted by Sue on 10-26-2017
I prefer to sneeze than to yawn.Sneezing is more satisfying to me.Yawning makes me more hungry and when yawning one get easily tired.Sneezing is even better at least one send out all the disgusting things out of the body.
Posted by lovely on 10-26-2017
They are both good bodily reactors that activate to tell the body that something is not exactly right or needs to be adjusted. Imagine a world without sneezing or yawning and perhaps you will see some human beings moving around like zombies as there would be no indications to tell their bodies that there is something wrong or they are performing in overdrive mode. These are sensors or even triggers of the bodies' first response to some circumstances that demand some effective means of attention or else worse things can come about without the body being made aware of. In a sense they are good aside from the occasional embarrassment or inconvenient situations that may develop.
Posted by Joteque on 10-26-2017
I believe yawning is very good for the health of every individual, it is not as annoying or disgusting as sneezing.
Posted by babyright on 10-26-2017
Posted by Anonymous on 10-26-2017
Well neither are a choice as they are reflex actions, but you can stifle either. A sneeze is better out because it means the body wants to expel something, whereas yawning is a lack of oxygen ad when the body feels drowsy.
Posted by Alexa on 10-26-2017
I work late night. Once I sit to work and get settled with what I am doing, I can work all night without yawning. However, it is very common for me to yawn several times in a day. I get bored in the day time. I am very allergic to pollen and dust. As soon as I come to contact with dust and pollen I begin to sneeze. I hear that we yawn because of low oxyzen level.
Posted by vinaya on 11-01-2017
Yawning absolutely is a positive reaction for me since most often than not, I do have insomnia. When I yawn, it's a 'hooray' signal that my sleeping pattern is going back to normal again. Sneezing is a no-no since I can't afford to get sick. Who is? I'd rather have fever or tummy ache rather than a cold. Sneezing is a sign that there might be bacteria that got into my system.
Posted by tiffiecute on 11-02-2017
I am used to yawning especially when I didn’t get a good night’s sleep. But I agree that it’s difficult to control the yawning much more when I am in the office and there is a meeting. It is embarrassing for people to yawn when the meeting is about serious matters. But maybe I can endure the yawning for I can stand up and wash my face. With sneezing, that really can’t be helped. What I don’t want in sneezing is that sometimes it results in stomach cramps that is scary at times. What I do to stop the sneezing is to blow my nose continuously in the hope that the thing which is bothering my nose will be flushed out.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-11-2018