Social Media posts/comments should be protected by freedom of speech.

Social Media posts/comments should be protected by freedom of speech.
We live in an era wherein people are strongly exercising their civil rights for freedom of speech. The First Amendment guarantees the freedom on some areas such as the freedom of press, freedom of religion and the freedom of speech.

In our current generation, we also have this social gatherings and sharing of thoughts, views and opinions on the virtual world. This virtual world is in the form of social medias. Since these so called social medias come to it's existence, people all over the world have been free to almost say anything that they want - sometimes even anonymously.

Since any person can share whatever is on their mind on these social medias, there are also minor and sometimes major drawbacks and unnecessary results which sometimes are inevitable. These negative things are often caused by cyber bullying, cyber racism and discrimination, hacking personal accounts and informations, and sometimes personal attacks or threats.

With all of that being said, do you think that social media posts and comments should be protected by freedom of speech?

P.S This thread is an example of freedom of speech. So let us try to have a healthy exchange of discussions.

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Only from the government.

The First Amendment applies to governments. We are only protected from THE GOVERNMENT restricting our speech. This rule against THE GOVERNMENT should absolutely be applied.

BUT: Companies are not the government. The Internet is not the United States.

No government should have the right to restrict our speech, no matter the medium. HOWEVER...the same cannot be said about other individuals. Freedom of Speech does not protect you from other people calling you out and silencing you.

Each website has terms and conditions. Once those are broken, you have lost your right to use the website at the owners/moderators' discretion. Just like you'd get fired from your job for calling your black co-worker the n-word, websites have the same right.

To summarize, the First Amendment only protects you from the government. Websites have the right to ban you from services if you violate terms and conditions, like a job has the right to fire you for the same reason. Freedom of Speech does not apply there.

Posted by leaf on 08-23-2017

Public speech Is protected but...

The places where most of them speak are privately owned, so unless they they have permission to say what many consider offensive speech, they cannot do it. Anyway, hate speech to varying degrees is indeed unpopular with the masses, so most places ban it. I mean, advertisers don't want to ads on websites which offend people.
Posted by jyy on 11-22-2017

Freedom of Speech...

Yes, the US has granted its citizens the freedom of speech, but this must be considered in the context it was originated in. When this became a "freedom" and "right" of being an American citizen, it was intended that we had the freedom to speak our mind and not be quieted by the government even if our opinion was different. In the time this freedom was created, times were very different. Not only was there no social media, but let's face it, how many people residing in the US at the time were actually considered as citizens who could invoke this right? Times change quickly and our rights, freedoms and privileges often struggle to keep up or adapt. Many laws these days don't fit our current technological, modern times. This law still applies, we have the "freedom" to voice our opinions, but when you are using on social media platforms, you have their rules to follow. Just as the poster above me pointed out, you could be fired from a job for not following the agreed upon rules and you could be banned from a social media platform for not following the rules. It doesn't come down to a freedom or not dilemma, it comes down to a basic responsibility for one's actions and choice of how to voice their opinion.
Posted by this_free_spirit on 08-23-2017

It's one person's views not a universal law!

Yes I think that people should be allowed freedom of speech in social media. People have to remember that what is out there is only just one person's personal opinion, not a universal law to be lived by. And everyone's opinion on things is differen. No one is going to like everything that is said but that doesn't make it OK to pick out only the stuff you like and ban the rest. Everyone should be given equal opportunity to say how they feel whether it is contrary to popular opinion or not. If you start to censor what people can say on the internet where are you going to draw the line at what is acceptable and that which is not?
Posted by LeJayJ on 09-24-2017


I think freedom of speech should be present in as many places it can be, and especially so on the internet which is a public space and where a lot of ideas are exchanged. Despite trolls and hurtful messages, it is all part of freedom and it is the price we have to accept for not being censored ourselves. Once we start silencing others we risk ourselves getting silenced because we also have the power to hurt others by our thoughts and words no matter how nicely we try to say it.
Posted by Wubwub on 10-11-2017




For starters, you don't understand what the first amendment even is. The Constitution and its amendments don't give you any rights at all. If you had read it in the first place you would understand that the whole point is that the system is built from the ground up acknowledging that certain liberties are inherent to the human being as a natural consequence of being born sapient. ("God-given"). What the COnstitution does is bar the government from making rules abridging them inappropriately. Do acknowledge the "inappropriately" part of that sentence, which brings us to my second point.

There is no reason a civilized nation should protect hate speech. Nazi and Klan propaganda is inherently a terroristic threat. Their aims are the murder and subjugation of people who are different from them. They have tricked you into being their propaganda machine and they will use the liberties you are defending for them to strip you of your liberties. This is a self-defeating proposal. Germany made strict laws about the public display of Nazi symbology and propaganda during the occupation and those rules stand to this day. I can't help but notice that they haven't magically descended back into a fascist hell-hole just because they didn't protect the rights of terrorists to make terroristic threats in public. So let us dispense with the "slippery slope" nonsense right here and now, yes?

Posted by JaiGuru on 08-24-2017
I totally agree that social media does not need to be under the freedom of speech rights, Netizens needs to be responsible enough to know what is appropriate for a post, whats annoying, offending, or is a crime. people should be more aware of laws when it comes to freedom of speech and whatnot.

Let us speak our mind out

we have guaranteed freedom of speech but we should know its limitation. we should know the cause and effect of what we say online.

yes, we can say good thing and bad things online but we have to put in our mind that others have the right too to react on what we say. we should realize that it is okay to speak our mind out but we have to put ourselves boundaries to avoid destructing others' rights.

let us respect each others' opinions. always remember that everything we say online has domino effects. we have to put our opinions or ideas in a right place and right time.

we have to be mindful about what we post if it will hurt or cheer someone. let us imprint to our heart that what we throw to the world comes back to us. some call it karma, some call it way of life.

Posted by Anonymous on 08-24-2017

Hate speech should not be protected

In general, although I agree with the protected rights of freedom of speech, I don't think hate speech should be protected. People who are out to denigrate or defame others should not hid behind the consitution in order to do so.
Posted by kgord on 08-23-2017

Social Media is the Same as Our Physical World

I agree with what others have already about the intent of the U.S. law regarding Freedom of Speech. We should have the freedom to voice our “dissatisfaction” as a citizen of the nation without fear of being burned at the stake for saying what's on our mind.

Also, I think it's best to let people speak out so you know who they are, what they are thinking and where they're coming from and where they plan to go with their thoughts and beliefs. You can't read their mind. If they have evil intent we sure don't want them to surprise US!

But let's take this forum for example. If there was a member who was rude, obnoxious, insulting, threatening, etc. … would we not expect the forums owners to tell the person to GET LOST?

Why? For a number of reasons but at the top of the list is … Reason 1: The person could be DANGEROUS!

Don't the owners have an obligation to protect the whole community?

Which is the more important? This forum and social media giants want people to have a platform to discuss and exchange thoughts and ideas and some people FORCE them in a position to have to make these hard choices.

Social media, forums like these, etc. are not hunting grounds where beasts came roam freely and prey upon us!

We don't live in our physical world without restrictions on certain kinds of “behavior”. Why shouldn't we observe those same behavior restrictions in the digital world? The social media network is simply an extension of the world we live in.

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 08-29-2018

Freedom of Speech is Joke

When there was feminism ruining the family laws. The freedom of speech of other parties was banned. So this was kind of something people needed to see for sure. As you can see that freedom of speech is surely something which is being misused. I personally found out that it's often made fun of and not really a right that is being offered.
Posted by overcast on 08-24-2017

Too many trolls on the Internet

People should be held accountable for all their actions. Words have the power to destroy relationships, self esteem and persons quality of life. I think social media should be investigating ways to make the origin of posts more transparent. You should not be able to hide behind fake identities.
Posted by Rhombus on 10-10-2017

A big "NO".

No, simply by the fact that every citizens has the right to express themselves. If there is any kind of "prohibition" it would be a return to civil rights (which would be terrible)... Then, freedom of expression must continue to exist.

What should change is people's awareness the moment they decide to express themselves (whether writing or speaking)... That's the real problem.

Posted by wiseagent on 09-03-2017

Spreading wrong information

When someone spread wrong information that can ruin the life of a person, do you think it should be protected? Is there any right that is violated if we are the one who is ruined because of spreading wrong information or accusation about us? This is the common scenario in social medias freedom of expression these days. And it's really bothering. Once the people read something even if it's not yet proven, it will remain in their mind or they will be divided on who would believe and who would not. We should always be responsible on the things we say but how can we be responsible enough if all are protected by freedom of expression?
Posted by zheh on 08-23-2017
I believe that someone spreading the wrong information about a person, especially when to do so would cause the person to suffer in their life, is called slander or libel and is against the law, so no, this would not be protected by freedom of speech. Having said that, I think that people should have the right to voice their opinions no matter if they are unpleasant to some or not. As long as it is stated as an opinion and not a fact, it is up to others whether or not to give it any kind of veracity. Someone, somewhere is going to disagree with what I say, what I wear, how I talk, where I live and there is nothing I can do about it other than know that I don't have to take it to heart.

Internet = public space

Your freedom of speech ends where you hurt other people. If you post something hateful you should be charged and banned from the site you posted it on, as simple as that. If you said something like that in public you'd be charged too and your account where people see what you do is like a public space too.
Posted by felabruno on 08-25-2017


We are responsible for what we write. If something qualifies as hate speech you report it and facebook will take care of it. Applying something like this in these days would be terrible, since speaking up your mind can get you accused of being racist or even a nazi. We shouldn't apply restrictions because of toxic people, banning them is enough.
Posted by Tania997 on 08-24-2017


The freedom of speech on social media should only be protected to some extent but not a blanket cover. Lately, there is a lot of hate speech online, where people are lacking moral ethics to fellow human beings. What should be there is a regulation on what is discussed on social media.
Posted by williamk on 08-24-2017

There should be a limit upon everything

People nowadays are in tuck with their social media accounts and forget about the topic. That it's like they know everything and posted many information that can be a lie or a fact. Remember that everything you should post should not disrespect other readers. Yes, as a person, it is our right to say something, but before anything else, remember that the effect of wrong fact can spread in social media as a truth and fact that it is accepted. Everything really needs a limit.
Posted by Gidsmonts101 on 08-25-2017


A lot of social media comments that I've read about a certain topic were either spams, fake news and fallacies so no! Maybe with reservations but in general? no
Posted by Vastor122 on 08-24-2017


It just should not be protected because people hate and troll a lot on the internet and tell wrong information that can turn a person's life upside down.This being said i just disagree with any kind of protection by freedom of speech.
Posted by AlexJPro on 08-24-2017

We remain responsible for what we write.

I understand that everyone enjoys the freedom of posting anything on social media because unless on cases where those posts were reported and taken down by the site owners, those posts and comments on social media platforms will remain there and either bring unrest in a particular place or causes issues on the social media site.

I think there is the need for users of social media to be mindful of what they post online and ready to stand by it. in as much as I believe in freedom of speech, that freedom does not mean to write anything that comes to mind on social media.

Posted by Barida on 08-23-2017

Has nothing to do with freedom of speech

Social media has nothing to really do with freedom of speech and it can't really be seeking for such rights, when most people on social media are using fake identity. So when it's not really you or your name or even your pictures that your social media account is set up with, why would you be seeking protection from the freedom to speech right/law.

It's totally baseless and therefore shouldn't be given any reason or thought, as when it's a fake identity, there is no right or law afforded for the protection of a fake and non-existent individual.

Posted by Heatman on 10-08-2017


Definitely, not! A lot of people are always commenting nonsense or degrading to others especially to those people who didn't even do anything wrong, they just simply want to troll or do cyberbullying. There are times that some people tell lies and do fake news that is believable, to get sympathized and to get popularity which most of the people believed on what they have said and lead them to rant, which is baseless and didn't even do a research first before they criticized that person that is not doing anything wrong. If you're gonna comment, just make sure that it's a real profile and not just fake account.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-07-2017


There's a lot of Scammers and Fake News Makers posting and victimizing people in Social Media nowadays. It is the duty of Social media platforms and the government to protect the people from these vultures. In my opinion social media posts should be monitored, spammy, scam, substandard posts should be taken down and it's poster should be sanctioned.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 10-17-2018


First and foremost, it is our right and duty to express our thoughts and feelings especially on certain issues that affects our world. No one should be oppressed from speaking his mind, however we should always know our boundaries or limitations on voicing our opinions on any Social Media platform. If we believe that Social Media posts should be protected by freedom of speech, then we must have the initiative to have self regulation. We must be mindful of what we posts on Social Media. If we want a healthy civil society, we should not contribute in spreading fake news, destructive comments and malicious article against a person or institution. Social Media should not be used as platform of racism, child pornography and terrorism. Our freedom is essential but we must be responsible and decent enough in exercising our freedom.
Posted by MushyPhilip1822 on 08-23-2017
Yes, that is very true. But, how can one determine that such things are bound to happen? Because many advertising sites may be subject to such occurences and also many other items such as these are bound to happen regardless of the consequences. And what do you suppose one should do if these should happen again. If so, please provide evidence and elaborate while doing so.
Posted by Anonymous on 11-20-2017
Some people do not have accounts at social medias because they are afraid of the negative comments and cyber bullies. Some people might misunderstood and misinterpret the meaning. For me, I use social medias in order to share my post URL links in order to attract external traffic to my site. I do not communicate with anyone at any social medias including Facebook. Instead, I treat social media as a source of SEO. It is hard to define whether social medias should be protected for the freedom of speech because it defers in each country rules.
Posted by peachpurple on 08-23-2017
I thing there is already enough freedom of speech in social media. Let me examplify. It is against our government policy to gather on the streed and demand Free Tibet (because our government vouches for One China), however, people in our country have created Facebook pages and groups and demanded that Tibet be free. They havcve criticized government for supporting China's occupancy of Tibet.
Posted by vinaya on 08-23-2017
Precisely that. Over here Marijuana is 100% illegal. Still, there are FB posts and communities which defend the legalization and consume of the drug. So isn't it illegal to advocate the use of a substance that's illegal? I cannot think of more freedom of speech than that. And it is not only limited to drugs, there are people defending all types of controverse points of views online
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-23-2017
Freedom of speech does not mean you vouch for ideas that are illegal or ideas that harm the society. Do you think we should give freedom of speech to the neo-Nazi or Islamic militants?
Posted by vinaya on 09-20-2017
The issue is people who are liberal think that religious people should be given no freedom of speech. And that is what makes things a bit hard to understand. I'd say that freedom of speech matters either way. And people should understand that social media gives power to all. That's what makes things lot different there as well.
Posted by overcast on 04-23-2018
Indeed, we have our freedom of speech and can post and express our feelings at Social media. However, when we post what we feel at social media, it can be an avenue of bullying , negative comments and vulgar words hurled at what you posted. Thus, it should also be put in mind that when we post at social media, we should consider if we can hurt or make angry a lot of people. The social media is not an avenue for that, when that happens. It should be a happy place to share nice pictures and comments and posts.
Posted by SimplyD on 08-24-2017
I think cyber harassment and the sexual advances are something to consider. You can see that people are having lot of issues with such content online. And there seems to be people who are not understanding how the freedom of speech may have it's set of the things that may gone wrong. So we have to understand there as well. That's what I have learned from experience.
Posted by overcast on 04-23-2018
Jonathan Solomon
Hi, Galegatling this is a nice article worth discussing!

Personally, I don't think there's a right or wrong answer to this. My evidence behind that is because everyone has a different opinion on what's appropriate and what's not. At the same time, "freedom of speech" has double standards for people on a direct level. For example, you may express what you feel on social media, but get offended reading what someone else has to say. That fact alone voids a healthy percentage of people who input their opinions about this topic globally. Social media is one of the only places where there is an unspoken law about whats appropriate/inappropriate, while simultaneously being lawless within itself. Simply put, it's a hard line to follow what should be censored and what shouldn't. Or if anything should be censored at all! The question becomes, when does freedom of speech go too far?

Now for my personal opinion, I feel we are at a point where freedom of speech should be exercised the most. I say this for two reasons: #1 Now more than ever people want to express what they feel in their hearts. I support individuals to act in their true nature, even if it's offensive. Know how to conduct yourself, but express your true thoughts neutrally. #2 I feel we as people are about to reach a pinnacle in freedom of speech. After this point, I see major censorship and refinements coming soon. Therefore, freedom of speech may not be free much longer. Nevertheless, this will be an on going topic for years to come as we expand deeper into social media itself.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 08-24-2017
we need to respect the opinion of others so i think it should be cover by freedom of speech, any one can say something to others with respect but if someone talk too much i guess it will change the game, if someone say something just a pure opinion even it is against or not that is his/her opinion on something but if you will try to destroy the credibility of others that surely a problem soon.
Posted by jan on 08-24-2017
My take on the freedom of speech and expression is that it comes with responsibility. You just cannot say what you want in a blunt and too frank way. Society has a decorum to observe so we have to abide somehow. That is why President Duterte of the Philippines is a weird president because he says what he wants. He calls the former president stupid. He curses and says invectives. But no one can stop his speeding mouth for now simply because he is the president.
Posted by Corzhens on 08-24-2017
That's true, Freedom of speech does not mean you are allowed to make racist remarks or spread hate speech. Freedom of speech does not mean you are allowed to promote or support illegal activities or terrorism. Freedom of speech should come with responsibility. You can appose your government policy however, you cannot suppost activities termed illegal by your government.
Posted by vinaya on 01-18-2018
first of all both of them have a downside.There is no guaranteed that the best solution would be either of the two,We as a user of social media and the owner of our own mouth should be responsible of our every actions or words. we must think before we click and think before they speak.
Posted by jeiyyy on 08-24-2017
first of all both of them have a downside.There is no guaranteed that the best solution would be either of the two,We as a user of social media and the owner of our own mouth should be responsible of our every actions or words. we must think before we click and think before we speak.
Posted by jeiyyy on 08-24-2017
In every words we say, every click we did, every comment we replied, every message we sent and before we share it in social media. We should consider and anticipate the effect to the user and the receiver. Yes, we have freedom of speech but it doesn't mean we go beyond the limit.
Posted by rogel on 08-24-2017
I have always found it very amusing when extremist groups demanded the freedom of speech. If they came into the power that would be the first thing that they would ban. So, yeah, freedom of speech is a must as long as you don't promote violence and elimination of others who you disagree with/ don't like.
Posted by Vatroslav on 08-24-2017
Social media post should actually be protected by freedom of speech. If there is no freedom of speech that means people will not have the free mind to post what comes out from their minds. With freedom of speech you can be able to post what comes out from your mind without any harassment. People should not misuse this freedom of speech to harass those they hate just to embarrass them, which is wrong.
Posted by babyright on 08-24-2017
I agree that social media should have total freedom of speech because it is an open venue where people can express their ideas. However, there is a responsibility connected to freedom otherwise that freedom will be abused. We live in a society with norms that we should follow like the decency and courtesy. If there will be no more norms then it will be chaotic and the social media will be filled with trash and undesirable contents.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-06-2018
Social media sites already have freedom of speech but only to a certain extent. You can post almost anything on social media already as long as it does not contain any extreme content, is not illegal or pornography. If you go on sites like Facebook and Twitter then you will clearly see this action because there are quite a few users on there who are openly racist, homophobic and nothing is removed from the sites.
Posted by kingcool52 on 08-24-2017
I do not believe that people should not be protected by freedom of speech on social media as they will reap what they sow. They may speak whatever is on their mind but that does not entitle them to not be corrected if they spread wrong facts. I believe that people should not be attacked or harassed in social media unless they have made provocations to other people.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 08-24-2017
Social media should not be used to infringe other people rights, so even when we push for the freedom of speech the freedom should be used wisely. As much as we want the freedom also the right to privacy must be respected.
Posted by williamk on 08-24-2017
Maybe a freedom of speech to selected topics. People mostly, will always show and post their thoughts. Even if it is annoying or can hurt other's feelings. They often try to shout out their problems even personal one. They even bashing some of our respected leaders. But what is good about freedom of speech in social media? It is you have a chance to be heard what you wanted to say. It is having a chance to be heard about the problem or solution you are posting to. But again, freedom of what you are going to say will not be always good to everyone. A freedom of bright opinion and feed backs of political issues might be suggested.
Posted by Jenien on 08-25-2017
Freedom of speech is an inherent right, and the US government is not allowed to usurp that without cause. That's what the First Amendment is about. It's a protection against too much governmental control. Private organizations are not bound by that. They have the right to dictate their own terms and censor as they see fit.

Also, when you want free speech for everyone, remember that it includes people you don't agree with. You can't set a double standard. You don't get to label someone a bully for simply disagreeing with your point of view.
Posted by Zyni on 08-25-2017
If not for freedom of speech many things would have remained hidden from the citizens. Moreover freedom of speech helps us to know about others opinions on particular topics and we also get to learn many things. I am following some news channels on Facebook and I enjoy reading the comments. However, not everyone will appreciate about what is posted on social medias and there will always be criticism. The problem is that sometimes things can get worse. There was a particular case in my country where a lady posted some negative comments about a particular religion and she was arrested afterwards as Facebookers were quarreling among themselves. Earlier this year there was also the case of a Kenyan woman who killed herself due to cyber bullying.
Posted by Pixie on 08-25-2017
I agree to this to some extent,especially if our opinion is on politics and what concerns our nation and society,I will say yes but for trolls and gossips It a no no for me.We should be allow to speak up no matter who is involve.I know in my country,a lot of things have been set right because of the noise from social media.We use the opinion,comments,petition and voices from social media to fight our government and it has worked most of the time.Yes we should be protected so that we will not be exploited.
Posted by lovely on 08-25-2017
This question is delicate. Censorship anywhere is a threat to free expression everywhere. It is clear that the Internet has become the new 'public sphere.' Internet forums are what town squares used to be. There is one crucial difference, however: the Internet is a landscape of private space. Owners of that space are free to dictate the terms of its use. It is entirely possible for a small group of people to determine who gets to express themselves in these new spaces. This is a problem.

It was easy to discuss a variety of topics in the public sphere because private landowners rarely (if ever) gave unlimited access to their property 24/7. It is a crime to hold gatherings on private property without permission. Here, the owners of private space invite people to use it 24/7. Collectively, these forums have become the new public sphere. In light of these realities, the issue here issue is whether First Amendment protections should be extended to these new 'public spheres.' I don't think they should. The danger of allowing a few companies to dictate human expression is dangerous - very, very dangerous. But should we order these persons to accept whomever they want onto their property? This is a hard question. There are no easy answers.

But I think that we should maintain the status quo. We should not require the forum owners to extend First Amendment protections to their private property. Still, the danger of private companies controlling public discourse is tremendous, and should not be overlooked.
Posted by Dr_Faustus on 08-25-2017
It depends of country's policy, how they manage to keep order on people. In china, everyone was under censorship, because you can't just simply, destroy the reputation of government over there. Government reputation means a lot, for communist country, like china. They want everybody to respect their government. When citizen, in china, does simply insult the government by anti-government, they simply being arrested. Sometimes, people abused such freedom to speak badly to someone, for their propaganda, and even could destroy one's reputation. But, most people speak freely, for they just want to share ideas, which also a good thing.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 08-27-2017
Yes if you are leaving in a democratic country we should have a freedom of speech in the social media but there is boundaries we cannot also spread fake news that can lead to a chaotic or panic with our society we who post in social media should be responsible enough to post what is right and wrong not the fake one. but they need to provide safety or a public law to protect us from arresting if we are just saying the fact on the social media that is freedom of speech.
Posted by tophew on 08-28-2017
I think people often be hypocritical about how they wish to accept the truth. So they don't go by the freedom of speech. Instead they go on more of a personal attack. And that's the thing that I always have question about. You can see that freedom of speech is different in the different context that we see these days. You have to understand how that is going to work out for your own way. We can't defend speech all the time.
Posted by overcast on 09-07-2017
The social media is just one way to exercise freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is an important right but it is not absolute like all other rights granted by the constitution. You can't spread fake news and lies about a person or an organization in the name of freedom of speech. When the so-called freedom of speech violates the rights of other people, the law can come after the violator. The social media should not be an exemption.
Posted by chatbox on 09-22-2017
It should be protected but we are as individual should know and responsible what we write in social media. No fake news because some people really believe what your are writing. Me myself I’m also victim of fake news. We are all having freedom to write and freedom of speech. As a person we must respect views and opinions of every individual positive or negative.
Posted by honeybabe on 10-04-2017
One negative aspect of the social media is that there has been lots of false information that users write on them on a daily basis and that is the part I will be happy if some of the users are called upon to do some sort of explanation on. That we have the freedom to speak does not guarantee we should abuse such privileges.
Posted by Barida on 10-08-2017
Hard thing to say. On what ground could we accuse someone of saying lies if we couldn't prove that they are wrong? I agree that there is a lot of misinformation but it's part of the social media thing. I don't like it at all to be honest that is why I stay away from it mostly
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-11-2017
I don't think hate speech should be protected under freedom of the press and it should be dis allowed. Hate speech is akin to an assault on a person or a group and it does not need to be in a public space like the internet.
Posted by kgord on 10-11-2017
Granting the freedom of speech or not is not the issue, nobody can control internet, no low, no organisations, and certainly not the people. and having the freedom of speech only goes as far as how much executive power one have.
Posted by joey98 on 10-17-2017
One has the right to express an opinion, but it should not be protected if it false or causes harm. Hate speech is actually a crime but the burden of proof is much harder as you have to prove the harm caused. so it's much better to have laws preventing this than having to deal with the fall out. There is also an issue with trolls as we can see with the Russia issue where people do spread false information, therefore people should be more aware of what they read. A social media post should be considered an opinion and not fact. There are cases where people have been arrested based on a tweet or Facebook post because they were threatening specific parties. It goes to say this should never be protected.
Posted by Alexa on 11-04-2017
I also think that social media comments should be protected by freedom of speech. Although this does not mean that people should post inappropriately for the sake of exercising their speech. Rules and guidelines should be shown from the beginning to make the expression exciting without hurting anyone.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 11-08-2017
They already are protected by freedom of speech, most of them. I assume most racists don't feel their social media content is protected by freedom of speech. But that's because most of it overlaps into the sphere of violence, intimidation and threats. At that point it becomes a criminal matter - hence its removal on most social media spaces.
Posted by NickJ on 11-18-2017
!st Amendment of the USA Constitution "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

This is the LAW which is a provision of protection for every legal US citizen to freely obey and abide by. The governing leaders are to ensure to enforce and implement the LAW for peace and order. Anyone--any group of people--any individual silencing , stifling, shutting up or shutting down citizens of free exercise of religion and peaceful assembly, and freedom of speech as expressions of their enjoyment of 1st Amendment LAW of the Constition-- is unlawful, unethical and is behaving illegally.
Posted by ZevJabo on 01-24-2018
I think, social media platforms were created to cater for all social human beings who want to and CAN socialize in a civilized manner. If people cannot behave in socially good taste, defy intelligent conversations in social settings or communities, and rather attack people's character in social discussion groups, refuse to allow others their freedom of views and opinion-- then these people will NOT get a true following. People will naturally reject and naturally show repulsion and dislike towards people who dimwittingly refuse to behave properly and appropriately in any social set-up.

So, the freedom of speech and our freedom to rightfully block/reject/remove/show-in-their-face confront the unfriendly bossy people who abuse their freedom of expression with abusive language are just equally protected just the same. Simply block these kind of misbehaving social misfits. Unless they have a change of heart and mind after realization fully enjoying the benefits of having a really good following and real smart long-lasting virtual friends. :-)
Posted by ZevJabo on 03-31-2018
I think freedom in speech in social media is already existing nowadays. You know we can tell anything and as much as we want anytime and anywhere without having a permission from the authority first. It is just we must not post any harmful and destructive speech to anyone.
Posted by mitan143 on 04-19-2018
Well, Social media has become one of the most vibrant and effective tools in our everyday life. The number of views and topics discussed every day is mind-boggling. I don't think that there the Social media content can be regulated completely. But we all have to accept the fact that some individuals and organizations do misuse the social media for rumor mongering and for spreading hatred amongst communities. This needs to be curbed and proper punishment should be awarded to the persons and organizations engaging in such activities.
Posted by jpk0007 on 11-18-2018