The vesting of ownership of properties, economic resources and administration of agents of production and services to the state or government/ groups / bodies. Most productive assets are in abeyance in socialism due to the tenets of the system. In socialism private ownership is highly prohibited emanating loss of private contributions to the economy.

Socialism enhances symbiotic existence among individuals of the society, people this system gain privileges without vestiges of their source. When it comes to equality , this form of governance shore up equality and coexistence among its citizens. The control of production is democratic and usually done by groups.

The essence of socialism is to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, those with high intellect and those with average reasoning.

• Enhance equality • Satisfies the desire of the majority through the systems democratic nature.

• Limits individual efforts. • Leads to unnecessary marginalization.


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A social system where the economy and factors of production is controlled by private individuals , emphasis are placed on property rights, private individuals own the assets of this system. The initiative behind this system is , gratification of people with resources and intuition to exert various productions, to do so with hindrance.

This system prohibits infringement on peoples right , the government acts as a protector to the citizens ensuring the absence of force on people , anyone who uses force to carry out their laid down agenda is made to face the law. Individual rights are held in esteem. A concise system underpinning free market.

• Individual rights is protected • The system rewards personal hard work.

• Their is great gap between the poor and the rich. • Some individuals gain undue advantages.




I have only ever known capitalism. I have not yet had the opportunity to visit a country where socialism was present. I have heard many negative aspects of socialism, most of it being 'it does not work'. I am not sure how true that is though.

In school, we were taught many structures of economy. Socialism was always regarded as a negative social construct. I think this is due to my country, the United States, educational system. I do like a system where rights are protected. But I do not agree with a minority of the people holding the 99%'s money. I think this is a cause for change. Every construct has it's flaws, and nothing in society can be perfect - it will always break down and then build back up.

Posted by Everett on 01-11-2017


Far beyond doubt I prefer capitalism. Their is no great motivation as sowing and reaping, one of the key factor driving any economy is reward for hard work. When people work without seeing the fruit of their labour the tendency to drop in their level of sacrifice and effort is always there. Capitalism protects civil right, the right of a citizen is very important because a nation is made up of individual beings, therefore if each individual feels secure then the nation is secure.

Capitalism support personal research because it gives people the support they need by assuring them their effort will not go down the drain, capitalism if by far a rewarding system considering all its pros and cons.

Posted by Jeshurun on 01-12-2017


I do not like the socialist ideology, because I see it as something bad for people. I think that capitalism has its faults, but it is still much better than socialism.
Posted by hermessantos on 06-09-2017

Capitalism Encourages the Entrepreneurial Spirit

I believe that capitalism encourages the entrepreneurial spirit in the individual. I believe Google and Facebook are where they are and what they are because of capitalism. Capitalism encourages individuality and freedom!


Posted by cmoneyspinner on 02-08-2018


It is a proven fact that Socialism does not work it could be proven easily by counting the countries that support it vs the countries that embraced capitalism.

People has the right to be free and to pursue whatever their dreams are. and to suppress it will only lead to stagnancy and oppression.

Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-02-2018


I don't believe in collectivism, I give more importance to individual rights. Therefore, I am with capitalism. Actually, socialism is an abstract ideology. If you cannot think about individual rights, how can you make the society better? Society is formed by the individuals. When you are a capitalist, you will think more about money. However, there is nothing wrong with that thought because you can make the society better only if you have money.
Posted by vinaya on 09-07-2017
I love capitalism because it helps people work hard to own their properties and be a voice to themselves then socialism,Capitalism is more of democracy government which the people elect and individuals are free to be involved in governance, it helps the country to have a vibrant economy. Individuals works and reap the reward and properties of wealth is gotten according to one's effort and strength.
Posted by lovely on 02-24-2018