Solar energy

Solar energy
It's always up there, always looking at us, since thousands of years: it's that big yellow flaming ball known as the Sun! And while we might appreciate it for the heat, or during the summer when we sunbathe, the closest star to Earth have a much bigger potential, since it can offer us so much energy for our everyday needs. Solar energy is one of the various forms of renewable energies that we could use to avoid pollution, and it can be used for both power and electricity, with photovoltaic panel, or simply heat with thermal solar panels. Speaking about the last one, which is probably the less common between the two, it uses the solar rays to warm a special liquid, thanks to which the water contained in a tank become more hot. But the most common panel you would see is indeed the photovoltaic one, those big structures that look like a bunch of mirrors... and they are indeed mirrors. They have a liuqid as well, and are connected to water that this way become steam and give energy. Usually panels like this can be found on the roof of many buildings, and while maybe they aren't exactly good looking, they are a great help for the environment and in general against pollution. Sadly, not everything is perfect, because while the sun is always there, always in space awating for us, it isn't always in the same spot and during the day it will do a tour of the world, going to the other side of Earth to warm it. And while it's night, you can easily guess there isn't much use for solar energy and therefore is somewhat limited in that matter. But during the day is one of the cleanest, strongest and most powerful form of energy we could use: many buildings and structures recently begun to use it more often, hopefully leading to a better world with even cleanest forms of energy.

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  • You can't run out of solar energy
  • The Sun have a lot of power and potential
  • It have multiple purposes
  • It doesn't produce noise
  • Avalaible everywhere in the world

  • The Sun is not always there
  • Can be pretty expensive
  • Panels take a lot of space
  • The panels often produce very little energy
  • Cloudy days (or weeks!) will make the panels useless




The sun is consistent, unlike the wind which comes and goes although I think using both is beneficial.
Posted by Lop on 12-04-2017
You have a good point. One might seem more beneficial depending on the situation, but it's probably best and most effective to find a balance between the two to use. Working together might be way better than choosing one over the other!


It has to be solar energy for me. I think it's much best because you are much more likely to generate much more energy because of the fact that no matter where you are, you are likely to have some sunshine. However, with wind, you just can't say that there will always be wind.
Posted by kingcool52 on 12-04-2017

More dependable

The sun is the source of all our energy. And I'm amazed that we are now able to harness that energy and convert it into electricity using solar panels. Solar panels have flat black surfaces that could easily be positioned in roofs of houses and buildings. Solar panels are also beginning to cost less as time passes by. A lot of people are now using solar panels. Even the company which I work with is using solar panels.

The sun's energy is spreading all around us, and it's just about time that we are able to gather that energy and put it to good use.

Posted by limberg on 12-08-2017

Solar Energy

From what I've read, I think that solar energy is more efficient than wind energy, especially on a single-person level. It's expensive to have solar panels installed on your roof, sure, but it'll be more efficient than have wind turbines put up for your own personal use, which is something that really sells solar power for me.

Plus, I've read that solar panels have special cells on them that absorb the head the earth gives off after dark and turns that into energy as well. It's not nearly as efficient as getting energy from direct sunlight, but it means that the panels are at least working when there isn't sun as well.

Posted by TheArticulate on 12-05-2017

WInd Energy Kills Birds etc.

It kills birds and also it's less available I think. In other words, less areas have favorable wind. Do you think that's true? However, it is true, though, that many parts of the world are cloudy.

Anyway, they may have found a solution with the bird problem. They should immediately, of course!

Posted by jyy on 05-27-2018

No complaints.

I'll be completely honest and say that I'm actually not entirely familiar when it comes to the technical aspects of either one of these. However, given the controversy surrounding wind turbines and just making assumptions from a logical perspective, I have to think that solar energy is simply the safer and better way to go. I've heard stories of wind turbines harming animals, catching fire, being extremely dangerous to setup and maintain, and that it disturbs local residents. I honestly can't say I've ever heard a single complaint when it comes to solar panels.
Posted by Denis_P on 12-04-2017
I think it's a huge benefit that solar panels can be installed on structures that have already been built, like the roofs of houses and buildings. So it's not like they're taking up space that could be used for something else, like what has to be done for wind turbines.

I'm with you on this, I prefer solar because there isn't nearly as much controversy surrounding their implementation as their is wind turbines.

Solar energy can be used more places

Renewable sources of energy are always a benefit, and ultimately I hope both solar and wind energy will see more use in the future. However, from my understanding of solar energy versus wind energy, only certain locations can really use wind farms effectively (since the wind has to be generally above a minimum speed all year long for it to work) and while perhaps solar energy may not be consistent all the time, I think it'd probably be more consistent overall as compared to wind energy.
Posted by Linen on 12-09-2017

Solar Energy is More Practical

I would choose solar energy mainly because I think that it is more accessible to the common person, and i would guess that it is easier to install. I have never heard of the common guy having giant wind machines installed in his yard, but I have heard of people who use solar energy fairly easily on their property. However, where I live, the government operated electric company monopoly does not want anyone to have access to their own power because they stand to lose money not getting paid for providing all of the electrical services.
Posted by JoeMilford on 12-06-2017

Sun power.

There is a way higher chance that you would run out of wind than sunlight, so I'll go with this answer. It is also way easier to set up solar energy panels and I don't see how wind mills are cheaper, like if you want to set up one that you'd use in your home for example. I mean, sure if we're talking about a mass use of energy then maybe wind generators might be cheaper, but overall I'd go with solar energy.
Posted by manmad on 12-04-2017

Energy from the sun.

Sun is very important to us even in some living things. So I salute to the people who created ways to maximize the use of sun to us. This is where solar energy started. For me, this is better than wind energy. Because in solar energy, it can supply many things like electricity, cars and many more in the futurd generation. I don't be shock if in the future there are no electric bills will come at your house. Because solar energy supplies your electricity.
Posted by blank629 on 12-04-2017

Solar energy!

I loke solar energy a lot more because you can mount them on tops of building and they are out of sight and out of mind. Whereas if you have a windmill farm they are ugly to look at and they take up a ton of room.
Posted by Soulwatcher on 12-09-2017

seems safer

I heard that as good and easy as wind power seems to be that it can still be potentially harmful to the wildlife because birds will often fly into them and get killed. Granted, solar panels are not perfect either because the minerals used might potentially be coming from blood sources but as of now while that is still not proven, just on safer usage alone it seems to be the better choice. Additionally, I think more houses can utilize this compared to wind turbines because it's a little more accessible and easier to incorporate to the estate.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-05-2017

Sun Rises Every Day

I would think solar energy because the wind doesn't always blow but the sun does always rise. Also according to knowledgeable people, solar energy works even on cloudy days; though it may not work as well.


Posted by foxchannel on 12-30-2017

solar heat

I find solar energy to be much better. That is what most of the people at my rural area use. Although it rains very often, any device that can be charged with solar energy is better.

It is also easier to know which times of the day the sun will be hotter and we can all take advantage of that.

Posted by mildredtabitha on 12-05-2017

Solar Rocks

Right from the kick off in a day especially not in winter season, solar energy is readily available for usage and it never runs out. Most developing countries now are diverting to solar energy as direct alternative to electricity because it's a lot more cheap and easier to get. I would choose solar energy any day and anytime.
Posted by Martinsx on 01-29-2018

Solar Power

I think solar power has a lot of potential and in the future I think solar power will be harnessed in space and not on earth, because in space the sun is directly visible and it's energy could be harnessed 24/7, unlike on earth which only works during day time.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 04-01-2018

solar energy

Solar energy is the best and quite easy. Solar energy is available too. Panels have become cheaper too.
Posted by stbrians on 11-05-2018

Solar energy

I vote for solar energy. I think this is the best. It is earth friendly.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-10-2018


I think sun energy is more hard to convert into solar energy, however it is one of the energy that easy to make and easy to do since you don't have to find resources because sun energy is all over us.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-02-2018


Wind energy

Wind energy
Probably in your life you said, at least once, "Oh, why there is so much wind today?". Sure, it's annoying walking around while a lot of wind blow directly into your face, but don't forget that with wind comes a lot of advantages, and wind energy, or wind power, is a excellent form of renewable energy. This use the kitenic energy of the wind, turning it in electricty, by using special wind turbines. And those can be of many different types and shapes: horizontal, vertical, etc... And can be placed in many different places. For example, there are on shore implants: probably you saw one of those, maybe in movies, those implants placed in the top of hills or at least zones where the wind blows often. Those are placed ar at least 3 kilometres from the shore, therefore the name. Opposite there are the near shore implantes, placed between 3 and 10 kilometres from the shore. And finally, off shore implantes that are placed at some miles from the shore, to efficiently use the very strong wind from those areas. Those implants are extremely effective in using the power, but they have also numerouse disadvantages: for example, many people consider them very ugly. And you might agree with them: you might like them as the wallpaper for your computer, but if the hills near your town were full of those "ugly" things you might be not totally happy. And more, they are dangerous for the wildlife: no one likes when a bird, a bat or another flying animal get sliced by the blades. But it's a so good form of energy, and the majority of citizen approve it. It can easily produce more energy than we need, and of course since it use only the power of wind there is no pollution to be produced. But sadly, the wind is even more inconsistent than the sun. Sure, we know when the sun is there and when it's not as it happens everyday, but wind? There are days when wind blow for hours, and quiet day where the blades of the wind turbines wouldn't move at all. And in those case, there is nothing that could be done.

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  • It doesn't produce pollution
  • Renewable, we can't run out of wind
  • It's not expensive
  • Doesn't take too much space
  • It can produce more energy than we need

  • There are days without wind at all
  • Wind turbines can be dangerous to animals
  • Some peopple find the turbines very ugly
  • The turbines can be really noisy



Suitable in All Seasons

I have noticed that tropical regions have the wind in all three seasons. And so it's easy to harness the power of it. Though not all regions can make use of that. But is' reasonable to see that there is more to extract through this type of the power. And it can be consistent in all seasons even when sun is not there with same intensity.
Posted by overcast on 12-05-2017


I would have to pick the wind energy because of the locality that we are staying. This is the type of energy that can be generated here as I have experienced a lot of winds in the past months that I have stayed here and that is something that we should really be looking at as well which is quite great. This is not to say that solar energy can't be generated here as well.
Posted by Barida on 11-02-2018

Wind Energy

I find this very useful if you're in the place where it's windy. You don't have to worry about losing power since whatever season it is or whatever time, you can have a source of energy for as long as there's a wind. Solar energy only works during daylight which means you have to store some energy for you to be able to use it at night. I still prefer to have a wind energy than the solar energy.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-26-2017

I prefer this one

I prefer this one because the availability of wind is always there. Also, I did not find it ugly for the wind mills. In fact, I find it an awesome sight especially if wind mills created by a great design. It can be a beautiful sight for me too. But if we are talking about the uses of the two, I can say that both are useful in any way.
Posted by mitan143 on 04-11-2018

Functional in any time

Wind energy is very applicable because of its availability in any time, while solar energy can only be useful during sunny days and not on rainy seasons because it really needs the heat of sunlight to charge its battery unlike the wind energy its always available in any season or situation.
Posted by albino on 07-01-2018


I believe that wind energy is much better because the wind is more consistent than the sun light. With solar energy, there will be times where there's rain and so you won't get any sunlight, whereas with wind plants, there's always wind no matter how strong or weak it is, it will still generate power.
Posted by jaybee19 on 10-28-2018


In my home country wind energy is not much explored. Solar energy is used extensively in the country, it is used as the primary energy for lighting houses in the hinterland where hydroelectricity has not reached, and also used as secondary power source, or back up power source, in cities and towns. There are of course some windy places in the country, and wind turbines are being built.
Posted by vinaya on 12-03-2017
Wind energy works better in the sea shore region. Your country is in the middle of himalayas and the mongolian mountains. So surely that is one reason the solar energy is more better compared to the any other energy in the place. That's how most of the people are finding the difference for their energy needs.
Posted by overcast on 04-12-2018
Solar energy is also good when there is no other source like in your place where hydroelectricity has limited area for their service. My issue with solar energy is the efficiency of the storage that the battery needs to be recharged every day. When there is no sun in 2 days then the battery will be dead and there will be no electricity. Another issue is the cost of the solar energy system that it is not cost effective so there is no home here that uses solar energy.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-16-2018
Well... I'm a great enthusiast of the two ways to get energy so I can't vote for one and leave the other without a vote because it would be unfair. I see a great potential in both options and technology / humans will still benefit much more from them.
Posted by wiseagent on 12-03-2017
Solar energy will be very beneficial in the future. Even moreso than it is now. Wind energy has proven to be quite useful also. In the end - most countries will have to accept that green energy which uses our environment instead of chemicals and coal - is the future. Lessening our carbon footprint is going to prove to be very good for the environment in the long run.
Posted by NickJ on 12-03-2017
I have always thought of solar energy as the only renewable energy but from.this description I think wind energy does it for me.I don't like pollution of any form and I think wind energy is excellent in that area,no pollution and no noise.Wind is always available since it nstural and it wouldn't take up more space.
Posted by lovely on 12-03-2017
Solar energy is one of the best way to generate electricity by using the power of nature. The sun is always available than even the period of wind here so there will always be enough power to generate electricity.
Posted by babyright on 12-04-2017
I agree, the sun is there day in and day out (unless it is cloudy).
Posted by Lop on 12-04-2017
Coming from a country where both are used, I vote for solar. Wind energy is problematic,because they are seasons where there is no wind or barely enough wind. Solar energy is more reliable. Apparently, I'm made to understand that solar still works even if there is no sun. This is a more reliable form of energy especially in my country which aims to have almost half of its electrical needs met by solar energy by 2020. Countries that have winter for 8 months or more a year also use solar energy. My theory must be right.
Posted by jaymish on 12-04-2017
I like solar energy better because some of those big wind turbines kill birds. They are also expensive to erect, and I don't think all communities have enough consistent wind to make it worthwhile. Some areas it is a definite benefit though, and people should be prepared to get these options so they can get the wind energy they need.
Posted by kgord on 12-04-2017
Jonathan Solomon
Personally, I like the idea of harvesting both solar and wind energy. However, I do agree with others that solar energy is the most consistent, reliable option between the two. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure about the specific details of alternative energy, along with how it's collected and stored. But judging from the improvements I've seen in the use solar energy over the past couple of years, I'd be interesting in digging deep into this alternative energy source.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 12-04-2017
Solar energy is much better than the wind energy because the sun is always there and will always have the amount of heat to charge the solar panels unlike wind energy will not always have that amount of wave to rotate the windmills. And our planet is losing its protection in the atmosphere from the sun due to pollution and greenhouse gasses, therefore the heat of the sun is much more greater so lets use it to power up the solar panels.
Posted by Anonymous on 12-04-2017
Solar Energy during the day and Wind energy during the night.
Posted by Anonymous on 12-04-2017
Solar panels are starting to designed to have the ability to absorb the heat and other elements the earth gives off after dark, too, which makes them at least somewhat functioning during the night. The earth absorbs all kind of UV rays and what have you from the sun all day and releases them at night, so it seems like this would be a great improvement to the panels.
Posted by TheArticulate on 12-05-2017
The problem with both is that it is dependent on the weather. If there is no sun there is no energy, and if there is no wind then the same. I had used solar energy before and it's fine during a hot summer, but not so much when it's a cold winter as it's virtually useless. I do think they are great in countries that can utilize the sun or wind, and should be used in conjunction with other sources, but they just aren't as reliable.
Posted by Alexa on 12-05-2017
I think solar energy is not constant in around the world. Some places have the solar energy in very less number. So it makes travelling through those regions a bit harder. And it can be seriously damaging the life in many ways. I think wind energy is something we can harness for longer than that. But then again we are limited with wind too. So that's another thing.
Posted by overcast on 12-05-2017
I think both options of energy sources are excellent, but you need to evaluate where you want to deploy each of them.

There are certain regions where wind power is more favorable due to high winds. In other regions, solar power may be more advantageous. I think it all depends on where the power source will be installed.

Here in my country, unfortunately, we still use 99% of energy from hydroelectric turbines. The big problem with this energy source is that in times of low rainfall, the energy bill becomes more expensive.
Posted by hermessantos on 12-05-2017
Clean energy as we call it, solar and wind power are both good. However, I have doubts with solar energy because it is not efficient as claimed. If it is then why do homes need to connect to the grid? My idea of an efficient solar energy system is one that will be installed on the roof of homes and provide the needed energy of the homes. With the wind power, I have seen one farm with those big machines that look like electric fans. And I think it is effective because the wind farm handles the energy needs of the province.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-05-2017
Yes solar and wind power are indeed clean energy. It's just that we can't harness this for long. As solar flares are getting strong. And it's harder to develop a system that can last longer in that case.
Posted by overcast on 04-03-2018
Depending on the location where you live, you can choose solar or wind energy to use. Solar is good in my region because I live in a tropical country and it's not windy but hot although in some part of our country like the northern region, the wind energy was used for a long time now.
Posted by Scarlet on 12-07-2017
The truth of the matter is that both the energy in solar and wind energy are good. It's more of which natural force of nature is more at a country's disposal. So therefore, if it's sun, then solar energy is more at their disposal but if it's wind, then they should resort to exploring the use of wind mills to access such energy forces.
Posted by Martinsx on 01-29-2018
There are, in fact, cases where solar panels are the cheapest alternatives, especially in the case of very distant places where the power grid is not enough. In such cases, installing photovoltaic cells to capture power can come out cheaper than carrying out major infrastructure works that would cost a lot and benefit a small number of citizens.

There is no rule to measure the advantages of using solar energy. Just like wind, wind generated, it depends on weather conditions. If in hot climate countries, where there is a good solar incidence for most of the year, solar energy is attractive, the same can not be said of the remote regions of the tropics.
Posted by hermessantos on 03-16-2018
Solar energy as a source of electricity will be a dependable one. Since wind is not that consistent, when there is high pressure, the wind is not that strong. Unlike in solar energy, the radiation coming from the sun is consistent during the day. We don't need to worry about not getting our electricity every night because for every solar power system, there are backup batteries that can supply enough power in our houses or buildings (which depends on how much solar panels you have).
Posted by Vinsanity on 03-29-2018
I agree that wind is not consistent but it is regular somehow any time or season. My issue with solar power is the battery because it seems that they cannot invent an efficient storage of electric power. When the battery is not used, it loses its power that’s why it has to be used all the time. Maybe if the batteries are improved then solar power and wind energy can be the future power that we can depend on.
Posted by Corzhens on 05-09-2018
Both are great free source of energy and both of them have the same problem. Storage, yup... the generation of power of these two technology are pretty much effective. The problem is that the technology in storing those power is still the same. Although they solve some problems like size, material and speed. Science has not yet solved that storage capacity effieciency issue.
Posted by fishbate on 06-10-2018
At present and in the next 20 years until Solar technology could be more cost efficient, I think that Hydropower is more viable since it's perpetual and can be harness to produce usable electricity for tens of thousands of households. On the other hand solar power can be used individually in which a household can partly or fully be energy self sustaining an live off the grid by using solar power. Although the cost and maintainance of a solar powered home is very expensive, there's a lot of rich people opting for it.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 06-17-2018
There are a few provinces which make use of wind energy in our country and there are giant windmills which at the same time became tourists spots. I think they are more costly and take up much space as compared to solar panels. You can even generate energy using small apparatus or makeshift instruments from what I've seen in the news. And so, I prefer solar energy.
Posted by Chinet23 on 10-11-2018
We have both solar and wind energy in our country, I like solar better but it is more costly to convert than other energy, but with solar energy we don't have to find the resources since sun light is all over us.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-02-2018
I vote for solar energy. It is environment friendly. It can save me money because I will not pay for my electricity bills anymore.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-10-2018
Wind is still largely seen as a more powerful and consistent source of energy, plus the fact that wind turbines emit less carbon dioxide is also a win for wind. But many see solar power leading the charge in the next wave of clean energy for organizations large and small. Historically the development and installation of solar panels was a high financial burden, but the cost of contracting solar power is steadily decreasing.Additionally, wind turbines are decidedly more controversial than their solar counterparts as they take up significant space and can be seen for miles; solar panels are more unassuming, and thus less disruptive to urban and rural landscapes. Unlike wind turbines, solar power can be sourced from anywhere, including urban areas.
Posted by kelvz1984 on 11-21-2018