Spring Seasons Greetings Pillow Cover

Spring Seasons Greetings Pillow Cover
If you are looking for a simple way to jazz up your living space for Easter, consider purchasing this Spring Seasons Greetings Pillow Cover from Amazon. Selling at just $9.99, this pillow case has free shipping on orders over $25. The pillow case is a gorgeous bright print. There is a tree that has a variety of Easter eggs hanging on it. On the bottom there is grass with yellow flowers. The pillow case measures 18 inches square. The cover is safe to wash and features an invisible zipper.

This pillow case is durable. Printed on just one side, the pillow case is easy to slip over a pillow and zip up. Toss on your couch, loveseat or chair and you have an instant decoration. After Easter is over, you can remove the pillow case and use the pillow for another holiday case.

  • durable *inexpensive
  • cute
  • bright print
  • colorful
  • easy to put on pillow
  • invisible zipper
  • qualifies for free shipping
  • quality fabric
  • decent price
  • nice texture *details are crisp and clean
  • fun
  • small
  • elegant looking
  • highly recommended
  • colors are vibrant
  • soft
  • study material
  • received lots of compliments
  • well made
  • just as expected

    • zipper opening is too tight
  • graphic was not as sharp as desired
  • poor quality
  • looks cheap
  • looks terrible
  • disappointed *image is very pixelated



Nice looking

I really love the motive on this pillow cover. It just looks really nice, not overdone. It's also extremely cheap considering that you can use it for ages.

I'd love to use it on pillows right when the spring is coming. It seems perfect to set the mood.

Posted by Mehano on 03-07-2018

like this one

I really like this particular pillow case. I think the colors are awesome and it should be one of the great things that we can use. I guess that each person will pick the ones they like though.
Posted by kgord on 03-06-2018

More beautiful

The design alone used on the Spring Seasons Greetings Pillow Cover is what I believe that sells it in just first sight. I practically fell in love with the Spring Seasons Greetings Pillow Cover immediately I set my eyes on it, even if it's not soft, it's appearance alone would be a thing of beauty in one's home. I would definitely buy this if I happen to see it over here.
Posted by Martinsx on 03-14-2018

Spring Covers

I like this pillow cover, it's brightly colored design of Easter eggs is just right for spring. Also from what I read this is more durable than the other set which looks very cheap by the way. I'll pick this one.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-04-2018


Easter Festival Square Pillow Cushion Covers

 Easter Festival Square Pillow Cushion Covers
One thing that I do not have enough of in my home is Easter decorations. I love the holiday but for some reason, it often gets overlooked each year. I really should start decorating more for this. One thing that I would love to purchase is a set of Easter pillows for my couch. I love these Easter Festival Square Pillow Cushion Covers. This set of 6 covers retails for $30 on Amazon with free shipping. The pillow shams/covers measure 18X18 inches. They are made of a polyester and cotton blend. They have a hidden zipper which is very nice as this will make the pillow look better.

One thing that many do not realize is that this is a set of just the shams. The pillows are not included in the purchase price. However, these pillows are very inexpensive and can be bought for under $5 each. The pillow cases are easy to stuff and the shams can be taken off and replaced once the season is over.

This set is simply adorable. There is a pillow sham that says “Hello Spring” on it with a bunny head used as the O in hello. Another pillow cover is a plaid one in shades of spring. One features a gray bunny sitting by a few pink flowers, and another has four different rabbit silhouettes on it. One is a flower printed sham and the last one features an Easter egg print.

  • inexpensive
  • easy to stuff over a pillow
  • festive
  • gorgeous colors
  • creative designs
  • zippers work great
  • material is soft
  • love them more then expected
  • unique prints *excellent quality
  • wash up well
  • vivid colors
  • holds up well
  • true to size
  • durable construction
  • great value
  • look just like image
  • cute
  • fun
  • great accent
  • colors were perfect
  • cost effective
  • changes the look of a room quickly

  • poor quality
  • started to rip after one day
  • pillows do not come with it
  • only one pillow case arrived, not 6
  • shipping took 3 weeks *zippers are very weak
  • colors were dull
  • not impressed
  • too thin
  • print was blurry



more choices

I admit I don't like all the designs but since there are more to choose from then it's an easy choice for me to pick this one because I'd at least have some variety. I'm not that big of a fan of Easter either but some of the designs here look vague enough to just stand alone as a nice design so I would just use those.
Posted by Wubwub on 10-13-2018


More designs to use, cheaper as a bulk and just right for the numerous pillows we have at home. They also look very nice and seems fitting for the season.
Posted by treecko142 on 03-06-2018


This set has a better variety, and if you're like me and enjoy switching out your decor regularly then this one just makes more sense! Love that you have a lot of choice with this set.
Posted by amelia88 on 11-05-2018


I will be making a difficult choice by taking one of the cushion covers or having to take the pillow covers. I'm such a person that enjoys having my room looking nice and that is the reason I won't be taking one of them when I have the chance to take both. Having both at home to give both my pillows and the cushions a new look is a good way to enjoy my Easter period.
Posted by Barida on 03-06-2018
The Easter Square looks like a creative thing to do or happen to a pillow cover. It will nice to have them as pillow covers because there look adorable and cute and will be really admired. it will cover all the dent on a pillow and give our pillow a new look.
Posted by lovely on 03-07-2018
I will go for the Easter Festival Cushion covers as I find them to be more fashionable and I also prefer the designs. It is also totally worth the price. Furthermore, this product has very good reviews on Amazon compared to the other one. I also love these cushion covers as they are colorful and thus they can liven up any room. They can be used for any other occasions and not solely for Easter.
Posted by Pixie on 03-07-2018
If the money is available to have both the Spring Seasons Greetings Pillow Cover and Easter Festival Square Pillow Cushion Covers, then I don't see anything wrong in doing so. It would double beautify a room to have both varieties of pillows in one's room than to just have one. Even though that the Spring Seasons Greetings Pillow Cover looked more beautiful, a combination of both the Spring Seasons Greetings Pillow Cover and Easter Festival Square Pillow Cushion Covers would be more cool than just having one.
Posted by Martinsx on 03-14-2018
Easter is fast approaching and I have to decide right now so that the delivery can reach me before Easter comes. I want any of the two because they both look great to me. However, I understand that pictures don't tell the truth most of the times when it comes to products for sale. So maybe I have to think very well if I will purchase it now or maybe just go to the mall to look and see for myself the pillow cases.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-29-2018
The spring seasons greetings pillow case is very cute since it is very colorful and the texture is great, good material and it is affordable for everyone, the quality is good.
Posted by babyright on 04-24-2018
Well the Easter covers offer different designs and are quite affordable at about $5 each but one of its cons is that it can easily be ripped apart so I have to go with the more expensive spring pillow because it's made better and will last longer.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 04-24-2018
I always love spring season even if we don't have here in our country. That is why Spring Seasons Greetings Pillow Cover is my choice. The bright colors and designs are just perfect. This pillowcase seems to be so comfy to have in my bed. I think the price is just right for the kind of cloth they use for this pillowcase.
Posted by superlicca on 10-13-2018