Normally Stand-up comedy will be made by one person, on a stage with a microphone, telling jokes and interacting with the public (not necessary). Wherever people are interested in comedy and want to see something funny Stand-comedians will appear, usually in clubs, bars, theater or other more alternative locations. The comedian will usually tell the jokes in a rapid pace, usually telling a story about himself or talking about certain issues he or she find funny. Stand-Up comedy first appears in the United States in the 19 century, with one-liners type jokes being very popular at first. Comedians were usually just warming the place up for the big show to follow, usually a singer or a band. Overtime Stand-Up comedy evolved, breaking barriers on every level possible, jokes quickly become a form of free speech and developed into more complex and taboo subjects such as race, sexuality or politics. I personally love Stand-up comedy. I have a few favorite comedians and I usually watch all their shows online and when I ever get them a chance to see them live, I don’t miss it.

  • Stand-Up comedy can be enjoyed as a night out with a group of friend. I personally love going to stand-up with a big group of people, we all enjoy a beer and have fun overall, it doesn’t matter how good the Comic is, such nights can be very entertaining.
  • Stand-Up comedy shows can also be enjoyed at home. We live in the era of the Internet and if you love something, chances are you can find it online, for free. Same goes with Stand-Up shows, if you love a certain comic and want to re-see his acts, you can easily do it on YouTube. That way you can relax in your own home while having a cold beer, without the need of dressing up and going to a club, even though going to Stand-Up with friends can be way more entertaining.
  • Some of the best comedy you can find out there is in Stand-Up. I personally don’t appreciate comedy movies or TV shows anymore. All of them are the same with a few funny jokes occasionally. Personally, I find today’s top Stand-up comedians a lot funnier.

  • Stand-up comedy can be offensive. If you get easily offended by anything under the sun, maybe standup isn’t your cup of tea. Stand-up Comedians can be very vulgar and to some degree may come up as racists, but I believe nothing should be avoided when it comes to comedy, even if you don’t like it, we need to maintain freedom of speech, otherwise if we censorship everything we’ll end up doing a lot more harm than good.



Has to be stand up comedy for me!

I absolutely love stand up comedy, it's so much different every time you watch with fresh new content. I tend to watch the likes of Jeff Dunham, Peter Kay, Gabriel Iglesias, Michael McIntyre and Lee Evans and I never tire of their stand up comedy. A lot of the time they base their stand up comedy on real life things that you can relate to which just makes it all the more funnier. With TV comedy shows I feel a lot of their jokes are repetitive and unless they come out with something really new it can get boring over time.
Posted by Shortie on 04-21-2017

You cant beat stand up

Stand up for me is what I prefer the best to watching tv series. The tv series are good but stand up is the best take for example Jeff dunham he is one funny guy and stand up comic with ventriloquist skills with popular characters as well.

Also in UK love watching Lee Evans and Russell Howard iff you not herd of these check on YouTube there well funny. My mum likes the TV series of mrs brown boys but for me Stand up always wins.

Posted by moneybags82 on 04-20-2017

TV Comedy Shows

TV Comedy Shows
Comedy TV Shows have been around ever since modern television was invented. In fact, if we go far enough into the past, the first silent movies were mostly comedic orientated with Charlie Chaplin being its greatest early star. Over time television comedy has evolved, the shows are usually better suited for watching them on TV and the comedy movies are better for the big screen. Going to the cinema to see a funny movie usually means one thing: You are looking to relax and get your mind off things and comedy movie is the best popcorn movie you can watch. Another popular variety of television comedy are sitcoms, one of the most popular sitcoms and my personal favorite is Friends. Ever since the Friends series ended I couldn’t really watch other similar sitcoms. My wife though loves yet another type of comedy show: the comedy-drama sitcom which tends to be more down to earth than classical sitcoms, a good example of such a show is Desperate Housewives. Whatever the type of sitcoms, they are here to stay, still being there on some channel every time you turn on your TV.

  • Comedy shows are very enjoyable and can be watched from home, especially sitcoms which you may grow very attached by.
  • Comedy movies are perfect for relaxing night out while having a popcorn with your significant other.
  • Overall comedy shows and movies are making our lives better in my opinion. Sure we need to have a realistic approach to things, but once in a while, I think it’s better to just ignore the bad things and see a positive movie.
  • I greatly enjoy re-watching my favorite comedy movies from childhood. I consider those the best type of comedy produced.

  • Modern comedy shows and movies are becoming stale in my opinion. A lot of similar ideas and stories are being recycled over and over until the final result is unwatchable garbage. Sure maybe I’ve grown up and somehow I don’t like comedy shows anymore, but I still like comedy in general, haven’t lost my sense of humor, I just believe most modern shows and movies are bad.
  • Today’s comedy sitcoms and comedy movies paint a very unrealistic world. Political correctness has greatly influenced the realms of TV comedy



Funny TV Comedies

I prefer TV comedy shows. I like stand up comedians but I find them to be very crass usually when they are doing stand up. There has been some truly hilarious stand up comedians in time and I used to watch them as it was my brother that used to have the DVD's of them. But I much prefer comedy shows as they are usually less full of swearing and crassness. So I just find TV comedies much more family friendly and you don't have to listen to swear words every 5 minutes over and over lol. Also TV comedies, although they are often not realistic, do more follow a story or plot which you can follow along to and at the end of the show it leads up to an ultimatum which is the best part and I like it when TV shows end on a funny, high note like that. :)
Posted by idealmikey on 04-20-2017

I prefer Tv show

when we do not have time to watch any tv comedy show we can also see the highlights of it .

and tv show anytime we can off and anytime we need mood to watch can watch,

so prefer this.

Posted by babbar86 on 04-24-2017


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